Visiting the Beautiful Blue Eye in Albania (Syri i Kalter)

Last Updated on June 18, 2023

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If you are visiting Saranda then you should take a couple of hours and discover the Blue Eye – or, in Albanian, Syri i Kaltër.

But what is the Blue Eye in Albania? Well, this natural phenomenon is a spring that is a constant 10 degrees, even at the heat of the summer.

The Blue Eye’s water is so clear that you can see every little particle. It’s called the Blue Eye because the spring looks like an eye if you look from the metal watching tower above.

Visiting the Beautiful Blue Eye, Albania (Syri i Kaltër), blue water lake with green foliage and tree with person dipping their hand in the water at the edge
The beautiful Blue Eye, Albania

Divers have dived as far as 50 meters down into Syri i Kaltër but have failed to go any further due to its length and the pressure that the spring holds.

The surrounding nature is very beautiful. When visiting the Blue Eye of Albania you can expect a dense forest and many colours, especially in spring!

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Make sure to visit the Blue Eye national park Albania, yellow minibus driving down road that runs alongside a river that winds through green covered mountains
Blue Eye National Park, Albania

How to Get to Blue Eye/Syri i Kaltër

Where is the Blue Eye in Albania? Well, it’s located in the Blue Eye National Park which is about 12.5 miles east of Saranda.

To get from Saranda to the Blue Eye of Albania, you can either drive, catch a bus or take a taxi.

Taxi: You can usually organise for a taxi to take you and wait for you there for around 20-25 euros return. The drive takes about 20-30 minutes.

Bus: Otherwise you can catch the Saranda to Blue Eye bus which heads towards Gijrokastёr. You can tell the driver ‘Blue Eye’ and he will drop you off at the entrance.

There’s a paved path that will lead you to Syri i Kaltër via walking. No cars or buses are allowed right to the entrance of Syri i Kaltër anymore; instead the entrance is now just off the main road.

Keep in mind that it’s around a 2km walk to the actual Blue Eye so make sure you bring a sunhat and sunscreen!

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These are the best methods for how to get to Blue Eye from Saranda. There are talks that a small train will be built so I will update the post when that is available.

When you want to go back to Saranda you can walk back to where the bus dropped you off and wave down the next one you see.

Saranda to Blue Eye is about 30-40 minutes drive for buses and they usually come by every hour.

How Much Does Syri i Kaltër Cost

The entrance fee for the Blue Eye Saranda depends on if you’re coming via car, walking or scooter. The Blue Eye Albania entrance fee is 200 Lek.

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Discover Blue Eye lake Albania, green foliage and trees with purple leaves next to the turquoise waters of Blue Eye lake
Blue Eye lake, Albania

Can You Go Swimming in the Blue Eye

The Blue Eye itself is a protected site so please do not jump in the water.

Most likely you will see people swimming there as the laws are not enforced, however, please do your due diligence to protect this precious natural site.

Just because someone is not following the rules, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either.

Enjoy the Blue Eye of Albania, clear blue waters surrounded by tree-covered verges leading off towards mountains in the distance
Blue Eye spring, Albania

Other Things To Do in the Area

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do nearby but it is a nice walk and at Syri i Kaltër there is a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Most people spend an hour at the Blue Eye of Saranda but now it will take a little more time because you have to walk there and back. My advice would be to take a packed lunch and enjoy a bite to eat out there.

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Explore the Blue Eye Albania, aerial shot of blue waters and forested areas with car park and buildings to the north west

My Top Tips for the Blue Eye in Albania

  • Go early! This place gets busy with tour buses these days, unfortunately, so I advise going to the Blue Eye Albania as early or late as you can.
  • Please take all your rubbish with you!! Do not litter Syri i Kaltër. Unfortunately, Albania has a big problem with rubbish, and it doesn’t need tourists adding to that problem. Leave the place how you found it. And if you do see rubbish please be a good tourist and help pick it up!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Can you swim in the Blue Eye Albania?

Syri i Kaltër is a protected site and swimming is not allowed – this is to help preserve this natural phenomenon. Unfortunately it is not possible to stop people from jumping in but please do your due diligence and leave this beautiful lake alone, even if you see other people disrespecting this rule.

✅ How do I get to Blue Eye Albania?

Either by driving, catching a bus or taking a taxi. There is no way to drive right up to Syri i Kalter itself; you will have to take the path from just off the main road.

✅ How deep is the Blue Eye in Albania?

No one knows! Or perhaps someone does, but divers have only managed to get 50 meters down due to the pressure.

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