Cape of Rodon – Durres, Albania: A Full Guide!

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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If you’re visiting the city of Tirana, a day trip must be made to the unique Cape of Rodon.

Only a one-and-a-half-hour drive from the bustling capital of Albania you can visit the serenity that is the largest cape in Albania.

Guide to Cape Rodon Albania, aerial view of strip of land in a sea with a stone fortress across the middle

Not only is the nature stunning but you will be delighted by the 14th-century Rodoni Castle and the idyllic St. Anthony Church.

Visiting the Cape of Rodon is one of the best things to do in Durres, Albania!

You can find a Google map of Сape Rodon here to help you easily find your way around.

Things to do in Cape Rodon

Visiting Cape Rodon Albania, Albanian flag in front of ruins of white stone brick tower with fortifications on seafront

Rodoni Castle

Rodoni Castle (also called Skanderbeg Castle or Kalaja e Rodonit in Albanian) used to be surrounded by 4 defence towers.

It has been noted in history that this castle was used as a piracy port or a transportation place for grain to nearby Ishmi.

These days this Rodon palace is in ruins, but you can still see the arches and walls which remain and are preserved.

Historians has also proved that there once was an ancient Illyrian settlement here too.

If you have time and you’re still thinking about what to see in Durres, take a walk along the Cape of Rodon at sunset for phenomenal views of Rodoni Castle and the rest of the coast.

What to do in Durres, stone church with brick roof in grass field with green hill behind under a cloudless azure blue sky

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What to see in Durres Albania, interior of Church of St Anthony with stone walls and floors, small square altar with statue of Jesus on the cross above on wooden beam inside vaulted nave

The Church of St. Anthony

Another main attraction in the Cape of Rodon in the St Anthony Church. This church was built at the same period as Rodoni Castle and is very well preserved.

In fact, inside the church, you can still see a painting of a two-pronged eagle and a man on a horse.

Because of that, this is one of the most popular churches to visit in Albania, not only for history but because of where its placed as it has a magnificent view!

Today St Anthony’s Church and the surrounding area are still considered sacred and every year locals and tourists join for festivities and pilgrimage.

This is done on the 13th of June every year.

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Cape Rodon – Durres Albania, clear blue waters of the sea from vantage point on the beach
What to do in Durres in Albania, stone ruins overlooking seafront with sandy beach hills and island in the distance

Soak up the nature of the cape

Not only are you surrounded by incredible history but the nature along the Cape of Rodon is something else.

White sand beaches run all along the Durres coast, with pristine water and a place to camp if you do want to stay in this beautiful part of Albania to soak it up – I know I would!

It’s a unique part of the country as many beaches in Albania are stone, so having a sandy beach is a luxury in my eyes!

If you want a more typical Albanian beach experience, Durres beach is nearby and it is the largest beach in Albania.

💡 PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

How to get to the Cape of Rodon

Cape Rodon, Albania is only a one and a half hour drive from Tirana, or just over one hour from Durres, Albania.

The road is in pretty good condition, a few potholes here and there but that’s Albanian roads for you. You will go through some beautiful villages and be blessed with some lovely views along the way.

If you plan on driving, have a look at my guide to hiring a car in Albania. In addition to driving, you can also easily hitchhike or join a tour group headed to the Cape of Rodon.

If you drive there is plenty of space for parking. It’s safe to leave your car there and walk to the cape from there. You can’t drive right up to the cape.

You have to walk for around 500 meters to reach Rodoni Castle and the cape. The walk is easy enough, and it’s a great activity for anyone wondering what to do in Durres in Albania.

Along the way, you will also see bunkers built into the hill from the time of communism. They are slowly being taken over by nature and you might not even notice them!

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Beach of Durres Albania, grass growing on sandy beach looking out to sea under a cloudless blue sky

Accommodation Options in Cape Rodon

As I said previously, you are welcome to freedom camp here. There are a few villas for rent on the Cape of Rodon, but no hotels.

If freedom camping isn’t your thing, you can seek out a Cape of Rodon hotel or stay further along the coast at one of the hotels in Durres, Albania.

For the latest prices and availability, click here

If you do freedom camp on the cape, or just have a nice fire on the beach you MUST take all rubbish with you. This is just as important at Durres beach, Albania.

Dumping your rubbish it unacceptable and disrespectful to the land. Cape of Rodon and the beach of Durrës have ongoing issues with people dumping their plastic etc, especially on the cape.

So, if you see anyone do this, I would recommend educating them about why they shouldn’t do so!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How to go to Cape of Rodon?

The Cape of Rodon is one and a half hours drive from Tirana. There are also tour groups that visit and you can hitchhike there.

✅ Is Durres Albania worth visiting?

Yes it is! Durres has fascinating history and some excellent beach to explore.

✅ How many people live in Durres?

Durres has a population of over 175,000 people. It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities.

There’s your guide on visiting Cape of Rodon in Durres, Albania. Let me know if you have added this beautiful destination to your Albania bucket list!

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Cape Rodon – Durres, Albania: Everything You Need to Know!
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