The Best Hostels in London For Backpackers

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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London has an abundance of great accommodation, but it can be overwhelming when searching for the best hostels in London.

Especially since London is such a big place it is confusing when trying to pick the perfect place to stay in that’s close to what you want to do while your there.

So, I have compiled a list of the best hostels in London to stay in and a little bit about what area they are situated in too!

Whether you’re after the best hostels in London for partying, hostels in London with private rooms, or you’re just a backpacker in London looking to save some money, this list has something for you.

Let’s look at some of the best backpackers accommodation in London!

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Here are the Best Hostels in London

Enjoy these backpacker hostels in london, hostel dormitory interior with metal frame bunk beds to one side and a person sitting on an indoor swing facing a window on the other

1. Dictionary Hostel – East London (Tube Stop: Old Street)

Located in East London is one of the trendiest hostels on the scene.

Dictionary Hostel is an excellent choice because it’s amongst the thriving East London, which means there is an abundance of great bars, restaurants and things to do!

It’s only a 10-minute walk to the famous Brick Lane where you can find the best curry’s and the best food and clothes markets (in my opinion) in London!

Personally, this is at the top of the list of the best hostels in London!

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Don't miss out on the good hostels in london, indoor common room with leather sofa and a table and chairs sitting underneath a wall bearing the Astor Hostels logo and decorated with handwritten signatures and messages from previous guests

2. Astor Hostel – Hyde Park (Tube Stop: South Kensington)

If you’re aiming for hostels in south London but end up in South Kensington, I recommend checking out the Astor Hostel Hyde Park.

The building is beautiful, and the facilities are fantastic. I really loved the interior design of this hostel, especially the front room.

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Astor Hostel also had the best kitchen facilities that I have witnessed in a hostel before.

That makes it easy to save a bit of money by making your own meals there because the kitchen is so big!

The staff were also very friendly which makes you feel more comfortable especially when you’re staying by yourself. I highly recommend this hostel, it’s one of the best London hostels!

It’s also in a great spot if you want to explore the most popular attraction, Buckingham Palace as the hostel is on the other side of Hyde Park!

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Stay at some nice hostels in london this year, interior common room with people sitting at tables with laptops in a round wood-paneled room with a large electric sign reading "guilty: on the wall
Photo @Clink78

3. Clink78 Hostel – King’s Cross (Tube Stop: King’s Cross)

If you’re looking for north London hostels that have great transport links, then staying at Clink78 is a great option; King’s Cross and St Pancras stations are only a 10-minute walk away.

St Pancras is also where you catch the train internationally to the likes of France and Belgium. King’s Cross tube station has great links to central London and north to the likes of Camden.

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There’s also a lively night scene and a great dance club which regularly hosts some of London’s best DJs that I recommend – Egg.

The hostel itself has great facilities and is even set in an old courthouse so inside there is a chill-out zone in an actual old courtroom. It’s one of the most unique backpacker hostels in London!

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Find out which is the best hostel in london, interior reception area of Wombat's Hostel with several staff members sitting behind a wood-paneled desk under a large electric sign bearing the hostel logo and a common room seating area off to one side
Photo @Wombats Hostel

4. Wombat’s City Hostel – Tower Hamlets (Tube Stop: Tower Hill)

Wombat’s Hostel London is an excellent choice if you’re looking for somewhere central. It’s not far from the best monuments of London and only a walk away from the Thames.

The hostel itself is beautifully designed and has great facilities including nice big rooms and a great breakfast, which is a must-have for good hostels in London!

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Find your favourite of the best hostels in london england, interior common room with long lecture-theater style bench seating covered sporadically with cushions all lit by a bright neon yellow lighting setup on the ceiling
Photo @Generator Hostel

5. Generator Hostel – Bloomsbury (Tube Stop: Russel Square)

Set in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bloomsbury, this hostel features a fun environment for any backpacker coming into London.

It’s only a walk away from the British Museum and great transport links too. The Generator Hostel have a live DJ and free movies!

What more you could want out of nice hostels in London?

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Save money at these cheap hostels in london england, outdoor seating area with many canvas deck chairs strewn about a green lawn area with a tiki-style bar to one side all under a bright blue sky
Photo @SoHostel

6. SoHostel – Soho (Tube Stop: Tottenham Court Road)

Soho is an area famous for the West End shows!

SoHostel London is set in a fabulous location not only for the shows but also the neighbouring Covent Garden, which is another fabulous place in London to check out.

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For many, being near to Covent Garden is enough to think of SoHostel as the best hostel in London, but it has even more than that going for it.

Like many hostels in central London, SoHostel is colourful and is a fun environment to hang out in with friendly staff and comfortable beds! This is definitely one of the best hostels in London England!

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How much are hostels in London?

The best hostels in London vary their costs mainly by area. Cheap hostels in London England can be found for £14 per night in a dorm, though the average is more towards £20-£30 per night.

✅ Can 50 year olds stay in hostels in London?

Unless you’re staying at an unusually selective hostel, there is no age limit for the best hostels in London. If you prefer not to bunk with a group of strangers, private rooms are often available.

✅ Which part of London is cheaper to stay?

London is generally a more expensive than average city to stay in, however there are still cheap places to be found. King’s Cross, St Pancras and Camden are well-known less-expensive areas in which you can still find some of the best hostels in London.

There’s your round-up of the best hostels in London in 6 different locations!

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The Comments

  • Rob Burnett
    January 24, 2018

    Nice selection of hostels, but where is the info on prices. Never stayed at a hostel before, but before I decide which hotel I want to stay in I always look at prices. It would nice to see what it will cost, how often there is availability, and some pics of the kitchen areas. Rob

  • Eric Gamble
    January 28, 2018

    We were very lucky to house sit while staying in London but we looked at Wombats and Soho Hostel because we have used both of them in other cities in Europe. I love that rooftop bar area at the soho hostel. I think these all look like great options for anyone looking for a hostel in London. Anything next to the tube is always a plus!

  • Danila Caputo
    January 29, 2018

    While there are so many hotels in London, I must say that unless you book well in advance they can be pretty expensive as well. This list is useful, and who knows maybe one day we can also test out hostels as well! The Wombats looks cool and it’s awesome that it’s so close to the Thames!

  • Vanessa
    January 29, 2018

    This is a really helpful list for me. My “old” hostel from my backpacking youth has since been updated and rebranded and has a decided not-great vibe – endless high school tour groups combined with partying backpackers and it just isn’t that nice any more. It’s time I thought about my options and branched out to try something new.

  • Nick Wheatley
    January 29, 2018

    Well I have to say that I am not much of one to stay in hostels any more – getting a bit too old for that kind of travel style. But these all look quite inviting. In fact Clink 78 and Wombats look downright classy! Almost like co-working spaces rather than hostels. And that rooftop bar of Sohostel is downright tropical – makes me want a MaiTai!

  • Nathalie Caty
    January 30, 2018

    This is very helpful. I’ve never stayed at the hostel and if I ever do this is a very comprehensive list. The Soho hostel reminds me of New York in the summer.

  • Lauren
    January 30, 2018

    I’ve never been much of a hostels person – usually I travel in apartments or hotels with Justin. But some of these look awesome, and London is such an expensive city! I’d definitely stay in one of these if they have private rooms!

  • Suruchi
    January 31, 2018

    We love staying in hostels and this is a great list for hostels in London. The dictionary hostel looks really cool. I like the kitchen facility of Astor Hostel. Good transportation links from Clink 78 is a big plus. The vibrant colours of Wombats City Hostel has won my heart. Free movies in Generator hostel.. Supercool.

  • Jenna
    January 31, 2018

    All of these hostels look great! We typically stay in private rooms if we are in a hostel because I am really sensitive to noise when I’m sleeping, but hostels are always fun to stay in for the atmosphere and the people. I really like the look of the Wombats City Hostel and a central location sounds wonderful as well. The Sohostel looks really cute, too! I love the lawn with the chairs! We will definitely have to check some of these out next time we are in London!

  • Paige
    January 31, 2018

    I just bookmarked this for my upcoming trip to London! We have a couple of nights that we don’t have booked during our 3 weeks in London and I’ve been looking for perfect hostels. Wombats looks absolutely wonderful – especially if they have a great breakfast!

  • Medha Verma
    February 1, 2018

    I am usually slightly apprehensive of staying in hostels because I’ve never done it earlier and I am not sure I am very happy to share the room with 5-6 other people. But if I ever do stay in a hostel, I’d probably do it in a place like London; firstly because it would make a lot of sense economically and secondly, because these hostels look pretty amazing!