5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

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5 Top Travel Products you must have

These days I travel with very little, which means I look for quality travel products rather than cheap and nasty these days.  I tend to stick to a few brands because I trust the company and the quality of their products. I often get asked what products I would recommend for new and old travellers, so I decided to pick my 5 top travel products – new and old.


5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

  1. Kathmandu Transfer 28L Travel Pack

I have brought Kathmandu products for years now and here are the reasons for that.  Their products are of highest quality and their customer service is always amazing. As a customer and someone who has also collaborated with Kathmandu in the past, they are easy to communicate with and lovely to deal with.  This backpack is perfect for being who only want to travel with hand luggage.  I have never had a problem with bringing just this bag as carry-on luggage.  It has compartments, so it makes it super easy to find everything.  This is defintley one of the top travel products in the market! I also use Kathmandu packing cells with this bag too to ensure I have all my thing organised and compacted.  Click here to see this pack and many other options!

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5 Top Travel Products You Must Have 5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

  1. RHA Headphones (MA650)

This is a new product I was introduced to and I am absolutely in love!  RHA Audio kindly sent me a pair of their MA650 headphones to test out earlier this week along with chocolate and a face mask (thank you very kindly RHA!).  RHA Audio s a small Scotland based company specializing in high-quality headphones.  I have had the week to test out these babies and I really don’t think I can go back to any other headphones EVER.  I highly recommend the MA650 headphones whilst travelling as they have a battery lasting up to 12 hours as well as having a 3-year warranty.  This is one of my top travel products now!

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5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

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  1. Laundry travel kit pouch from Kathmandu

Yes, this is another Kathmandu product!  The laundry travel kit pouch is perfect for backpackers who want to do their own laundry whilst on their travels.  The pouch contains a breathable laundry bag, a washing line, a flexible universal plug and 20 sheets of laundry paper soap.  I found this kit extremely handy whilst backpacking through South-East Asia.  You can save quite a lot of money by doing your own laundry.  In places like western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand it’s ideal to have something like this if you’re a bit strapped for cash.  Not only that but throughout Asia, I have heard stories of peoples washing going missing or being ruined so this way you know exactly what is happening to your laundry.


5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

  1. Packing Cells

A lot of people think packing cells is a gimmick but trust me, it’s not.  Packing cells are made my travelling life so much easier and a lot more organised.  They are especially handy if you’re travelling with just hand luggage, or if you do have a big backpack, packing cells are a great way to separate everything into its own compartments, so when you’re looking for something, in particular, you don’t have to pull out the entirety of your backpack.  I use Kathmandu (obviously!).  Packing cells are one of the most practical top travel products on the market. Click here to check them out on Kathmandu’s website.  They have a variety of colours!

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5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

  1. Battery pack

These days we rely on out cellphones more than ever before.  When I travel I always make sure I have a fully charged battery pack with me.  You can get different capacity ones.  My one is ..00 mAh which means it charges my phone between 2-3 times. I highly recommend getting a bigger one, so you can charge your device more than twice.  The smaller ones are still good, but you may as well get a little bit bigger, so you have the option to charge your phone one or two more times.  Click here to check out the best battery packs on Amazon.

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There’s a round-up of my favourite travel products you should invest in for your next adventure!  Tell me below any other products you use whilst travelling.


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5 Top Travel Products You Must Have

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