13 best Saranda Beaches in 2024 from a local

Last Updated on May 15, 2024

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Saranda has been my home for over 7 years now and it’s safe to say I’ve seen a majority of the city. 

One of my favourite hobbies is spending time at the beach from spring to autumn, so after seeing nearly all of them, I decided to compile a list of my favourite ones that I recommend all my travelling friends visit.

This is your ultimate guide to the best Saranda beaches.

Saranda Beach Google Map

I also created a Google map with all the locations I talk about so you can easily upload it to your map and go to the ones you wish to!

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Best Saranda beaches to visit

1 – Cocktail dreams

best saranda beaches

I’ve been coming to this particular beach for over 7 years!! It was actually the first beach I visited in Albania way back in 2017 and one of the best beaches in Saranda.

Cocktail Dreams Beach is more of a local spot, although as the years go on there are more and more tourists visiting. 

The beach is small, with pebbles (just like most other beaches in the Riviera) and is a good place to chill for the whole day.

There are plenty of beach bars to keep you fed and hydrated – my favourite is Cocktail Dreams but also Hotel Epirus has great food and drinks too which is right next door.

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It’s only a short 20-minute walk from the centre of Saranda. 

Also hot tip – if you’re looking to stay somewhere stay on this side of Saranda. It’s quieter during the summer, usually more affordable and you get a better experience overall.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: There’s usually little to no room on the beach for people who don’t want to buy a sunbed. 

At Cocktail Dreams you can rent 2 sunbeds with an umbrella for between 1000-1500 and a cabana which is good for multiple people between 2000-2500 lek. 

Out of season, it might be cheaper but during the summer you can expect those sorts of prices. 

2 – Mango beach

Located on the south side of the city, Mango Beach Saranda is more of a luxury place to visit and stay.

Mango Club is located at this location which is the biggest nightclub in the city. But during the day, you can find people hanging out at the beach club, enjoying the view and good music.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: You have to rent a sunbed to stay here, which costs 2000 lek – definitely on the high end of prices of sunbeds!

3 – Heaven beach

This is a small secluded bay located right in the south of Saranda. To get here you’ll either have to take a car, scooter or taxi as it’s quite far from the centre. 

To get here you’ll follow the road to Butrint from Saranda and as you’re nearly out of the city you’ll see a sign for Heaven Beach Saranda on the right.

Check our Google map to get the exact location.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: Most of the beach is covered in sunbeds.

4 – Saranda City beach

13 best Saranda Beaches in 2024 from a local

The central beach is a great choice if you’re staying in the city centre. The great thing about the beach here is that there’s plenty of space for you to bring a towel or umbrella and park up here. 

If not, the city provides free sunbeds and umbrellas for you. 

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I have to be honest, this is not my favourite beach out of all of these ones, because sometimes it can be a little dirty however it is such a popular and easy spot to relax and get some sun. 

And if you don’t want to walk too far because of the heat then this is a great option.

Note: Be aware of people asking for money for the umbrellas. These are scammers who are just trying to get money from you.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: You can bring a towel or rent an umbrella for free.

5 – Santa Quaranta beach

Santa Quaranta is a more exclusive hangout for the rich and famous. The hotel is quite popular with famous Albanian celebrities and the like.

This beach is definitely a luxury hangout so food, drinks and sunbeds are going to be more expensive. 

⛱️ Sunbed situation: To stay here you’ll be required to rent a sunbed which can cost around 1500 lek. There are some small pockets that you could visit without having to pay if you go either side of the beach.

6 – Mirror beach (In Albanian it’s called Plazhi i Pasqyrave)

Head to the beaches in ksamil this year, view of small secluded beach lined with neatly arranged beach umbrellas and sun loungers nestled in the middle of some large rolling hills covered in grass and trees with rocky cliffs in the foreground and the turquoise sea behind

This beach is not located in the centre of Saranda but just outside of the city. You can find it between Saranda City and Ksamil, another popular destination for tourists. 

Mirror Beach is perfect for a day trip and probably my favourite beach in Saranda to visit all year round. The beach here has water that is so blue, some of the most vibrant waters I’ve seen. There’s one restaurant here that services food and drinks.

In the afternoon the water can get quite rough and there are actual waves which are almost unheard of here!

⛱️ Sunbed situation: There are sunbeds available for rent but you can also find small places to stay without a sunbed

7 – Plazhi Gjiri Beach (By Mucobega Hotel)

Located in the northern part of the city, the beach here is also very stunning.

This is a very local part of the city too, and there’s not a lot out this way. However, at this beach, there’s a beach bar for food and drinks/

Also nearby at the old port are some of the best seafood restaurants in Saranda – two of my favourites are Fishland and Taverna Beni Peshkatari. If you go to Taverna Beni Peshkatari, make sure to try the Octopus, it’s the best!

⛱️ Sunbed situation:This beach is predominantly covered by sunbeds in the summer.

8 – Africa beach

Africa Beach definitely has some beautiful places to stay in for the day. If you’re looking for nice photoshoot opportunities, then this is a great option. 

The only ‘bad’ thing is that sometimes you can be overcharged for sunbeds and cabanas.

The great thing is that you’re close to the city but still a little out of the way at the same time.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: You most likely will have to grab a sunbed if you come in the busy season as they are normally situated right to the water.

9 – Gjiri i Midhjeve

This is a quiet beach located right in the south of the city. You will most likely have to drive to this location, walk or hitchhike.

It’s a small beach but has an incredibly chilled vibe. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset at night.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: The beach is mostly covered by sunbeds.

10 – Lost Seaside

This destination is part of the Lost Seaside Beach Club and less of a beach, but if you’re looking for a great hangout place with beautiful views, interiors, food and drinks then this is a popular place during the summer.

It’s more of a beach bar with chairs and trendy comfortable cabanas with access to the water below.

At night, this beach livens up with a club-like vibe.

⛱️ Sunbed situation:  You have to grab a seat at Lost to access the beach here.

11 – Crystal island

This is also a very small beach like the one above, but here you find Crystal Island – a popular restaurant and place to grab a drink during the summer.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: You have to grab a seat at Crystal Island to be here. There are limited sunbeds and outside cabanas to rent too.

12 – Beach Era (In Albanian it’s called Plazhi Era)

13 best Saranda Beaches in 2024 from a local

This is also one of my favourite beaches in Saranda as during the summer it’s lively. It’s close to the centre, and there’s a lot of good places to eat nearby. It’s located in the area of Kodra in Saranda which is near the Port

This area is super nice in the summer. You’ll find some spaces where you can just drop your towel or there’s sunbeds available too.

Mostly this area is rock and not sand or pebbles, although you will find pebble beaches too. Fun fact, this is how nearly all saranda beaches used to look like with the original rock.

During the off-season is the most beautiful as if there are sunbeds you can normally get them for quite cheap, and if there are no sunbeds it’s more beautiful in my opinion. 

The two best places to grab something to drink or eat on the beach at Sunset Beach Bar (They have really great pizzas) and Taverna Labëria which is just up from the beach.

⛱️ Sunbed situation:  There are minimal places where you can drop your towel and be without a sunbed.

13 – Pulebardha Beach

This beach is not strictly in Saranda city, but like Mirror Beach it’s sort of in between Saranda and Ksamil, but closer to Ksamil.

Here you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. There’s one restaurant here that serves fresh seafood too so if you want to grab a bite to eat, you’re sorted.

⛱️ Sunbed situation: There’s minimal space for you to chill without a sunbed here.

Common questions about Saranda beaches

How much on average is a sunbed?

This can vary a lot but normally you will pay between 1000 lek – 3000 lek for 2 sunbeds and an umbrella. The luxury resorts and beach clubs will be higher. 

Always try to do a bit of research beforehand on Google reviews to see how much people are paying. Sometimes, waiters can hike the price and try to to get more out of you. 

Out of season (May, June, September and October) you can try negotiate on the price.

Are there any virgin beaches in Saranda?

Yes, the more north you go from the city, you’ll find some fo the best untouched beaches near Saranda. 

Are there any nudist beaches in Saranda?

No, nudity on beaches is not common. In fact some locals find it offensive. I have seen tourists on local news because they have gone topless on the city beach. If you do want to do nude or topless, find a secluded beach with no one else around.

Those were my top picks of the best Saranda beaches to visit during your time in Saranda. If you visit one or many, leave a comment and tell me which your favourite one was!

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