Welcome to my world of wanderlust and adventure!

My name is Anita and I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander) who left the safety of my small hometown to chase my dreams of becoming an interior designer.

After getting a diploma in Interior design, I quickly realized that the traditional 9-5 work-life wasn’t for me.

Meet Anita

anita hendrieka

My life was far from sunshine, candy and rainbows.

After losing my Mum at 15 years old, I found myself struggling with dark thoughts and depression, and in desperate need of a change. 

At the age of 19, I made the bold decision to buy a one-way ticket to the UK, with nothing but a working holiday visa and a burning desire for something different from what I had known before.

That’s when I discovered the beauty of travel. Exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures helped me find a new perspective on life and gave me the courage to keep going.

Before I left New Zealand, I was inspired by ex-blogger Gala Darling to start sharing my own experiences on a D.I.Y and lifestyle blog. But as my travels continued to take me to new and exciting places, I decided to switch gears and focus on travel blogging. 

My goal is to share my stories, opinions, and tips on the best way to explore new places and to inspire others to take the leap and see the world for themselves.

I am determined to break misconceptions about certain destinations and to show everyone the lesser-known pockets of the world that are usually much more beautiful.

Fast forward to today, and I am currently living in the sun-drenched paradise of south Albania, where I spend my days working on my laptop with a stunning view of the sea, exploring Albanian villages and eating fried squid – seriously it’s so good here.

I have 2 businesses – this blog, and a coaching business where I teach online businesses how to drive more traffic to their business using Blog SEO marketing and Pinterest.

Through my travels, I have learned that there is no better form of education than experiencing different cultures firsthand. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of history and geography, and I’ve also learned a lot about myself. Travel has helped me build confidence, pushed me to my limits, and shown me what truly matters in life.

If you have experienced a loss, whether it’s parents, siblings, or other family and friends, you know how important it is to live your life to the fullest potential and that is what I try and do every day.

Join me on this journey as I continue to explore new places and share my favourite places with you as well as inspire you to live the work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

Get to Know Me

1. The Title of My Autobiography Would Be:

where tf am I

2. You May be Suprised to Learn:

i’ve visited 50+ countries

3. The Quality that Makes me Successful:

take action always

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

at the beach

5. The Best Advice I can Offer You:

done over perfect

6. My Most Rewarding Experience to Date:

helping other businesses scale with ease

7. If I wasn’t a travel blogger or Coach, I would be A:

interior designer


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