Your ultimate guide to car rental in Saranda, Albania

Last Updated on June 4, 2024

If you’re heading to the beautiful seaside city of Saranda and you’re either looking for some info on how to hire a car in Saranda or just weighing your options if it’s even worth doing a car rental in Saranda, then read on because we’re going to go through everything you need to know!

Saranda has some incredible surrounding activities, from secret beaches to archaeological sites and religious sites.

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Sometimes hiring a car is the only way to get to them unless you want to fork out an arm and a leg for a taxi (which I don’t recommend!) or you want to hitchhike which can take a while and is unpredictable if you find a ride or not.

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When you hire a car in Saranda, you’ll be able to experience and see some of the more local spots around the city and trust me there are a lot of beautiful places you’ll never get to experience if you don’t have a car!

I have a car myself here (I still live in Saranda BTW!), and I love how me and my partner have the total freedom of doing day trips or even simply reaching the other side of the city.

But there is some really important information you need to know before you do a car hire in Saranda.

Firstly, yes it’s safe to drive in Albania and Saranda specifically but you do need to watch out for erratic drivers.

I’ve seen my fair share of accidents here from speeding to overtaking on blind corners. Rules are just suggestions to most people so just take precautions, don’t rush and watch your mirror from all sides at all times.

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Here’s a list of things to do before you rent a car in Saranda.

Full and valid driving license. 

You only need an international license if your language isn’t in the Latin alphabet. 

You’re over 18

Unfortunately, you cannot rent a car at 17 or below in Albania.

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Your passport

When you go to the Saranda car rental companies make sure you also take your passport


Some companies may ask for a deposit that will be returned to you once you arrive back with the car (as long as it’s in perfect condition.

I’m going to be honest here, parking in Saranda is a nightmare. Right now there are no parking garages, only on-street parking and some private parking car parks you can pay per day for.

If you are renting accommodation here, ask if they have parking available so you can know that you have somewhere to park your car once you arrive and rent a car in Saranda

Most of the rental places are near the Port which is where you arrive from Corfu. You’ll see the agencies lined up and ready to hire you a car.

You can either pop into one of the agencies or you can hop on a website like Discover Cars if you prefer to book online and secure something before you arrive.

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I will say in the middle of summer (July and August) prices can increase a lot and hiring a car can be very difficult so if you’re coming during the high season, make sure you secure a car before you arrive. 

car rental in saranda

Make sure you take pictures of things like the tyres, bumper, interior, roof and any bumps, scratches or dents that are already there.

You do not want to be liable for something that you didn’t do so it’s always best to take photos of this stuff beforehand so you have evidence.

Ask if there’s a spare tyre available and where it is (usually the boot).

Double-check the dashboard and take note of the fuel and mileage and that it matches any paperwork they give you.

Ask them for all available documents so if you’re stopped by the police you know which papers to give them.

If your rental car company gives you the option to get insurance (which they mostly should), then take it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The most important thing to note here is that if you’re in an accident (big or small) you need to wait for the police to show up and do a report. Your insurance will be completely invalid if you drive away.

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I’ve had friends who lost thousands of dollars and had to pay for a nearly totalled car because they drove off before the police got there.

There are plenty of fuel places but the one I recommend is just outside of the city – Pit Stop. Be aware that most fuel stations cut the fuel with cheap substances to make it go further but this one fuel station does not as we use them every week!

Also, make sure you have cash as a lot of fuel stations will not take cards.

You must tell your rental company when you hire the car as they will have to give you additional documents and you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

There’s your ultimate guide to hiring a car in Saranda. If you have any questions, feel free to pop them below!

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