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If you have an online business, there is a high chance you have come across Pinterest marketing and the never-ending saga of finding the best keywords for Pinterest.

Targeting keywords relevant to the niche of your blog or business can allow specific users, or more precisely, your target audience, to reach you.

The concept of keyword targeting on Pinterest has been around for a while.

Still, many bloggers and business owners (like you and the old me) have no clue about where to find these keywords, how to use them or what makes a good keyword research tool for Pinterest. 

There are tons of resources, like online courses and paid services, that claim to be the best Pinterest keyword tool but all they do is make you feel overwhelmed.

Having been in business for more than a decade, I know Pinterest SEO gives you the heebie-jeebies. Still, it isn’t something you should fiddle with.

Pinterest SEO is a delicate process that requires time, and choosing the right Pinterest keyword finder is crucial.

I have prepared a guide to the best Pinterest keyword tool. 

You can optimize your boards, pins and overall profile with niche-specific words and get the traction your business needs!

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What are Pinterest Keywords?

Before we jump into the secret sauce I have in store, AKA, the best Pinterest keyword tool, let’s uncover the basics of keywords for Pinterest.

Keyword targeting on Pinterest allows you to target your potential audience. It involves choosing specific keywords that you can place in your normal content or paid ads.

For example, if you have a skincare line, you would target Pinterest keyword searches for “skincare aesthetic” and “skincare routine.” 

You can add keywords in the ads, boards, Pin descriptions and titles, and your profile name or description.

Unlike Google, few keyword research tools give Pinterest keyword volume and rankings, but none like the tool I have to show you.

While we are discussing keyword targeting for Pinterest, you should remember that this is not a way of “rigging the algorithm” or “beating the system”.

It’s just ensuring your content and offerings reach the right audience – fair and square!

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Why do you need to use a Pinterest Keyword Tool?

Every business owner knows how crucial digital marketing is, especially if you plan on selling or advertising your product or service through a social media platform like Pinterest.

Simply putting out visually compelling content and catchy phrases isn’t enough. Knowing business-relevant keywords and statistics like Pinterest keyword volume are equally important.

You cannot expect your click-through rate to skyrocket when you’re putting zero thought and effort into your Pinterest keyword search.

For example, you have a skincare blog or line. You want to direct traffic from Pinterest to your online storefront or website.

By creating content around keywords like “skincare routine” or “skincare aesthetic”, you can reach your target audience.

It’s also noteworthy that something irrelevant to your keyword or niche doesn’t deserve a spot on your profile.

Having a board on travel tips is meaningless if your main keyword is skincare unless you put out content for travel skincare.

While the platform provides plenty of resources and marketing automation strategies for businesses that include a built-in keyword research tool for Pinterest, this isn’t enough.

Neither do I recommend the platform’s Pinterest keywords finder.

Sure, it gives insight into what people are looking for, and there are many ways for you to optimize your Pins and profile, but I don’t feel the spark.

Not only do I find the Pinterest keywords finder time-consuming to navigate through, but it also leaves out many micro-niches and categories.

Do you need a Keyword Research Tool for Pinterest?

Yes. And no.

If you want to struggle and potentially not find the right audience for the product you’re selling or the blogs you’re writing, then you don’t need the best Pinterest keyword tool.

You don’t need any Pinterest keywords finder if you want to keep wasting your time, money and efforts.

But, if you want to succeed and find the right audience for whatever you’re trying to do, you need to invest in a Pinterest keyword tool.

Not only will you be able to find the right keywords for your niche, but your high-ranking boards and Pins will be in Pinterest’s good books. 

Not only Pinterest, but with Google too.

Whenever you look up on Google, a couple of relevant Pinterest pages show up in the search results. Your board or Pin could be one of those.

Even if your target audience isn’t looking for your keyword on Pinterest, Google can make it happen for you.

You must invest in the best Pinterest keyword tool to get the hang of Pinterest SEO.

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The #1 Pinterest Keyword Tool

Enough about the benefits of keyword targeting on Pinterest, let’s move on to why you’re here: to know about the best Pinterest keyword tool.

I know many options claim to be the best Pinterest keyword tool, and even “Pinterest experts” out there promise to do a 180-degree turn for your business.

Honestly, I have tried most of these tools and taken advice from those claiming to be “Pinterest gurus”. 

But even after pouring in loads of dollars and investing my time in these, I have remained somewhat dissatisfied.

Most of these self-acclaimed best Pinterest keyword tools would only display the high-ranking keywords (that are sometimes difficult to rank for). Some won’t even show you search volume.

That’s when I decided to take charge. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine. People SEARCH for specific KEYWORDS. And you need to create content around THOSE keywords.

After trial and error, I created my system for finding the keywords my target audience uses. That system is what I call the best Pinterest keyword tool: Pinterest Keyword Vault.

  • If you’re tired of spending hours searching for keywords and creating content, only to find out someone else’s content is ranking way better than yours in the same niche.
  • You have tried the “best Pinterest keyword tool” in the market but still haven’t gotten traction.
  • You’re overwhelmed because you have many keywords to create content for but feel stuck when creating Pin titles or descriptions.
  • Or, you don’t have a clue about Pinterest keywords. You feel sceptical about trying out the “best Pinterest keyword tool” that everyone is using because you’re not sure if it will work the same for you.

If at least one of the above describes your situation, you must invest in the best Pinterest keyword tool.

More about its features ahead.

💸 #1 PINTEREST TOOL: Get access to the Pinterest Keyword Vault with thousands of keywords covering hundreds of niches.

7,000 Pinterest Keywords are Available

On top of the fantastic features of this best Pinterest keyword tool, you get access to a database of more than 7000 high-ranking keywords.

There is something for every macro and micro niche in the Pinterest Vault.

With keywords from the best Pinterest keyword tool, you can create engaging content for your ideal customers and clients, maximizing your business potential.

And why should you take my word for the Pinterest Vault being the best Pinterest keyword tool?

Well, each keyword is looked up between 1k and 5 million times every month – so your content is bound to rank!

210+ Categories Covered

Are you still feeling confused about the best Pinterest keyword tool?

Not sure if your business category is available in its database?

Well, we have keywords for over 210 categories. There are multiple topics, and you can narrow down your niche.

There is everything from animals, beauty and makeup, art, home and living to fashion and spirituality!

Even if you switch gears to another niche, you will always have access to the categories and keywords you want to rank for.

How to use the Pinterest Keyword Tool

Unlike other tools that only claim to be the best Pinterest keyword tool and offer poor services or are challenging to navigate, the Pinterest Vault is quite the opposite.

There’s a free video tutorial that explains how to make use of the Vault and how to target keywords. So, I will not leave you alone with the Vault and let you wonder how to make it work.

How to find the Monthly Searches for Pinterest Keywords

One of the top features of the Pinterest Vault and what many of its users swear by is the monthly searches feature.

There is no way I am claiming the Pinterest Vault to be the best Pinterest keyword tool without giving you monthly search data. That’s like the basics of keyword targeting.

If you are unfamiliar with the search volume, it can be challenging to create content around that.

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Lifetime Access to the tool + any updates

By investing less than $100, you can get lifetime access to the best Pinterest keyword tool. There are no monthly charges or add-ons of any sort.

It’s a one-time purchase for a lifetime’s access to keyword goodness! Not only that, we keep updating the categories and the database of keywords every 60-90 days.

So, it is not just the best Pinterest keyword tool, but the evergreen one!

Save Time with Done-For-You Pinterest Keyword Research

Running a business or a blog is a demanding role in itself.

On top of that, if you have to find keywords, generate ideas and create content, it can be exhausting and affect your creative instincts in the long run.

To sum it up, the Pinterest Vault is the answer to your problems. You don’t have to spend hours finding keywords. They are right there within the system.

All you have to do is create meaningful content out of that. I am sure you can do that. I believe in you!

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Final Verdict

When I started blogging years ago, using Pinterest to get traction on my blog weirded me out. I had no clue or tool to help me with keyword targeting.

Years down the line, and after hours of arduous work, I can finally rely on an evergreen tool like the Pinterest Keyword Vault.

There is nothing else I use for getting my Pinterest game strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do I find best keywords for Pinterest?

The Pinterest Keyword Vault will find you the best and most relevant keywords for your Pinterest needs. It is, in my opinion, the best Pinterest keyword tool.

✅ Which keyword tool is most accurate?

With over 210 categories covered, our Pinterest Keyword Vault is the most accurate keyword tool available.

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