Albanian Weekly Aventurës: Hello Laptop, Goodbye Outside World (2)

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 Albanian Weekly Aventurës: Hello Laptop, Goodbye Outside World (2)

Welcome back to my weekly post all about my daily life in Albania. If you haven’t read the first one, then click here to read.

I have some bad news, this last week was boring to write about simply because I kept my head down looking at my laptop for a majority of it, but anyway, here goes.

The whole reason for me moving to Albania (apart from falling in love with it) was also to focus on my business and grow it because I’m the type of person that has 20 things on my to-do list always.  Travelling full-time wasn’t good for business even though my business is about travelling full-time (confusing huh?).  There’s just not enough hours in the day when you’re travelling to write, do social media, write e-courses & e-books, keep up with emails and all the other bullshit that comes with running a website.  For the past month, I have been reading a book called the 4-hour work week (click here to buy off Amazon).  I know, I’m possibly the last person on earth to read it.  It really has taught me so much already (I’m about 80% through it).

You see, I’ve been making goals, like work a minimum of X number of hours, when really, I should be doing the opposite.  So, this past week I have been working on setting up some things, so I can start delegating work that takes up too much of my precious beach time.  I had a realization by the end of the week that I live in this beautiful place, I live 2 minutes away from the beach, but I’m stuck inside all day working, which is not where I want to be.  So, the next month will be dedicated to shifting my business mind of doing everything myself to delegation with me doing less work but still continuingly growing my website and income streams.  Well, that’s enough business talk, let’s get into Albania.


This time around, living in Albania is much different than living here last year, mainly because I don’t think of myself as a tourist anymore.  Even some of the locals assume I am Albanian because they see my face so often.  As I said this week was boring as fuck because until Sunday I was working a lot, but on Sunday I learned something I wish I never knew, drinking octopus tea is a thing.  I reluctantly tried a sip on Sunday evening and dry retched immediately.  The aftertaste of that stuff is vile and I won’t be drinking that shit anytime soon.  My boyfriend has a glass of it in the morning, I don’t know how.

It’s an exciting time because nectarines have come into season as well all the other delicious fruit like peaches, nectarines that have the outside texture of peaches (whaaaaat), grapes, berries…if there’s one thing I really enjoy in the summer here it’s the fresh fruit.  One of the reasons I love it here is that you know where your food comes from.  If you’re buying fruit and vegetables you know it has probably come from just down the road and that it’s organic.  You can taste the quality of the fresh produce here – it’s tastes like it has come out of your own backyard which is exactly right, except someone else’s backyard because I don’t have one (sad times).

 Albanian Weekly Aventurës: Hello Laptop, Goodbye Outside World (2)  Albanian Weekly Aventurës: Hello Laptop, Goodbye Outside World (2)

There’s also someone who I would love to introduce in this weekly series and that is my local butcher.  He is the most amazing man in Saranda I swear.  His names Kosta (I have no idea if that’s how you spell it) but anyway, he has a little store just down from my house.  He looks exactly like Albert Einstein – grey curly hair and all.  He really is the nicest person, he doesn’t speak a word of English but somehow, I manage to bullshit my way through it.  I usually go there to buy salami which he handmakes with delicious herbs and spices.  It’s seriously good.  And I always go there to purchase it but somehow, he never takes my money.

 Albanian Weekly Aventurës: Hello Laptop, Goodbye Outside World (2)  Albanian Weekly Aventurës: Hello Laptop, Goodbye Outside World (2)

I haven’t seen him lately because ya know, work, but this week I walked past with Oreo to say hello and he sprung from his seat and gave me a hug so tight that I thought one of my eardrums exploded (no joke).  It’s people like this who I really appreciate and make you feel at home and welcome when you’re abroad. I hope one day I will be able to have a conversation with him instead of broken Albanian, hand language and some agreeing to whatever he is asking me – which is usually ‘do you want a raki?’, and then it turns into me having a shot of raki at 11 am.



Other random realizations, random happenings and embarrassing parts of the week:

  • I don’t even have to watch the football to know who’s winning. I can hear the loud screams of goal scoring from my apartment.
  • Construction is doing my head in. 8 am getting woken up by a concrete drill is not fun.
  • Didn’t fall up or down any stairs this week which calls for a celebration
  • Also, Oreo only tried to hump one person – good boy!



So, that’s the weekly roundup for the week of the 25th of June– not as exciting as last week I know but for sure I won’t be spending as much time in front of my laptop this week.  The tourist season has started, it’s getting over 30 degrees which means I have no choice but to spend most of the day enjoying the outdoors.


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