Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance

Last Updated on December 6, 2023

Travelling is a passion for many of us, but it is an activity that has its set of challenges. Like most of the things we do in life, travelling is uncertain, and unforeseen events do sometimes happen. You could be on a trip to Central America and lose your bag or fall sick. How can you protect yourself from the financial setbacks arising from such situations?

Travel insurance is a viable solution for protecting yourself from financial shocks. After extensive considerations, we have concluded that World Nomads travel insurance offers the best backpacker travel insurance. In this article, we will explain why it is essential to have travel insurance and why we think World Nomads insurance provides the best travel insurance plans.

Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance

Why you need travel insurance

It’s hard to list all the things that could possibly go wrong as we travel. We are always optimistic that things will go as planned, but as we have learnt from experience, things sometimes go wrong. This is why you need travel insurance. Reliable travel insurance will alleviate the uncertainty and take care of you in times of need.

Travel insurance is structured to assist in covering unforeseen expenses that arise when something goes wrong as you travel. Travel insurance is a very popular product among people who go on trips. Perhaps the main reason for the popularity of travel insurance is the fact that it covers factors that would typically not be covered by regular health insurance and other types of insurance. Travel insurance is meant to complement your health insurance to provide insurance benefits if some unplanned event happens during your trip.

Travel insurance will have you covered as you travel within a specified radius from your home. In exchange for the insurance coverage, you will be required to pay an insurance premium to the travel insurance companies. An insurance premium is an insurance service fee that could vary depending on multiple factors. The premium you pay can vary depending on where you are travelling and how long you will be on the trip. Other factors that may influence your insurance premium include your age and the kind of activities you will engage in as you travel. An insurance premium is usually a small fraction of the maximum amount the insurance company agrees to pay in case something goes wrong.

Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance

If you are wary of things such as emergency medical treatment as you travel, travel insurance can be of much help. If you have concerns about losing your luggage through either theft or misplacement, multi-trip travel insurance will take care of you. Cancelled trips are usually accompanied by non-refundable expenses that are painful. With travel insurance, that will be a thing of the past. Delayed flights usually cause inconvenience and can be expensive, and that is why it is advisable to get a travel insurance cover.

Travel insurance is a cost-effective way of protecting yourself against some specific events that are unforeseen but likely to occur. We have all had to cancel long-anticipated trips due to various unexpected reasons. Cancelling is bad enough, but having to bear all the monetary costs yourself makes the situation worse. Your regular medical cover will typically not cover medical expenses that could be incurred as you travel out of the country. Such a medical cover may also exclude certain activities. Travel insurance allows you to travel anywhere and perform any activities you wish to while still being covered.

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What should be included in a travel insurance policy?

Every travel insurance policy should clearly define the insurance benefits and the maximum payable amounts. Any exceptions should also be clearly stated. The distances and locations in which you remain covered while travelling should also be indicated in the travel insurance policy document.

The World Nomads travel insurance policy is simple and straightforward. Its comprehensive coverage makes it the best backpacker travel insurance.

A World Nomad travel insurance cover will take care of you in the following situations

  • Trip cancellation – we all know how much of a pain trip cancellations can be. Having worked really hard for that trip, the last this you would wish is for the trip to be cancelled. World Nomads has made it their mission to alleviate the pain that comes with trip cancellations.
  • Emergency medical expenses – Life is uncertain, and we sometimes get sick or injured while travelling. There is no way of telling whether or when sickness or injuries will befall us. Medical coverage is a priority at World Nomads, and that is why they are the best backpacker travel insurance company. A World Nomads travel insurance coverage will take care of your medical or dental costs when they occur.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation – Getting reliable emergency medical transportation while on a trip can be uncertain and expensive. You may not even know where and how to get transportation, or where the nearest hospital is. A reliable mode of transportation during medical emergencies can make all the difference. But you don’t have to worry about all that. World Nomads insurance will ensure that you get the best emergency medical transportation so that you can receive proper medical attention expeditiously.

Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance

  • Protection for your gear – travelling and luggage go together, and we mostly travel to places that we are not fully familiar with. This poses a security challenge. Your items are also prone to damage when you carry them while travelling. You will most likely want to carry some of your valuables with you as you travel. These items could be personal items that facilitate travelling such as bags, camera and phone. If you are into photography and filming, you are very likely to carry your expensive filming gear to unknown regions. World Nomads travel insurance will protect your items from theft or damage.
  • Delayed baggage – many of us have been stuck in remote locations while on trips with no extra clothes to change into because our bags are yet to arrive. If you arrive in cold places without warm clothes due to delayed baggage, World Nomads will take care of that. If your checked-in luggage is delayed by over 12 hours (or 24 hours for some policies) from the expected arrival time, A World Nomads travel insurance cover will cover some of the essential items you buy until your bags arrive. Some of the items you may claim in the event of delayed bags include T-shirts, Underwear, socks and prescribed medication.
  • Pregnancy coverage – World Nomads insurance will have yourself and your unborn baby covered in case you travel while pregnant. If you are forced to cancel your trip after the doctor advises that you are unfit to travel, the insurance can cover the nonrefundable costs incurred while planning for the cancelled trip. The insurance policy may also cover emergency medical treatment, hospitalisation and ambulances in case you need them during your travel while pregnant. The pregnancy coverage may depend on how long you have been pregnant and your country of residence.
  • Terrorism – the chances of falling victim of a terrorist attack may be slim, but terrorism is a concern within the travelling community. World Nomads travel insurance can cover hospitalisation, outpatient treatment and prescribed medicine in case you get caught up in a terrorist attack while travelling. The policy may also take care of your medical transportation to get you back home.
  • Schengen Area – if you are planning on travelling within the Schengen area, World Nomads can provide you with adequate travel insurance. Travellers that are not from certain European countries may need to get travel insurance in order to get a valid Schengen Visa to travel within the area. If you require urgent medical treatment, medical evacuation or hospitalisation while travelling within the Schengen area, the insurance policy will have you covered.

Depending on which country you are in, you may get insurance coverage on other factors. World Nomads provides 24-hour assistant services to ensure that all your queries are answered quickly and comprehensively. The insurance plan you choose will determine the benefits that you receive.

World Nomads also provides 24/7 emergency assistance for situations that require emergency medical assistance or evacuation. The emergency assistance teams are always ready to cater to your emergency needs. You can reach them before your trip or as you travel.

World Nomads pushes the industry limits to provide you with the best backpacker travel insurance.

5 reasons to pick World Nomads

We think that World Nomads is the best backpacker travel insurance because of the following summarised reasons.

  1. 24-hour assistance services with multilingual professionals.
  2. Affordable premiums.
  3. Comprehensive adventure sports coverage.
  4. Simple and intuitive claims procedure.
  5. You can lodge the insurance claim from anywhere and at any time.

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A Breakdown of plans on World Nomads 

The standard plan and the explorer plan – which one?

The Standard plan is typically cheaper compared to the Explorer plan. The two plans provide pretty similar medical coverage, but the explorer plan covers a higher amount when it comes to trip cancellation. The standard plan covers up to $1000 of gear, which is lower than the amount covered by the explorer plan (up to $3000). The two plans are structured to give you the flexibility that you need. If for example, you are a photographer who carries expensive camera gear, the explorer plan might be the more suitable plan for you.

It is important to note that none of the two plans covers pre-existing conditions.

Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance

If you are into adventure sports, World Nomads will literally have you covered! Both the standard plan and the explorer plan provide adventure sports coverage. The explorer plan covers a wider range of over one hundred activities including skydiving, scuba diving and base jumping. The nomadic insurance standard plan is also very accommodating offering almost as many activities. If for example, you want to go climbing or canoeing, World Nomads insurance will provide you with financial protection in case of any accidents or incidents. Both plans offer dental coverage.

With a World Nomads insurance coverage, your adventurous trips will never be the same again. Whether you want to go backpacking in South America or Trekking in Patagonia, World Nomads provides sufficient coverage at very affordable premiums. World Nomads has vast insurance experience having been in the insurance business for so many years. This has afforded them so much knowledge on how to keep the customer satisfied and in good hands.

How to make a claim

World Nomads understands that waiting until you return home to make a claim could be inconvenient for you. That is why they facilitate the freedom to lodge a claim from wherever you are and at whatever time. The insurance claims process is convenient and intuitive. They ensure that you keep travelling without any undesired interruptions.

If you are a World Nomads member, you just need to use your credentials and sign in at the members’ section of their website. If you are not yet a World Nomads member, you can sign up at the members’ section easily and quickly.

Once you are signed in, follow the claims path. You will be required to attach your supporting documents. If you are a Brazilian World Nomad, you will be required to fill in an insurance claim form – World Nomads is in the process of enabling online claims so as to make the process even easier and more convenient.

With a World Nomads account, you will be able to lodge most insurance claims online easily. You can also reach out to their customer service team – the team will provide you with all the information you need and also send out a physical form which you will complete.

When they receive your insurance claim, they send you a confirmation letter via email. The letter will have a reference number that you can use to keep track of your insurance claim’s progress.

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If you are a travel enthusiast, getting the best backpacker travel insurance is vital. Travelling is expensive, but travelling without travel insurance could be even costlier. For reasonable premiums, World Nomads insurance will protect you from the financial setbacks that could arise when unforeseen events occur. They are simply the best in the business. A World Nomads insurance policy will ensure that you are always in good hands as you travel.

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Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance Best Backpacker Travel Insurance: World Nomads Insurance

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