Canva Pro Review: Is it really worth it?

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

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Do you need a graphic designer, but all the good ones are way out of your budget? 

Or maybe you are the type who loves taking matters into their own hands, but it’s been years since you last used a creative software like good ol’ Adobe.

Time is running, and so is your patience for working with a complex design tool. 

If you have been looking for an all-in-one tool that helps you design content, collaborate with your team and is easy to use, then your search ends here (if you searched for a “canva pro review”; if not, still consider reading before you make a decision)!

We are about to unravel something that has changed the game for content creators, digital marketers, bloggers and business owners like you!

Here, we unleash: Canva Pro

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We are sure you have heard a lot about the freemium version for content creation, designing website banners or stunning landing pages. But there’s only so much you can create with that. 

The freemium to Canva Pro upgrade unleashes a new level of creative genius and ease of workflow. Canva is one of my favorite blogging tools for beginners and seasoned bloggers alike.

It is perfect for blowing away your audience with its custom templates, graphic elements, and fonts. This no-brainer design tool can take your blog or online business up a notch.

As a full-time blogger and a business owner, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Canva has single-handedly changed my creative process. 

In this Canva Pro review, I’ll also uncover the features that have been truly groundbreaking for my creative process.

From designing attractive Pins to creating outstanding visuals for Instagram stories, I have used Canva for various tasks and recommend it to everyone in the creative field.

One of the benefits of Canva Pro is that you get tons of features for less than half the price of popular creative design software.

While the free version of Canva is up to par, Canva Pro is even better for business owners, digital marketers and content creators.

Naturally, most of you might be in the early phase of running your blog or business and working with a tight budget.

Of course, there are several free creative design software out there, but why does everyone keep on raving about a Canva Pro upgrade? Think of this as an investment in your business that you will be thankful for later!

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In this Canva Pro review, we will discuss why you need to get a Canva Pro upgrade for your team and everything you need to know, from the pricing plan to its unique graphic design tools.

canva pro vs free, canva logo: blue-purple square with rounded edges and word 'canva' in center in cursive

What is Canva?

Starting with the basics: what is Canva? Why has it been making the rounds in the blogging and digital marketing communities? 

Canva is a well-known and one of the most-used graphic design software. Canva makes it easy to curate high-quality graphics for almost any purpose.

Millions have used Canva for creating social media campaigns, website banners, presentations, landing pages, digital invitations, brochures, posters and business cards.

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Canva Pro vs Photoshop

Unlike pricey and fast-track software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Spark, among others, Canva has a free version that is accessible to many. Given the low barrier to entry, Canva has become popular, over the years, among creatives. 

The interface is simpler and easier to learn than Adobe’s software. The best part is Canvas’s flexibility of usage.

Canva is accessible on iOS, Mac, Android and Windows devices and has a Web application. Canva also has a much more flexible pricing plan, unlike its competitors.

Why is Canva different?

If you run a business or have ever taken a Business 101 class, you would know that every business has a unique selling proposition (USP).

Something that sets it apart from others in the niche or industry. The uniqueness of this USP decides whether the said business will sink or stay afloat. 

Out of Canva’s many distinct features, its USP is perhaps the template gallery. Canva offers various graphic templates to its free and paid users.

There are over a hundred templates for each category. Whether you need to design a story notifying your audience about your new free masterclass or your sister’s wedding invitation, you will have to think about the template.

Why? Because there are so many! Though some templates are reserved for paid users, there are still many available for free users.

So, what are templates?

As the name implies, a template is a design another user has created that can be reused with minor editing. From changing the colour palette to the font, you can customise templates. 

Templates have the following features:

  • Elements: Canva templates have various graphic and vector elements. These elements range from geometrical shapes and animated icons to borders, stickers, photos, videos and audio. You can add literally anything to your Canva post. 
  • Colour Palettes: Every set of templates follows a colour palette. Every element within the template coincides with that colour palette. 
  • Stock Images: Unlike other software, stock images are available in most Canva templates. It is not something you have to pay for in addition to the Paid version’s fee. It is up to you to keep these images or switch them for something else.
  • Fonts: Every template has a unique font style for different levels of headers. 
  • Page layouts: Templates for content like presentations have multiple pages. Every page in the template would thus follow a cohesive colour palette, font style and design. 

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Who is Canva best suited for?

Enough about what Canva is and what it can do for you. Almost every other Canva Pro review talks about what the paid version offers, and why everyone should get it. But is it the right software for you?

You will find the answer to that is, perhaps, this Canva Pro review only. 

When creative individuals like you embark on the journey to impart their thoughts, vision, life lessons and experiences in a creative and inspiring way, you hit a roadblock. 


It’s not because you lack the creative instincts to put together a nice Instagram post catchy enough for your target audience to stop by and check out your profile. 

It’s because you don’t have the time and energy to spend hours learning a complex editing software that costs a fortune.

Just like I was out of energy after writing this Canva Pro review.

Whatever the roadblock may be, the only way of getting it out of your way is to sign up for an easy creative solution like Canva. Specifically, Canva Pro. 

Even if you are trying to be the jack of all trades in your small craft or blogging business, you will, at some point in time, have to outsource or hire some people who could make your life easy.

But do you think it’s feasible to spend hundreds on creative software that not many people can master, on top of paying for every team member’s pay? Doesn’t seem right. 

Even if you think you don’t need a team to handle your content creation business or side hustle, you still need a good editing tool.

And what’s better than Canva. Small and medium-scale businesses often face hurdles in increasing brand awareness and reach through content. 

Simply coming up with content ideas, managing finances, and budgeting can take a toll on you. You don’t want the hassle of graphic design software to make things difficult for you.

If this were 2010, we would have had no option but to sign up for Adobe. Perhaps, this Canva Pro review might not have existed.

But now, graphic design has become a piece of cake for people like you and me who have no formal art schooling or experience with tech software. All we need is a smart device, a Canva Pro account and a will to create inspiring content. 

It is time we leave complex, heavy-duty and pricey software behind and switch to Canva Pro. The interface is far easier to understand, less burdensome on your device and has plenty of features to try.

What’s even better is that it’s an all-in-one platform. You don’t need separate software to create multi-page documents like in InDesign. Everything is there in Canva.

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Canva Pro vs Free

Now that we have dealt with the basics. Let’s move on to the central part of this Canva Pro review: the difference between the freemium and premium version.

Since there is a pricing plan for enterprises as well, we will lightly touch upon that at the end. So, if you have been meaning to find the answer to “Is Canva Pro worth it?” let’s get right into the central part of this Canva Pro review: what makes each plan different.

Canva Free

The free plan is perfect for marketers, social media managers, beginner bloggers or small business owners. It has most features for small-scale design tasks like creating engaging social media posts or a website banner.

  • More than 250,000 free templates for you to choose from 
  • A rich library of 100,000+ photos and graphics that are free of cost
  • Cloud storage of up to 5GB
  • Real-time collaboration between team members working on the same project + you add comments and give feedback too
  • 100+ templates for brochures, social media posts, stories, letters, business documents, invitations etc. 

Canva Pro

Features for the paid version build on those available within the freemium. The Pro plan has more templates, graphic elements, fonts and features like removing the background. Pro users can also create their templates and fonts and sell them.

Everything included in the free plan plus:

  • More than 610,000 templates, with more, are added every day (all free of any additional charges)
  • Ability to create multiple Brand Kits and include your brand’s logo and specialised fonts
  • Allows the user to schedule social media posts for seven platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Magic Resize – you can resize one design for multiple platforms without having to design it separately. Essential for content creators as you can pre-set your brand’s colours, logo and font to save time
  • A stock library of 100 million + photos, graphics, audio and videos that are free of cost 
  • You can create templates out of your designs for future use 
  • Create up to 100 Brand Kits
  • Up to 100GB of cloud storage 
  • Free trial for 30 days 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Background remover

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Canva Enterprise

There is a second version of the paid plan, and that is for enterprises. Of course, the pricing and features of the Enterprise version are slightly different. Still, since this Canva Pro review focuses on the Pro plan, we’ll stick with that for now. 

The Enterprise feature includes everything in the Pro version and:

  • Customer pricing depends on the number of members requiring access to Canva
  • Better team control
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Create up to 500 Brand Kits
  • 24/7 customer support 
Best Canva Pro Features, black and white image of mountain with options to change colour filters
Photo by Canva

Canva Pro Features

Let’s deep dive into Canva Pro features so that you have a clear idea of what you are paying for.

Most of the features and tools mentioned in this Canva Pro review are what I have used for my blogs and social media campaigns.

➡️ Click here to get a 30-day trial of Canva pro

Background remover

Have you ever had to go through the trouble of removing the background in Photoshop or some third-party scammy background-removing editing app? Yeah, probably. 

Unlike Photoshop, removing a background from any image is just a few clicks away. One of the many benefits of Canva Pro is the ease with which you can remove the background of an image to save it in PNG format.

Background removal also allows you to use the PNG design on anything you like. 

All you have to do is:

1.    Import your image on Canva Pro or use one from its library

2.    In the toolbar, you’ll see an Edit Image option; click on that

3.    Select BG Remover 

4.    Click on Erase to separate the background from the image

5.    Click on Apply if you are happy with the result, or Restore if you are not satisfied

6.    Once your new PNG file is ready, you can either save it or use it for designing 

Transparent PNG files are a convenient way of layering your photos or designs with other graphic elements in Canva. It is an excellent feature for logos or when creating professional product photos.

Premium templates, elements, photos & videos

Those who are always on the go regarding content creation, like digital marketers, bloggers, and small business owners, benefit significantly from templates and predesigned stickers or graphic elements.

Even for those who just began using Canva, templates can be a timesaver and help you get your creative juices flowing, at least for now. 

After using predesigned templates and graphics, you will become well-versed in which elements, colours, fonts and images suit your brand’s style and taste. Later, you can design your templates and save them for you and your team. 

Templates help when you have to create something quickly, and the idea of using complex design software is daunting. 

There are more than 600,000 templates for Canva Pro users and 250,000 for free users. 

Apart from templates, you can also access a library of photos, videos, audio, stickers, fonts and other graphic and geometric elements.

A Canva Pro account also makes it easy to identify Pro elements, as you will see a tiny gold crown on the top.

It is also easier to navigate the library with a Canva Pro account as the Search option helps you find keyword-specific elements. 

Using a template is also very easy. All you have to do is click on whatever template you like and drag it onto a black canvas on your screen. To customise or resize elements within the template, you can click on the element and edit it. 

Apart from using the images within the Canva stock library, you can also upload your images, videos, audio and graphics. You can also edit images in Canva’s built-in image editing feature.

This feature enables you to add filters, apply effects and adjust the shadows or tones of your image. Canva has a mockup library, which is perfect for small and medium-scaled businesses to create content for their merchandise.

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Collaborate with team members

With the increase in globalisation, we humans are more connected than ever. This connectivity has allowed us to collaborate efficiently.

With an application like Canva, complex tasks like digital marketing, content creation and graphic designing have become easier to manage. 

As a blogger or someone in the creative field, you might have a micro team of your own. Perhaps your assistant is from another state, or your social media manager is from the other side of the globe. To ensure your team is always on track, you must invest in Canva Pro.

With Canva Pro, you can easily collaborate with your entire team, give feedback, and reuse templates or graphics without having to delay the process due to communication barriers. 

The application is so easy and fun to use that your team members would enjoy collaborating like mine. I have been running my blogging business from various parts of the world, depending on where my travelling expeditions take me.

Not once have I experienced a delay in my design process. Thanks to Canva’s easy collaboration features, I can let my team know what is expected of them and give feedback or comments when needed. 

Apart from the feedback, with the collaboration feature, it also becomes easy-breezy to use predesigned templates or Brand Kits (more about that ahead).

Why you should buy Canva Pro, information about how to use Canva Pro to make brand kits

Brand kit

Continuing with the collaboration feature, with the Brand Kit feature in Canva Pro, we have created a separate kit for each of my businesses.

The brand kit is essentially a “kit” of the specific businesses’ logo, images, graphic elements, videos, fonts and colour palette. 

Creating social media content for each blog, like this Canva Pro review, is pretty straightforward with the brand kit. We don’t have to go back and forth to gather all the graphic elements required.

Everything is in one place; all we have to do is match the design with our best graphics, fonts and images. 

All you have to do is click style on the left pane and choose a colour palette and fonts for your brand. Once you’ve chosen the “kit” for your design, Canva will make the necessary adjustments, and your design will be ready for publishing.

This feature can do wonders for your workflows if you are a small business owner or blogger working with a small team.

Magic resize

Whenever you log into Canva to create a new design, a selection pane appears, and you must choose the design type.

It could be anything from an Instagram story to a YouTube thumbnail or banner. These choices help Canva determine what dimensions you would be using. 

With the free version of Canva, you cannot change or adjust the design size once you’ve selected it in the beginning. 

For instance, if you choose an Instagram story in the beginning, later on, it cannot be readjusted to the dimension of a Facebook post. 

The restriction to using only one type of size dimension is time-consuming. You must redo the design process if you want the same content and design for another platform. It can slow down your productivity and disrupt the workflow of your team.

But with the Canva Pro, you can use the Magic Resize tool to adjust any design type. Regardless of what you chose in the beginning, with the Magic Resize, you can adjust the existing image to a new dimension. 

The Magic Resize tool duplicates the existing design in other size dimensions. It can save time and effort and prevent frustration or burnout from restarting the design process. 

Content planner

One of the biggest challenges for a content creator or anyone who works on multiple platforms is scheduling and posting content. After brainstorming ideas and creating and editing content, the next step is to post everything on time. 

Social media and digital marketing can be time-sensitive. You have to create trendy and exciting content and post it at your audience’s peak availability time. 

Of course, you can purchase a subscription to a third-party application that will post content for you per your schedule, but that is an additional cost to what you will pay for Canva Pro. 

So, how do we tackle that?

Well, we don’t have to. 

With Canva Pro, you can schedule posts for seven platforms. 

So, we are not just creating and designing content on Canva but using it to schedule posting.

Not just that, with the Canva Content Planner, you can plan all of your content and decide the posting schedule.

A major bummer is that you cannot use the Content Planner to schedule and post Instagram posts. Still, other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter are available.

Canva Pro Cost

The Canva Pro plan starts at $119.99 USD per year for a team of up to five people. You can also avail a free 30-day trial before you make a final decision. 

The Enterprise Plan begins at $30 USD per month per person for a team of at least 25 individuals. For a team of more than 50 individuals, you will have to get in touch with the folks at Canva directly to get a price quote.

As we mentioned earlier, from a price point of view, Canva is the ultimate choice for bloggers, business owners and digital marketers like you.

It has many features with millions of graphic elements and hundreds of thousands of stock images and videos. 

For other creative design software, you won’t just have to purchase a subscription plan but invest time and perhaps more money in learning how to use them.

It is burdensome and hefty on the wallet for a small business owner like you; thus, Canva Pro seems a far better choice.

➡️ Click here to get a 30-day trial of Canva pro

Is Canva Pro worth it?

Perhaps after all this rambling about the greatness of Canva Pro, you are convinced that it’s worth trying once for your business’s sake.

Even if you are doubtful about Canva Pro’s usefulness and effectiveness for your business, a free 30-day trial awaits you. You seriously have nothing to lose. 

➡️ Sign up for the 30-day trial and see the stark growth in your design and creative process. I have used Canva Pro for more than a year.

I cannot stress the tremendous growth I have experienced in my business productivity and workflow. Conceivably this Canva Pro review is evident of my positive experience.  

My team and I can collaborate and work better, save time for other work-related projects, and have better graphics than before.

I am not one to toot my own horn, so you can go through my social media accounts and the blog and see for yourself!

While the free plan was good, the annual Canva cost that I pay now for premium features is what has scaled up my blogging business.

I hope this Canva Pro review convinced you a little, if not a lot, to ditch the old and complex design software that eats up all your RAM and gives you nothing but frustration. Applications like Canva are far better and provide more value for your price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Canva Pro?

Prices for Canva Pro start at $119.99 annually, or $12.99 monthly, and include use for 1 to 5 people. Prices scale up for additional team members.

Can I get Canva Pro for free?

Yes, you can do a 30-day trial that allows you to use Canva Pro for free and test out the features. Students at many universities around the world are also eligible for free subscriptions.

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