30 of the Best Places to Visit in Greece

Last Updated on February 5, 2024

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Greece is a popular getaway destination in Europe.

It’s known throughout the world for its stunning beaches, jaw-dropping beauty of the Greek islands and food that can only leave you dreaming for more.

There are so many great places to visit in Greece – and things to see in Greece – that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when planning a trip there.

30 of the Best Places to Visit in Greece, turquoise blue water and white sandy beach with islands in the distance under a blue sky with clouds

From popular places in Greece like Athens and Crete to lesser known locations, there are tourist attractions in Greece for all ages and interests.

So where are the best places to go in Greece? Should you head to the most famous places in Greece first, or stay away from the top Greek destinations and seek out the quieter hidden gems?

Ultimately, which part of Greece is best to visit straight away is up to you!

But on this list I have collaborated with some of the top travel bloggers to bring you the best intel on both the popular Greek tourist destinations and the lesser known sites still worth visiting.

Let’s dive into the best places to visit in Greece!

Map of the Best Places to Visit in Greece

You can find a map of the best places to visit in Greece here.

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Top 30 Best Places to Visit in Greece

Find the most beautiful places in Greece, view of cityscape of Athens with large built-up area of buildings surrounding hill covered thickly with green trees

1. Athens

Suggested by Visiting The Dutch Countryside

The capital of Greece, Athens, is another one of the must see places in Greece, and many believe it to be the best city in Greece to visit.

From a stunning Unesco World Heritage Site to some of the best vintage shops you’ve ever seen, Athens is the top destination in Greece on many Greece trip packages; it has something for everyone.

But the first thing that should be on your list is visiting the Acropolis – some of the most important architectural sightseeing in Greece!

Acropolis means ‘highest point of the city’ and is the holy rock of Athens. It is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and features on almost all tours of Greece and its landmarks.

You can find several temples here that are dedicated to different gods, one of them is Athena.

Another great thing to do is to visit the neighbourhood Plaka. If you walk from Monastiráki Square uphill in the direction of the Acropolis you’ll end up in this lovely area of Athens.

This is an area that is often visited by tourists, but still feels old and authentic and has a cute atmosphere. It features on many best area to stay in Athens map lists.

From small alleys to the best restaurants in Athens, you can find all of that here in one of the most famous cities in Greece!

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Discover the best places to see in Greece, people sitting on a boat sailing past a large white rock formation sitting in calm blue waters

2. Milos Island

Suggested by Daves Travel Pages

Everyone dreams of going to “the Greek islands” once in their lifetime. And while everyone has heard of Santorini, there are hundreds of other islands worth visiting.

One of them is Milos, mostly famous for its beaches and unique landscapes. Milos is a few hours away from Athens by boat, or less than an hour’s flight.

By far the best thing to do in Milos is a boat tour of the island. With over 70 beaches that are quite different to each other, Milos is really the ideal Greek island for a boat tour.

There are several different types of cruises, but the best choice is to go on a full-day sailing tour around the island on Chryssovalandou II boat.

On this cruise, you will be taken to around 10-15 beaches, depending on weather, and get the chance to see plenty of others on the way.

You will have the chance to swim and snorkel in the amazing crystal clear waters, and learn a few things about the island.

Everything is provided, so you will only need to bring your swimsuit, sunglasses, towel, and sunscreen.

All drinks and meals on board, and the quality is really impressive. The members of the crew are not only experienced sailors, but also fantastic chefs and super warm and welcoming.

You will no doubt have the time of your life, and will leave Greece with the best of memories! Read Dave’s full blog post here about the Milos Boat Tour.

Have you been to these unique places to visit in Greece, old stone fortifications sitting on sandy beach next to clear blue water with boat in the foreground under an azure blue sky

3. Crete

Suggested by Travel with MK 

When planning a trip to Greece, many people think, is Crete worth visiting? Well, we believe that all top destinations lists have to include Crete.

Being the largest Greek island, Crete offers many things to do and see.

From rich archaeological sites and hiking trails through wild natural beauty to Venetian and Byzantine castles and fortresses, as well as exquisite cuisine.

It’s also one of the best places to visit in Greece for beach holiday.

There are many amazing places to visit in Crete, which is why it’s actually our favorite Mediterranean destination for a road trip.

Every time we visit Crete, we start our trip in the western part of the island, especially in Chania, Rethymno and the picture-perfect beaches of Elafonissos.

The museums in Heraklion and the Minoan palaces in Knossos, Malia and Phaistos are of course must-see places to visit in Greece for history and archaeology lovers.

The Lassithi Plateau and its surrounding caves are ideal for travelers who want to experience the real Cretan lifestyle in the mountains.

To escape the crowds, even during the high summer season, there’s definitely no better place to go to than Eastern Crete. It’s one of the best non touristy places in Greece.

Here you’ll find wilder and less touristy beaches – all hidden gems in Greece – such as the Vai Palm Beach, Zakros or Xerokampos.

Crete is also home to the Mediterranean diet.

On our last trip, we were eating our way through Crete, tasting the island’s fresh organic food, delicious grilled local fishes, mouth-watering shrimps and other seafood.

But we also enjoyed savoury cheese and olives in local tavernas, while enjoying the most romantic sunsets in the Aegean Sea.

One thing is sure: Crete is a real paradise, and one of the best places to travel in Greece.

When you think you’ve seen it all, you still stumble upon hidden gems whenever you go to in this island!

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Enjoy these best places to visit in Greece for couples, rusted and ruined boat sitting beached next to sandy coastline with mountains in the background

4. Peloponnese

Suggested by Inside the Travel lab

The gorgeous, spacious Peloponnese show that Greece has more up her sleeve than Athens and island-hopping.

This mainland chunk stretches southwest of the capital into a three-fingered shape just made for road trips.

This was the land of the Corinthians, the Spartans and the original Olympians. It’s a place with archaeological sites at Mycenae and Mystras and slick beach spots at Nafplio and Spetses.

But the best part, by far, is the chance to get off the beaten track; to wander through mountainside villages, far from tourist crowds and cloaked in scented pine.

To find modern-day shipwrecks, resplendent in rust red on the shore at Valtaki, and to combine agrotourism with food and cooking lessons at the eco-farm Eumelia.

Here, you can learn the secrets of an olive oil sommelier; a professional whose job it is to grade and recommend different locally sourced olive oil.

You can take traditional practices, make your own soap, pick herbs from the garden and explore the flavours of Laconia cuisine.

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Read about the best places to go in Greece, entryway to large stone fortification with turrets and braziers set into the walls above wooden drawbridge
Enjoy these famous places in Greece, people walking along street lined with trees as locals sell arts and crafts by the side of the road

5. Rhodes Town

Suggested by Earth Lists

Forget Lindos, Rhodes Town has everything you need. It’s usually overshadowed by its southern counterpart but I can see through it.

Rhodes Town is the capital of Rhodes Island and its Old Town is something to behold. A maze of side streets mixed with a myriad of Ottoman and Greek influences all squeezed into a Medieval Fortress.

I loved the hustle and bustle of the streets with its quirky stores, bars and tavernas all vying for your attention.

For me, the top things to do are to wander the streets.

You’ll stumble upon quaint shops with courtyards to sit and drink Rhosecco or tavernas treating visitors to home style cooking and who can forget the local’s favourite coffee shops.

Walk the fortress walls; people watch at Hippocrates Square over a wine at the Cellar of Knights; have a strawberry Daiquiri at Socrates’ Garden and enjoy traditional Stifado at Mama Sofias taverna.

Need that touch of modernity? Rhodes Town actually has some great shops if you fancy a bit of retail therapy. I was very impressed.

Definitely visit the Marina, you can book boat tours to nearby Kos and Turkey as well as see the location of the Ancient Wonder of the World; the Colossal.

What more do you need in one place? I promise you won’t be disappointed.

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Rhodes

This could be the best destination in Greece, view across rooftops of Santorini with white walls and blue domes prominent against the rest of the buildings

6. Santorini

Suggested by Pink Caddy Travelogue

Santorini is arguably the most popular place to visit in Greece.

This Greek island has been made famous by Instagram with its whitewashed buildings and “Santorini blue” rooftops. In the summer, cruise ships unload thousands of tourists into the port town of Fira.

But the rest of the year, Santorini is an idyllic Mediterranean island filled with fascinating history, good food, and breathtaking views in every direction.

Is the island worth the hype? Absolutely! But I definitely recommend visiting in the off-season.

Most people visit Santorini for its beauty and for the chance to wander through picturesque Oia, with its windmills and churches.

That is a definite must-do when you’re on the island, along with strolling along the many beaches.

But another spot to check-out is Akrotiri, one of the less well-known yet still fantastic Greece archeological sites.

The Akrotiri archaeological site is on the opposite side of the island from the main towns, off the typical well-worn tourist track.

The island that makes up Santorini is actually an ancient volcano cone. Like Pompeii, Akrotiri was buried under hundreds of feet of ash after that volcano erupted several millennia ago.

It wasn’t until the late 1900s that Akrotiri was re-discovered.

Today, visitors can wander through the ancient city and take a step back to the time before Santorini was one of the most popular cities in Greece and one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

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Explore the best cities to visit in Greece, tall hill with buildings leading up to the peak amongst brown grassland and green trees with white sandy beach and blue water in the foreground

7. Skyros

Suggested by The Swedish Nomad

Skyros is one of the lesser-known Greek islands, which are easily accessible from Athens and Thessaloniki, either by flight or boat.

The flight is very short, and there is 1 daily connection from Athens to Skyros.

What makes Skyros so special is the authenticity; it’s a holiday place for Greeks, which has led to an amazing quality of food with local produce only.

The beaches are unspoiled and there are plenty of them to enjoy all to yourself. The waters around Skyros is either really deep blue or crystal clear depending on where you go.

There are boat excursions available, which is recommended since not all beaches are accessible by foot.

Skyros also has wild Skyrian horses, which is the smallest breed of real horses in the world.

One of the best things to do in Skyros as well is stargazing since there’s not much artificial light.

It’s one of the best destinations in Greece for stargazers. You can sometimes even see the Milky Way when the moon is smaller.

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Find all the best attractions in Greece, tall circular stone tower in park with areas of grass and trees with people sitting and walking about

8. Thessaloniki

Suggested by Trip Gourmet

As the second largest city of Greece and the capital of the Greek region of Macedonia, Thessaloniki is still something of a secret tip.

However, since the city earned the title “European Capital of Culture” in 1997 and was the European Youth Capital in 2014, Thessaloniki has gained more and more of the Greek spotlight.

And this is with good reason. There are so many awesome things to do and see in this great city, that’s perfect for a European weekend break.

So, is Thessaloniki worth visiting? Yes! It’s become one of the best cities to visit in Greece!

For people who like to explore the Greek history and local culture, there are some awesome museums, such as the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

Also, don’t miss out on seeing the White Tower with its fascinating past (and fabulous sea and city views from the top).

The abundance of food markets are perfect for any foodies. Nowhere else you can find such delicious and fresh Greek ingredients like fat, juicy Kalamata olives or salty, creamy feta cheese.

We can personally recommend the Modiano Market and the Kapani (Vlali Market).

If you are a fan of street art, then you should keep your eyes open for the huge murals you can find scattered through the city.

Some of them were created for the SAF (street art festival) which the city has organised for a few years.

And if you need to cool down after a hot day, you can simply take the 50-minute ferry-ride to Perea, across the bay, and relax on the beautiful golden sand beach.

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9. Sifnos

Suggested by Becoming You

My favourite discovery during my 10-day sailing trip around the Cyclades islands of Greece was the tiny port town of Kamares on the island of Sifnos.

For me, this vibrant town was one of the best places in Greece to visit to see Greek life and culture.

Whitewashed homes tumble down the hillside to the main street where daily life takes place.

Children ride their bikes in the road while waiters rush across the main street delivering orders to the tables overlooking the bay.

Scooters whizz by, ceramicists dry their wares in the sunshine and stray cats meander about looking for a snack … and down at the harbour the fishermen ply their daily catch under a brilliant blue sky.

Greek fishermen head out to sea at night and return in the morning with their haul, displaying their catch on the harbour wall for the residents and restauranteurs to make their daily selection.

This scene epitomised Greece for me – nothing is put on as a “display” for the tourists; this is local life lived as it has been for centuries.

Kamares is a tiny port town on the western side of Sifnos well away from the central tourist hub and well worth a visit for an authentic slice of Greek life.

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Could this be the the most beautiful places in Greece, tall rock mountains with old building built into cliff edge with large mountains in the distance under a clear blue sky

10. Meteora

Suggested by Offbeat Greece

Located in Central Greece, Meteora is one of those places that you see once and never forget

The unique scenery scattered with huge sandstone pillars and boulders is only one reason why Meteora is one of the top places to visit in Greece.

The real surprise comes from the man-made buildings on top of some of these vertical rocks, the monasteries of Meteora.

This UNESCO-Heritage site is the second-largest Christian Orthodox complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. Built between the 14th and the 16th century, only six of the 23 monasteries are erect today.

Although they look inaccessible, the monasteries aren’t that hard to reach, provided that you are prepared to climb some hundreds of stairs.

If you aren’t that fit or you have mobility issues, you’ll still be able to visit the monastery of Agios Stefanos, thanks to the stone bridge that connects it to the main road.

Although you can visit Meteora during a one day trip from Athens, Thessaloniki, or the Olympic Riviera, it’s best to book accommodation for one night in Kastraki or Kalabaka.

This will allow you to enjoy a magnificent sunset landscape. In addition, you’ll be able to get to visit the monasteries early in the morning, before the arrival of the countless tourist buses.

If time allows, you could make Meteora part of a longer road trip or itinerary for Greece. You’ll be glad you’ve done it – it’s one of the most unique places to visit in Greece.

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Explore the best places to travel in Greece, path with people leading up to small mound covered in white-walled buildings under a grey sky

11. Naxos

Suggested by Travel Passionate

Being the largest island in the Cyclades, Naxos has a whole host of attractions that bring in travellers year after year.

From the impressive Temple of Apollo, with its famous door to the island, to the Temple of Demeter and the Kouros statues, Naxos is a hub of Greek antiquity.

It is also the source of Naxian marble, a material that has helped create some of the most famous monuments and buildings in Greek history.

Alongside this wealth of culture, Naxos boasts a collection of impeccably beautiful beaches such as Alykó, Agios Georgios and Agia Anna.

Each beach features soft sand, tempting turquoise waters and a handful of traditional Greek tavernas serving up fresh seafood and local specialities.

💡 PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

The main town on the island, Naxos Town, is centred around the port and the castle, with snaking streets meandering their way between the two.

Spend a morning wandering around the town, window shopping in boutiques, popping in and out of museums and stopping off to enjoy a Greek coffee in one of the many quaint cafés.

The best way to truly explore the island is to hire a car so you can take in the sights at your own pace and stop off en route at some of the stunning viewpoints around the island.

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Come and see the best place to visit in Greece, view of harbour with buildings lining the water and dry grassy hills leading off into the distance

12. Symi

Suggested by World on a Whim

Symi is a Greek island in the Dodecanese, closest to Turkey geographically. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Just as you would see in Cinque Terre or Positano, Symi is dotted with neo-classical pastel facades; yet, in comparison, Symi is relatively untouched.

The island is a popular day trip spot, as it is just a short ferry ride from Rhodes. There are multiple boats departing every day during high season.

Symi used to be a commercial sponge fishing and shipbuilding center. You can pay homage to Symi’s past industry by purchasing a natural sea sponge at one of the many souvenir shops along the harbor.

Today, Symi’s main industry is tourism. There are many fabulous beaches in Symi, so if you do fall in love with the island, you can stay awhile and explore them all at your leisure!

Make sure to hike to the Old Town, a village called Chorio, via the Kali Strata which are a series of about 500 steps. You will be rewarded with sweeping, panoramic views of the island.

Symi is undoubtedly one of the prettiest places in Greece to visit!

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Visit the popular places in Greece, view of large mountain range peaks with coastline and blue sea in the distance

13. Litochoro

Suggested by A Backpackers Tale

SItting in the shadow of Mt Olympus is the charming little city of Litochoro – one of the best places to see in Greece.

You would think that because this village is the gateway to Olympus that it would be a tourist trap. However, it has remained out of the clutches of over tourism and shows local life at its finest.

The cobblestone streets are lined by gray brick buildings covered by orange tiled roofs. There are quiet city squares with fountains and where older men gather for daily backgammon games.

Litochoro is enticing. However, the real highlight of Litochoro, and what makes it one of the best places to visit in Greece, are all the outdoor adventures.

The biggest adventure is hiking Mt Olympus.

While the hike to the top of the mountain of the gods does take 2 days it is easy, and there is a hostelesque house at the halfway point where you can get a hot meal and a good nights sleep.

There are also nearby beaches,  the Monastery of St. Dionysios, and the Archaeological Park of Dion.

The charming city, sites, and nature make Litochoro one of my personal favorite places to visit in Greece.

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Litochoro

Find the best cities in Greece to visit this summer, tall hill with large building set atop it looking out over city below with hills and sea in the distance

14. Syros

Suggested by Brogan Abroad

With famous islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, a lot of people have heard of the Cyclades group of islands.

But not that many people have heard of Syros, with its capital Ermoupoli being the administrative capital of the Cyclades.

If you are looking for a taste of real Greek island life, look no further.

Popular as a tourist destination for Greeks, there are many things to do in Syros, but best of all, it has managed to keep its true character.

The city of Ermoupoli is one of the best cities in Greece to visit. It is a cultural hub mixed with a very relaxed atmosphere.

It used to be an important trading port, and you can still see the grandiosity of its past in the marble-lined streets and squares, and the mansions of the Vaporia district.

Up the hill you have Ano Syros, which is the oldest settlement in the island.

Built in the 13th century like a fortress on a strategic position, it is the ideal place to go for a wander and get lost in its narrow alleyways.

It’s the kind of place where you find yayas sitting on their doorstep watching the world go by.

And let’s not forget the beaches. My favourite has to be Galissas Beach, a sheltered bay with inviting crystal clear waters located in the west of the island.

You will want to jump in the water as soon as you get there.

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Syros

Don't miss these must see places in Greece, man driving horse and cart along modern road past cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating

15. Aegina

Suggested by Green Global Travel

No one would ever rank Aegina, which is located in the Saronic Gulf 17 miles (27 km) from Athens, among the most exotic islands in Greece.

Historically home to sailors and fishermen, Aegina is better known as a weekend getaway for Athenians than it is an international tourism hotspot.

But this chance to engage with the locals and avoid the trappings of mass tourism is precisely what makes Aegina such an attractive island.

When we traveled there in mid-October, every taverna along the waterfront was packed with people coming down from the surrounding hills for a night on the town.

But there were also intriguing side alleys with romantic restaurants, lively musical celebrations in the streets, and a busy market selling fresh fish, produce, and meats.

Aegina is one of the best places to visit in Greece for couples.

In terms of activities, you can also explore the ancient ruins of the Temple of Aphaia, or visit the stunning Greek Orthodox Church of Agios Nektarios.

Or, simply spend the day drinking win and people-watching along the picturesque harbor.  

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Aegina

Wander the streets of the most popular cities in Greece, valley with lush green foliage leading along riverbed with white stones under an arched bridge under a cloudy sky

16. Zagorochoria

Suggested by Just for one Summer

The area of Zagorochoria in Northwestern Greece is one of the most beautiful parts of this small yet varied Mediterranean country and shouldn’t miss from any mainland Greece itinerary.

It consists of approximately 46 traditional mountain villages, one prettier than the other, uncountable stone bridges and centuries-old monasteries spreading across the stunning mountains of Northern Pindus.

The charming Papingo villages, the monastery at Monodendry or the iconic three-arched Kalogeriko bridge are some of the most famous sights of Zagorochoria.

But there are plenty of others to be discovered; you’ll need a car for that, though.

Public transport is almost non-existent in the area and organized tours won’t give you enough time to explore the region to its full potential.

Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots as well!

👡 PACKING TIP: Looking for the best shoes for travelling? I highly recommend getting a pair of Chaco’s They are my favourite!

Zagori is home to some of Greece’s best hiking trails, ranging from short walks between villages and monasteries to serious mountain ascents to the peaks of Mount Tymfi.

They’re literally some of the top places in Greece!

The most popular hikes include traversing the impressive Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in the world, or the ascent to Dragon Lake of Tymfi, a stunning mountain lake lying in an altitude of 2050 meters.

But it doesn’t matter if you choose to scramble to the mountain top or to enjoy the views from the balcony of your guest house.

Either way, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday far away from the mayhem of some of Greece’s better-known destinations!

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Zagorochoria

Find your favourite popular destinations in Greece, person lying down on top of cliff edge overlooking clear turquoise lake with sandy beach
Find the best city in Greece to visit for food lovers, shot of town with colourful buildings set between large rocky hills across vibrant blue water

17. Zakynthos

Suggested by Trimm Travels

I had the fabulous opportunity to explore the entire country of Greece for 16 glorious days. As can be expected, I was looking forward to iconic locations such as the Acropolis and Santorini.

However, Zakynthos was an island I hadn’t heard of prior to planning my Greek adventure and I was anticipating its visit most!

Zakynthos is an island in western Greece and is a bit off the beaten path, but so highly worth going out of your way for!

Its turquoise waters and colorful buildings dotting the shoreline are beautiful and have a ton of charm and personality. It could be the best destination in Greece!

My favorite part of Zakynthos is also its most famous location. Navagio Beach, aka “Shipwreck Beach”, has been called the most beautiful beach in Greece and I’m sure you can see why!

The ability to walk all along the cliffs from high above and gaze down at the gorgeous shades of turquoise and royal blue waters meeting the edge of sugar white sand beaches isn’t something you see just anywhere.

Since the island is quite laid back, it’s a nice break from the mainland and you can actually relax without a care in the world!

TIP: Plan at least an overnight adventure (and two nights if you have the time) to Zakynthos as you do have to take a ferry to and from the mainland.

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Zakynthos

Don't miss out on these cool places in Greece, field of plants with old statues of roaring animals looking out across valley

18. Delos

Suggested by Culture Trekking

Many people may not have heard of the Island of Delos, as the nearby Mykonos or Santorini tends to frequently overshadow its presence.

But I think it should be on every list of top 10 places to visit in Greece.

For those who love Greek Mythology and history in its natural state, then this is the place for you.

There are plenty of hikes around the tiny island, it is still quite uninhabited as many still think it a sacred place.

It is said that this was the birthplace of Apollo, and so many people during ancient times believed this that bodies were exhumed and it was forbidden to die on the island.

Greek heroes were also trained on this island and remnants of houses still remain, including the famous Delos Lions that lead the way to Apollo’s temple.

Be sure to stop by the Dolphin house (and the modest museum) on your way to hiking some of the most isolated and serene parts of the Greek isles.

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Discover the best place to go in Greece this fall, colourful boat moored in harbour with turquoise water under a grey sky

19. Katakolon

Suggested by The Yogi Wanderer

Katakolon is best known for Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. But there’s so much more to it than this famous ancient site.

We visited Katakolon on a Mediterranean cruise and it surprisingly became one of our favourite places to visit in Greece.

If you’d like to explore an authentic side of Greece, I suggest taking a ride on the small Katakolon Fun Tourist Train, which offers a peek into the countryside and stunning views over the Ionian Sea.

Get out at the Mercouri Estate and Winery, the second oldest estate in Greece, and enjoy some award-winning local wine and a stroll around the property.

Then head to the lovely Agios Andreas beach for a swim in its pristine waters.

Finish your day exploring the picturesque town of Katakolon and enjoying a Greek meal in one of the many restaurants by the harbor.

Charming yet genuine and unpretentious, Katakolon is definitely worthy of a visit in its own right.

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Katakolon

These Greece top destinations are breathtaking, imposing stone ruins with plenty of round and square towers leading uphill towards green forested area

20. Mystras

Suggested by Travelnuity

While most visitors to Greece are expecting to come across ruined temples and buildings from the Classical Greek period, there are also some impressive remains in Greece from other eras.

In particular, I loved my visit to Mystras, and consider it to have some of the best sites to see in Greece.

Mystras was founded in southern Greece, near the ancient city of Sparta, by a Frankish prince in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade.

Over the years it changed hands many times, including a long period where it was held by the Byzantine empire, before it was abandoned in the early 19th century.

These days its ruined remains are scattered over a steep hillside and UNESCO World Heritage-listed.

When visiting Mystras, the many churches built in the previously large city in particular stand out.

Some of the churches, plus one of the monasteries now converted to a convent, are still being used today. Many of them are home to impressive frescoes in the Byzantine tradition.

It’s also wonderful simply to wander through the remains of the old fortifications and streets, reflecting on the many people who once lived here, particularly on a rainy and misty day like that during my visit.

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Mystras

Don't miss these popular Greece destinations, small village of qhite buildings looking out over valley with tiered farmland and hills in the distance

21. Paros

Suggested by Greece Travel Secrets

We travel to Greece every year and have never come across an island that we didn’t like but the one that draws us back time and time again is Paros, one of the best holiday destinations in Greece.

Not far from Mykonos and next door to Naxos, Paros is the perfect Greek Island for us. Not too small, not too big and with plenty of things to do and see for everyone.

There are ancient Greek villages such as Lefkas, beautiful beaches such as Kolombithres and the fabulous lively fishing village of Naoussa which has an abundance of wonderful tavernas, cafes, bars and boutiques.

Paros is very popular with watersports enthusiasts and hosts international tournaments each year. You can also play golf, visit wineries and sail around the small Cyclades islands.

You can do a day trip to Antiparos where celebrities like Tom Hanks have their holiday homes and Paros is world renowned for its windsurfing and waterpsorts.

Ferries service Paros many times a day and in fact it is the main island on the Cyclades route from Athens. There is also a fairly new airport so flying is quite viable.

We love it so much we took 34 friends there for special birthday celebrations a few years ago and will be visiting again this summer.

They say Paros is much like Mykonos was 10 years ago and lets hope it stays that way for some time to come!

🛌🏼 Check accommodation in Paros

Top places in Greece for food lovers, close-up of traditional Greek meat dish covered in green herb seasoning on white plate

22. Corfu

Suggested by Food Fun Travel

Thinking of popular Greece destinations? The island of Corfu has been a popular destination for tourists since the 1960s and nothing has changed much since then.

Today you could consider it as merely a cruise ship port overloaded with tourists just visiting for the day before sailing away and more ships arriving to do it all over again the very next day.

But there is so much to this island than merely Corfu Town.

I’d highly recommend you get out of this bubble and explore some of the beautiful beaches, incredible food and welcoming locals that make this island something truly special.

One thing we love to do in Corfu is explore the food, and the best way to get an insight into traditional Corfiot cooking is by taking a cooking class at Ambelonas: Vineyard & Restaurant.

The owner Vasiliki Karounou is the queen of Corfiot cuisine and even released a cookbook, with over 50 new and traditional recipes.

Some of them you will get the pleasure of cooking in the garden of her stunning property.

In total, we prepared 6 dishes to be eaten over 5 courses. We also got to sample local meats, cheeses, and homemade chutneys. This is an experience not to be missed if you are a lover of food.

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Come and find the best places to see in Greece, donkey tethered to tree next to old stone fortifications

23. Chios

Suggested by Reflections Enroute

Chios island is the fifth largest of Greece’s 6,000 islands, yet somehow it feels like the mainstream travel industry has left it untouched.

It’s one of the most cool places in Greece just for that fact alone.

Chios has quiet sandy beaches with rustic beachfront tavernas dotting the western coast.

The rugged mountains of the interior are home to medieval Byzantine churches and the UNESCO World Heritage site, Nea Moni monastery.

A visit to Chios can be as short as a day trip taking the one hour ferry crossing out of Cesme in Turkey, or a week in a beach side bungalow without a care in the world.

Either way, time spent on Chios is magical.

Get out under that deep blue Aegean sky, breath in the fig tree scented air, sip a chilled white wine (some of the best in all of Greece), and relax in a way that you can only do on small island in Greece.

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Explore the many beautiful places in Greece, person standing on hillside overlooking ocean with large green island in background

24. Kalymnos Island

Suggested by Lydiascapes

If you are a fan of the stunning view of the Aegean sea, then you might enjoy it even better dangling from a rope on a limestone rock wall in Kalymnos Island.

This small but pristine Greek island is unlike the usually popular romantic island resorts of Santorini or Mykonos.

It is the home of thousands of stunning limestone rock formations and cliffs, making it one of the best spots in Europe for outdoor rock climbing alongside other hotspots like Siurana in Spain.

The beaches here at Kalymnos are also beautifully clean with crystal clear warm turquoise waters to dip yourself in after a long day of climbing and hiking.

To end of the evening on a more relaxing note, the best way to enjoy Greek island life is to indulge in some delectable fresh seafood straight from the ocean while soaking in the view of the stunning Telendos Island with the sun setting behind it.

If you are a rock climbing lover, this island is really one of the best places to go in Greece. It has the best balance between great climbing and an unforgettable Greek island life!

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Enjoy the best places to go in Greece, harbour with several boats moored next to small town set in front of green rocky hills

25. Hydra

Suggested by The Mediterranean Traveller

The Greek island of Hydra (or Ydra, as you might see it written) is a real highlight of Greece, and also one of the easiest to visit from Athens.

This pocket-sized island just off the coast of the Peloponnese has a unique atmosphere thanks to its ban on motorised vehicles (which is also great if you’ve had enough of scooter noise).

There’s only really one town on the island which is built like an amphitheatre around the harbour.

The donkey population is high here thanks to the lack of cars. And they’re not just for tourists – they’re still used for transporting goods around the island.

A handful of donkey trails lead out of the town and you can use these to hike around the island.

Since the 1960s Hydra has been associated with its bohemian patrons – poets, artists, film stars and musicians (most famously Leonard Cohen) all fell in love with the island.

These days Hydra’s pretty harbour town and upmarket arty vibe make it popular with daytrippers and yachties who bring a lively buzz in the summer.

During the off-season, it’s very sleepy and could easily be mistaken for the island that time forgot.

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Find your favourite places to see in Greece, tall series of column ruins set on top of stone platform under a blue sky with clouds

26. Sounion

Suggested by Travel Photo Discovery

The temple of Poseidon in Sounion is very easy to get to from central Athens by public transportation or even on an easy half day tour.

Located less than an hour’s drive along Athens’ southern coastal areas with gorgeous landscape and views, the temple of Poseidon sits majestically on a high cliff overlooking the coastal range with impressive views all around.

It is a stunning solitary temple that commands this bluff and a wonderful beach area below. The grounds are wonderful to walk through including some nice trails in the coastal area.

📸 PRO TIP: My go-to camera for all my travels is the Sony A7iii – I highly recommend it!

The late afternoon sun in Sounion is gorgeous.

If you have time to wait for a sunset, it’s one of the best experiences to have in the area, especially if you stop for a bite in any of the many restaurants lining the road to the temple.

Check out my trip visiting the temple of Poseidon in Sounion here for images and details to visiting this wonderful area in the southern tip of Athens.

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Join others at these famous places in Greece, people in rowing boat floating in crystal clear blue water in lake surrounded by tall rocky cliffs

27. Kefalonia

Suggested by Wanderlust Crew

Greece is a country full of culture, history, and beauty, and the island of Kefalonia is no different. The largest island in the Ionian sea, Kefalonia offers a real retreat for those who visit her shores.

Visiting the island is like stepping back in time. If you visit any beach you could imagine you were there relaxing on the sand in the 1950s. The locals are friendly and the food is incredible.

The warm turquoise waters, ancient castles, rocky hills, and seaside fishing villages make this island quintessentially Greek!

Kefalonia is also home to the famous Mellisani Cave, which is a breathtaking underground lake where visitors can take a boat ride through caves and gaze down into the crystal clear bright blue water!

One of the best features of Kefalonia island is its affordability. It’s possibly the best place to go in Greece if you’re on a budget.

You can easily stay for under 100 Euro/night and if you’re planning on spending most of your days at the beach, entertainment is free! Kefalonia is a must-see destination in Greece!

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Find out what the best destination in Greece is, lake surrounded by rocky cliff sides and green trees and shrubs

28. Lake Vouliagmeni

Suggested by Karolina Patry K

Lake Vouliagmeni, one of the best places to visit in Greece, has more to offer than just the beauty of its extraordinary landscape.

The lake consists of aquamarine water surrounded by high cliffs that seem to glow during sunset – it’s one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Lake Vouliagmeni’s warm water is a combination of fresh water from underground springs and the brackish water from the sea that it is attached to.

It has a temperature of 21 to 27 degrees Celsius all year round, and has healing properties that can relieve arthritis. It has also been known to improve dermatological and gynaecological conditions.

Taking a dip in Lake Vouliagmeni’s water can also do a lot of wonders for your skin.

Its water contains salt and minerals that can purify and soften the skin as well as a species of small fish known as Garra Rufa which can help in exfoliating dead skin cells.

Aside from long, soothing dips in the lake, the area also offers tree-lined hiking trails with stunning views, which makes it an ideal spa escape.

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Don't miss any of these amazing things to see in Greece, two people walking along sandy beach as waves lap gently on the shore under a bright sun with hills in the distance

29. Halkidiki

Suggested by Are we there yet kids

If you’re planning on visiting Greece, don’t limit yourself to the Islands.

The mainland has all the amazing views, rugged landscape, beaches, food and culture you’d expect, without the crowds and at half the price.

I highly recommend a trip to the Sithonia Peninsula in Khalkidhiki, just 45 minutes’ drive from Thessaloniki airport.

It’s here you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with restaurants spilling out onto the sand serving freshly caught seafood and salty Greek salads.

Our favourite was Kalamitsi beach, located in an almost deserted town on the South East of the peninsula. It’s one of the best places to visit in Halkidiki Greece!

We sat watching dolphins play in the sea and the restaurant owner making his catch of the day whilst our daughter built sandcastles on the beach.

Once you’ve had your fill of beaches, there’s plenty to explore away from the coastline.

The protected village of Parthenonas, perched 350m above sea level on the slopes of Mount Itamos, is full of dilapidated buildings, all but deserted since the 1960s.

These structures offer the most amazing vistas out to Mount Athos, the third of the Khalkidhiki peninsulas – some say it’s the best view in Greece!

For day trips further inland, the million-year-old Petralona cave or the birthplace of Aristotle are both within a couple of hours drive.

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Find all the greatest cities to visit in Greece, close-up of the white roof of a church complete with crosses under a clear blue sky

30. Mykonos

Looking for the best place to visit in Greece? Mykonos is a strong candidate, being of the most popular places to visit in Greece and in the world.

It’s the Greek version of Ibiza with plenty of beautiful beach bars, Instagrammable locations and a top pick for the rich and famous.

For many people, it’s the best holiday destination in Greece.

Make sure you visit the islands main town Hora, to see the traditional white covered houses, old churches and captains homes.

Another popular place to visit is Little Venice and the picturesque landscape with the windmills on the horizon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is the most famous part of Greece?

The Parthenon is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Located at the Acropolis in Athens, it’s one of the best places to visit in Greece.

✅ What is the best part of Greece to go to?

Greece has a lot of variety. If you like great food and city life, Athens and Corfu are the best places to visit in Greece. For history and the island paradise experience, Santorini and Skyros are for you.

✅ Is Greece expensive to visit?

Greece is relatively cheap compared to other well-known European countries. The island of Kefalonia is particularly good for budget travel in Greece.

✅ Which month is best to visit Greece?

In order to get the most of the sights in Greece, avoid the main summer tourist season and visit either in April – June during the Spring, or September – October in the Autumn.

Tell me below which places to visit in Greece are at the top of your list!

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