The Best Drone for Travel Bloggers and Travellers

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The Best Drone for Travel Bloggers

Recently I started another online business by the name of A Daily Odyssey with my partner.  Our goal is to showcase the unique beauty of Albania and beyond.  To make this happen we purchased a DJI Mavic Pro drone to help us capture the beautiful destinations.  In my opinion, this is the best drone for travel bloggers and travellers.  Here’s why:


The Best Drone for Travel Bloggers

It’s compact

This drone folds up extremely small which is very important for someone who travels all the time.  The drone itself with propellers, battery and controller can fit into a handbag.  This means it’s also inconspicuous when travelling through an airport which is important when you have a drone.  The last things you want is to draw attention that you have a one as from what I have heard, a lot of airport security get fussy with drones.  If it’s small, it usually goes completely unknown.  This is essential when looking for a drone for travel.


The Best Drone for Travel Bloggers

The quality

The Mavic Pro drone is made for professional photography and videography.  It captures extremely good footage and photos.  You don’t really have to do much, the drone does it all.  Just look at the beautiful photos above if you don’t believe me!  A Mavic Pro drone really steps up your game and this drone makes everything a breeze.


The Best Drone for Travel Bloggers

Easy to use

The ease of use is another important feature when purchasing a drone, you are essentially purchasing an expensive piece of equipment, so it has to be easy to use for you to handle it well and not have any accidents.  Luckily this drone is easy to control and to get used to quickly.  As long as you have a controller you will get used to handling this drone very fast.


The quality of the drone itself

The camera on the drone is 12mp which is very high quality.  You can fly it within 7km meaning you can reach some epic spots from a fair distance.  It’s actually one of the most sophisticated drones on the market.  You can capture 4k footage, the drone has 4 vision sensors to make sure you don’t hit any obstacles and the camera is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal making your footage as smooth as butter!


Value for money

This drone costs around €1000 and if you purchase the fly more combo its around €1300. The drone is value for money.  When you look at how much a professional camera costs you it’s a reasonable price to pay for a high-quality drone.  The drone itself and what it can capture pays itself off when you buy it.  If you are a photographer or videographer, you can sell your content for a premium because your images/videos will be at the utmost quality.  The great thing also is that the Mavic Pro 2 just came out which means the price of this drone will drop so keep an eye out on the price!


Great battery life

A Mavic Pro drone battery flies for a total of 27 minutes which is amazing, considering the phantom 4 captures 2 minutes more and the Mavic is 1/6th of the size of a phantom 4!  You can capture a lot in 27 minutes, trust me.  I do recommend getting a fly-more pack, so you get the two extra batteries though to make the most of the location your shooting, more on that below!


To get the fly more combo or not?

You have the option to grab the drone how it is or pay just under €300 more for the fly-more combo.  Here’s what the fly more combo includes which you don’t get in the cheaper option:

  • 2 extra batteries (total of 3 batteries)
  • Charging hub so you can charge 4 battery at once
  • Battery car charger
  • Extra propellers
  • Power bank adapter so you can use the Mavic battery as your very own power bank!
  • Shoulder bag (compact and can fit the drone and controller!

So, the question is, is it worth getting the fly more combo?  My answer: Absolutely YES!  It is totally worth it just to have the two extra batteries.  If you want to buy an extra battery, it’s going to cost around €100.  I definitely recommend the extra batteries because even though 27 minutes is a long time for a drone to fly, it’s better to have the choice to fly longer.  If you are going to an amazing location and have made the trip the worst thing is to find another amazing site on the way, but you have no battery left to capture the beauty.


Get yours here

Extra accessories?

Polaroid filters 3 pack

The one I recommend getting is polaroid filters.  If you’re going to be flying in very light conditions, then you can use one of these filters. There are 3 in the pack all for different lighting situations such as very bright conditions, sunrise/sunset and cloudy days.  The filter minimizes lens flare and gives the video a beautiful cinematic look.  They are very inexpensive too!  Get your filters here.



Let me know if you have any further questions about the drone below.  We absolutely love our purchase and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to capture beautiful footage and photos. This is definitely the best drone for travel bloggers and travellers. You can look at our Instagram to see all out latest drone shots and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our videos we have made using our Mavic Pro drone!



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The Best Drone for Travel Bloggers

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