17 Incredible Albania Beaches to Visit in 2024

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

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To be completely honest, Albania beaches have some of the most beautiful beaches that I had ever seen in Europe.

You know those stunning beaches that are so blue you can see through to the bottom?

Well, that’s what ALL Albania beaches are like! Yes, every single one!

The Albania seaside is packed full of beaches with soft sand and pristine waters and is a great location for a beach holiday. There are so many Albania beach destinations you’ll struggle to see all of them in one visit!

But what are the best beaches in Albania? And what’s the best way to enjoy them? Read on, and find out!

Best Albania beaches to visit, beach cove with beach umbrellas next to clear blue water and surrounded by rolling rocky hills covered with grassland and green trees

Does Albania have nice beaches?

Yes it does! When it comes to Albania tourism, beaches are one of the country’s biggest draws. If there was competition to determine the world’s best beach, Albania would be a strong contender.

One of the greatest things about all the nice beaches in Albania is that most of them are completely untouched, which makes them even more special, especially during the summer months.

Now that I have lived in Albania for over four years, I have had the privilege to visit nearly every single beach there is along the Albanian Riviera.

No north Albania beaches here – for me, the best beaches in north Albania can’t compete with those in the south!

Here’s the list of the best Albania beaches that are guaranteed to leave you speechless from a certified now-local!

Whether you want to visit the most popular beaches in Albania like Ksamil Beach and Dhermi beach (and they are considered the best beaches in Albania for a reason) or find secluded hidden gems like Gjipe Beach or Palase Beach, there is an Albania beach vacation here for everyone.

Does Albania have beaches? You bet it does! Also, remember to check out my Albania Travel guide for even more on this stunning country!

Albania beaches Map

Use the Google map here to find all the Albania beaches I talk about in this blog post.

Make sure you save this map onto your phone so you can use it to find all the best beaches to visit in Albania throughout your Albania holiday. r4

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17 of the Most Beautiful Albania Beaches

Enjoy some albania quiet beaches this summer, vibrant turquoise waters lapping at rocks and sand next to grassy hillside with small building off to one side

1. Jale Beach

Nestled in the Albanian Riviera is the secluded Jale Beach. If you’re looking for an Albanian beach getaway from any bustling city, then Jale Beach is a great place to do that.

It’s one of the best secluded beaches in Albania! There’s nothing more to do than relax and party along the beautiful Albanian coast.

Some of the most luxurious beach bars and hotels are here – it’s definitely a seaside destination for the rich and famous seeking out an Albania quiet beaches vacation!

It’s not too far from the beautiful hillside village of Vuno if you’re looking to visit a traditional Albanian village.

Where to stay in Jale Beach

Within Jale there is not a huge amount of accommodation options but here are a few ideas in case you do decide to stay and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of Albania.

Try out an albania private beach, resort hotel with expansive pool surrounded by umbrellas and seating areas with green palm trees
Luxury accommodation

Folie Marine Beach Hotel & club

If you’re wondering where to go in Albania coast for luxury, then this is it!

This is one of the most beautiful locations for a hotel and the Folie Marine Beach hotel also offers 3 restaurants and swimming pool and everything you would need for a real beach getaway.

17 Incredible Albania Beaches to Visit in 2024, hotel room with a path with rose petals and a glass of wine overlooking Albania
Mid-range accommodation

Rea Boutique Hotel

This accommodation is basic but meets all the needs of a summer getaway. The local area is also filled with coffee shops and restaurants.

The staff are incredibly friendly, and they serve a delicious breakfast too!

Don't forget to visit an albania hidden beach, colourful beach huts amidst green trees and foliage in Social Camp Jal
Budget accommodation

Social camping

If you’re on a budget and want an adventure, why not camp?! Social Camping Jal offers tents and also a bungalow if you fancy something a wee bit more luxurious.

They do an incredible free breakfast here and the staff are friendly and always willing to help.

Enjoy some Albania beach destinations, green hillsides running alongside blue clear water with mountains in the distance

2. Monastery Beach

If you’re looking for the best beach towns and beach resorts, Albania has got you covered.

When visiting the Southern city of Saranda then you must take a quick trip to Monastery beach. It’s not far out of the city, on the road to the popular Albanian beach town of Ksamil.

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You also have the option to walk up to the monastery on the hill which I highly suggest you do to get beautiful views of the Albanian coast and Saranda (one of the best Albanian coastal towns) in the distance.

Don’t forget to check out my big list of things to do in Saranda here.

See some of the best beach cities in Albania, aerial shot of long sandy beach next to clear blue water with grassy areas nearby
Drymades Beach, Albania

3. Drymades Beach

Only a 10-minute drive away from Dhermi village, a newly popular Albanian beach getaway destination in the Albanian Riviera, is Drymades – one of the best famous beaches in Albania due to its gorgeous golden sands. 

This long stretch of coast is very beautiful – Albania sandy beaches are like that!

As for footwear when roaming around the beach, I wore these sandals and they were very supportive!

Drymades is one of the top beaches in Albania during the summer. This location is filled with trendy bars and usually is a hot spot for music festivals too.

Tracel to the best beach towns in Albania, large swimming pool with surrounding beach chairs under umbrellas and palm trees next to forested area sitting next to coastline with blue sea under a bright setting sun
Elysium Hotel, Drymades

Where to stay in Drymades

Luxury Accommodation in Drymades

Elysium Hotel

This hotel is a luxury accommodation option that has a swimming pool, shuttle service right down to the beach and friendly staff.

It’s located just above Dhermi Beach, so you get a view of the beach as well as the mountains above.

Discover the best beaches Albania has to offer, porch area of mint green beach hut with white chairs and small table in the shade under the canopy of a curved tree complete with wicker flowerpot
Drymades Bungalow
Mid-cost Accommodation in Drymades

Drymades bungalow

This is the place to be during the summer, and it’s in one of the best beach towns in Albania.

With fantastic accommodation options including bungalows, wooden rooms and stone rooms, friendly staff and a fun vibe throughout.

Highly recommended!

17 Incredible Albania Beaches to Visit in 2024, two beds in a hotel room
Budget Accommodation in Drymades

Nino’s Guesthouse

This place has a great view and is only a 3-minute walk to the beach. It’s affordable and the staff are incredibly friendly.

Visit the nicest beaches in Albania, aerial shot of small green area surrounded by sandy beach with clear turquoise waters creating soft white foamy waves
Photo by Photo by Xhulio Selenica on Unsplash

4. Palase Beach

Palase beach is definitely in the top 10 beaches in Albania. All you need is your favourite sandals, some snacks, and sunscreen and you could spend all day here.

Right before you go on the Llogara pass through the national park is Palase beach, one of the best hidden beaches Albania has to offer, and possibly the most beautiful.

You cannot visit Albania without visiting Palase Beach – one of the nicest beaches in Albania (and to some, the definitive nicest beach in Albania)!

I highly recommend visiting the Llogara National Park while you’re in the area. You gain stunning views of the Albanian coast from the top too.

Peruse a list of the best beach towns Albania, rocky outcrop reaching out into clear blue waters next to grass-covered hillside with small seaside village and mountains in the distance
Mirror Beach, Albania

5. Mirror Beach (Pasqyra)

Located not far from popular Ksamil Beach is one of the best beaches in south Albania called Mirror Beach.

I would highly recommend checking Mirror Beach out as it’s one of, if not THE most beautiful beach in Albania.

In the afternoon you will have actual waves which are always fun and very uncommon on Albania beaches.

There’s no accommodation nearby but it makes for a great day trip from Saranda.

There is a restaurant at Mirror Beach, Albania so if you wish to eat some seafood and enjoy the long coastline you can do so.

TOP TIP: The road down to this beach is narrow and is a dirt road. Be careful of other cars coming up and down, especially during the middle of summer when it gets busy.

Find the best Albanian coastal towns, aerial shot of man-made structure next to clear blue waters with red boat moored to jetty
Ksamil has one of the only sandy beaches in Albania

6. Ksamil Beach

I cannot make a list of the best Albania beaches and not include Ksamil Beach!

I do recommend visiting Ksamil but just beware, this is called the gem of the Albanian Riviera which means this place is SUPER busy during summer.

Many people believe it to be the best sandy beach in Albania!

Prices are made for tourists although still affordable, and during the busy season, it’s full of people and sunbeds.

However, you really cannot visit Albania without visiting Ksamil Beach, just so you can see why it’s called the most beautiful beach in Albania.

If you can, I recommend visiting in the off-season but when it’s still relatively warm (April- early June and September – November).

If you avoid visiting during the peak season, you’ll miss the summer rush, and get to enjoy one of the best Albania beach towns more to yourself!

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Ksamil Beach is what made me fall in love with the amazing beaches in Albania in the first place!

Albania beach vacation destinations are amazing, tree-covered island surrounded by clear blue waters with jetty and bench in the foreground under an azure blue sky with white fluffy clouds over mountains in the distance
Ksamil is one of the most notable south Albania beaches

Where to stay in Ksamil

Hotel Ardiani

This hotel is located right on the beachfront so if you want to sleep with the Ksamil beaches on your doorstep, then pick this hotel!

There is a daily buffet breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, and an onsite restaurant too.

17 Incredible Albania Beaches to Visit in 2024, outside of the Poseidon Hotel

Poseidon Hotel

One of my favourite Ksamil hotels, it features balconies with incredible views and is perfect for a romantic getaway.

These beaches are some of the albania hidden gems, hanging basket chair with blue cushions and glass table on balcony overlooking grassy areas leading down to coastline with blue water and mountains in the distance

Hotel Mira Mare

This modern hotel is located right in the center and nearby to the beautiful Ksamil beaches.

Visit the best beaches in Albanian riviera, aerial shot of rocky cliffs lining coast with clear blue water and small number of beach chairs under white stone structure
Shpella Lukove is one of the best Albanian beaches in my opinion!


In the small village of Lukove, lies one of the best Albania beaches near the city of Saranda.

Shpella Lukove beach is nice if you want to get away from the tourists in Saranda in the summer and there are lots of places for camping also!

💛 Anita’s Top Recommendations: Check out these incredible tours in the local area!

👉 Take a sightseeing tour: Explore some of Albania’s best attractions and learn more about the countries extensive history.

👉 Attend a hiking trip: Walk through narrow alleys, explore unspoiled areas and discover hidden gems.

👉 Try out an authentic cooking class: Head to the local market, choose fresh produce and cook up a delicious dish!

There are a few different restaurant and bar options here so it’s easy to get a bite to eat along the Albanian coast.

On the road down to Lukove beach, there are also other turn-offs to some wild Albanian beaches which look beautiful too. However, if you don’t have a 4×4 then don’t bother as the road is very bad.

Find out wwhere to go in albania coast, large sandy beach area with clear blue water and rocky cliffs with small beach town
Livadhi is a great location for a beach vacation in Albania

8. Livadhi Beach

Near the small town of Himara is, in my opinion,  of Himara is, in my opinion, the best beach in Albania’s Himara region, and one of the best beaches in Albanian Riviera: Livadhi Beach.

It’s very beautiful and quiet compared to the rest of the country but you’re still so close to the town of Himara – one of the best beach cities in Albania – if you need a bit of action!

There is limited accommodation and food options here, however it really is one of the must-see south of Albania beaches to visit during the summer.

This Albanian beach is simply beautiful and there’s always space to sit without the need of a sunbed. If you plan on leaving the beach, check out my guide on amazing things to do in Himara.

Where to stay in Himara

See nice beaches in Albania, hotel room with wooden bed and grey sheets next to stone wall with glass sliding doors looking out onto sandy beach
Scala Bungalows
Luxury Accommodation in Himara

Two great options, if you’re looking for a luxury experience in the small seaside city of Himara, is Scala Bungalows and Sea View Hotel.

Wander the best Albania beaches, harbour with sandy beach and jetty with buildings and forested area with mountains in the distance
The region of Himare hosts some of the best southern Albania beaches
Mid-budget accommodation

There are plenty of apartments and rooms to rent in Himara, during the summer & wintertime.

One of the best options is Lazaris kwstas Rooms. This option is right by the beach and just a short walk away from some of the most popular attractions.

17 Incredible Albania Beaches to Visit in 2024, apartment room inside of the Lazaris Kwstas Rooms
Budget accommodation

Two of the best hostels to stay at in Himara is Himara Downtown Hostel or Himara Hostel. Both are great options when visiting Himara.

Relax on the nicest beaches in Albania, outcrop of land next to long sandy beach surrounded by grassland and clear blue water
Borsh is by far one of the best beaches of Albania

9. Borsh Beach

Borsh Beach has the longest stretch of beach on the Albanian Riviera. This makes it one of the top Albania beaches because there’s lots of space to relax without people being so near you!

It is extremely beautiful and very relaxing at Borsh Beach.

Make sure while you’re there you visit the castle on the hill. It is about 15 minutes drive from the Albanian coast, but worth taking a break from the beach.

Borsh is also known for its delicious olive oil so if you see someone sell it don’t the side of the road, make sure you try it!

Discover why Southern Albania beaches are the best, aerial shot of small secluded sandy beach between two grassy hills with clear turquoise waters


Gjipe Beach is another beautiful Albanian beach with a unique twist, it’s located nearly in between a beautiful canon! This secluded beach is worth the trek.

You can drive all the way to the parking lot then either walk to Gjipe Beach or if you have a 4wd vehicle you can drive right down to the Albanian seaside.

It’s not recommended to drive down to Gjipe Beach if you don’t have a 4wd vehicle as the road is quite bad and literally on the edge of a cliff.

The hike from the main road to Gjipe Beach is 4km long or from the parking lot it’s only about 2km. Gjipe Beach is a very beautiful secluded beach, the most unique out of all the Albania beaches!

There are a couple of places where you can grab a bite to eat and a drink if you wish.

Drift off on a sandy beach in albania, white building with stairs leading down to sandy beach with foamy waves and hills in the distance

11. Dhermi Beach

The popular Albanian Riviera beach town of Dhermi is home to many beautiful Dhermi beaches and inlets, and some many visitors will tell you that it is the best beach town in Albania.

Dhermi makes a great base to explore other nearby Albanian beaches and villages too.

From Dhermi Beach you can easily access Drymades Beach, a beach I recommended above. You are also close to Palase Beach and Gjipe Beach!

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Dhermi Beach is one of the more popular Albania beaches on this list, but there are many other beaches nearby to check out if it gets too busy!

See the best beach towns Albania has to offer, sandy strip of land attaching forested area to mainland with buildings and clear blue water either side

12. Porto Palermo

Although small, Porto Palermo is a lovely Albanian beach that is located right next to Port Palermo castle which is worth a visit. There are abandoned army buildings nearby too.

I have seen people camp in the carpark as it’s a nice little quiet cove to enjoy the summer’s warmer weather.

If you’re after a “secret beach”, Albania has provided one for you here.

Pick your favourite best sandy beaches in Albania, jetty reaching out over clear blue water from sandy beach with buildings and grassy areas

13. Bunec Beach

Bunec Beach is a great little place for a stopover or to camp if you have the equipment.

There’s not much around as Bunec is a very small village on the Albania coast, but that doesn’t stop it from having one of the best beaches Albania has to offer.

Bunec Beach can be recognized by the long platform that stretches from the middle of the beach, all the way out to the crystal clear water.

Check off these Albania top beaches, beach town with forest area next to sandy beach leading up to grassy hills next to blue waters

14. Qeparo Beach

Qeparo is one of my favourite places along the Albania Riviera. This Albanian beach is small and so is the village that comes with it. There are two parts to Qeparo – upper and lower.

Obviously lower Qeparo is where the beautiful beach is at.

Make sure if you visit lower Qeparo to take a look at upper Qeparo, a half-abandoned village that is perched on top of the mountain. It’s very beautiful and a great spot for some well-deserved relaxation. 

Visit Albania sandy beaches, outdoor dining area with white tables and wooden chairs under wooden balcony with hanging plants looking out onto pristine azure blue waters
Hotel Riviera, Qeparo

Where to stay in Qeparo

If you would like to stay in the lower part of Qeparo, you can pick from a few different options. One of the best places to stay is Farmhouse Qeparo.

Head to the beautiful albanian coastline, blue sea looking towards seaside town settlement with mountains in the distance

15. Marachi Beach

Marachi Beach is a small pebble beach in the Albanian Riviera coastal city of Himara (Himarë in Albanian), and is one of the more modest of the Albania top beaches list but still makes for the perfect place to enjoy the calm waters. 

However, no list of “Albania best beaches” would be complete without it in my opinion!

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The beach is located in the south of the city and is a bit quieter than the centre beaches of Himara. Marachi Beach is also one of the best places along the Albanian coast to see the sunset.

16. Grama Bay

Grama Bay is one of the very best beaches in Albania. There’s just one catch: this beach can only be accessed by a long walk (over 8 hours) or there are boat rides that you can take.

But if you’re looking for the best Albania hidden beach, Grama Bay is worth the effort.

Located in Karaburun National Park, this is a newly discovered Albanian beach and because it’s so secluded it’s a great option and one of the must-visit Albania hidden gems.

However, it won’t be one of the most quiet beaches in Albania for long as many boats and tours are already starting to get a taste of Grama Bay.

There are also some other incredible Albania beaches in Karaburun National Park but to access them you will need a boat or a good pair of hiking shoes and camping equipment.

For now though, this is still a fantastic Albania private beach option. Grama Bay and its surroundings are truly the best hidden beaches in Albania!

Find all the secret Albania beaches, half-submerged shot of blue water and rocky coastline covered with grass and trees

17. Llamani Beach

Llamani Beach is located just outside of Himara and is a great cove to relax in and enjoy the view.

The water is incredibly clear and you have access to comfortable sun loungers and a few restaurants along the Albanian seaside.

This is one of my favourites near Himara and one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Does Albania have good beaches?

Yes it does! Albania beaches are some of the most beautiful and relaxing in the world.

✅ Are there sand beaches in Albania?

Most Albania beaches are sand beaches, though there are also pebble beaches, especially in the south.

✅ Which are the best beaches in Albania?

That’s up for you to decide, although I would say that whichever they are, they will be on the list here!

✅ Is Albania good for a family holiday?

Yes! From beaches to historical monuments, there are so many family-friendly activities to enjoy in Albania.

✅ Is Albania a cheap holiday?

When it comes to European destinations, Albania is one of the cheapest to visit. Which makes this location ideal for solo travelers.

That’s my list of the best beaches in Albania! Tell me below which of these Albania beaches you would love to visit.

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