Albania Travel Restrictions: Travelling Albania in 2024

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

*I will be avoiding certain words in this post because otherwise this post can get suppressed. I will use words like panini for the big P-word and ‘V’ for the thing that gets put in the arm.  

Beautiful photo of the Albania Riviera, with bright blue water and a valley beneath. Albania travel restrictions: Travelling Albania in 2021

I have been asked a fair few times about what Albania is like to travel to during the panini. What are the Albania travel restrictions? Is it safe? Should we still travel to Albania in 2021, or should we wait until next year?


I’ve been putting off this post for a while because there is a huge lack of information, not just in Albania but worldwide so I never want to say something and then it is not true. So please bear in mind as I am posting this on April 16th, that this is from the information I currently have available to me. I cannot predict the future, although I wish I could because that would be pretty f**king awesome.


Disclaimer: Before I get into asking these questions, I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, I can only talk about my perspective on the subject and tell you what it’s like from my point of view. I have lived in Saranda, Albania for over 3 years and I have lived here during the panini and seen things from a local perspective. My partner is Albanian, so I feel like I have a great insight into 2 perspectives – an expat and a local.


I have gathered together the questions I have been asked during the last few months and I’m going to try to answer them as best as I can below!  


**I am going to update this post as much as possible to make sure if things change, that this post reflects that.


Photo of the Saranda port which has beautiful bright blue water and lots of buildings on land. Albania travel restrictions: Travelling Albania in 2021

What are the Albania travel restrictions?

As of September 1st 2021, you will have to show proof of vaccine, a negative PCR test (which has been taken in the last 72 hours) or a rapid test (that has been taken in the last 48 hours).

There is a curfew in place which is from 11:00 pm – 6:00am every day until further notice. Masks are to be worn inside as of September 2021, if you are not seen with a mask, you can be fined up to 3000lek.

All shops, restaurants and bars are open as normal but close at 11:00pm as per the curfew rules. Food delivery is allowed after 11 pm.

Transport within Albania is back to normal but as per the rules, masks should be worn on public transport. 



What do I need to prepare for my trip?

A mask, respectful attitude and money to contribute to the local economy! Things have been tough for people here, a lot of the country relies on money from tourism and there has been little to no help from the government. 

Tip well, eat at restaurants, support the local economy. If you do not want to go out and eat at the restaurants and bars, order takeaway and go to the local park or beach and enjoy it there.


Drone photo of the town of Himare which has a mountain and the sea beanth it. Beautiful bright green and blues. Albania travel restrictions: Travelling Albania in 2021

How is the ‘V’ rollout in Albania

‘V’’s are well underway in Albania and are open for all citizens and residents to get.

‘V’ passports in Albania

The prime minister has stated “No v passport will be required for tourists” as of the end of March. However, the recent update as of Sept 1st does require you to show proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR test or rapid test. 

Pictures of a bunch of masks on a table Albania travel restrictions: Travelling Albania in 2021

Do I have to wear a mask in Albania?

It is mandatory to wear a mask indoors, however not many shops enforce this. If you are caught without one, you could face a fine of up to 3000 lek. In order to stop the spread, please follow the rules and wear a mask.


What is a good news source to find updates about cases?

I always go to Exit for updated information. They have an English portal which I find helpful, to the point and gives you great updates on the situation.


Should I still plan to travel to Albania in 2021

Yes! As I said earlier, the locals need your tourist dollars. It’s been tough for Albania and it’s time to get back on that plane and visit Albania. The great thing is that Albania has been open nearly this entire time unlike many of its neighbours and other European countries.


Is it ethical to travel to Albania right now?

Now, this is a tough question and it’s been on my mind for the last year. At first, no, I do not think it was ethical to travel during a panini, of course not. If you want to stop the spread, stay at home. This is coming from a privileged point of view and I acknowledge that. Travel is a privilege, there’s no if’s or but’s. 

However, I have seen what it’s like from a country that doesn’t get a paycheck from their government or support with food and water when they have nothing. 

It’s easy to say no you should not travel if you are from a rich country that gives you benefits and makes sure that you don’t go hungry. So before anyone judges anyone for travelling, ask yourself if you were in the shoes of a person who lives in a country that relies on tourism, and you haven’t seen a tourist or a dollar from them for over a year, how would your perspective change? The truth is that tourism is one of the biggest industries and many countries rely on it.

My advice? Travel, but do it safely. Get the ‘V’ if you are able, wear a mask indoors as per the rules, distance yourself from others etc.


Photo of a red and white ferry sitting in Saranda port Albania travel restrictions: Travelling Albania in 2021

When will the ferries from Corfu to Saranda open?

They are now open again. Check out Finikas Lines for updated times.


Moving to Albania in 2021

There has been an incredible influx of tourists moving to Albania permanently, especially in Saranda. This is mostly because there have been such strict rules across the world and Albania has little to none. If you are moving to Albania, make sure you read my post on living in Albania here.


I hope this was helpful and gave you an insight into what the Albania travel restrictions is like right now. I have to say that I am happy I was in Albania during this time because it has been super easy with few restrictions. Albania welcomes you and I hope you get to visit soon!

If you have any further questions please leave them below as I will be sure to add them to this post. Unfortunately, I cannot investigate what restrictions are in place for your own country, I can only speak on coming to Albania.


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    Anita, what is the procedure if one tests positive for Covid whilst in Albania (the mandatory test prior to leaving in order to get back to the UK)? Are there isolation hotels? Do visitors just have to find their own hotel to stay in? Is there monitoring in place to ensure isolation?

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    Hope we can meet you there when we come and visit Sarande this 10th Dec. 2021. – Travelling from UAE