7 Reasons You Should Pick Thailand For a Luxury Retreat

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7 Reasons You Should Pick Thailand For a Luxury Retreat

Thailand’s abundance of good food, rich culture and interesting history draws thousands of people every year making it a top spot for many.  Hidden in this tropical paradise are many luxury retreat options, which are readily available to rent all year around.  Whether you want to stay for a week or be tempted for a longer stay on your luxury thailand vacation.  Thailand is the perfect place to sit back, relax and here are 7 reasons why.


  1. Thai hospitality

The hospitality of the Thai people is some of the best in Asia and in the world.  The people here are extremely friendly and welcoming towards tourists and visitors coming to Thailand. When travelling around Thailand I was blown away by the extent they would go to make sure you are always comfortable and happy.


  1. The rich mouth-watering food

The cuisine in Thailand is nothing short of mind-blowing.  From the delicious khao soi in northern Thailand to one of Thailand’s main dishes, pad Thai there is something for everyone.  There is also an abundance of delicious tropical fruits you must try as well.  Head to one of the local markets and pick up delicious produce for extremely affordable prices.  Rested in the neighbourhood of Silom in Bangkok you can find an award-winning restaurant such as Le Du which serves beautiful food with a Thai twist.  There are plenty of luxurious restaurants to choose from in Bangkok and everywhere else Thailand so if you’re looking for a foodie experience this is a fantastic country to come to!


  1. 5-star accommodation you won’t find anywhere else in the world

Thailand’s landscapes are very beautiful making it the perfect place for luxury views.  In the north, you can expect rolling mountains and lush green sceneries and down south you will find some of the most beautiful beaches and islands you have ever seen in your life.  It’s no wonder people flock here for their luxurious holidays when you see the views that can be had from your infinity pool!  Not only that but you get great value for money on properties around Thailand.  The hotels and houses have first-class facilities situated in paradise, what more could you ask for?

   4.  Get more bang for your buck 

Thailand is an extremely affordable country to visit so because of that you can rent a fantastic property for half the price or maybe you can afford an even more luxurious experience. Your money will go very far in Thailand which is one of the advantages of visiting this first-class Asian country.


7 reasons you should pick Thailand for a luxury retreat

  1. Interesting culture

Thailand has a rich culture which should be explored when coming for your luxurious holiday to Thailand.  There is an abundance of temples, buddhas and interesting facts to be learnt here.  After a day of exploring you can come back to your luxurious apartment and relax and enjoy your surrounding from your infinity pool!


  1. World-class island hopping

Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful pristine beaches and first-class snorkelling.  If you’re down for some ultimate relaxation and luxurious experiences you can find it here.  There’s also a wealth of trendy beach bars and hammocks just waiting for you to relax in!


  1. Thailand is a fabulous place for animal lovers

From cheeky monkeys to roaming elephants, this place is a nature lovers dream.  The one thing you shouldn’t do though is visit any animal sanctuaries as quite often they have taken advantage of the animals for tourism purposes.  There are plenty of beautiful wild animals roaming about here, understandably nature here is superb!



Here are some examples of luxurious properties I found that you can rent at the touch of a button!


7 reasons you should pick Thailand for a luxury retreat

Picture: Luxury Retreats

Celadon Villa

Nestled on a hilltop in Koh Samui lies a breathtaking villa with the most amazing views of the islands nearby.  This property is great for anyone looking for a high-end luxurious experience.  Complete with 4 bedrooms, an impressive infinity pool, you will never want to leave this property!


Picture: Luxury Retreats

Villa Malouna

This beautiful property in Koh Samui comes with a private beach making it a perfect option if you have a family or maybe an anniversary coming up.  Nearby are great snorkelling location and fabulous views.  Chances are you probably will never want to leave.  As required for every luxurious property it comes with an infinity pool which overlooks the beach.


Picture: Luxury Retreats

Viman at Samsara

If you’re travelling to Phuket then this option will be hard to resist.  This three-storied mansion overlooks the ocean and comes with chef service and can accommodate up to 14 people so if you are coming to Thailand for a special occasion then this is a great option for you!


Picture: Luxury Retreats

Villa Hibiscus

This modern villa which is situated only meters from the beach is the perfect luxurious beach option.  On the north coast of Koh Samui is a home you will never want to leave.  Complete with an L-shaped swimming pool this romantic property is a great option for a romantic getaway with the tropical paradise of Thailand is only on your doorstep.



Thailand is a fabulous option for a luxurious experience and you may not ever want to leave.  Tell me below which location you would to stay in.  I wouldn’t mind staying in all four locations if I am being honest which is why you should seriously consider Thailand as your next holiday destination


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7 Reasons You Should Pick Thailand For a Luxury Retreat


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