Brilliant Backpacking Destinations Around the World

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Brilliant Backpacking Destinations Around the World

For the backpacker, otherwise expensive destinations become a possibility with a bit of savvy and some careful planning. Read on to discover how to backpack these amazing destinations without blowing the budget.


You may think of honeymoon brochures when you picture the Caribbean, but with a tent and a backpack it is actually very affordable. Begin your exploration in Trinidad and Tobago, before setting out for the shores of Puerto Rico. After you’ve brushed up on your salsa and taken in the sights of San Juan, move on to Grenada. Via Barbados and Martinique, end up back on the mainland to continue your trip into South America. Sleeping under the stars on pristine beaches, swimming with turtles and quaffing a never-ending supply of rum: what could be more perfect?


South America is a rite of passage for many backpackers, and for most the highlight is Peru. This is in part thanks to the stunning scenery, hikes in the Sacred Valley are world famous for their impressive surrounds. Of course, the main draw in this fascinating country is Machu Picchu, an Inca citadel that has fascinated intrepid travellers for centuries. Be sure to spend some time in colonial Cusco, with the mountains providing a dramatic backdrop, you are sure to get some awesome photos. For those looking for a more spiritual journey in Peru, Gaia Tree offers holistic nature experiences based on shamanic traditions of Peru in a safe and controlled setting. In the Peruvian jungle, the tailor-made healing retreats are designed to induce spiritual awakening and growth which will remain with you long after the tan fades.

Brilliant Backpacking Destinations Around the World


Friendly Laos is sandwiched between more often visited Thailand and Vietnam, and it possesses all of the charm and beauty of its neighbours, but with far fewer travellers. Visit Laos in December for the best weather and begin your journey in Luang Prabang where atmospheric temples and riverside charm are the order of the day. Continue south to the capital Vientiane to experience the remaining influence of the French on this former colony. Enjoy a cookery class to begin to master the unusual flavours and ingredients of the national cuisine. Next stop on your expedition is a small town called Thakhek from which you can rent a moped for a four-day tour through Laotian countryside. Taking in impressive limestone karsts, miles of scenic farmland and a 7km tunnel that burrows through a cave, you are sure to feel the ultimate sense of freedom. End your trip in lazy Don Det, an island on the Mekong river where there is little more to worry about than sipping beer and watching the river drift by your hammock.


Of course setting out to seize all this adventure without insurance would be the decision of the foolhardy, make sure to get backpacker insurance, so that you’re covered incase anything goes wrong. Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, just shop around to find the best deal to suit you.


Intrepid backpackers look no further, these once in a lifetime adventures will satisfy any cravings you may have for something outside of the ordinary.


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Brilliant Backpacking Destinations Around the World

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