9 Reasons Why Kiwis Need To Travel To Kerala Right Now

Last Updated on January 17, 2021


In my opinion, Kerala is the perfect place for the curious New Zealander.  There are many reasons why Kiwis should really think about Kerala being one of the next top travel destinations to visit.

1. If you want to experience India but not have the stress that goes with it, Kerala is a great introduction for you.  It’s tranquillity really puts your mind at ease, unlike places like Delhi which are flooded with people and noise.  You won’t see beggars on the streets, you will not be hassled for miles on end and it’s a lot less chaotic.  Kerala has over 38 million people situated in this state but, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like it.  In fact, from my experience backpacking from Delhi to Mumbai, Kerala didn’t seem like the hectic India I assumed the whole country was like.

2. It’s cheap to get to.  My flight return was a total of $1500NZD which is quite cheap considering the hours I flew.  My flight was a bit of a round-about way of doing it, because I went from Wellington to Melbourne,  to Abu Dhabi, and then onto Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.  You can easily get flights that go via Singapore and Kuala Lumpur which cut the time in half, and also the cost.  The two main airports you can fly in and out of are called Cochin (in the North of Kerala), or Thiruvananthapuram which is in the South.



3. Food, accommodation and shopping are super cheap!  Asia is usually cheap in general but India is probably the cheapest EVER.  You can expect to pay around 20 rupees (50 centsNZD) for a chai off a street vender and a meal at a local restaurant can be around 80 rupee ($1.70NZD).  Not only food, but you can expect to pay next to nothing for accommodation also.  A beautiful luxury resort will only set you back from $100-$300NZD a night, or if you want to go budget then expect to pay as low as $20NZD a night at a Home Stay or budget hotel.  For the ladies, the shopping is kind of like you’re in heaven.  The saris, beautiful gold and silver jewellery and the legendary elephant pants will not set you back at all.  Buy off the market stalls in the street, but if you want proper gold and silver jewellery then be prepared to be taken into a proper store.  You may want to take an extra suitcase with you because I guarantee you will want to take your body weight in shopping back with you.



I found #paradise in Kerala. Where have you found paradise?

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4. It’s a tropical paradise!  From my Instagram posts of palm trees and coconuts you may have realised it may seem tropical to you, and that is because IT IS!  Its warm weather, beautiful beaches and an endless supply of coconut water makes you feel like you’re on a luxury getaway, but for one third of the price.  Make sure you bring your swimming costume because you will get some major use out of it on your trip here.



5. The adventure sports!  I never thought I would do zorbing, zip lining, hiking and kayaking in India but I did!  One of the best experiences on the whole trip was kayaking down the backwaters and getting a glimpse into the lives of the locals that are living on the edge of the water.  One of the places I definitely recommend going to is Wayanad Adventure Camp which recently opened.  Luckily, we got a glimpse before it had even opened to the general public.  There’s so much to do here from zip lining across the lake, to kayaking, zorbing, swimming, rock climbing and archery.  You would never get bored of this place and they have accommodation (glamping) there as well.  The owners are lovely and will make sure you have a great time experiencing all the activities.



Ontop of the world! Thanks to @kalypsoadventures for taking us on a great hike called the Papathy Shola (Bufferfly Forest) #KeralaBlogExpress

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6. The scenery was absolutely mind blowing.  Two of my favourite places were Alappizha and Munnar.  Alappizha is where you can hire a house boat and cruise down the backwaters.  It was an experience I will never forget.  For the price of approximately 11,000 – 20,000 Rupees (4 people) you can hire a boat which comes with the crew.  You have your lunch, dinner and before you depart in the morning, your breakfast is made for you and it includes the friendliest staff I have ever met, they were amazing.  I know most Kiwis love the water or like being close to it so this has to be one of the top things you must try in Kerala.  The other place I loved was Munnar which is where the tea plantations and hill stations are situated.  Luscious green mountains and rolling hills along with windy roads that sometimes you’re better not to look at surround you.  It was one of the places I have wanted to see so badly when I came to India and I will never forget it!



More friendly faces in Kerala…. #KeralaBlogExpress

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7. The locals were beyond friendly and accommodating Keralites were some of the sweetest people I have met.  The locals can make or break the country, so meeting and interacting with them is very important for me when I travel.  I love the feeling when people are genuinely happy to see you and are so excited for you to learn about their culture, and that is the feeling I got in Kerala.



8. If you are a lover of photography then you may just fall in love with the scenery here.  It’s impossible to take a bad photograph, so be prepared to blow away your colleagues back home with photos. The colours are rich and the landscape is something out of a magazine.



9. The food is also great. Forget everything you thought you knew about curry, because back home you will never get Indian food as good as you will in Kerala.  Not only the curries but the traditional desserts such as Payasam are a must-try.  You can pick up your fresh tea leaves in Munnar, and don’t forget your spices because a lot of them are grown in this part of India as well.


Have I convinced you yet to come to this beautiful, gracious, colourful and friendly part of the world?  Every travel blogger that went on the Kerala Blog Express loved it here and I have proof!  Please don’t think India is all the same because this will blow all perceptions you may have had about India!

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  • the unconventional girl
    October 17, 2016

    Truly God’s own country, and your clicks are too good, Anita.

  • Cathy
    December 19, 2016

    I’m in the contest for this year, I love hearing how much you loved it! So much that I’ll be linking this blog to an upcoming one- keep your eyes out for it:)