Backpacker Accommodation: 8 of The Balkans Best Hostels

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Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best HostelsBackpacker Accommodation: 8 of The Balkans Best HostelsBackpacker Accommodation: 8 of The Balkans Best HostelsBackpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

The Balkans is a region like no other in Europe.  It’s a haven for backpackers being incredibly affordable, plenty of interesting history and rich cultures.  There are so many countries within the Balkan peninsular including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece.

I have personally been travelling through the Balkans for the last 3 years, and I now even live in Albania!  Because of that, I have had the chance to stay in some of the Balkans best hostels.  Some I would say are the best hostels in Europe!

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Here are 8 of the Balkans best hostels to stay in!


Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

1. Old Town Hostel Kotor, Montenegro 

Kotor is the most popular place to visit in Montenegro because it’s absolutely stunning.  This small town is surrounded by mountains, sits right on a lake and there’s plenty of things to do in the area.

This hostel is located right in the heart of the old town.  There’s no other place like this hostel!  The building itself is incredibly old and the hostel has really kept the original charm even though it has had renovations.  This hostel includes an indoor pool, yes, a pool!

They also organise a variety of different tours, beach BBQs, bar crawl (which they call a numb crawl) and even medieval dinners, which was my favourite!  If you’re looking to have an incredibly fun time, then this hostel is the one.

I can highly recommend doing one of their tours.  I did one with 360 Monte, which went to the north of the country.  I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you come to Kotor, then there’s no other place to stay than Kotor Old Town Hostel.



Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

2. Trip’n Hostel Tirana, Albania

Albania has some incredible hostels but one of my favourites is Trip’n hostel located in the capital of Tirana.  The atmosphere of this hostel is one that will probably keep you in Tirana for longer than you expected.

This chilled hostel is located walking distance within all the great sites.  There’s also a fantastic gipsy market not far from here which I love to visit when I come to Tirana. But back to the hostel.  This hostel features a great backyard, perfect for relaxing in the summer with one of the hostels homebrewed beers – yes, they also make their own beer!  You will find all sorts of goodies in this hostel.

The Trip’n hostel is run by an Albanian couple, Erjon and Eni who are absolutely lovely and are happy to give you all the best tips on where to go as well as take you to the best party spots in the city!



Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

3. City Centre Hostel Pristina, Kosovo 

Pristina city centre hostel is one of my all-time favourites in the Balkans and the world!  First of all, Pristina is a great city to explore.  Kosovo is the newest country in Europe, and it also has a young population with over half being under 25 years old.  This means that the capital is a vibrant place to go with lots of great restaurants, bars, clubs and things to do all at an affordable price.

This hostel is located right on the main boulevard of the city.  From the balcony, you can people watch whilst having a few beers.  They have a few different rooms, depending what you’re looking for.  They also have opened apartments so if you want a hostel environment but your own bedroom then you can stay in one of them!

The staff and owner Bimi are one of the reasons why I love this place though.  Everyone is so friendly and happy to help you and take you where you want to go.  I spent endless nights playing board games and chilling out in this hostel.  I was supposed to stay in this hostel for 2 nights and ended up staying more than 10 – that’s how much I loved this place!



Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

4. Bed Station Athens, Greece 

The bed station is one of my recent discoveries in the old city of Athens.  I love the location of this hostel, it’s only a 2-minute walk from Kerameikos metro station which goes to and from the airport, so no need to change trains!

The hostel is modern, clean and unique.  It has an industrial style interior design and one of the best reception/lounge areas ever!  It’s in a residential area so It’s fairly quiet.  It’s also very close to the famous Acropolis.  If you’re in Athens, then I highly recommend this hostel.  It’s not only convenient to get to and from but it’s also highly rated. Read a complete guide to the best hostels in Athens Greece here.



Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

5. Franz Ferdinand Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This hostel located right in the centre of Sarajevo is one of the best boutique style hostels in the Balkans.  The staff are very helpful, the hostel is clean and it’s also a lot of fun.

Sarajevo is a great city to learn more about the horrific past that the country had to endure.  If you stay here, it’s walking distance to lots of important attractions within the city. They also have a fantastic breakfast.  The hostel Is modern and also offer free daily tours to introduce you to Sarajevo!



Backpacker Accommodation: 6 of The Balkans Best Hostels

6. City Walls Hostel Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is one of the top-rated hostels in Dubrovnik and a great option if you’re visiting this famous city.  The hostels are located in the old town so it’s a perfect base to explore the city.

City walls hostel was voted the 3rd best seasonal hostel in the world by Hostelworld, that’s when you know it’s a great hostel!  This brightly painted hostel also has a number of tours and activities they can help you join, including Game of Thrones tours!  Or if you’re not into Game of Thrones then you can read my guide to Dubrovnik (for non-GOT fans) here.



Backpacker Accommodation: 8 of The Balkans Best Hostels

7. Art Hostel Tirana, Albania

The art hostel in Tirana is a relatively new hostel that’s located 1km from the centre in one of the best neighbourhoods. This modern, bright clean hostel is another great pick if you’re visiting the lively capital of Albania. Nearby the hostel is Pazari i Ri which is a new market selling fresh food, souvenirs and other great things. There’s also lots of coffee shops (of course, it’s Albania!) and a popular American restaurant called Stephen Centre, in case you have had enough of Albanian food. There are lots to see and do from the Art Hostel!



Backpacker Accommodation: 8 of The Balkans Best Hostels

8. Nordic Hostel Skopje, North Macedonia

The Nordic hostel is a boutique modern accommodation option great for backpackers coming to North Macedonia. This hostel prides itself on quality and practicality as all beds have their own socket and have a quality mattress.

The bed also includes free breakfast as well as tea and coffee.
This hostel is in a neighbourhood within Skopje which has lots of bars, cafes and the best nightlife in the city. It’s within walking distance to the old bazaar and the main square too so a fabulous option for when you travel to Skopje!


There’s my top pick for the Balkans best hostels to visit during your backpacking adventure through this incredible region. Tell me below if you have plans to visit any of these great locations and hostels.


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Backpacker Accommodation: 8 of The Balkans Best Hostels

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