5 Tips To Start Saving For A Trip

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5 Tips To Start Saving For A Trip

Saving for a trip can be damn hard.  I find having a large amount of savings leaves me itching to spend straight away!  Here are some ways you can cut the crap and start seriously saving for a trip of a lifetime.


Get in the right head space.  Trust me you won’t be able to save if you are in the wrong head space.  Think about why you are taking this trip.  If you are more interested in spending every weekend at the mall spending hundreds of dollars, then you need to change your thinking straight away!  Every time I want to buy something leading up to a trip, I think  to myself ‘do I really really need this and can I get something better when I get overseas?’.  Another good way to think of it is to compare the worth of what you are thinking of buying and the worth of an experience in another country.  For example buying a KFC dinner for one could get you a kayaking experience in one of the most pristine waters you have seen in Asia.  Which one are you more likely to remember?

Cut out materialistic items.  Literally, cut the crap and stop buying unnecessary shit!  When saving for a trip I TRY (doesn’t mean I always succeed) to not buy any material items unless I am taking them for the trip.  What’s the point in buying something a few weeks before a trip to just leave it at home or pay for it to be stored away.  Sometimes I feel I need to listen to my own advice because, I for one am definitely guilty of buying unnecessary crap.

Get a saving account which takes a few days to withdraw your money.  In NZ you can get this account called Bonus bonds which is like having a free bank account.  It also puts you into a monthly cash draw and  you can win cash prizes up to 1 million dollars. If you are a weekly lotto purchaser, or a bit of a fan of gambling and betting then this is a great way to not lose any money!  This is also a great account for me because most of my purchases are impulse buys and this account takes 3 working days for me to get my money out.  If you need it urgently then it costs around $20 which I will never do because it’s not worth it.  So, try to get a savings account which takes a few days to get the money because then this cuts impulse buys out of the question!

5 Tips To Start Saving For A Trip

Sell everything except your organs.  As I told you previously, I buy a lot of unnecessary crap which means this is a great way to fund-raise for a trip.  Sell all the stuff you do not see yourself using in the next 6 months or even a few months.  So far I have raised $100  towards my trip which would have been sitting there anyway!  Plus if you are always on the road then there is no real need to keep stuff in storage.  Challenge yourself and get rid of half of your stuff!

Quit smoking, snacking and drinking.  I am not saying go live in a hole but if you want to start saving then you need to cut down on the unnecessary expenses.  Little purchases over a large amount of time is a lot of money so think again when buying that doughnut!  $3 a day on snacks adds up to $21 a week and $546 in 6 months, just for snacks!  Don’t even get me started on smoking!

I hope this gave you a few ideas on how to save for your trip!  Remember make your own luck and start saving!  If you need accommodation check out Agoda, they have fantastic deals especially in Asia!  Also, if you need a head start on picking travel insurance check out this article I wrote!

5 Tips To Start Saving For A Trip

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    August 22, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    Really good tips! I’ll now be thinking twice before I buy unnecessary stuff.

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      Ah I know, every penny counts as they say!

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    Awesome advice..

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