Albania Weather: Best time to Visit Albania

Last Updated on April 25, 2022

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Positioned in south-east Europe lies one country which deserves more attention to travellers coming to Europe. That country is Albania.

For Albania, tourism is growing steadily every year but it’s still one of the least visited places in Europe due to a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about the country.

While many of those stereotypes and misconceptions are directed at the people thanks to films like Taken, another misconception has to do with the Albania weather.

Albania Weather: Best time to Visit Albania, ancient ruins along rocky beach at sunset with Albanian coastal city in background

When travellers come to Albania, they usually come here in the heat of an Albania summer, and while some LOVE it, many go away thinking it’s just too hot!

I want to show and inform you that Albania is not ONLY good for summer fun and tanning on the beach.

In fact, summer is my least favourite time of year here in terms of the weather in Albania. It’s actually a beautiful place year-round!

So, when to visit Albania? Let’s find out!

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when is the best time to visit albania

I recommend travellers come in every season – apart from summer! There really is a reason to visit and enjoy the incredible Albania weather all year round.

Albania is a very diverse country. There are a lot of spectacular places to visit. From historic and UNESCO towns like Gjirokastër and Berat to beautiful coastal cities like Saranda and Vlora.

Then you have the north of Albania which hold incredible scenery such as the Albanian Alps and beautiful mountain towns like Kruja, the historical city of Albania.

But I’m sure you still have more questions about the climate of Albania. Let me tell you more about Albanian weather, especially the Albanian Riviera weather!

Albania Weather: Best time to Visit Albania, image of Albanian islands, one with a road leading to it

Albania Weather: What is it Like?

The average low temperature in Albania during winter is around 1 degree.

In the south where I live (Saranda), it’s always 1-4 degrees warmer than in Northern cities like Shkoder. We get less rain and more sunny days.

In my opinion, Albania is one of the few countries in Europe that doesn’t have an overbearing winter if you compare it to the likes of the UK, Poland, and Romania.

The climate in Albania makes it a great winter destination for those who dislike the cold. No matter where you are in Albania, temperatures rarely drop below 5 ºC during the winter.

On average in the north they get over 290 days of sunshine and in the south they get over 325 days of sunshine!

Albania weather is some of the best you can find in Europe, which is why I think the best time to visit Albania is any time!

But in case you’re still wondering exactly what is the weather like in Albania from season to season, I have broken down the seasonal weather of Albania.

So, is Albania cold? Is Albania warm? And when is summer in Albania so you know when to avoid visiting? Find out below!

When is the best time to visit Albania, villa on beach with mountains further along the beach
Albania weather in spring isn’t so bad!

Albania Weather in Spring: March 20th – June 21st

If you want to come and experience the optimal Albania weather, I highly recommend you come in Spring. 

This is my favourite time of year here and in my opinion, it’s the best season for Albania! It’s starting to get warm, the flowers are blossoming and there are virtually no tourists.

While spring in Albania is generally a great time to visit, March is definitely the best month to visit Albania.

I specifically love the month of March in Albania. Not only because it’s my birthday, but because this is the time you will literally have UNESCO sites to yourself.

Since the temperature in Albania during March is also relatively cool, it’s just pleasant to walk around outside or go hiking.

As you get closer to May, travellers start to visit Albania, and then by summer European tourists are flocking (although it’s nothing compared to Greece and Croatia – yet!).

For many, this might seem like the perfect time to take advantage of the hot Albanian climate.

But if you plan on venturing away from all the Albanian beaches, you’ll find the Albania temperatures of summer overbearing.

Come to Albania in spring if you:

  • Like travelling without tourists everywhere
  • Like cheap prices (prices go up in summer)
  • Don’t mind wearing a jumper at night as the Albanian night temperatures are still chilly
  • Like colourful destinations as beautiful flowers start to bloom and the country lights up!

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What are the best months to visit Albania, rows of umbrella chairs along the beach
Ksamil in summer

Albania Weather in Summer: June 21st – September 23rd

In Albania summer is is when the country comes alive for tourists. Most people think this is when to visit Albania, and in fact, this is when 90% of people come to the country.

All the clubs, restaurants, and accommodation begin to open their doors as many close only to open for this season. It’s a shame because as I said, autumn and spring in Albania are also magical.

This is when the south of Albania shines and you will find places like Ksamil (named the gem of the Albanian Riviera) absolutely packed with people.

The weather in Albania during summer can be intense! While the winter temperatures might be mild, the summer climate in Albania is anything but!

So, in terms of discovering Albania summer is my least favourite.

Also, because of the demand for tourists’ prices rise, sometimes double. This happens not only in accommodations but also in restaurants and bars too.

If you prefer to come in summer, I recommend trying to come in mid-to-late September.

The Albania weather in September is slightly cooler than the hottest parts of the summer and it is already significantly less busy.

Although summer in Albania is a popular time to visit, it is not the best time to travel to Albania, in my opinion. If you can visit any other time, I would recommend it.

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

Come to Albania in summer if you:

  • Like the heat of the summer because in Saranda the temperatures hit 40 degrees!
  • Like to party as beach bars and clubs are fully open along the Albanian Riviera
  • Don’t mind sharing the places you want to see with hordes of tourists (including cruise ship tourists in Saranda)
What are the best months to visit Albania, photo perpendicular with coast which goes along beach and then mountains into the distance

Albania Weather in Autumn: September 23rd – December 21st

Autumn is another best time of year to visit Albania for me as the crowds go from the Albanian Riviera and it starts to become quiet again.

Nature is beautiful, everything is tainted with an orange colour in celebration of autumn and the weather doesn’t really start to get cold until November.

For example, it’s currently the 19th of November as I write this, and it’s only in the last few days, I have started wearing my jacket here in Saranda!

Obviously inland and northern regions it starts to get chilly a little earlier but from my experience, the heat of the Albania summer extends until early November.

Sometimes even if you visit albania in December it will still feel like typical fall weather.

This means that for those who want to experience the best Albanian weather but can’t travel in Spring, autumn will also hit that sweet spot.

And unlike winter, many seasonal places will still be open until September and October, but you’ll have them to yourself!

October is one of the best times to visit for this reason! The weather in Albania in October is much cooler than in summer, but not yet particularly cold.

Plus, most of the tourists have left, so you can enjoy the sites and restaurants and beaches by yourself.

Come to Albania in autumn if you:

  • You like exploring places with fewer tourists
  • Love cheaper prices, as businesses start to cut prices in half and some shut down for this season (in the Riviera)
  • Like hiking as this is a great time for with the weather in Albania much cooler than in summertime with a lot fewer people
  • Interested in exploring beautiful beaches with NO ONE in sight. Autumn and spring are my favourite time to explore the Albanian Riviera!

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What is the weather like in Albania, mountains with snow-capped

Albania Weather in Winter: December 21st – March 20th

These are definitely the best months to visit Albania if you do not like the heat. But it’s also winter in Albania is absolutely hidden magical time to visit the country.

But is it cold in Albania during winter? Does it snow in Albania?

Yes! It does get colder and there is snow throughout the country which makes it a great time for winter sports enthusiasts!

You will find the capital, Tirana, filled with Christmas lights. Because of the weather in Tirana, it is actually one of my favourite European cities to visit in winter.

Visitors will also find tourists spots absolutely empty which are great for really immersing yourself in the local culture.

Although it’s cold, the climate in Albania makes for one of the mildest winters throughout Europe as the country is neighbours with Greece, and we all know about Greek weather!

You will find along the Albanian Riveria that nearly all businesses are closed so just beware of that.

I hope in the future that the tourists can spread throughout the season making a demand for businesses to stay open!

📦 PACKING TIP: Don’t leave home without a solar powered battery pack so you can keep your devices connected at all times.

Come to Albania in winter if you:

  • Like skiing and snowboarding at a fraction of the price –Places like Bigell in Dardha, Voskopoja, and Boga are good ones to try and accommodation is very affordable (around 40-60 euro a night in ski resorts!)
  • Want to explore the amazing things to do in Tirana, the capital – A lot of locals come to Tirana after the summer season ends to work, so you will find a majority of the population here. It’s a great time to soak up all the city has to offer!
Albania Weather: Best time to Visit Albania

Albania Climate: Is it for You?

I hope this article has given you an insight into the Albania weather averages and that Albania is the perfect destination to come to all year round.

If you can handle the temperature in Albania during the summer, then you will absolutely fall in love during the other seasons!

In the future, I would love to see more tourists venture here at times other than summer.

This is important for several reasons including making sure that the area doesn’t get affected by over-tourism and boosting the local economy.

Businesses in the Albanian Riveria find it extremely hard after summer and many have to travel elsewhere in the country to find a job to survive for the winter.

It would be amazing to see the growth in tourism here and for it to spread into other seasons!

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Best time to go to Albania to enjoy the weather, landscape with fields and mountains in distance

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ When is the best time to visit Albania?

For me, March is the best time to go to Albania as the weather is still cooler, the spring is beautiful and it isn’t very busy yet. However, I think the Albania weather is great in every season – except summer. Summers are far too hot, but autumn, winter, and spring all have amazing weather. As an added bonus, they are significantly less busy months as most tourists come in the summer.

✅ Is Albania a hot country?

Yes, Albania is one of the hotter countries in Europe. As it is located in the Mediterranean, Albania has VERY hot summers and mild winters.

✅ Is Albania a cold country?

No. As stated above, the summers are hot and the winters are mild. However, it does snow in many cities, including the capital and the mountainous areas it can definitely get quite cold in the winters, so bring warmer clothing if you plan on travelling to Albania during winter.

Have you experienced the awesomeness of Albania weather? Or are you hoping to visit? Leave me a comment down below and tell me which season you would love to explore Albania in!

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  • Lane Beck
    December 3, 2018

    Great post, Anita! My favorite season to travel is usually spring… as you can avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy the beautiful weather. I am still hoping to get to Albania sometime next year! It seems like many of the historical, cultural and UNESCO WH sites are in the southern coastal area of Albania. Is that true?

  • Dasentila
    July 1, 2019

    Yes, most are. Orikum near Vlora, Foiniki (Finiq) and Butrinti near saranda Are on the Coast. Gjirokastra with ancient cities of Antigonea and Adrianopuli are located about 50 kilometers from Saranda

  • Momo
    August 4, 2019


    I stumbled onto your wonderful postings as I am preparing to visit Albania next Spring, around late March to early April. I love historical sights and architecture and prefer travelling slowly using bases to explore the surroundings. Which cities/villages would you recommend?

  • Tim McDaniel
    August 23, 2022


    I’m looking to go in beginning of October to Albania with my wife and baby son who will be 10 months then, looking to go for a week and flying to tirana, then probably stay there for a night or two then get down to saranda, is the restaurants and beaches still open in saranda around that time? Also the taxis are quite expensive and people said just ask for local drivers which will be cheaper, what would you recommend us to go?