11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips

Last Updated on March 30, 2024

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When anybody asks me about the best things to do in Albania, I always recommend Albania tours.

From hiking tours in Albania to water rafting and wine tasting, there is an extensive list of activities that you can attend whilst on your trip.

By attending a tour, you not only get to experience Albania in a fresh way, but you also get to meet other travellers and local people too.

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Which is why I have created this epic guide to the best tours in Albania. Keep reading to find out which tours made the cut.

The Best Albania Tours

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips a group of people water rafting on a lake

1. Water rafting in albania

Albania’s abundance of nature will not go unnoticed on this water rafting tour of the Osumi Canyon. 

The day tour takes you directly from Berat and into a world of waterfalls, unique rock formations and some of the best views in Albania.

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The tour guides also do a really great job at making this tour accessible to everyone as they teach you the basics beforehand. What I am saying is, no water rafting experience is necessary.

This is a very enjoyable experience and you will get to see an entire new side of Albania. 

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips a landscape view of Albania

2. Albania Hiking tour

Albania is well known for its variety of hiking locations and Grama Mountain is one of the best. 

This day tour takes you from Tirana to Bovilla where you will start at a beautiful lake and hike up Mount Grama.

This is one of the hiking tours in Albania that isn’t particularly long or challenging so even if you’re not an experienced hiker, you’ll still have fun on this tour!

Regardless, the views are worth it and on the way back, you can take a refreshing dip in the river! Just remember to take a phone battery power bank to keep your phone charged throughout the day!

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, Somebody taking a photo of a meal
photo by Randy Tarampi on UNSPLASH

3. Authentic Cooking class

I have to say I am a huge fan of small group tours in Albania or private tours because the experience is far more intimate. 

On this tour, you will get to learn a new skill whilst cooking traditional Albanian dishes and meeting a bunch of new people.

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On this tour, you’ll head to the local market to gather fresh fruit and the required ingredients. Then, in your private lesson, you can learn how to cook three traditional Albanian dishes. 

During the class, you’ll also get to taste several appetizers and Albanian beverages. 

This is a really nice experience for foodies or anybody who just wants to learn something new.

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, two people horse back riding in a forest

4. Horseback riding in albania

Discover the highlights of Albania in this once-in-a-lifetime experience horseback riding through Vjosa National Park.

During the tour, your path will take you through mountains, canyons, rivers, and rural villages too.

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You’ll also get to explore some of Albania’s most natural wonders, including the thermal baths. 

With these types of tours, I always recommend taking a water bottle with you, you’d be surprised at how much of a workout it can be!

If you’re looking for Albania tours that are more than just walking, this is a great option. 

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, landscape of Albania with a brick building with a clock
photo by Envi Taraku on UNSPLASH

5. nature Tour

Gjirokastra County is one of the most beautiful places in Albania. 

This private tour from Saranda puts you into the heart of Albanian culture where you can discover Albania’s remote villages and have free time to take a leisurely stroll around the local area. 

You will also get to visit the iconic Blue Eye Spring and see some of Albania”s most significant archaeological sites. 

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, city landscape view of Tirana, Albania

6. Private City tour

This is one of the best Albania tours for history buffs as you’ll get to explore the capital city of Tirana!

Tirana has a communist history, and on this group walking tour, you will stroll the streets, visit historical sites and learn more about this spectacular city!

On the tour, you’ll also visit Tirana Museum and discover Bunkart 2 which is a bunker that was transformed into a museum.

There is also such a strong sense of community in Tirana that you will love!

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, multiple speedboats on the ocean
photo by John Mukiibi Elijah on UNSPLASH

7. Speed boating in Albania

When looking for Albania tours that provide a little adrenaline, this speedboat tour comes to mind. 

The speedboat tour takes you directly to the National Marine Park and Grama Bay. 

Upon arrival, you will discover a protected area of untouched beaches and so much wildlife.

Gamma Bay is a hidden gem featuring pristine waters, caves and breathtaking viewpoints.

You’ll be able to snorkel in the water, bask in the sun and try out some of the country’s delicious cuisine. This is a really special experience!

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, landscape view of Albania with the ocean and hills

8. At your own pace tour

If you’re looking for Albania tours which you can take at your own pace, this self-guided daily tour will be right up your street. This is a great way to explore ancient sites and off the beaten path locations in an organised way. 

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This tour will also save you both time and money as you will be guided along an interesting walking route and if you’re not the best with directions (me too👀) you won’t have to worry about getting lost! 

This is one of those Albania tours that spans across multiple days. Each day, you will explore a new area within Albania and will be guided to the most popular attractions within that location. 

Whether you’re a local looking to explore more of Albania, or you’re a tourist wanting to have your entire trip organised, this tour is perfect for both situations.



Experience Albania’s rich countryside with this four day trip. 

On the tour, you will travel in an SUV to the village of Qafe Dardhe. Then, you will dismount to take an interesting walk through nature and travel to Mount Tomorr and Tomorr Castle. 

Your local guide will teach you all about the local areas, ancient monuments, history, myths and answer any question that you have. Make sure to check out my Albania travel guide to learn more about the things you can do in Albania.

The perfect time to attend this tour is during the spring or summer as you will have a picnic lunch en route so make sure to bring some good food!

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, two people in the sky paragliding

10. Albania from new heights

Okay, so the previous water rafting tour has nothing on this one when it comes to inducing adrenaline.

If you’re looking for Albania tours that push you completely out of your comfort zone (but in the best way possible) you will adore this one. 

This unforgettable paragliding tandem experience allows you to see Albania from new heights. Literally.

Picture this: You wake up one Saturday morning. You travel in a taxi to the starting point on the mountain and then fly with your tandem partner high above the ground while trying to take in the spectacular views. 

Although these tours are preformed with professionals and very safe just make sure that you have your travel insurance before you book this tour!

Your experience will be recorded on a GoPro, so you’ll get to relive it later if it does all just become a whirl of excitement and adrenaline. 

This is one of the best experiences you could have whilst in Albania.

11 Unforgettable Albania Tours, Excursions & Trips, a group of people holding wine glasses together

11. The best of alBANIA

When it comes to Albania tours, local wine tasting is one of the most popular, and with good reason!

In my humble opinion, Albania has some of the best wines money can buy!

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On this tour, you’ll get to experience local vineyards and sample some of Albania’s best wine.

This tour also goes into depth about the wine making methods and the traditions that come with owning a family vineyard.

​What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Those were all of the best Albania tours! From horse hiding to wine tasting, Albania has a variety of tours that caters to every type of traveller!

As I mentioned, tours are one of my best recommendations to people travelling to Albania because you get to learn more about Albania as well as meeting a friend or two along the way.

Are you going to book any of these tours? Let me know in the comments!

✅ Is Albania a cheap country to visit?

When it comes to European countries, Albania is a fairly cheap location to visit. If you plan properly, you can vacation here on a strict budget.

✅ Is four days enough in Albania?

Four days is the minimum amount of days that I would recommend travelling to Albania for. Ideally, four to seven days will allow you to see more of what this country has to offer.

✅ How safe is Albania to travel?

Albania is a very safe destination with many families choosing to vacation here every year. It could be argued that Albania is one of the safest destinations in Europe.

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