4 Most Picturesque Destinations in The Caribbean

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

4 Most Picturesque Destinations in The Caribbean

As summer slips away and we ease into the cooler days of autumn, you’ll be forgiven for getting lost in thoughts of beautiful beaches and never ending blue skies. Is there anything more delicious than knowing those dark, oppressive winter weeks will be split open by a slice of glorious sunshine?  Your colleagues will be grey and cold in their winter coats whilst you’ll be donning your new bikini for a day at the pool. Start planning now and you could be putting your out of office on to slip away to one of these picturesque destinations before you can say, “chilly with a high chance of rain.”

Planning a multi-destination trip in fabulous Puerto Rico will have you steeped in culture and nightlife in buzzing San Juan before taking in a few days relaxation on one of the island’s gorgeous beaches. The city boasts dreamy colonial architecture, shopping, festivals and cultural events worth writing postcards about. There is an enviable art scene and you could easily spend a day pottering around, checking out the ever-changing murals that adorn the walls. Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria last year, the island is open for business and your tourist dollars will help this strong community bounce back with the fire that this island is known for.

4 Most Picturesque Destinations in The Caribbean

For those who feel more at home in the water, Curaçao is the ideal spot. With pristine beaches and protected reefs, the snorkelling and diving here is second to none. Spend the morning getting acquainted with the underwater community of colourful reef fish, barracuda, turtles and rays before heading back to dry land for an afternoon on one of the island’s idyllic beaches. In an area of the world renowned for its stunning coastline, to say that Curaçao’s are the most beautiful is a bold claim, but one you won’t dispute as you hit your sun lounger. Spend your evenings wandering the colonial streets, with sundowner cocktails and hole-in-the-wall restaurants abound.

4 Most Picturesque Destinations in The Caribbean

If you’re the type of girl who gets itchy feet after ten minutes in a deck chair, a Caribbean golfing holiday will be right up your street. The Dominican Republic is not only famed for its glorious coastline but for its impressive golf courses. Imagine teeing off first thing in the morning, completing a few holes before settling down for a tropical lunchtime feast in your resort. Rejuvenated, head back out to finish the course before enjoying sunset cocktails and a beautiful dinner. Soak up that Caribbean sun, enjoy an invigorating game of golf and take in the beautiful scenery of the Dominican Republic. If you are travelling with people who aren’t as keen on golf, there is no need to worry – there are plenty of other activities for them to get involved with on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

For the warmest welcome you’ll ever know, the British Virgin Islands should be top choice. Immerse yourself in the passion of Creole culture on these 60 islands famed for their natural beauty.

Another area of spectacular reef, snorkelling or diving are a must-do during your stay. The most popular activity here however, is sailing. Hoist a jib and cruise between islands, stopping at an isolated beach for a barbecue before easing back into the harbour for sunset.

Far beyond a few stunning beaches, the Caribbean boasts a wealth of culture and activity enough to entice any explorer ready to escape the grey of winter.

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4 Most Picturesque Destinations in The Caribbean

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    Crazy the seaweed problem that’s going on at the moment! In Playa Del Carmen at the moment and the beaches are brown and smell!! Probably should have read this before coming here haha.