The Best Pinterest Course to take in 2023

Last Updated on January 8, 2023

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Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms for online business owners, whether a coach or digital marketers and bloggers.

The platform works as a visual search engine, garnering attention from more than 433 million active users every month.

The problem isn’t that online business owners, marketers, and bloggers are unaware of Pinterest as a platform, but they undermine its usage as a powerful digital marketing tool.

And, indeed, knowing how to use Pinterest for bloggers and other businesses is one of the most important tools in you can have in your arsenal.

Whether selling digital or physical products, owning a brick-and-mortar storefront, or operating through e-commerce, Pinterest can refurbish your marketing.

Not only is digital marketing relatively inexpensive than traditional methods, but it requires less time to master the essential knowledge and skills.

Although it’s easier to learn digital marketing strategies for Pinterest than learn how to conduct thorough marketing research for a new product launch, it does require a lot of effort.

With digital marketing for Pinterest, you have to learn the basics and the intricacies of its algorithm, Pinterest SEO, and keyword research.

You’ll also need to learn about ads for Pinterest if you’re thinking of running business ads on the platform.

Many newbies in the field of Pinterest marketing rely on experimenting with the platform and its features, expecting little to no growth in the first few months of their time on Pinterest.

Others who want a more serious and structured learning approach look for the best Pinterest courses.

One of the best gifts of the 21st century is the introduction of e-learning.

Especially as a stay-at-home parent or self-employed, online courses are the best way to ramp up your career.

There’s an online course for almost every programming language and skills like woodcarving or knitting. Now you can also find courses on SEO, marketing, and Pinterest!

We’re gonna tackle what Pinterest can do for your business, its relevance in the digital marketing field and I have the best Pinterest course to share with you.

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This article will discuss the course contents and what it offers for bloggers and Pinterest marketers like you.

How can Pinterest work for your business?

Before we discuss the best Pinterest course in detail, let’s see how you can leverage Pinterest for marketing and promoting your services, business or blog.

Because knowing how to use Pinterest for business will be a game-changer for you!

The issue that most business owners and bloggers face isn’t that their merchandise isn’t good or their content isn’t engaging enough.

Instead, it’s that they are not utilizing the right digital marketing strategies to promote what they’re selling.

Don’t get me wrong, digital marketing is a vast domain of all things you can do to gain traction to your blog or online shop.

However, not knowing what specific strategy to adopt for your blogging niche or business field is what can set you up for failure.

How can Pinterest work for your business, Person covering their face and lying back on a bed surrounded by Polaroid photos
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This is something that the best Pinterest course covers – Passive Profit with Pinterest.

Not only will this course teach you what Pinterest marketing is, but help you create a Pinterest marketing strategy specific to your business or blogging needs.

The loophole in most online resources that proclaim to be the best Pinterest course is that they fail to make the learner realize that Pinterest is the easiest and fastest way to get high-quality traffic for your blog or business.

Most learners get intimidated by the copious amounts of handouts they have to read or watch hour-long videos on topics that could easily be explained in a couple of minutes.

So, why exactly do you need Pinterest to run a business? What benefits does Pinterest offer? The simple answer to that is: Many

For starters, take a look at Pinterest demographics, you can see that:

  • More than 60% of the audience on Pinterest are women 
  • The rest 40% are male and Gen Z users, meaning they are more in-tune with latest trends and fashion – more chance for you to gain traction if you own a clothing or creative business
  • More than 45% Americans with an average household income of $100,000 and more are active users on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine and people are constantly in search of new ideas and inspirational content for their next DIY project or when creating a work fit.

Pinterest users rely on the platform for planning their future purchases and projects.

With that said, there is room for finding your target audience on Pinterest and capturing their interest to drive up your sales or views.

For businesses struggling to sell their merchandise to the right customer or bloggers struggling to find the right audience for their blogs and online courses, Pinterest is the right platform.

This is where people show up when browsing anything from clothing items to recipes or looking for travelling tips.

Enough about audience demographics, here’s what Pinterest offers for your business:

1. Pinterest Ads

One of the most promising ways to grow on any platform nowadays is through ads and sponsored content.

Pinterest isn’t coming slow when it comes to offering easy-to-use and interactive advertising features.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest ads don’t bombard users’ feeds with boring and repetitive ads. Relevant ads pop up only when users are looking for what intrigues them.

This way, the Pinterest user would enjoy their stay on the platform and you can grow your business easily.

Ads not only increase your brand awareness, but drive more traffic and generate sales for you. As a blogger, you can use ads to increase email newsletter signups!

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2. Flexible Tools

The best part about marketing on Pinterest is its easy-to-use and flexible tool library. There’s a tool on Pinterest for everything.

It’s fairly easy to create every type on your mobile device and the web application.

You also have the easy-to-navigate ads manager which allows you to edit and build campaigns or set up them for customized targeting.

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3. Demographics

Pinterest has a wide range of audience, so no matter what your business type or blogging niche, you’re likely to find a handful of clients or customers for your business.

Especially for bloggers, Pinterest offers a great opportunity to create and grow your own small community of people with shared interests.

With a great inbound strategy, you can utilize Pinterest to divert traffic to your blog or website.

(Don’t worry, the best Pinterest course also covers how to create an inbound strategy for your Pinterest business account!)

The amount of benefits that Pinterest offers could surpass the length of this article.

However, know that as a business owner, blogger or digital marketer, there is no better platform than Pinterest to grow an audience, get more leads and increase sales.

Pinterest users have a greater buying intent than users on other social media sites.

Is Pinterest still relevant?


You may think we already have Google, then what’s the need for another “search engine” or a social media platform when there are others.

Consequently, you might think what’s the point of buying the “best Pinterest course” if the platform isn’t worth it?

Well, truth be told. If the platform was not relevant to business and blogging needs, then I would not have created the best Pinterest course or talked about Pinterest marketing in most of my blogs!

Yes, Pinterest is still relevant. With a monthly audience of over 400 million, and a tool library that’s unlike any other, Pinterest is the best marketing decision you could make for your business.

As someone who’s been in the blogging and online business for more than a decade, I have years of experience churning out quality content for both my blog and Pinterest accounts.

So I can guarantee if you start taking Pinterest marketing seriously today, it will be worth it.

When I started my blogging journey a decade ago, there weren’t a lot of resources on how to make a living out of a blog or use social media sites like Pinterest to get the maximum traction for your blog.

Over the years, I have learned from my mistakes and gained much more wisdom than I had a decade ago.

However, I have also noticed there aren’t a lot of good resources for online business owners or marketers who want to capture the audience on Pinterest.

I had checked out multiple online courses and bootcamps that were proclaimed to be the “best Pinterest course”, but got nothing but disappointment.

To fill the gap that I feel existed, I wanted to make the best Pinterest course for bloggers – or anyone! – and so I created something out of my own experience and knowledge about the platform.

And in this blog post I am going to share why Passive Profit with Pinterest is the best Pinterest course you will find on the web – and the most affordable!

best pinterest course for bloggers, Passive profit with Pinterest course cover reading

Best Pinterest course – Passive profit with Pinterest

For those of you who don’t know, I have been a blogger for more than a decade, and a little time after starting my blog, I realized how crucial it is to market it effectively.

Sure I had all the knowledge and experience about traveling and I had seen all these amazing places that I could write about, all the packing and trip planning advice I could offer.

However, I was more focused on writing and churning out content regularly, than promoting it.

And like most, or some of you, it wasn’t until I had noticed the lack of traffic I was getting on my webpages.

I didn’t realize that writing blog posts is only half of the work required to become a successful blogger. The other half is how well you market it.

And of course, you might want to venture into offering services or creating digital resources or products providing more detailed knowledge on the subject you’re dealing with.

This is where I started looking for ways I could promote my blog, and began my own research into the best pinterest marketing course available.

Though Pinterest had already launched, I, like most other bloggers, didn’t believe or was unaware of its efficacy in promoting a blog, let alone a business.

Until then, I was using Pinterest to get inspired for my next trip or project – anything but for business.

By the time I understood that Pinterest could help me reach out to my target audience in a better and more specialized way, I was already looking for online resources to help me.

I wanted to better understand how to promote my blog posts using colourful Pins and Boards.

Years down the line, after countless hours of scouring the web for resources on Pinterest marketing, SEO, keywords and content strategy, I decided to take the matter in my own hands.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to fulfil my goal of creating a learning resource – something that could help my audience leverage their business or blog to the next level.

To be honest, it was a challenge for me to create the best Pinterest course, a rather exciting one. I knew the loopholes.

And I knew what required my utmost attention: helping bloggers create a personalized content strategy, optimize their Pinterest Business profile, and create quality content that converts.

Of course, once you’ve figured out what the loopholes are, you have a better understanding of how to differentiate what you’re offering from others.

This approach to differentiate my course content from other creators and courses out there helped me roll out the best Pinterest course – Passive Profit with Pinterest.

I will not make cliche statements like most other landing pages: “it’s the only Pinterest course you need” or “the best one out there”.

Instead, you can see why it’s the best Pinterest course through a brief account of what every module within the Passive Profit with Pinterest is about.

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Module 1: Getting started on Pinterest

Like most online courses, the first module is an introduction to Pinterest.

Whether you are looking for a Pinterest manager course, a Pinterest strategies course, or just how to design pins, you need to understand what Pinterest is and how it works.

So the course introduces you to using Pinterest to market your business or blog using Pins, Boards and diverting Pinterest users to your blog or online store.

This module will specifically teach you how to set up a Pinterest business account.

As a blogger or business owner, you must fully use a Business account to utilize built-in tools for Pinterest marketing.

It won’t leave a good impression on your audience if you use the same Pinterest account for your business/blogging and personal needs.

This is also something that most courses that proclaim to be the best Pinterest course fail to address – the need to set an impression on your audience through your profile optimization and content.

If you want to convert your personal account to a professional business account, the best Pinterest course will also teach you that.

On top of that, the content covers domain verification and creating Rich Pins.

Rich Pins are organic Pins that sync information from your blog or online shop to your Pins. Rich Pins are so useful that they update as you change information on your website.

There are three types of rich pins – Recipe, Article and Product rich Pins – and you bet the best Pinterest course will briefly introduce you to these.

Not every Pinterest course will fully teach you how to optimize your Pinterest Business account. Some might not even address the importance of profile optimization.

For those unsure what it means, optimization adheres to tweaking your profile by adding keywords, professional pictures and adding crisp and clear Pin and Board descriptions to cater to your audience’s needs fully.

Optimization is crucial for ensuring visibility. How will your target audience look at you if you’re not adding the main keyword for your business in your profile or board names?

Not adding keywords to your profile means no one would be able to find your blog or business when they look for the relevant keyword.

Module 2: Pinterest 101

The second module is where you will learn how to leverage Pinterest for digital marketing using my PPS method.

Apart from the PPS method, the second module in the best Pinterest course teaches you to be less scared of data.

As a blogger or online business owner, it’s natural for you to come across a lot of data.

However, don’t get intimidated by the size and breadth of this data. Instead, learn how to use this data for your own benefit.

From data regarding your target audience and their likes and dislikes to popular keyword searches for the month, there is an abundant amount of data and analytics that you will come across or might have already.

This module, therefore, will teach you how to read and understand those figures and how to plan your strategy according to that. Understanding data is only useful when analysed.

Raw data can rarely be of use, therefore we have tools like Google Analytics that you can integrate with your Pinterest Business account for a clearer picture of your Pin stats and traffic redirected to your website.

Passive Profit with Pinterest cannot be the best Pinterest course without some freebies and useful handouts within the course.

To make your content planning easier, I have included a Pinterest tracker template you can use for content planning and strategy.

Module 3: Optimizing your profile

As mentioned earlier, optimising your Pinterest profile is the first step to starting your Pinterest marketing journey.

And this is what the third module within the best Pinterest course covers. In this module, I’ll teach you how to revamp your business profile from boring to noteworthy for your audience.

Not only is an optimized profile more visible, but it’s easier for your audience to interact and engage with it, and it also helps with Pinterest SEO.

Before optimization, we’ll also discuss how to find the right audience and determine the best way to interact with them.

Every business or brand has a varying audience demographic, and so is how to interact and engage with them.

As a bonus, you will also get insights into the latest Pinterest updates and changes, which are crucial to understanding as a blogger or business owner whose marketing efforts depend on Pinterest.

Module 4: Powering up with boards

Next up, we have a module specifically for creating and revamping your Pinterest boards. Boards and Pins are the most essential part of your content marketing journey on Pinterest.

This is how you will gain your audience’s attention and market your blog posts or merchandise to them.

Therefore, powering up your board is as essential as creating a strategy for your business or brand.

In this module, however, we’ll discuss which board you must create to get the most website visits and results – and of course, how to create those boards.

The module also focuses on creating descriptions for your Boards, and obviously, we’ll talk about the importance of including keywords in your descriptions.

One of the topics this module covers is Group boards, which is a relatively newer addition to Pinterest.

Group Boards are great for collaborating with other bloggers, brands or creators within or outside of your niche and increasing visibility and engagement.

Module 5: Creating and converting Pinterest content

The second last module will cover the most-awaited part of the best Pinterest course – content strategy.

Creating a content strategy is the most complex and stressful part of running a blog or a business.

However, it doesn’t have to be something that makes you pull your hair out and scream into the void – no, seriously. It’s not that difficult to create Pins that convert while you relax.

As a blogger or business owner, you want to create something that sets the tone for your business and differentiates it from others within the niche.

Something that makes your target audience to stop, click on your profile and scroll, maybe even check out your blog or website.

We associate a good content strategy with your click-through rate and revenue. The more people click on your site, the greater the chance for one of those prospects to become a buyer.

Apart from that, the best Pinterest course will let you in on my secret sauce for creating Pin titles and descriptions.

The module will also provide 19 templates for Pin titles and some viral Pin templates.

Although the course comes with templates, I can also recommend investing in Canva pro to access even more beautiful templates and design tools

Lastly, the module teaches how to create and use video Pins for your business’s engagement and visibility.

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Module 6: Strategize & automate

Last but not least important is the module on strategizing and automating your Pinterest marketing.

Of course, we don’t expect you to sit round the clock next to your computer or tablet, checking your Pin stats and audience demographics to know when is the best time to upload a new Pin.

Module 6 is also why Passive Profit with Pinterest is the best Pinterest course, as it differs in terms of its approach to content strategy.

This module will give you the inside scoop you need to create a content marketing strategy for Pinterest that suits your business and its needs.

Here at the best course for Pinterest, we’re not trying to impose a one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing.

Passive Profit with Pinterest enables its learners to become so fluent in Pinterest marketing and SEO that you might not even need a helping hand with marketing and strategy once you’re done taking all modules.

You will be so well-versed in every detail of marketing that running an online business will become easier than ever.

In this module, we’ll also talk about using AI-driven content scheduling tools like Tailwind and how they make your life easier.

You can read my full review on Tailwind, and then get $30 off Tailwind when you sign up using my code!

Passive Profit with Pinterest is your one-way ticket to increased brand visibility and high sales.

Inbound marketing has made its way into the blogging and online business arena in the past couple of years, and there seems no better platform than Pinterest to practice this approach.

When you sign up for this course, you won’t only get access to the six modules I described above, but a live masterclass to help you create the best Idea Pins and get outbound clicks to your Pinterest business profile.

Additional bonuses include workshops for Etsy shop owners and how they can leverage Pinterest marketing, finding the right blogging niche and a short course on managing your business and Pinterest strategy that comes with a free Asana template.

I have given you many reasons to consider Passive Profit with Pinterest as the best Pinterest course of 2023!

Nothing brings me more joy than helping people achieve and overcome something that I struggled with in my early days of blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Can you make a career on Pinterest?

The main way to make money through Pinterest is to use the platform to market your blog or other business. Make eye-catching content that makes people click on your content to find out more.

✅ Is Pinterest still relevant in 2022?

Yes, absolutely! Pinterest has more than 433 million active users. The platform is constantly changing, but definitely still relevant.

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