The Best Names for Pinterest Boards

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Pinterest is a visual search engine, like Google, but also very different from Google.

With more than 400 million active monthly users, Pinterest is a haven for bloggers and business owners.

More than 87% of users on the platform have bought what they looked on Pinterest, and many are from a higher income bracket. So, there is definitely something in it for you. 

But Pinterest isn’t about mindlessly uploading product images or blog graphics, hoping someday someone would stumble upon your profile and be magically interested in your business.

There’s a systematic way of uploading content on Pinterest, and that is through Pinterest boards. 

Curating a Pinterest SEO-optimised profile requires brainstorming and effort to churn up the best names for Pinterest boards and create the right content.

It may seem daunting at first, but creating a presence on Pinterest through personalized boards is easy and effective for your business.

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This blog post addresses how to find the best names for Pinterest boards, write keyword-optimized descriptions, and get started on grabbing the best platform for virtual vision boards!

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What are Pinterest boards? 

Before coming up with the best names for Pinterest boards, let’s discuss what a Pinterest board is.

A Pinterest board is a vision board where you keep a record of all your ideas. Quite literally, it is where you save your Pinterest Pins. 

Unlike pictures posted on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, photos and videos on Pinterest are saved on Pinterest boards and called Pins.

Though Pinterest is more of a visual search engine than a social media platform, it is considered more organized than Google.

When you search for something on Google, you save that image to your local storage or bookmark the link to your browser.

Google does have a feature where you can save images to a collection, but that’s used rarely.

best Pinterest board name ideas, Selection of Pinterest group boards and personal boards

The collections feature is not engaging enough and only saves images and links, not videos. If you want to save a video Pin on Pinterest, save it to your Board to access later.

Unlike Google Collections, a Pinterest board is customizable to your needs. You don’t need to put all your Pins on one Board which can get cluttered and is unsuitable for a Pinterest Business Account

Every Pinterest board can have its theme or serve a different purpose. For example, I have one Pinterest board for my travel blog and a separate one for travelling tips and food-related content. 

A unique feature is that you can create sections within a Pinterest board. How cool is that?

On top of choosing some of the best names for Pinterest boards, you can create categories within a board, have collaborators, and add a short description. 

Pinners can either follow your Pinterest account or a specific Pinterest board.

Why are Pinterest boards important?

Pinterest is the best platform for you to market your business at. If you’re still using Pinterest as another app to look for craft project ideas, you’re missing out on a lot. 

As a business owner, you can link your website, blog, or Etsy account with your Pinterest profile and take advantage of Pinterest SEO.

You can upload visually appealing images relevant to your business, like product images or graphics for blog posts, to attract more people to your storefront or website.

With unique Pinterest board ideas, you can target what your potential customer might be looking for and point their direction towards your Pinterest profile. 

With more than 400 million monthly users on the platform, Pinterest marketing is an excellent opportunity for you to reach a diverse audience and grow your business. 

Pinterest boards help you target specific customer pain points.

Let’s say you have an antique goods business. Instead of just posting pictures of antique goods from your shop, you can create Pinterest boards specific to the client base you are trying to reach.

Antique items usually are pricey; hence you need to take great care of them. So, suppose someone is interested in buying antique furniture.

In that case, they might also want to know how to polish an old cane rack or clean antique jewellery. In that regard, some of the Pinterest board ideas for your business could be:

  • Upholstering antique furniture 
  • Polishing antique jewellery etc. 

With Pinterest boards and a little help from Pinterest SEO, you can reach audiences that might not be looking for antique furniture per se.

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However, through your Pinterest board, they were able to find your business and might become a prospective buyer. 

But wait a minute. 

Not too fast. 

Simply creating a Pinterest board won’t cut it. You have to put some effort into it. 

You must develop Pinterest board ideas that people find helpful or search for. 

Speaking of search, you will have to scour the internet to find the best names for Pinterest boards.

We’ll talk more about finding the best names for Pinterest boards later, but for now, know that Pinterest marketing can skyrocket your business growth.

You can drive more traffic to your storefront or blog and encourage prospects to sign up for your newsletters, check out your shop, or the newest sale. 

A well-structured and optimized Pinterest board will keep your customer engaged, help them find what they are looking for, and share your business with others.

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How to make a Pinterest board on Pinterest?

Before finding the best names for Pinterest boards, you must know how to make one. 

Sign in to your account, and make sure you have a Pinterest business account if you want your target audience to find you on Pinterest. 

Once signed in, click on the + icon on your Pinterest profile. A pop-up will appear, asking you to choose between creating a Pin or Board. 

Click on Board, and it will direct you to a prompt for adding in the details of your Board.

This is where you need to brainstorm some Pinterest board name ideas. 

Names for Pinterest boards, How to Create a Pinterest Group Board

Now, there are a few ways of doing that:

  • You wing it and come up with whatever seems one of the best names for Pinterest boards
  • Use a Pinterest board name generator
  • Or, (my favourite!), use a trusted resource for finding the best names for Pinterest boards like the Pinterest Keyword Vault.

We’ll talk a bit more about how to find the best names for Pinterest boards later. For now, let’s focus on creating a Pinterest board. 

After entering the name, you can add as many collaborators as you want to the Board or leave it as it is. There’s also an option to make the board “secret” or invisible to others.

We’re going to skip that for now, as there is no point in making a Pinterest board for your business if you’re going to hide it from everyone.

The Best Pinterest Board Name Ideas

Generally, the best Pinterest board name ideas are simple. A play on words might seem incredible, but will the maximum amount of your target audience be able to find that? Probably not!

Staying in line with Pinterest SEO principles is the best and fool-proof way of generating Pinterest board name ideas. 

You want something to the point that grabs your customer’s attention and makes them want to look up your profile. 

As a rule of thumb, the best Pinterest board name ideas are the ones that:

Have a keyword in the board title

Keywords are what your target audience enters into the search bar when looking for something. Your board name should always include a keyword relevant to your business or blog. 

best Pinterest board ideas, Learn how to link Etsy to Pinterest, individually patterned letters spelling out S E O on a white background
Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

If you’re unsure how to find the best keywords, look at the Pinterest Keyword Vault that I have designed. 

The Pinterest Keyword Vault has a database of more than 7000 top-ranking keywords for more than 210 categories and niches.

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So, you don’t have to spend hours searching for keywords your target audience might be searching for. 

Instead, you must log in to the Pinterest Keyword Vault, look up your niche, and choose a name for your Pinterest board.

Along with recommendations for the best names for Pinterest boards, the Vault gives an insight into average monthly searches for that specific keyword, so you know the competition you’re about to enter.

Relevant Pins

Next to finding the best names for Pinterest boards, focus on adding relevant content. Only add Pins that are relevant to your business and the Board.

It doesn’t seem right to add Pins related to food on a board intended for the travel bucket list.

Your prospect would feel less engaged in what the Board is about since the name and content would not match. 

How to write Pinterest Board descriptions?

When researching the best names for Pinterest boards, don’t forget to include relevant keywords in the board description.

The board description is the small text snippet a prospect would see before they begin scrolling down your Board.

Pinterest board name ideas, Person covering their face and lying back on a bed surrounded by Polaroid photos
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

A good description must have relevant keywords. 

For instance, check out the description below for my travel bucket list board. 

Welcome to my travel bucket list board! Here you will find travel bucket list ideas, travel bucket list destinations, and bucket list travel guides including Usa, Dubai, Europe, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Australia and more! I’m Anita, a travel blogger of 9 years and I help people who want to travel to underrated destinations and give them practical up-to-date travel itineraries, travel tips and travel guides. To learn more head over to my travel blog

I have included the primary keyword “travel bucket list” three times in the description. The description is straightforward and precise.

It enlists the countries I would like to visit, a small introduction about me and what I do, and a call-to-action at the end for prospects to check out my blog. 

This simple yet effective way of writing board descriptions is second to brainstorming the best names for Pinterest boards.

Don’t overstuff your description with keywords, as that can negatively impact the platform’s algorithm and reduce your visibility. 

Write two to three sentences with natural placement for your keywords and make the content friendly and welcoming.

Also, hashtags are more of an Instagram thing, so feel free to exclude them from your description. 

Are Pinterest Board Covers needed?

If you’re all about aesthetics and prefer some cohesion, you can design Pinterest board covers specific to your brand.

While it is good to incorporate your brand’s colour, fonts, or any other specifications into the board cover, it isn’t necessary.

Finding free stock images and editing them may take a lot of time, and your Board is better off without that.

Instead, focus on finding the best names for Pinterest boards, which will attract your target audience.

Choosing the best names for Pinterest boards depends on your business niche. It also partially depends on what you expect to gain out of Pinterest or social media marketing.

If your business is better off thriving without social media, you may not need a Pinterest account. But for most online businesses and bloggers, Pinterest is the holy grail of marketing. 

I hope these tips were beneficial for you to take your Pinterest marketing seriously and begin experimenting.

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Start with looking for the best names for Pinterest boards within your niche. Look for repetitive themes and keywords – this is how you develop the best names for Pinterest boards!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How long should Pinterest board names be?

Pinterest board names can not be more than 50 characters. Most board names are 1-3 words long.

✅ Can you change the name of a board on Pinterest?

Yes! Just log in, edit and click on the ellipsis (…) to change the name, then save any changes you have made.

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