11 Best hotels in Albania to stay in

Last Updated on March 30, 2024

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Finding the best accommodation for your trip can be exhausting and sometimes a headache.

Not only is it unsafe to stay at an unknown place that doesn’t have positive reviews or not a lot of people can vouch for, but it can also dampen the entire mood of your trip.

Over the past few years, Albania has become a tourist favourite among European travel destinations, and luckily there are many great hotels in Albania to choose from.

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A trip to Albania may cost less than one to more publicised destinations like Greece or Croatia; therefore, it has earned many a spot on the travel bucket list.

Enjoy the best hotels in Albania to stay in, hotel with beach jetty lined with palm trees surrounded by azure blue water with mountains in the distance

Creating a trip itinerary for Albania is the most exhilarating yet challenging part for many, especially when finding the best Albania hotels.

Finding Albania accommodation may seem like a task requiring a bit extra effort since it’s not one of those spots densely concentrated with tourists, so you would find accommodation at every spot.

Though there are many hotels, shortlisting the ones that suit your needs and budget can be time-consuming.

I have been living in Albania for quite some time now, and can tell you about the best hotels in Ksamil or Berat, or the best place to stay in Tirana.

But I have created this guide with all the best hotels in Albania as a whole and why you should consider each.

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Of course, there’s something for every city or town in Albania that most tourists go to, like Saranda, Berat, Tirana, Shkoder and Dhermi, so you’ll have plenty of options.

What area to stay in Albania?

Like other countries in the Balkans, Albania has witnessed a tourist surge in the past couple of years.

Tourists from all over the world come to Albania to witness the beauty and magnificence of its culture, history, architecture and art in person.

Of course, in Albania, one shouldn’t forget its turquoise waters and stunning mountainous terrain, perfect for spending time with nature or taking a hike.

You will find out that many Albania hotels are in the vicinity of most historic sites and tourist attractions.

The capital of Albania, Tirana, is the most visited by tourists since it’s the centre of culture and urban life in Albania.

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You would assume that most “good” accommodations are near or in Tirana, but that’s not the case here.

Saranda, Gjirokastra, Berat and Kruja are some of the most-visited towns and cities in Albania, all with some of the best hotels in Albania. 

Regardless of how short or lengthy your trip itinerary for Albania is, you’ll find some of the best hotels in Albania for any kind of trip and budget.

Wanderers who want to explore every aspect of Albania – the mountains and beaches – or those who just want to see Albania’s history and architectural beauty will feel at home in these Albania hotels.

Best Hotels in Albania

Check into the most incredible Saranda luxury hotels, coastal city with many high rise buildings on a sunny day
Sarandë, Albania

1. Hotel Glow – Best hotel in Saranda

Located next to the Albanian Riviera, Hotel Glow is one of the best hotels in Albania and tops the charts of Saranda luxury hotels.

For many people, this is considered the best hotel in Albania.

The Glow Boutique Hotel and Suites are in Butrinti, next to Mango Beach and Flamingo Beach.

Designed to suit the modern tourist’s needs, Hotel Glow has a modern and minimalist design with modestly designed and decorated suites and rooms.

Hotel Glow is considered one of the best hotels in Albania because of its ideal location and majestic views.

You can enjoy the sunset and sunrise on its sun terrace while you enjoy dinner or an evening drink on their sun loungers.

It’s on the Saranda luxury hotels’ list because of the facilities it offers.

You can find a swimming pool, spacious parking (which is also free), free internet connection, family rooms, an airport shuttle service and an on-site bar.

The Corfu International Airport and the Ioannina Airport are less than 100 km away from the hotel.

You can book Hotel Glow’s private shuttle service from the Tirana International Airport.

It’s not just the amenities that make Hotel Glow one of the best hotels in Albania, it features more than ten types of rooms (LITERALLY!).

Starting from two-person rooms, Hotel Glow has a double room with a side sea view, a variation that comes with a balcony, a twin room with a full-fledged sea view, a junior suite, and double rooms without a sea view.

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You can also explore other options, like the triple room with a side sea view, bed, and sofa bed (perfect for those travelling with kids).

Or, you can look at the superior suite with a balcony for more than three people and the glow suite that is ideal for families and has access to the sea-facing terrace.

What makes Hotel Glow stand apart from the other best hotels in Albania is its specialised rooms with disability access.

Not many hotels factor in inclusivity or provide disability access; thus, it’s worth mentioning!

Hotel Glow also has a deluxe suite with a balcony and a side sea view and is ideal for three to four people.

Their suites are perfect for groups of four or more, with side sea views and private balconies.

Another exquisite feature is the closeness to the Butrint National Park, Ksamil and the city centre of Saranda, all within less than 20 km of the radius of one of the best hotels in Albania – Hotel Glow.

Though the entire city of Saranda is a tourist haven, you can video popular attraction sites like the Lekuresi Castle and the Monastery of Saints.

Despite being one of the best hotels in Albania, Hotel Glow doesn’t have an on-site restaurant, though you can visit Eval, Shpella and Restaurant Alexander, which are less than a kilometre away.

To make your stay at Hotel Glow comfortable and memorable, a range of housekeeping services are offered, and the staff is quite hospitable.

I have lived in Saranda for a while, and there are a lot of amazing things to do in Saranda that help make this one of my favourite cities in Albania.

You can check out my full guide on Saranda to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

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Take the family to these best hotels in Ksamil, beachside view of clear blue water and people sitting under straw umbrellas next to water on a sunny day
Ksamil, Albania

2. Area Hotel – Best hotel in Ksamil

If you asked for one of the best hotels in Ksamil, or one of the best hotels in Albania, it is unlikely for Area Hotel to be missed from the list.

A modern yet functional three-star hotel in Ksamil, next to the beach, with hospitable staff and a private pool, makes for the perfect Albanian getaway.

The Hotel is built next to the beach, like most tourist attraction sites in Ksamil. You’ll find Sunset Beach, Bora Bora Beach and Coco Beach as one of the top-visited places next to this Albania accommodation.

Area Hotel is ideal for those travelling solo or in groups. There are plenty of rooms to choose from, some with a private balcony and a pool view, others with just a balcony.

You can also check out the superior suite with a jacuzzi – suitable for up to four people. 

Apart from the beaches, you can also check out the Butrint National Park, and all the other great things to do in Ksamil and the surrounding area.

There are also some good dine-in options near the Hotel, like the Fast Food Ksamili, 4 Valltaret, Pizza Halal (perfect for those who want great halal food in Ksamil) and Fast Food Beshiku.

You can also explore the Cocktail Bar Redi and the Marikseli Cafe near the hotel.

Guests who stay at Area Hotel love it for its hospitable staff, one-of-a-kind services and great value for money.

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Head to the best Albania hotels to stay at, Gjirokastra castle with stone walls and large rectangular clock tower overlooking valley with many modern buildings next to large rolling hillside under a cloudy sky
Gjirokastra, Albania

3. Hotel Bebej – Best hotel in Gjirokastra

Boasting a unique and ideal location in Gjirokastra, just 43 km from the Zaravina Lake, Hotel Bebej is not just one of the best hotels in south Albania, but one of the best hotels in Albania overall.

This Albania accommodation has a traditional yet contemporary architectural design.

This three-star, one of the best hotels in Albania, is loved by guests for its amenities like free private parking, internet connection, extra storage space and a 24-hour help desk.

The best part about this Albania accommodation is that it is less than 100 km away from the Ioannina Airport and is generally preferred by couples or those travelling in groups.

There are plenty of rooms to meet the requirements of its range of customers. You’ll find a double room, a double studio, suites, quadruple, and triple rooms with an attached bathroom.

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Hotel Bebej doesn’t have a restaurant of its own, but there are a few restaurants, bars and cafes in its vicinity.

You can visit the Kardhashi, Odaja and Byrektore restaurants less than a kilometre from the property.

Other options are the Gliko Snack bar and Patisserie and Simple Cafe, which is less than a kilometre away.

Gjirokastra is known for its exquisitely designed houses that look like small fortresses of stone. Just walking around and admiring them is one of the top things to do in Gjirokaster.

While in Gjirokastra, don’t forget to visit the famous Bazaar, which is barely a 30-minute walk from the hotel.

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Peruse the best Hotels in Berat You Have to Check Out, aerial view of hillside village with white buildings and brown roofs
Berat, Albania

4. Hani i Xheblatit – Best hotel in Berat

Berat is one of the most frequented cities by tourists in Albania, owing to its cultural and historical importance.

Naturally, some of the best hotels in Albania are situated in Berat, like the Hani i Xheblatit – which is exceptional even by the best hotels in Berat standards.

This all-in-one Albania accommodation has a shared lounge, restaurant, bar and garden, all of which are loved by domestic and international tourists.

Unlike other Albania hotels, Hani i Xheblatit has only three types of room – a double room with a balcony, a triple room with a view and a quadruple room that is ideal for large groups of people.

What makes this accommodation one of the best hotels in Albania is all of the comfort that it provides to its guests.

There’s an a la carte breakfast every morning, and every room has hair conditioning, a flat-screen television, a safety locker and an attached bathroom.

Facilities like free Wi-Fi and private parking are available to all guests. The hotel also has an on-site currency exchange, giving you more reasons to choose this as your accommodation in Berat.

The area where the hotel is located is known for cycling, and a couple of car rental services are also available, so you won’t have an issue booking transport to explore the city of Berat.

Not so surprisingly, it is also considered one of the best hotels in Albania for couples or those travelling in groups of two.

Check out my full guide on the best things to do in Berat to make the most of your stay.

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Find the best place to stay in Tirana, view over Tirana, the capital of Albania
Tirana, Albania

5. Blloku Unique Apartments – Best accommodation in Tirana

The capital of Albania, Tirana, is the most visited city in the country.

Not only because of its cultural and historical importance but since it’s a metropolitan city and home to the Tirana International Airport, Tirana is quite famous among tourists coming to Albania.

There are also many amazing things to do in Tirana for every type of tourist and budget.

Needless to say, there are many great hotels in Tirana, and the city has some of the best hotels in Albania, like the Blloku Unique Apartments.

Don’t get confused by the term “apartments”, this Albania accommodation has apartment-like rooms that come with a balcony, a living room and extra beds in some.

Every unit has a fully-functional kitchen with a fridge and microwave and facilities like a proper seating area, desk and television.

Every bathroom is equipped with complimentary toiletries and tools like a hairdryer.

Blloku Unique Apartments is considered the best place to stay in Tirana for couples.

It’s close to popular sites like the Pyramid of Tirana, Reja – The Cloud, and less than 20 km from the Tirana International Airport. You can also book a paid shuttle service from the hotel to the airport.

Other popular sites like Skanderbeg Square, Shesh Rekreati and the National Gallery of Arts Tirana are within a kilometre of the hotel, making it one of the best places in Albania to stay at.

The Tanners’ bridge and Clock Tower Tirana are also near the accommodation, and so are public transport options and restaurants.

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Discover where to stay in Albania, grey stone church with segmented towers and domed chancery under a blue sky with green leaves in the foreground
Korca, Albania

6. HANI I PAZARIT Boutique Hotel – Best hotel in Korce

Hani i Pazarit is one of the best hotels in Albania, with an intricately designed exterior and interior. This boutique hotel is located in Korce, around 30 km from the Prespa National Park.

This Albania accommodation is roughly 40 km from Lake Ohrid and Pogradec – some of the most visited sites in Korce.

The hotel is also close to the Tomorri Mountain National Park, a popular place in Korce with a backdrop of Tomorri mountain.

The road to the Park is quite steep, but a thrilling adventure of its kind.

The hotel does have plenty of rooms suitable for two-person and three-person groups. You can also book a suite or a triple room.

Every unit has amenities like a flat-screen television, complimentary toiletries and bed linen.

The hotel also has an outdoor dining area, a patio where you can dine, and a minibar, bar and restaurant on-site.

There’s also a coffee house at the accommodation – rare to find even in some of the best hotels in Albania.

If you’re on a time crunch and interested in exploring Korce, the Hotel is surrounded by some popular places to visit in Korce.

Nearby you’ll find the Parku Vangjush Mio, the Bashta e Themistokliuit ose e Geges and a couple of famous cafes and bars.

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View the best Albania accommodation options, view of Kruje Castle showing stone tower standing at top of zigzagging road leading down through trees past several buildings with mountains in the distance
Kruje Castle

7. Hotel Panorama Kruje – Best hotel in Kruja

Hotel Panorama Kruje is one of the best hotels in Albania’s city of Kruja.

For those who don’t know Kruja is a town in the northern region of Albania and nestled between the Ishem River and the Mount Kruje. Kruja is barely 20 km from Tirana.

Kruja holds immense importance in Albania’s culture and history. It’s one of Albania’s oldest cities and still has remnants of the many empires that once reigned it.

So it’s not surprise, there are many interesting things to do in Kruja – including a visit to the famous castle.

The Kalaja e Krujes is a historic fortress located in Kruja and the Panoraman Kruje hotel is just 400 km from it. It is one of the most famous castles in Albania.

The hotel is known for good quality food, hospitable staff and is ideal for foreign travellers as it’s just 20 km from the Tirana International Airport.

You can book a shuttle service at the hotel to travel back and forth from the airport.

There’s also a bus station just 250 m away from the hotel, making it ideal for those travelling without private transport.

The hotel has an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy a buffet menu, and there are Italian and gluten-free options as well.

The restaurant also has an on-site bar and a swimming pool, along with an ATM machine as well as a currency exchange on-site.

There are eight types of rooms at the hotel that you can choose from, depending on your budget and need.

There’s also a suite that comes with an attached spa bath and a few rooms have a private balcony.

Every unit is equipped with all the necessities of a modern lifestyle to ensure you have a comfortable and cosy stay at Kruje.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Panorama Kruje now

8. Mrizi i Zanave Agroturizëm – Best unique hotel in Albania

Located in Lezhe, Mrizi i Zanave is 31 km from the famous Rozafa Castle in Shkodra and is not just one of the best hotels in Albania but also the most unique.

The exterior is a mix of cobblestone and wood, while the interior and furnishings are modern and contemporary.

The hotel has an on-site restaurant, a garden and a private parking area that’s free of cost.

If you’re travelling with family or with children, it’s the perfect accommodation since it has a children’s playground.

You would also find extra storage space and an entertainment session hosted every evening at the hotel.

Every unit has a view of the garden and the beautiful valley that surrounds Lezhe. You would also find complimentary toiletries in every unit along with an attached bathroom.

The accommodation also provides free Wi-Fi and some rooms have a balcony as well.

The hotel is at an ideal location since it’s roughly 32km away from Lake Skadar and the Tirana Airport is only 61km away.

The best part is that Mrizi i Zanave is pet-friendly so don’t shy away from bringing along your fuzzy friends to one of the best places to stay in Albania!

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Mrizi i Zanave Agroturizëm now

Stay at the top hotels in Albania, front of old building with wooden boarded window covers and park bench and bicycle in front on grey tiled street
Shkoder, Albania

9. Hotel Tradita – Best hotel in Shkoder

Another one of the Albanian hotels that takes pride in its traditional architecture and simplicity. Located in Shkoder, Hotel Tradita is one of the best hotels in Albania.

This fantastic accommodation in Albania is known for its bar and restaurant along with many food options – halal, vegan, and Kosher.

The on-site restaurant also has a terrace where you can enjoy food along with live music.

The best part about this hotel is that alongside being an accommodation, it’s an ethnographic museum and a souvenir shop as well.

You can also reach the Rozafa Castle and the Skadar Lake, both of which are within 5km radius of the hotel. The airport is close to the hotel and you get currency exchange on site as well.

If we talk about the living space, it’s as comfortable as it can be. The units are equipped with everything one might need and offer great value for money.

All of this makes Hotel Tradita one of the best hotels in Shkoder!

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Tradita now

Check out this guide to Albania hotels, hillside ruins of Kanina castle overlooking view of bay next to azure blue sea and modern built-up areas beyond with mountains in the distance
Kanina Castle in Vlorë

10. Hotel Liro – Best hotel in Vlora

This one of a kind accommodation is located right on the Albanian Riviera. Hotel Liro is one of the best Albanian hotels that provide wide spanning views of the sea.

Since it’s on a private beach, you can lounge under the sun and enjoy Mediterranean food from the on-site bar and restaurant.

You can choose from the wide range of rooms that the hotel has, and the best part is that every room has a private balcony and views the sea.

The rooms are equipped with all you might need – a hairdryer, a minibar and a locker. Since the beach is right next to it, you can indulge in a range of beach activities at Hotel Liro.

Popular sites next to the hotel are the Llogara National Park, the Archaeological Park and Kuzum Baba.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Liro now

Enjoy the best hotels in dhermi, villa on beach with mountains further along the beach
Dhermi, Albania

11. La Brisa Boutique Hotel – Best luxury hotel in Dhermi

Lastly, La Brisa is another one of the best hotels in Albania that’s also one of the few luxury hotels in Albania.

As one of the best hotels in Dhermi, everything from its exterior to its interior speaks modernity and luxe.

Located in Dhermi, this hotel is less than 3km from Kondaq and has a private parking area, a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant.

There’s also free Wi-Fi and every room has air conditioning along with a locker and some also have a private balcony.

You can enjoy a buffet breakfast at the hotel or go to some of the nearby restaurants and cafes. Overall, it’s located in an ideal spot and close to the Ioannina Airport.

Dhermi is home to some of the best beaches in Albania, so be sure to book enough days to relax and unwind before you leave!

🛌🏼 Book a stay at La Brisa Boutique Hotel now

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Where are the best hotels in Albania?

As the capital city, Tirana, of course has some of the best hotels in Albania that cater to a range of budgets. However, you’ll also find a lot of fantastic Albania hotels in the Albanian Riviera in the south in cities like Saranda and Ksamil. Really, almost every city in Albania has at least one amazing hotel.

✅ How many hotels are in Albania?

It’s impossible to say exactly. Albania is one of the most up and coming tourist destinations, with over 20 different hotel chains operating there and new other hotels opening up regularly.

✅ Where is the best place to stay in Albania?

This depends on your vacation itinerary. There are so many great hotels in Albania that you have a lot of choice. For trips to the south, Gjirokaster and Sarandë are popular destinations, and in the north, many people opt for staying in Shkodër.

Finding some of the best hotels in Albania when planning your trip is challenging, especially when there isn’t a lot of authentic information available online.

But I have got you covered as these are some of the best hotels in Albania, some of which I have tried and tested, and some are just too good to not be on this list.

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