10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

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10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

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Many countries are popular for their alcoholic drinks in Europe but don’t think that they are the only incredible thirst-quenchers you will find there during your visit. Yes, Europe is a great place to spend your holiday partying and relaxing with a nice drink in your hand. However, partying and relaxing do not always need to involve alcohol! Of course, this beautiful continent offers all the favourite sodas we all know and love. But if you want something more that will represent the place, going for something more traditional would be a lot better!

Here’s a list of our top non-alcoholic European drinks you must try!


Summer European Drinks

10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

Kompot is one of the tastiest European drinks you can get!

1. Kompot / Origin: Russia

Kompot, which is basically, stewed fruit, is a traditional dessert beverage originated from Russia. This drink is a combination of different fruits with rich syrup. So, as you can see, the base of this drink is the fruit. Among the copious variations of this drink, some of the most favorites include dried fruit, berries, and even preserved fruits – or simply a combination of anything you think is good and edible. Depending on what kind of fruit is used, the level of sweetness and spicing is typically attuned to make the flavor of the fruit compote the best.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

2. Horchata / Origin: Spain

Of course, you’re familiar with the famous alcoholic Spanish drinks like sangria and wine, but what many people don’t know is that there are a lot more than that. When visiting Spain in summer season, you can refresh yourself with a cooling smooth drink call horchata – or orxata in some parts of the country – which are typically available in specialized ice cream shops or horchatarias. It is typically made with rice, almonds, and sugar. Dish beverage is best paired with dishes and is creamy and sweet enough to be a dessert.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

3. Caffè Shakerato / Origin: Italy

Italian non alcoholic drinks will surely capture your heart during your summer visit. Caffé Shakerato has been really popular during the past decades, and for an apparently good reason. Better than a regular iced coffee that we love, this drink is made in a cocktail shaker and traditionally served in a champagne flute and martini glass. It is pleasantly elegant but very simple – by simply mixing freshly-made espresso and sweetener and added ice cubes in a martini shaker, you can easily enjoy this refreshing beverage. You’ll enjoy a delectably creamy and refreshing dark brown drink, topped with a generous layer of froth.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

4. Apfelschorle / Origin: Germany

Apfelschorle is a popular non-alcoholic German drink made with a combination of sparkling water and apple juice. Because the sparkling water dilutes the juice, it’s not very sweet and so more revitalizing than drinking a glass of apple juice. Not just it’s more refreshing, but also does contain less calorie content than apple juice. So, make sure to try this when you visit Germany!

 10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

5. Rabarbar Z Miodem / Origin: Poland

Rabarbar Z Miodem is another refreshing European drink you’d want to try when you find yourself exploring Europe. It is cold elixir which is a combination of rhubarb and honey. It is one of the best thirst quenchers you could have. The flavor from the rhubarb makes it takes like cranberry juice cocktail, but of course, minus the alcohol. There are some variations available with includes alcohol like gin, rum, or even wine, but the non-alcoholic version of it is definitely a must-try for everyone.


Winter European Drinks

10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

6. Hot Mulled Cider / Origin: United Kingdom

The UK is popular for traditional English pubs and bars. However, if you’re in the hunt for a nonalcoholic drink, on a cold winter evening, trying fantastic Hot Mulled Cider would be a nice choice for you. Many pubs have their own secret recipes, so may find that they don’t taste exactly the same as each other. It is delightful hot apple cider that is flavored with a clove-speckled orange, allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

7. Anijsmelk / Origin: Holland

Another one you should not miss is this famous Dutch hot drink called Anijsmelk or Anise Milk. Anijsmelk is a traditional Dutch night-cap. The warmness offered by the milk as well as the therapeutic qualities of aniseed will make you want to lie down in bed and just be cozy. The combination of hot milk, sugar, and honey or sugar is just perfect. This also another drink that is available in different variations, however, original version, which is sugar-free, is made with anise seed that has to be boiled with the milk.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

8. Bicerin / Origin: Italy

Bicerin dated back in 17th century, and until now, it never ceases to provide people with comforting warm throughout the winter months. It originated from the Bavareisa is typically made with a shot of espresso, and then a layer of liquid chocolate, and topped with whipped cream that floats on top, which is served hot. The original recipe, which is still a top secret, has been kept by the café Al Bicerin for many generations.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

9. Poppy Seed Milk / Origin: Lithuania

Poppy Seed Milk is a favorite winter drink by Lithuanians and is typically served with Kūčiukai. To make this delectable drink, two cups of poppy seeds are soaked for a couple of days in hot water and then crumpled using a pestle and mortar. This process is done again and again until there is an enormous amount of thick milk is produced, which is then diluted together with cold water. This drink is finished off with honey or sugar to improve the taste.


10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks 

10. Malt og Appelsín / Origin: Iceland

You winter visit in Icelandic wouldn’t be complete without trying this drink. It is carbonated, nonalcoholic mixture of Malt Extrakt and orange soda, which will remind you of sweet, unfermented Guinness. It’s easy to buy an already prepared mixture called Jólabland.  Ölgerðin, who make this famous winted brew, said that it is dated back more than 60 years.  Although there are variations that contain 1% alcohol, this drink can be enjoyed by both adults and children and is very common during Christmas’ Eve. Ölgerðin also said that the trick to the Malt and Appelsin mixture is to pour the Appelsin into your glass first, followed by Malt. Or else the froth from the malt will overspill.


These are only 10 of the European countries and their drink. It is guaranteed that you will find a lot more when you visit them yourself. For now, add these European drinks to your must-try things when exploring Europe.

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10 Must-Try Traditional Nonalcholic European Drinks

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