A Guide To Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

 A Guide To Quetzaltenango Guatemala

 A wonderful area where you can trek and enjoy the ecology, Mayan culture and nature of  Quetzaltenango Guatemala 

Where to stay in Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Xela offers a different kind of stay.  Pension Bonifáz is the best hotel (4 stars) from $82 USD per night.  But, there is a lot of lower priced hotels and hostels if you search around on Hostelworld.

If you want a medium priced hotel or, if you travel with family I recommend Villa de Don Andres Bed & Breakfast, the price is around $44 USD.

Or, the inexpensive option is hostels and I can recommend Black Cat Hostel.  Which is $10 USD per night.

The location for all three places I have listed is very easy to get to, just one block from the central park.

 A Guide To Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Where to eat in Quetzaltenango

If you love to try local food I recommend Utz Hua, which is a restaurant where you can find only Guatemalan food.

If you love to eat international food, we have Chinese food at Shi long restaurant, Indian food (which is my favourite) the name of the restaurant is Sabor del La India and French food at Carninaly Restaurant.  All of them are located around the central park.


Things to do in Quetzaltenango

Some interesting things to do is weaving, there is an Association called TRAMA.  Also, you can take Salsa Classes, Study Spanish as a Second language at Spanish School La Democracia, treks around the city with a Tour Operator Called Travel & Health Guatemala.  Also, Social Tourism which is where you visit different Mayan communities to explore their lifestyle and spend time with the locals.  Why not try and catch one of the many festivals and celebrations in Guatemala while you’re there?!

A Guide To Quetzaltenango Guatemala

What not to do in Quetzaltenango

In this situation I can only say, don’t walk alone during the night, take a taxi to prevent any inconveniences, as you should do in other countries.

3 fun facts about Quetzaltenango

People on the street always say Hola and Adios, which means “Hello” or “Goodbye”, also with a smile.  Many Mayan people speak Spanish as a second language, so try to Speak some Spanish so you don’t have limitations when talking with the locals.

Go to El Cuartito which is a Cafe where you can drink coffee, some locals beers and listen to live music.

This great guide was written by Yessika Calderón.

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A Guide To Quetzaltenango Guatemala

A Guide To Quetzaltenango GuatemalaAuthor:  My name is Yessika Calderón, I started to travel in my home country when I was 10 years old with my family because they love to travel as well, when I was 18 years old, I left my country to explore Europe, and I can say that was an amazing experiences, (exchange culture) Now I am living in Quetzaltenango Guatemala, my home country, and I love to share some ideas about how travel in Guatemala, also I love to write many different reasons why people should to visit Quetzaltenango Guatemala, at least, once in life. I am a guide in Guatemala.

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  • Evelien
    April 12, 2016

    Nice blog! I stayed in Quetzaltenango in 2015 for 3 months and I loved this city. Compared to other popular places in Guatemala such as Antigua and Lake Atitlan it feels like a very authentic place. I loved the beautiful colors of the dresses of the Mayan women, the street food and the many options for hikes. It´s also a cheap city for taking Spanish classes. I ended up studying at Spanish School Sol Latino, a school that you should definitely check out if you are interested in classes. It has a friendly staff, quality teachers and a reasonable price.

  • Jub
    August 4, 2019

    How does someone write this post for a Kiwi and Kasa Kiwi doesn’t rate a mention :p Great place for drinks on the rooftop, and you don’t have to be staying at the hostel to go to the rooftop 🙂