10 Best Hotels in Ksamil, Albania – 2024 Guide

Last Updated on March 14, 2024

If you’re looking for a destination that offers the best of both worlds, with stunning Albania beaches and historical sites, then Ksamil is ideal.

With its picturesque location overlooking the Ionian Sea, this small town in south Albania has something for everyone.

The hotels in Ksamil offer great value accommodation but if you want to splash out on luxury then there are also plenty of options available too!

Best hotels in Ksamil, Albania, Aerial shot of green-covered islands and clear blue water with mainland Albania in background

You’ll also find amazing Ksamil hotels on the beach so that you can basically just roll out of the hotel’s comfortable beds into a relaxing day on the beach.

Whether it is a luxury hotel in Ksamil or a more affordable option, there are plenty of places to stay that will make this beautiful beach town feel like home!

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I have gathered the top 10 best hotels in Ksamil, Albania that you can choose from for your next holiday in this beautiful beach town.

Best Hotels in Ksamil, Albania

10 Best Hotels in Ksamil, Albania - 2024 Guide, two cups on a balcony overlooking Albania

1. Marku Palace

Maku Palace is a 4-star hotel located near the Butrint National Park, with free WiFi and an outdoor swimming pool for all guests to enjoy the summer.

The property has comfortable rooms equipped with TV as well as kitchenettes so you can prepare your own meals in comfort while on vacation if you want to. The rooms also have internet access which is great for digital-nomads.

A grocery store is also just steps away as well as some of Ksamil’s best restaurants.

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The beach is a one minute walk away and if you book far enough in advance you may even bag yourself a room with a sea view.

Your Local Guide to Ksamil, Albania, Balcony area with benches, swing and hanging comfortable chair with view of harbour and mountains in the distance

2. Mire Mare

One of the most luxurious Ksamil hotels, Hotel Mira Mare is a comfortable 4-star hotel conveniently located near Butrint National Park.

This modern establishment offers comfy, air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi access as well as spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea from private balconies.

Each hotel rooms has a flat-screen cable TV, a kitchenette that can be used to prepare light meals or snacks throughout your vacation stay on this beautiful Albanian coastline!

If you are looking for the best luxury hotels in Ksamil, Albania, you can’t go wrong with a stay here.

Where to stay in Ksamil Albania, Tall white hotel building at night with lights glowing on balconies and white car parked in front
Local guide to the best Ksamil hotels, Balcony with small table and two black chairs overlooking beach view with mountains in the distance

3. Vila Vasiliu

If you are looking for great, relaxing Ksamil beach hotels, then this is it!

Vila Vasiliu offers everything from free WiFi and private parking spaces to a well-equipped kitchen with cooking facilities and even an outdoor barbecue.

The Vila also comes equipped with air conditioning units in each room so that guests can have total comfort while enjoying some much-needed rest after a long day at one of Ksamil’s beautiful beaches.

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This Ksamil accommodation is located 984 feet from the serene Puerto Rico Beach.

​The room prices of this hotel are also fairly affordable!

Best Hotels in Ksamil, Albania, outdoor pool area with rows of pool chairs and beanbags and buildings in distance

4. Hotel Piramida

Hotel Piramida is an affordable, comfortable hotel that ensures guests with free WiFi and an incredible pool!

The seasonal outdoor swimming pool lets you beat the heat while enjoying some time to relax on their lounge chairs.

If your plans include business meetings during your trip don’t worry—they offer rooms with desks so you never have to leave the room!

The rooms are beautifully designed and have everything you need for your stay including an energizing continental breakfast in the morning. Enjoy it on your private balcony or outside by the pool.

Those looking for cheap hotels in Ksamil this is a great option and is right in the centre.

Guide to the Best Hotels in Ksamil, Albania, outside view of Hotel Meta

5. Guesthouse Meta Ksamil

Guesthouse Meta Ksamil is one of the best to stay in Ksamil as it has a private pool, but it’s also a great Ksamil beach hotel.

They do have all modern amenities with a beautiful view over the waters of Ksamil.

The prices are reasonable (between $70- $100 per night), and includes air conditioning, buffet breakfast private parking and more.

Only a few feet from the beachfront, this is definitely one of the top hotels in Ksamil beach and ideal for those looking for a holiday in the sun.

This Ksamil hotel is also just a short walk away from the best restaurants, cafes and other shops so you don’t need to go far for food!

This is a great place to stay in Ksamil, but make sure you book ahead because of its popularity rooms might not be available in the heat of the summer.

Best Ksamil hotels on the beach, balcony with blue table and chairs overlooking the beach and ocean at dusk

6. Hotel Esmerald Ksamil

At Hotel Esmerald Ksamil guests can enjoy an ocean view from the penthouse suite or spend time in its garden.

The hotel also has free parking for those who drive. Plus each room has a private bathroom and air conditioning in each room with WiFi connectivity included.

This hotel is best for those who appreciate a good view of the ocean from their room. The best thing about this Ksamil hotel is its great location on the beach and has easy access to popular attractions.

Beach hotels in Ksamil, Albania, hotel room with two beds, athroom and paintings on the wall
Guide to the best Hotels in Ksamil, balcony area with table and chairs overlooking water and name of hotel (Hotel Mare) above on a sunny day

7. Hotel Mare

Hotel Mare is a perfect place for your next family vacation. Due to the spacious family rooms, I consider it to be the best hotel in Ksamil for families.

They offer free WiFi and an on-site restaurant with complimentary buffet breakfast each morning.

Plus they have private parking so you don’t have to worry about where to leave the car when going out and its also an excellent choice if you’re planning an Albania road trip. 

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The hotel also has some pretty incredible sea views and is one of the best places to really experience the beaches that Ksamil has to offer. Check out my Albania travel guide for Albania attractions and Albania travel tips!

The staff is very welcoming and helpful, always doing their best to make sure that you are comfortable.

Best Hotels in Ksamil for families, outdoor table with three plates of breakfast food overlooking nearby neighbourhood and water in the distance
Amazing Hotels in Ksamil, Albania, outdoor pool area on a sunny day with many pool chairs and next to a four storey blue and white hotel building

8. Heksamil Hotel

Heksamil Hotel is a modern and family-friendly hotel is located in the picturesque Ksamil village.

Free WiFi throughout, soundproofing in every room, a fridge and a flat-screen TV for your convenience – this wonderful property has everything you need to enjoy both relaxation and adventure!

The property offers free parking and a restaurant can be found nearby.

This seven-and-a-half-mile drive will take you to Sarande’s city centre, where there are many shops that never close – perfect for those late-night cravings! Just remember to bring a phone charging bank with you if you’re planning to stay out for a while.

Best Ksamil beach hotels, hotel room with two beeds, black drawn curtains multiple lamps

9. Central Park Hotel Ksamil

This 4-star hotel offers accommodations with garden views and is one of the best hotels in Southern Albania.

All guestrooms have access to a shared lounge and barbecue facilities for guests who want to enjoy some time outdoors.

Not only does it provide free parking but also 24-hour front desk service as well room service should you need anything during your stay here!

Central Park Hotel Ksamil is only a hop, skip and jump from Puerto Rico Beach.

The hotel includes amenities like a restaurant, bar, private parking area where you can keep your car safe and sound all day long while checking out the local beaches or nearby sites.

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There’s also free WiFi on hand if you need to get some work done while travelling internationally which makes for an amazing travel experience. 

You’ll have access to a daily continental breakfast buffet where fresh food is served as well as nearby sights like Butrint National Park.

Best accommodation in Ksamil, Albania, outdoor seating area overlooking trees and nearby buildings
Where to stay in Ksamil, Albania, exterior of the Poseidon Hotel with sign above building on a sunny day

10. Poseidon Hotel

The Poseidon Hotel has gained a reputation and for good reason!

The Ksamil accommodation offers many great amenities including a restaurant, free private parking, bar and garden for guests to enjoy

All of the modern rooms come equipped with air conditioning (essential during the summer), flat-screen TVs ready for entertainment on those rainy days where reading on the beach may not be an option.

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This property also boasts 24/7 tour desk availability so that even if your plans change last minute there’s always someone nearby who’ll help make sure it goes as smoothly.

Plus, you’ll be near Ksamil town centre where all the best attractions are!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is Ksamil worth visiting?

Yes Ksamil is worth visiting. It has so many beautiful beaches to enjoy during the day and a vibrant nightlife scene for evening entertainment.

✅ Where to stay in Ksamil, Albania for families? 

There are many great Ksamil hotels for families, but two of the best options are Hotel Mare and Heksamil Hotel.

✅ What are the best hotels near Ksamil Beach? 

If you’re looking for the best Ksamil beach hotels, you can’t go wrong with Vila VasiliuHotel Esmerald Ksamil and Guesthouse Meta Ksamil.

✅ Is Ksamil safe for tourists?

Yes, Ksamil is safe for tourists. However, just like any location, you should be aware of petty crimes such as pickpocketing.

Those are my picks of the best hotels in Ksamil, Albania. Which one would you pick for your next vacation? Did I miss any of Ksamil’s best hotels? Let me know which hotels in Ksamil you think should be on the list below and why by commenting below.

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