Backpacking Albania: The Best Hostels in Albania

Last Updated on January 29, 2023

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Albania is a great backpacking country because there are so many adventures to be had that are incredibly affordable to the average traveller.

Add in that the hostels in Albania are wonderful and affordable and it’s the perfect destination for backpackers coming to Europe.

Backpacking through the Balkans: the best hotels in Albania, view of harbor with beaches packed with rows of deckchairs and beach umbrellas next to deep blue seawater under a wide open sky

Albanian culture is like no other, there are so many interesting things to learn and see here. Up until the early ’90s, Albania was under communist rule and completely closed off to visitors.

Tourism is still new to the country which means there are so many off the beaten tracks places to see and visit, not to mention that Albanian Beaches are some the most beautiful in Europe.

Albania has an array of great hostels all around the country, including some great Tirana hostels in the capital, and many in the south.

I might be biased, but I think the hostels in Albania are some of the best hostels in Europe!

I have picked my top favourite hostels in Albania to share with you that you must stay at if you’re backpacking in Albania – tried and tested!

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Note: Some of these hostels in Albania only open some of the year, usually they close in winter. In the title, I will put if it closes during the year.

Best Hostels in Albania

Find the best hostels in Tirana, neat rustic-looking white-walled courtyard with white gravel and various potted and carefully placed plants and trees with long wooden bench to one side and stairway with straw covering to the other
Enjoy these Tirana hostels on your next trip to Albania, warm indoor room with cosy armchairs and small table with reading lamp on one side under a wide mirror next to ornate wooden and metal frame doors and bookcases covered with homely items such as books, records, plants and an old television set

1. Tirana – Tripn’ Hostel (Open all year)

It’s hard to visit Albania without spending time in Tirana, so knowing the best hostel in Tirana is essential.

Not only is this the best hostel Tirana has to offer, but Tripn Hostel is also one of the most chilled out hostels in Albania!

The owners of this amazing Tirana hostel, Erjon and Eni, are incredibly friendly and hospitable, and you’re bound the have a good time if you stay here.

They have a homemade beer, vintage interior design and a backyard for you to drink, drink, play some table tennis and drink.

No, but seriously this is my personal favourite hostel to stay at in Tirana. It’s even near some of the best second-hand markets I have ever been to.

Make sure you read my guide on what to do in Tirana while you stay at this wonderful Tirana backpacker hostel – I have lots of recommendations!

If Tripn’ Hostel isn’t quite your speed, or it’s fully booked (as one of the best hostels in Tirana, it can book up fast), I also have a post on the best hotels in Tirana.

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Discover the best hostels Albania has to offer, common room living space with soft sofa and chairs covered in striped cushions sitting in front of white brick wall with wooden table and chairs in the foreground and a small bookcase to one side
Stay at a Tirana backpacker hostel on your next vacation, dorm room with large wooden bunk beds lining the walls with rustic wooden door and window frames set into grey brick wall

2. Gjirokastër – Stone City Hostel (Closed for winter)

When you visit the beautiful town of Gjirokastër I highly recommend a stay at Stone City Hostel. You can tell a lot of hard work has gone into making this Albania hostel perfect.

The staff are super friendly and really REALLY good at cooking. I had the best homemade cinnamon buns I have ever tasted in this hostel, and I have obviously never forgotten (I love food).

They have a beautiful little courtyard too. It is all these details that make it one of the most amazing hostels in Albania.

Plus, Stone City Hostel is situated right in the heart of the old town which is perfect for sightseeing!

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Could this be the best hostel in Albania? Balcony with soft seating and metal railing with view out over harbor with apartment blocks and beaches covered in rows of sun loungers next to wide open sea under a bright blue sky

3. Hasta La Vista Saranda (Open all year)

One of the best best hostels albania has to offer is Hasta La Vista Saranda in Saranda.

This Saranda hostel is perfect for exploring all the best things to do in Saranda (my favourite city in Albania).

Hasta La Vista Saranda hostel is an excellent place to meet other travellers, and Saranda is a great base for exploring the Albanian Riviera, and several nearby UNESCO sites.

At the hostel, you’ll find a games room where you can make friends over a game of pool or some board games.

There is also every amenity you could need, such as a kitchen, washing machine (and dryer!), book exchange, BBQ, security lockers and more!

Although linens are included at Hasta La Vista Saranda, towels are not, so keep that in mind when booking!

If this hostel doesn’t seem right for you, consider checking out one of these hotels in Saranda instead.

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Stay in some of the best hostels Albania has to offer, large square building with pointed tiled roof sitting amongst densely packed garden areas and pathways with trees dotted around
Find the best hostel Tirana can give you, two people sitting on deck chairs on gravel area outside a large stone building covered in green vines

4. Berat – Berat Backpackers (Closed for winter)

There’s no other place you should stay in Berat than Berat backpackers! This cool Berat hostel is perfect for anyone backpacking in Albania.

The staff are friendly and it’s super chilled out. In the summer you can opt to camp outside, they also make their own raki!

The Berat Backpackers hostel has a homely feel to it, and it doesn’t feel like just another Albania hostel.

It’s located just over the bridge from the centre of Berat and set in a beautiful and peaceful setting.

The hostel also provides easy access to all the best things to do in Berat – and friends with which to do them!

During the winter months, this is one of the hostels in Albania that isn’t open, so you can stay at one of the fantastic hotels in Berat.

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Visit some of the best hostels in Tirana this year, colourful tables and chairs sat under covered area outside a stone brick building
Tirana hostels are some of the best in the world, close up shot of a green and blue striped hammock hanging outside

5. Shkoder – The Wanderers Hostel (Open all year)

The Wanderer’s Hostel is might be the most fun hostel in Albania! And trust me, the hostels in Albania are full of fun!

The staff are friendly and always up for a good time! They do BBQs, free breakfast and beer on tap – what more do you want?

In the off-season (Spring and autumn) you can stay here for just 5 euro a night. That includes the bed, breakfast and a welcome beer.

You really must stay at this hostel if you do go to Shkoder. It’s right in the centre so it’s super easy to get to everything.

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Find your new favourite hostels in Albania, indoor seating area with long L-shaped wooden bench covered in colourful patterned cushions surrounding a low wooden table with wooden shelves behind
Check in to a Tirana backpacker hostel this summer, person sat at metal bench outside in courtyard area with white stone paving and green grassy areas on a sunny day

6. Himara – Himara Downtown Hostel (Closed for winter)

This is the one hostel Albania offers that I haven’t stayed in myself – yet!

But I have heard countless great reviews from friends who have been here, some even ended up volunteering and staying because they liked it so much.

Since I trust their opinions, I am counting the Himara Downtown Hostel as one of the best hostels in Albania!

The hostel is set in the centre of the chilled out sleepy coastal town of Himara.

They have a great backyard, free breakfast and of course great hospitality – as you will encounter everywhere in Albania!

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There’s your list of the best hostels in Albania. If you’re planning on backpacking Albania, you can’t miss out on these great Albania hostels!

As I live in the south of Albania, I have lots of recommendations on things to do there and in all of Albania (you can check out all my Albanian tips and advice here).

I highly recommend you join my Facebook group ‘Travelling Albania’ for more tips and tricks.

It’s a welcoming place where you can meet other backpackers around Albania and ask any questions you may have – including even more recommendations for the best hostels in Albania!

📚 P.S. Grab access to my Travelling Albania Guide to get a comprehensive insight into more places to visit in Albania (including secret spots that are not recommended in the usual guides!)

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is the best hostel Tirana has?

Tripn’ Hostel is considered one of the best hotels in Tirana, as well as Albania. And I would definitely agree as this is one of my favourite hostels in Albania.

✅ How much do hostels usually cost in Albania?

Most of the hostels in Albania have bunks in shared rooms for less than €15-20 per night. If you want private rooms, expect to pay about double.

✅ Are the hostels in Albania safe?

Yes, absolutely! Of course practice general safety awareness, but I have never had any problems in the hostels in Albania and don’t know anyone else who has, either.

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Backpacking Albania: The Best Hostels in Albania

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