7 Best Hotels in Dhermi to Stay – 2024 Guide

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

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If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, then you know how highly I speak of the Albanian Riviera.

It’s because of its beautiful Albanian beaches, phenomenal scenic views, pleasant cuisine and welcoming locals that the Albanian Riviera is a must-visit for anyone who is travelling to the Balkans. 

Although there are countless reasons to fall in love with the Albanian Riviera, one particular spot has my heart since the first time I stepped on its shore and let the cool breeze inspirit me – Dhermi.

Dhermi is definitely worth a visit, and I highly recommend you stay at least 2 or 3 days, so here are the best hotels in Dhermi to ensure an unforgettable visit.

Best Hotels in Dhermi Albania, villa on beach with mountains further along the beach
Dhermi is a favourite for many along the Albanian Riviera

This list includes all the best accommodation in Dhermi for families, couples, and solo travellers, as well as the best Dhermi beach hotels.

Where is Dhermi?

Don’t let the geographical nuances fool you. There may be a small village by the Ionian Sea, but it is nothing short of being called Albania’s heaven on Earth. 

Situated in Vlore County, north of Sarande and south of Vlore, Dhermi is a part of the Albanian Riviera and proudly sits on the Albanian Coast.

Though it is not located in a remote location, you can reach Dhermi only via the cities surrounding it. 

Once you land in Sarande by aeroplane, you can easily take a bus ride direct to Dhermi, or catch a boat from Corfu to Sarande and then a bus ride to Dhermi.

The route from Vlore to Sarande is frequently travelled, thus you can always catch a bus ride. The bus rides are cheap and make a few stops at restaurants and parks while speeding through mountainous passes, so you won’t get bored. 

🧳 MUST-HAVE: Before you head out on your trip, make sure you have travel insurance. I recommend either SafetyWing or World Nomads.

You can also use the unconventional way of reaching Dhermi – by asking for a lift in exchange for a few hundred Lek.

A lot of Albanian folks would be happy to give you a ride and perhaps you can use that time for chit-chatting with the locals.

There’s nothing like interacting with a local if you really want to learn about a new place. 

Once you’re in Dhermi, you can stroll along the Dhermi Beach, or visit snazzy beach clubs, all while enjoying local cuisine. 

Dhermi is also host to some of the best festivals in Albania, and summers especially can be quite busy.

Despite being such a popular spot in the Albanian Riviera, there isn’t a lot of information online regarding suitable accommodation in Dhermi.

Seeing that as a missing piece, I decided to round up my reviews of all the suitable hotels in Dhermi. 

Whether you plan on travelling in a group or want particular amenities in your hotel, this article can be used as a reference when you start planning for a trip to the hotspot of the Albanian Riviera!

Best Hotels in Dhermi, Albania

Luxury Hotels in Dhermi, view of beach and mountains from the water with people hanging out on the beach under umbrellas

1. Empire Beach Resort

If you’re looking for modern and spacious hotels in Dhermi, then the Empire Beach Resort should be your number one choice.

Empire Beach Resort offers a panoramic view of the sea and has a luxurious appeal to it. 

The staff and management are friendly and most are fluent in English, Italian and Albanian, so you won’t have a difficult time getting your word across. The reception is also available 24/7, a plus point for some. 

In terms of accommodation, there are plenty of options, depending on which side of the Resort you want to be on. You can get:

  • A standard room for two people with windows facing the mountains
  • A double room overlooking the garden and the sea, for two people
  • A double room facing the sea and the outdoor pool
  • A junior suite for two people
  • An executive suite with a conjoint living room and bedroom

The rooms are furnished and spacious, exuding a modern feel. Every room has a private bathroom that comes with a shower and necessary items like a hairdryer and extra towels.

All rooms have comfortable bedding and extra bed linen. There is an air conditioner and television in every room and a balcony in some. 

Continental breakfast is served every day next to an open kitchen, with live music performance.

Since the architecture and overall look of the restaurant are modern, it highly appeals to couples and those travelling in groups.

On another note, pets are not allowed, and the Resort only checks in people above the age of 18, so if you’re planning on travelling with children, this one is probably off the list. 

The Resort has most amenities like laundry and dry-cleaning, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool and a garden. 

A one-night stay at the Resort varies, depending on which room you choose, and the season you visit in.

Despite that, Empire Beach Resort is a popular choice due to the vast number of amenities being offered and the prime location. 

The resort is less than 100 km from the Corfu International Airport, and right next to the beach.

The Palasa Beach is only an eight-minute walk away, whereas the Dhermi Beach is within a kilometre radius. 

Overall, it is a good option for those who want a private beach area and a bar, or better yet, a decently-priced hotel near the coastline.

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Blue metal door with cross opening inwards with view of mountainside village outside

2. Elysium Hotel

Elysium Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Dhermi, and rightfully so!

This luxury hotel in Dhermi is a four-story building, with a rooftop and an outdoor pool.

One side faces the LLogara mountain and the other one offers a breathtaking view of the sky as it meets the Ionian Sea.

There are so many reasons why you should book an Albanian getaway at the Elysium!

The hotel is situated in Dhermi, thus 600 meters away from Dhermi Beach and 900 meters away from Palasa Beach.

Since it is in an optimal spot, the Hotel is close to the Nazar and Gjipe Beaches and the Piratet Restaurant.  

The hotel management and staff are very accommodating and welcoming. The front desk is available 24/7 and has on-site currency exchange too. 

The Elysium Hotel offers five types of accommodation:

  • A standard double room facing the sea, with one full bed and an additional sofa bed – for two people 
  • A twin room facing the mountains, with twin beds – for two people 
  • A superior double room that faces the sea and accommodates up to three people 
  • A deluxe double room facing the sea with additional amenities for three people
  • A corner double room with a sea view that accommodates only two people 

Every room is air-conditioned and has a flat-screen television, along with a desk and seat.

There is a private bathroom attached to every room and a couple of necessary items like toiletries and a hairdryer are available in every room. The Hotel also provides free Wi-Fi.

In case there is a baby or toddler on board, you can request a crib which the hotel provides free of cost. 

The outdoor swimming pool is also a good activity in case you’re not up for a day at the beach or strolling somewhere in Dhermi.

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

The beach welcomes all age groups and is free of cost to guests staying at the hotel.

Apart from that, for travellers with families, there is a playground with swings and other equipment for keeping the kids busy. 

If sitting by the outdoor pool isn’t your thing, then you can have a drink at the on-site bar or take a walk through the garden. There is also a beach bar next to the property where you can sunbathe. 

Elysium has an exquisite menu that offers Mediterranean-style cuisine, alongside pizza and seafood options.

There’s also a coffee house on the property and requests regarding special dietary needs can also be made. 

The hotel offers cleaning services as well and has a secure parking lot. The property also has a shared lounge area, the rooms are sound-proofed and offer airport shuttle service at an additional cost.

The perks and amenities in Elysium are perfect for solo travellers and those of you planning to visit Dhermi with friends or family.

Unlike the Empire Beach Resort, there is no age limit for the check-in, but pets are forbidden on the property and children of all ages are welcome.

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Best Hotels in Dhermi, Albania, Outside seating area with wooden and wicker chairs and thatched awning

3. Blue Boutique Hotel

Finally, a hotel where pets are also welcome! Blue Boutique Hotel is located in Dhermi, though not close to the sea, but has a beautiful backdrop of the mountains.

This modern yet sophisticated hotel offers a spanning view of the city and is only two minutes away from the beach. 

Blue Boutique is constructed on an elevated piece of land, 600 meters away from the Dhermi beach and a kilometre away from the Palasa Beach.

The building has a couple of stories and you can get an incredible panoramic view from the rooftop bar. The Gjipe, Nazar and Beach Me Shpella beaches are also close to the Blue Boutique. 

There are plenty of room options at the Blue Boutique, depending on the number of people travelling. 

  • A double room facing the sea – for two people
  • A family room with two beds – perfect for three people 
  • A junior suite facing the mountains has a living area and separate bedroom – accommodates two people
  • A deluxe suite facing the sea with a separate living area and bedroom – accommodates two people
  • A deluxe queen suite for two people with a separate living room and bedroom

Every room in the Hotel has a balcony and separate seating space. There’s an air conditioner and television installed.

All units have a separate bathroom with a modern-looking yet functional shower area. 

In terms of food, the hotel is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and high-tea meals. It offers Greek, Mediterranean, Albanian and Italian cuisines.

If you haven’t already, definitely be sure to try some of the traditional Albanian food here as the local cuisine is delicious.

There’s also a restaurant on the property and the Havana restaurant that is less than a kilometre away from the Blue Boutique.

In case you have special dietary needs, requests for special meals are catered at the Blue Boutique. 

Just like most other accommodations, Blue Boutique offers a range of services and amenities like free Wi-Fi, a secure parking garage, a garden with an outdoor seating area, a sun deck and a terrace.

The Hotel also has arrangements for activities like cooking classes and informative guides on Albanian culture. 

A range of cleaning services is also offered but at an additional cost. From housekeeping to laundry, ironing and dry cleaning.

Other facilities like photocopying or fax machines are also available at the Hotel. You can also arrange meetings or small events at the Hotel as it offers event organizing and banquet services. 

The property also offers on-site currency exchange and has a 24-hour tight security arrangement. You can also hire a concierge, and there are a few storage options available too. 

The Blue Boutique is an ideal space for those travelling with friends, families and especially if you have a pet on board.

The rooms are well-furnished and designed to meet the needs of modern tourists like you. The Hotel management is also friendly and hospitable.

You’re bound to have a good time at the Blue Boutique. The price that you pay reflects well the amenities offered.

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Best Dhermi beach hotels, Beach chairs, some with thatched umbrellas, on the beach surrounded by clear blue sea on a sunny day


This modern-looking, grey-roof hotel is the perfect beachfront property for a stay in Dhermi.

Just located a few steps away from Dhermi Beach, ALEVRA has a ton of facilities for families and solo travellers.

There’s a restaurant, a private parking space that is free of cost, a garden, a terrace and an on-site bar. 

Just like most accommodations in Dhermi, ALEVRA is optimally located near the Palasa and Gjipe Beaches.

Due to the prime location as one the best Dhermi beach hotels, and the on-site facilities, it is preferred by couples.

Since it is located on Dhermi Beach, you don’t have to walk all the way or book transport.

You can just walk out of your room and find yourself gazing at the waves hitting Dhermi Beach. Since it is near the end of Dhermi Beach, this area feels less crowded and stuffy than the others. 

Contrary to a modern building structure, ALEVRA has bungalow-style units. The units are clean, spacious and furnished with every necessary item you might need on a trip.

Although children of all ages are allowed on property, getting a crib for your little one is not an option. Unfortunately, ALEVRA doesn’t accommodate pets and there is no age restriction for check-in.

ALEVRA also has an on-site currency exchange, and free Wi-Fi and your bookings can be made online.

There is a range of activities offered on the property, especially water sports and off-site hiking, both have additional charges that are not included in a normal stay at the hotel.

Amenities like free private parking, fax and photocopying, laundry and housekeeping are also offered. 

There are three types of accommodation offered:

  • A double room facing the sea that has two beds and is perfect for three people
  • A family room facing the sea that is suitable for four people
  • A family bungalow with two beds that can house up to five people 

All units at ALEVRA are air-conditioned and there’s 24-hour on-site security. 

ALEVRA offers an a la carte breakfast every morning, and you can get specialized meals for children. Overall, ALEVRA is a suitable accommodation for families or those travelling in groups.

The staff is accommodating and fluent in English, Italian, Albanian, German and Spanish.

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Best accommodation in Dhermi, Cave in mountain with entrance on the water

5. Roots Dhermi

The Roots Dhermi is a beautiful historic property, standing in a cobblestone and wood structure, giving the perfect nature-meets-modern appeal.

Located near Dhermi Beach, Roots is only a 13-minute walk away from the beach. It is also within a two-kilometre radius of Palasa Beach and 65 kilometres from Corfu Airport. 

Just like the other hotels we’ve reviewed, Roots Dhermi is in a prime location, making it feasible to access the beach. 

Instead of rooms, Roots Dhermi has apartments which accommodate up to four people.

The apartments are adequately designed with wood, and stonework and furnished with modern appliances.

Most units in the hotel offer a panoramic view of the surrounding huts with their vermillion rooftops and a breathtaking sight of the Ionian horizon. 

There are two types of units:

  • A one-bedroom apartment with one full bed and a sofa bed, with a separate living area and bedroom  
  • A duplex apartment with two bedrooms and two queen-sized beds

The hotel does not have an age restriction for check-ins and you can request an extra bed that costs up to € 10 per person, for one night.

Although babies and children are welcome to stay at Roots Dhermi, currently there aren’t any cribs available.

Unfortunately, those of you planning to travel with pets might have to put this hotel off the list because pets are not allowed. 

Interestingly, every apartment at Roots Dhermi comes with a balcony, so you don’t have to pay extra for a private outdoor seating space to gaze at the sea or the mountains.

There’s also a small, yet functional kitchen for every apartment, with a microwave and a small dining area. Both unit types have seating areas and amenities like television installed.

📸 PRO TIP: My go-to camera for all my travels is the Sony A7iii – I highly recommend it!

Every apartment has its bathroom that comes with a bidet (that’s a first!) and accessories like a hairdryer.

The kitchen space also has a fridge, stovetop with an oven and a coffee machine. There’s also a closet space in every apartment, which is something that some hotels in Dhermi don’t offer. 

The hotel is located in a nice spot, outside the noisy area of Dhermi and the view is incredible too.

Every apartment comes with a load of facilities that are enough to make you consider Roots as a possible accommodation when in Dhermi.

There’s also free Wi-Fi and a top-notch security system. The hotel is air-conditioned and has proper heating. 

The staff is also extremely humble and welcoming, with most fluent in English.

Though there is no private parking or outdoor space available, it’s still worth consideration, given that it is so close to the beach and has tons of facilities.

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Winding stone path on mountain leading up to white church

6. Greccia Hotel

The Greccia Hotel has a distinctive exterior, almost giving a mid-century modern look.

There is a lot of greenery surrounding the hotel front and the rest of the property and the rooms are well-furnished.

The property is located in Vlore County and is only 300 meters away from Dhermi Beach. There’s also a bar and garden on the property, along with BBQ facilities.

The best part is that Greccia is close to the Vlore city centre and the Gjipe Beach.

There’s a front desk that’s available 24/7 and you can hire a concierge or housekeeping services. The hotel has other facilities like dry cleaning and laundry services and there’s also a hairdresser on site.

What sets apart Greccia from the other hotels that we have looked at are the facilities and activities it offers other than just being close to the beach.

There is a designated spot for a picnic on the property, a furnished sun deck, a terrace and a garden. You can also rent out a private beach area or organize a small banquet. 

Some of the activities offered at the hotel are themed dinners, movie nights, paid tours, entertainment performances during the evening, karaoke and a game room.

In addition to that, there is also an outdoor playing area for kids and an indoor area with puzzles and board games.

So, if you’re travelling with kids, Greccia might be the best accommodation to book. 

Greccia also has the most distinct types of rooms suitable for families and solo travellers:

  • A deluxe double room with a private balcony that faces the sea – perfect for two people
  • A sea-facing, one-bedroom suite with a balcony and two bedrooms and one living area. This suite is perfect for couples or a group of four
  • A family room with a spacious patio – perfect for those travelling with kids
  • A triple room with a sea-facing balcony that has two beds and is suitable for three to four people
  • An apartment with a private terrace that has a separate bedroom and living space. This one is suitable for a group of four

Every room has either a mountain, garden or sea view and comes with a television and a private bathroom.

The bathroom is stocked up with necessities like toiletries, bath robes, and slippers, and has an attached bath and bidet. 

You can also request an extra bed that costs € 10 per person, for one night, and a crib for toddlers which is free of cost. 

Greccia has one of the best security measures in Dhermi. There are CCTV cameras lined outside and inside the property, along with a security alarm, and 24-hour on-duty guards and is overall a safe accommodation spot. 

Another one of Greccia’s special features is the on-site convenience store where you can also get groceries delivered right to your doorstep.

There is also a designated smoking lounge and a separate TV lounge for guests.

All units are soundproofed and air-conditioned. Surprisingly, facilities for disabled persons are also available like wheelchair accessibility. 

The hotel staff and management are cooperative and hospitable. Most are fluent in English, Greek and Italian.

There is almost every facility available at Greccia Hotel and the prime location makes it optimal for spending a night in Dhermi.

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Best Hotels in Dhermi, Albania, View of mountainside village of Dhermi at sunset

7. Hotel Ionian

As the name suggests, Hotel Ionian offers an incredible view of the Albanian Riviera, specifically the Ionian Sea.

The hotel is situated near the coastline and is only a one-minute walk away from Dhermi Beach. 

Hotel Ionian is a beautiful beachfront property with a ton of features and facilities to make your stay in Dhermi cosy and comfortable. 

Starting, there are four types of units you can choose from:

  • A triple room to be shared by three people that are equipped with a twin-sized and queen-sized bed
  • A quadruple room that is suitable for four people and has a private balcony
  • A suite that partially faces the Ionian Sea and is optimal for a group of four
  • A standard double room that is equipped with a queen-sized bed and is perfect for two people 

The accommodation units in Hotel Ionian are air-conditioned and equipped with cable television as well as a private bathroom.

Some rooms have a designated seating area as well and a spanning view of the Ionian Sea. 

The Hotel Ionian does provide free Wi-Fi but only in some areas and laundry services are available upon request. Other services include photocopying and currency exchange.

The front desk is available throughout the day and night. Though there aren’t special outdoor activities like in some other hotels, there is a sun deck and direct access to the beach. 

In terms of food, there is a coffee house on the property, a bar and a restaurant.

There isn’t an outdoor swimming pool for adults but you can find a kids’ pool and a couple of entertainment activities like board games and puzzles. 

There are no age restrictions at Hotel Ionian but pets are strictly prohibited from property grounds. 

Hotel Ionian’s prime beachfront location is the reason why it is preferred by a lot of tourists visiting Dhermi.

There isn’t much to do in the Hotel itself but you can always take a stroll at the beach or sunbathe.

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Which accommodation in Dhermi is for you?

There are plenty of accommodations to look at if you’re planning to visit Dhermi.

Don’t just settle for the one that has the highest number of positive reviews, do an individual check and see which hotel suits your needs.

If you’re travelling with kids then Greccia, ALEVRA or Blue Boutique might be considerable.

But, if you want something close to the beach, then Hotel Ionian and Empire Beach Resort might be worthy of consideration.

📚 P.S. Grab access to my Travelling Albania Guide to get a comprehensive insight into more places to visit in Albania (including secret spots that are not recommended in the usual guides!)

When choosing a hotel for a trip, it all comes down to what you are looking for – do you want a balcony with a sea or mountain view, a separate kitchen or living space, or perhaps you want a pet-friendly location.

Once you’ve sorted out the facilities you want, it becomes easier to decide among all the options you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Which hotels in Dhërmi are good for couples?

There are several Dhermi hotels that are ideal for a romantic getaway. The best hotels in Dhermi for couples are the ALEVRA, Empire Beach Resort and Greccia Hotel.

✅ Which hotels in Dhërmi are good for families?

All of the Dhermi hotels on this list except for the Empire Beach Resort are great for families. However, perhaps the best accommodation in Dhermi for kids is the Elysium Hotel as it has a playground area.

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