15 Best Bars in Tirana, Albania

Last Updated on March 30, 2024

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You’ve arrived into the big city and now are looking for the best bars in Tirana so you can soak up the Albanian bar scene. I’ve got you covered in this guide!

Tirana nightlife is brimming with new cocktail bars and shisha lounges for a rising capital. Rruga Mustafa Matohiti, in particular, is a popular street for drinking.

It’s also in the same neighbourhood as most of the trendy restaurants in Blloku, where festive cocktails await.

I hope you have a delicious time sampling different drinks and immersing yourself in the best bars in Tirana.

Several bars operate as cafés during the day and as lounges at night. Meanwhile, some of these establishments serve food, particularly sushi.

Below is a list of recommendations for the best places in Tirana for a good night out if you don’t know where to go.

Nightlife in Tirana

The Albanian capital’s nightlife is diverse, centred on a good selection of clubs open until late, with live music, famous DJs, dancing, and entertainment until the morning.

On the other hand, there are numerous trendy cocktail bars in Tirana and traditional beer houses where you can drink until late at night.

Indulging in Tirana’s nightlife is one of the most fun things to do in Tirana for those who enjoy going out drinking.

The evening usually starts with the “xhiro,” an evening walk with friends, followed by an aperitif in one of Tirana’s discos.

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These are typically Balkan-style nightclubs with trendy music and people dancing around the tables. The Blloku district is the epicentre of Tirana’s nightlife.

This is Tirana’s most famous and expensive neighbourhood: it was once home to the communist elite, but today, Blloku is the coolest and most avant-garde neighbourhood in the city.

It’s especially popular with young people!

This area has numerous shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and discos. On weekends, the city’s nightlife centre is packed with hundreds of young people looking for a good time.

While strolling around the neighbourhood, you can stop in an elegant wine bar for an aperitif made with local ingredients. Then, continue the evening with excellent cocktails and live music.

This district also has some of Tirana’s best bars, discos, trendy events, and internationally renowned DJs.

Other nightclubs have recently relocated to more remote areas due to the closing time restrictions imposed on Blloku’s clubs and bars. Some can be found on the Via Elbasani.

During the summer, many of Tirana’s nightlife venues open in various locations along the Albanian Riviera.

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So, if you want to combine a trip to Albania’s capital with a Saturday by the sea, don’t skip out on the top party beaches in the country. 

The nightlife in Albania is crazy! Among the best places to try out are:

  • Llaman, a small but wild bay
  • Dhermi, with its legendary Havana Beach Club
  • Drimadhes, with Pepperon the Beach
  • Jal Beach, with Folie Marine
  • Porto Palermo, for the artistic audience

Porto Palermo also hosts occasional fantastic activities such as jazz festivals. You will love it. 

Best Tirana bars, table with five different colourful alcoholic drinks, a metal shaker in, a whole dragonfruit and sliced lemons and limes

15 Best Bars in Tirana

1. Radio Bar

One of the coolest bars in Tirana! Radio Bar is a Tirana locals’ favourite café.

In addition to its excellent cocktails and traditional drinks, it’s also known for its cool environment.

Radio Bar combines a collection of old designing and implementation, such as outmoded radios furniture, chairs, couches, and good music.

The place is decorated with old photos and movie posters lining the walls, so bring your phone to take beautiful photos.

2. Kino

Kino is one of those bars in Tirana that you will come back to again. It’s a place for people of all ages, and during the day this bar is pet-friendly.

Good music will also be played in the evening when Kino transforms into a party venue.

3. The Colonial

Colonial Cocktail Academy, Tirana’s first cocktail bar, works with 600-1000 bottles.

Check out the digital drink menu; you’ll find pages of a newspaper listing delectable cocktails such as:

  • Sweet Dreams – vodka, fresh strawberry petals, lime cordial, orange liquor, ginger ale
  • Margharita Calabrese – white tequila, mango, orange liquor, red pepper, freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Rose de Colonial – rose petals, Jack Daniels or whiskey, rose syrup, special ingredient

This is one of the best bars in Tirana, and inside you’ll find it’s divided into two sections.

The interior is decorated with Buddhist statues and Asian-inspired decorations, and the delicate exterior features a charming, utterly romantic terrace.

The top bars in Albania, small square table with two comfy chairs inside the lobby of a hotel

4. Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague is one of the bars in Tirana which pays homage to the French film movement of the 1950s.

The café, popular among locals, is similar to other coffee shops in Tirana in that it transforms into a hopping bar at night, providing delicious cocktails made with fresh ingredients.

The names are also fun Albanian jokes; for example, “Rum si un” is the name of a rum cocktail that also relates to the famous Albanian saying “Lum si un,” which means “lucky me!”

For worker bees, the friendly staff also provides tasty coffee.

5. Hemingway Bar

Hemingway, one of Tirana’s coolest bars, is just a few steps from the National Museum. The location is excellent, with its old-fashioned 1970s-80s design and a touch of bohemian décour.

It has a welcoming atmosphere, a large selection of rums (over 100 types), and other types of liquors, such as the traditional raki.

If you enjoy jazz, Hemingway is the place to be: the bands here mostly play jazz.

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6. Illyrian Saloon

The welcoming atmosphere of Illyrian Saloon allows visitors to unwind after a long day of exploring the city.

After a long walk around the National Archaeological Museum, come here for a drink. Among the drinks available at this bar is a good beer.

The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming which is why we’re naming it one of the best bars in Tirana.

This restaurant provides a wide variety of dishes at reasonable prices too if you wanted something to eat.

7. Noor

Noor is modest, but still one of the nicest bars in Tirana’s centre.

Winter days can be enjoyed with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts. In the summer, there’s a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy your drink.

They also serve food in case you get hungry.

Incredible bars in Tirana city, covered outdoor dining area surrounded by plants

8. Lincoln Garden

Lincoln Garden is a coffee shop/bar located in the garden of former Communist ruler Enver Hoxha’s home.

This location is ideal in the spring and summer when you can sit at the tables outside and sip your coffee surrounded by nature; it feels like you’re in a park.

A yard where youngsters can play while their parents have a drink is a plus. Lincoln Garden regularly hosts movie nights, and admission is free on such occasions.

9. Tribeca Bar

Yes, indeed! We also have a Tribeca in Tirana. However, it is not a full neighbourhood, but rather a small corner bar in the heart of the Bllok district… and it’s really worth it!

Tribeca is a very trendy pub that provides excellent coffee throughout the day and fantastic cocktails at night.

I adore the selection of spirits and beverages at Tribeca, whether you choose a calm drink or a sophisticated cocktail, because the bartender is always on top of the latest cocktail trends.

The music and ambience are always a great vibe.

10. City Art

City Art is a lovely area to spend the evening hiding behind the Pyramid of Tirana, the spectacular monument dedicated to former dictator Enver Hoxha.

It boasts great beers, delicious finger food, and a hip atmosphere. What more could you want in a bar?!

11. Komiteti

Komiteti combines the finest of three worlds: a café and a museum during the day, followed by a bar at night.

It is one of the bars in Tirana with 17,000 historical items from the Communist era, demonstrating owner Arbr Epani’s desire to create an engaging and welcoming location in the heart of Tirana.

When the sun is shining, Komiteti is a great place to work on the computer or read a nice book.

Antiques, furniture, and textiles are all vintage objects that Arbr does not sell but rather uses to create a truly Albanian space for guests to appreciate while experiencing.

The pub comes alive at night with DJs and menus full of delectable raki.

where to enjoy the best of Tirana nightlife, close up photo of shelves full of bottles of various types of different liquor
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

12. Capriccio

Another must-see pub in Tirana is Capriccio, a brewery-style tavern, one of the city’s oldest, having opened twenty years ago.

We strongly advise you to visit around a happy hour to sample some wonderful meals and have a beer in nice company.

13. Duff Bar

Duff Bar, a sports pub inspired by American style.

They serve appetisers, American mains and various cocktails and have two large screens where you can watch football events.

While the busiest area is outside, electric heaters and blankets will keep you warm during the winter.

14. Observator Wine and Piano Bar

Check out Observator Wine and Piano Bar if rooftop bars are your thing.

A 360-degree view of Tirana may be seen from the 13th level and a dome-shaped rooftop that evokes the city’s famed bunkers.

The amazing view differs greatly from the Sky Tower because it is not in Blloku but the city’s northern section.

While the bar is open all day, we highly recommend watching the sunset from here. That’s why it is one of the most visited bars in Tirana.

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15. New Irish Pub

This Tirana pub has been in operation since 2005. It’s a traditional Irish alehouse serving Guinness, other local and draught beers, traditional pub cuisine, and wine, with a newly revamped culinary menu.

The fantastic atmosphere is present throughout the week, and it has karaoke nights, stand-up comedy, and various DJs to enjoy.

best places in Tirana to go drinking, bottle of raki and two glasses on wooden tray

The Best Alcoholic Albanian Beverages to Try

1. Raki

Raki is a strong drink that you will find in different forms throughout the Balkans and is a very important part of Albanian cuisine.

It will taste a little different depending on the region and the fruit they use to make it.

It’s a distilled alcohol made from fruit (usually grapes but it’s made from peaches, apples and other fruits too). It’s very strong, you may not be able to drink it all!

In Albania, you will notice the older men having their morning coffee with a shot of raki. Although it’s not downed like a shot, you should sip it!

Raki is believed to be healthy, and good for the heart, which is why the old men drink it. It’s also used in hospitals as an antiseptic and for a whole lot of other medical issues.

Basically, if you have anything wrong with you, you should drink a glass of raki. It’s the Albanian way!

You will also find many different flavours of Raki. For example at the Kometiti bar which we talked about above, you can try honey raki or blueberry raki!

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2. Korce or Elba – Albanian Beer

The most popular beer in Albania is either Elba or Korca which is made in the city of Korca.

They are light and super refreshing in the summer. I never really used to drink beer but in the summer if I’m by the beach, these two beers are light and the perfect beach beer!

3. Albanian wine

Albania has a mix of very good wine and very bad wine in my opinion. A lot of the wine is homemade which can be overly strong and acidic but there are a select few wines in Albania that are delicious! 

Albania has some of the best climate and terrain for grape growing, grapes are everywhere in the summer!

One of the best wines in my opinion is from a winery called Cabo, in Berat. If you see their wine in one of the bars mentioned, make sure you give it a try!

Some Final Thoughts on Bars in Tirana

Tirana, like other Balkan cities, has recently undergone major renovations. Albania’s capital now is a blend of architectural styles and cultural influences, offering visitors a diverse range of attractions.

Tirana’s nightlife is vibrant. It cannot be compared to the big European capitals.

This is achievable due to the city’s growing number of nightclubs, taverns, and pubs that can provide young people with diverse nightlife options.

Albania’s nightlife epicentre is diversified and focuses on a wide selection of clubs open till late, with live music, renowned DJs, dancing, and fun into the early morning hours.

There are, however, numerous sophisticated cocktail lounges and vintage breweries where you can stay up late drinking. 

Much of Tirana’s nightlife revolves around the Blloku, the city’s nightlife hub and a favourite weekend destination for hundreds of young partygoers. This is Tirana’s most inhabited and expensive district. 

Once the exclusive area of the communist elite, Blloku is now the hippest and most forward-thinking portion of the city, overflowing with young people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Does Tirana have good nightlife?

Yes! There are many excellent bars in Tirana with lots of clubs and other nighttime hotspots for anyone looking to enjoy themselves after dark.

✅ How much is a beer in Tirana Albania?

A local beer could cost you around 200 LEK (approx. $2) in most bars in Tirana. An imported beer will cost a little more, usually around 300 LEK (approx. $3) for a bottle.

✅ Do you tip in Albania?

Tipping in Albania is similar to most European countries. If you receive outstanding service, a tip will be appreciated, but it is neither expected nor compulsory.

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