5 Key Tips To Taking Amazing Travel Photos

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 5 Key Tips To Taking Amazing Travel Photos

Written by Summit from Summit Shah Travel Photo

Taking amazing pictures can be hectic, especially when you want to be in them. For some, the hassle is between enjoying yourself and belaboring the fact that you want some amazing pictures to show off. When you travel, the most important thing is to enjoy, then the memory, and lastly the show-off.

If you thought the carnival moment is big during the Kentucky Derby, then you’d be amazed to visit the Maracana on a Derby day. You can’t quite capture the moment; you just have to indulge at the moment. Because of this, I propose a relaxed approach to traveling. You can use these five steps to achieve amazing pictures whenever you travel.



  1. Have the right tools

By the right tools, I don’t mean the latest Alpha A9; I mean decent tools. Today’s smartphones can pack amazing tools and accessories that can be sufficient. To take amazing photographs, you need a camera that packs at least noise reduction, good pixel density, and overall good shot. It does not need to be a trendy gadget. Notice that carrying sophisticated gadgets while traveling can be a risk.  To get a good grip on what features each gadget has make sure you check out Gear Hungry.

Criminals target expensive items, if you travel simple and casual, you will escape the attention of anyone who would want to snatch anything from you. So, refrain from packing sophisticated camera gear, unless you are traveling in an entourage complete with security or as a group.

Again, selfie tools are not necessary. Nothing is amazing about a selfie. I have not encountered a fantastic selfie. I advise that you ignore them if you truly want amazing photos.


  1. Practice in advance and take it easy

Amazing photos are normally accidental, not effort or tools. Purpose to train. If you know your camera well, you are likely to take better photographs. With practice, you’ll know the best combination of settings that work well indoors, outdoors, twilight, among other instances.

The more you take shots with your camera, the more confident you grow. Great photographs are unique and amazing because they are not out there with someone else. So, customize the shot every time you take it. Try within your neighborhood before you travel. Try different situations, different objects, and others.

Take as many pictures as you can, you don’t have to check them immediately. You can check them later to see which camera setting or angle worked best. Again, it is good to learn your camera and its additional features. Know how the filters work, blurs, crop, and others. You don’t want to try them out in the jungle, and they fail you.



  1. Use landscape option

Most of the time we are tempted to take portrait pictures, especially when using rectangular cameras or phones. When traveling, use the landscape format. It gives your picture a wider audience. You can use grids to place your target object while you take a 180-degrees shot for every object. If you are not alone, you can capture other people in the process.

When using this option, don’t use the digital zoom. Use the zoom when viewing, not when taking the photos. The pixel density is set to capture as much detail as possible. Zooming rids you off part of the details. You can use background effects if you want the object alone.


5 Key Tips To Taking Amazing Travel Photos

  1. Use people to add scale and originality

Pictures tell stories. To make them vivid and relatable, use people in your pictures. It is sad when you say you took a picture in a certain place when only what you need is a snippet of the people and their culture. Let locals infiltrate your pictures, though subtly. People are intriguing, especially when they are going on with their business.

Most people are tempted to edit pictures while on the travel. My advice is always, never. Sometimes you think you got an awkward shot only for it to become an Instagram sensation. If you feel it is awkward, you are likely to edit out or even delete it. Resist this temptation. In landscape, you are likely to capture more than you bargained for, and that is what might give the picture the edge.



  1. Avoid the beaten path go further

Million-and-one shots have been taken on the Eiffel tower; a million more will be taken. Out of that, which one will amaze people? The one that captures what hasn’t been captured yet. That is why you should never rest on a beaten path, step closer, deeper, and further to indulge in what is beyond where people reach.

Even when you travel, avoid the beaten path too. You don’t have to travel where everyone else is going, learn to discover new places. I find it impossible to visit a palace that I already know how it is. However amazing the place is, something is always lost in the spoiler. It is like watching a movie you’ve already reviewed.

Off the popular path, there are things to discover. There are unique and amazing places, things, and people to photograph. Take advantage of them, and you might be lucky.



5 Key Tips To Taking Amazing Travel Photos


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Summit Shah is a travel photographer, author, and tech expert. He is passionate about technology, art, and photography.


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