12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide)

Last Updated on April 25, 2024

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I have created this guide to the best hotels in Gjirokaster to make your trip planning experience to this Albania city as seamless as possible!

Gjirokaster is known as the “city of stone” and is home to iconic attractions such as the Gjirokaster Castle.

This Unesco town is filled with ancient ruins and breathtaking natural beauty and should be a part of your Albania travel itinerary!

Keep reading to find out the where to find the top hotels in Gjirokaster.

Best Hotels in Gjirokaster

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), a table and two chairs overlooking Gjirokaster

1.Guesthouse Mele

Guesthouse Mele is truly beautiful and will always be my first pick when staying in Gjirokaster.

The family that runs this guest house are so, so friendly and always greet you with a warm welcome.

The location is set within the old town so you’ll be nearby to some popular attractions but honestly, the entire area is unreal.

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Inside the guest house the rooms are comfortable with free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and mountain views.

Each morning you’ll be served a free breakfast, full with all of your favourite snacks, coffee and and you can even try a herbal tea. You can enjoy the breakfast on the balcony whilst taking in the mountain views.

Brunch, lunch and dinner is available at guest house or you can visit the nearby restaurants.

Parking is free which makes this the perfect location to stay in whilst road tripping around Albania!

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), outside of the Kerculla Resort in the evening with an outdoor pool and sun lounges

2. KERCULLA Resort

My second favourite place to stay whilst in Gjirokaster is Kerculla Resort.

This is a four star accommodation which has much more of a luxury feel and the hotel staff are very welcoming.

The resort features a seasonal outdoor pool, a garden and free self parking. This is a great location to stay in if you’re travelling during the spring or summer.

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The resort is also surrounded by incredible mountain views. The hotel itself has facilities such as a a fitness centre, free wifi, an exceptional breakfast and room service. 

The hotel is located across from the old town and on top of the mountain, so you’ll have to climb some steep hills to get there but it is well worth it. This is the best place in Gjirokaster for a luxury hotel experience, in opinion.

The nearest airport to this hotel is Corfu International Airport.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), outside of the Sharm Hotel on a main road with cars outside

3. Sharm hotel

The Sharm Hotel has accumulated a four star rating and with good reason!

Is hotel is located in a quiet area of the city and is perfect for a peaceful getaway.

The hotel is praised online for being very clean and welcoming with an on-site restaurant, free private parking and a bar.

The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and a coffee machine.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), apartment room with a bed, seating area, table and chairs and bath.

4. “Villa 70” guesthouse

“Villa 70” Guesthouse is another beautiful traditional guesthouse that has those home-away-from-home vibes which I love.

Each unit is fully equipped with a toaster, a fireplace, a seating area, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

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Breakfast is also served and there are gluten-free options available each morning.

There is also an outside garden and outdoor play area which is perfect is you’re travelling as a family.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), table and chairs on the guest house balcony

5. guest house bake

Situated only a five minute walk away to the old town is The Guest House Bake which is convenient and comfortable.

The guest house has a free private parking and in-house restaurant serving a delicious breakfast and a garden to relax in.

The rooms are also equipped with modern ammenities and the friendly hosts are always more than happy to help point you in the direction of local hidden gems.

The meals served here are home cooked with fresh local produce and you can indulge in glass of wine or two.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), outside of Hotel Argjiro and people walking on the street

6. Hotel Argjiro

This Gjirokaster hotel is one of the best hotels in Gjirokaster simply because of the old traditional building and the great location.

Hotel Argjiro is right by Gjirokaster Castle, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site and other fun attractions and tours.

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Inside the hotel, you will be able to tuck into a good breakfast and stay in spacious clean rooms.

You also discover a restaurant, free Wi-Fi and a gorgeous garden to soak up some sun in.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), table and chairs on a a balcony overlooking Gjirokaster

7. Inn Cloud Gjirokaster

Firstly, I absolutely love the name of this inn!

By staying here, you’ll be sat amongst the mountains with amazing views of the city.

Inside the hotel, you can access a tasty breakfast and a mini bar.

You’ll be a 10 minute walk to the castle and a five minute walk to the main town. The views in this area are also pretty spectacular and there are plenty of hidden gems where you can unwind for a little ‘me time.’

The host is also really friendly and available to help you book excursions, water sports, recreational activities and popular tours in Albania.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), hotel room with two beds and table and chairs

8. Melodia – Harmony Heaven

Melodia is one of the best hotels in Gjirokaster due to its central location.

Staying here will bring you the closest to having an authentic experience in Albania.

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You will wake up to the sound of roosters and spend your day enjoing the sun, with a glass of wine, champagne and fresh fruits too.

This area of Gjirokaster is filled with so much character and definitely worth stopping by.

9. Argjiro Traditional

Argjiro Traditional is located within the centre of the Old Bazaar on the main road where fun attractions are moments away.

Admittedly, you have to be okay with a little bit of noise as the nightlife scene is very lively around this area. But if you love a good late night activity, this is one of the best hotels in Gjirokaster for that.

As for the guest house, you’ll stay within a traditional house equipped with modern facilities such as wifi, a flat screen TV and a coffee machine.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), a hotel room with a bed, chairs and table

10. hotel Fantasy

This beautiful old town hotel, Hotel Fantasy, has beautifully decorated rooms and an amazing view of the city.

This is a convenient place to stay in if you want to explore some of Gjirokaster’s most popular attractions.

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The breakfast served here is pretty top-tier so make sure to take advantage of that before you head out exploring.

You’ll also be just a short walk away from the attractions such as Nemertsika mountain which is such a natural beauty!

To end your evening here, spend some time on the balcony catching up or simply enjoying the warm weather as the sunsets. That sounds like pure bliss to me!

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), an overhead shot of the hotel balcony with chairs and tables

11. Palorto Traditional Hotel

The traditional home has everything you could want and more from staying in Albania. 

The rooms in Palorto Traditional Hotel are a good size with air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

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This accomodation option is right by Gjirokaster Castle, so you’ll have a great view too. Breakfast is served daily and can be enjoyed in the lush gardens.

12 Best Hotels in Gjirokaster, Albania (2024 Guide), a meal of fruit, cheese and other snacks on two tables by the hotel pool

12. Hotel Praga

Okay, so I am ending this list of the best hotels in Gjirokaster with a fan favourite.

The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, a 24 hour front desk and free Wi-Fi.

You can also discover a buffet Continental or Italian breakfast served every single day which you can enjoy right by the pool.

The rooms are large and air conditioned, which is very, very appreciated in the summer. Plus, there is a shared kitchen where you can meet other travellers!

One of my favourite things about this accommodation option is that it is filled with cool antiques and old pictures, so you will feel right at home!

Those were all of the best hotels to stay in Gjirokaster! From secluded locations hidden in the mountains to hotels situated within all the action, I hope you found your perfect accommodation option on this list.

One thing for sure is that your visit to Gjirokaster will be filled with natural landscapes, ancient ruins, and relaxation!

Have you visited Gjirokaster before? I would love to know how you found it and your favourite activities in the comments!


✅ How many days do you need in Gjirokaster?

One to two days will be plenty of time to enjoy the best attractions and sites in Gjirokaster. Most of your time here will be spent enjoying the Old Town.

✅ Is Gjirokaster worth visiting?

YES! Even if you just stop by a day, you seriously can’t miss this beautiful city. There is so much character to enjoy here and the locals are so much fun to be around.

✅ Which is better Berat or Gjirokaster?

Honestly, both of these locations have their own unique character and so much to explore. I would recommend spending a day in both!

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