Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing A Hotel

Last Updated on November 10, 2019

Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing A Hotel

Planning your vacation is half the fun of travel.  As I am setting off on another 4 months around Central Europe and Eastern Europe I thought I would show you the three-step process on how to plan your perfect holiday.  Starting with choosing your destination, then choosing a hotel, and finally picking the best things to do when you get to the location!  Planning your holiday can boost your happiness for 8 weeks, so step away from that boring work desk and get planning your future travels!

Choosing a hotel


There are a few various aspects you should look for when choosing your accommodation.  You should establish a price range you are willing to pay first.  This can make the process a lot easier!  On you can find a wide range of hotels for everyone’s budget.  The good thing about booking on their site is when you make an account, for every 10 nights you book you get one for free!  As you book more nights through the website you can gain more and more rewards.  On the left sidebar of the website, you can change the price range to suit you, which makes it super easy to find somewhere in your budget! have given me a discount, which you can use to receive 8% off your next hotel!  Use the code: 8OFFNZANITA


Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing A Hotel


Location is something often people forget to look at.  Most of the time we assume it’s close to the centre of where you want to be, but you should always check on the map where the location of the hotel is before booking.  Once I booked a hotel in Singapore which was situated in the red-light district. I had no idea until the taxi driver told me where the hotel was and that I shouldn’t leave my hotel at all!  To avoid situations like that always look on a map and do a little research.  You can always pick to filter the hotels, so you will only see ones in the centre of where you are going.

Remember the further out you are, it usually means the hotel will be cheaper, BUT don’t forget you may have to pay a taxi to get to where you want to go every day.  Make sure you weigh up your options!


Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing A Hotel


What facilities are important to you?  Do you have to have a gym while on holiday?  Is there tea and coffee available?  Are you in absolute need of a hairdryer and ironing table? Make sure you check all the facilities that you would like.  For me, if I’m travelling in Asia I always pick somewhere with a pool!  As my trip is in Europe in the winter, I always make sure that heating is included in my room.  When I was staying Jordan, I picked a room with no heating and it was -3 degrees!


Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing A Hotel


In some cities, the hotels must charge city tax.  Make sure you pay close attention to the inclusions of the hotels.  A bonus always is breakfast!  I always love choosing a hotel where breakfast is included.  This means I can start my day the right way and don’t have to go searching for something to eat early in the morning before the real adventuring begins!



A great gauge of what a hotel is going to be like is having a look at the recent reviews.  I always read the last 5 reviews that have been left.  This is a fantastic sign of whether you should pick that certain hotel.  On you can choose to filter hotels on their star and guest rating. Take into consideration that new hotels won’t have a good star rating yet so make sure you read the reviews if there is any!


For my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe, I am choosing a hotel that is in the mid-range but also includes breakfast and heating of course!  What is important to you when choosing a hotel?  Tell me below!


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Planning is Half the Fun of Travel: Choosing A Hotel

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The Comments

  • Marvi
    December 17, 2017

    Very useful and practical tips! My number one concern when looking for accommodation is the location. Convenience is definitely a must-have for exploring places.. And Breakfasts (if included with the room) is also a very good thing, especially as I’m generally a breakfast lover.. 😀

  • Samantha Sparrow
    December 18, 2017

    Oh I think planning is one of the most fun things about going away – I’m a real planner! There’s some great tips here, and location is my number one most important thing to consider. Unlike you, I’m not so concerned about breakfast as I like to head out and find something local – unless the hotel do something really special!

  • Suruchi
    December 20, 2017

    Quite Practical and informative post. Actually planing a stay is super important for your travel. We too consider the price; location; facilities and breakfast before finalising the one. And if you get some more discount on it nothing like that.

  • Lauren
    December 20, 2017

    Staying in the proper neighbourhood is very important! I never like to stay in a dangerous part of town as I don’t know how late I’ll be out and don’t want to walk through a sketchy area if possible. I try to research ahead of time so I pick the right spot! Great tips in this post 🙂

  • Jolina S....
    December 20, 2017

    As they say — Location! Location! Location! That’s my number one priority since I love exploring the city by foot. Oh yes, planning really is half the fun — 8 weeks sounds about right! We love being OCD with our travel plans so that we have a rough guide to follow. We can be flexible later on, but at least it’s great to always have a guide to start with.

  • Medha
    December 20, 2017

    I don’t know about others but for me, location is always the first and most important aspect I consider when deciding where to stay. I don’t care as much about facilities as I do about the hotel being located in the city center, especially if I plan to travel by public transport instead of renting a car. And I always have a budget, so it can be quite an interesting challenge to find a centrally located place in that budget lol.

  • Jitaditya
    December 20, 2017

    Great that you enjoy it… Personally, I am not much of a planner and most things are done on an impulse. But I understand that in some cases proper planning can save money and time. Unplanned escapades have their own charm though.

  • Alli
    December 21, 2017

    Awesome tips! My top thing to look out for when choosing where to stay is the location! Being in a central spot is key for me. I am also a huge planner and need to know where I am staying ahead of time!

  • Mei
    December 21, 2017

    We’re currently planning a one month trip to Peru and Bolivia for next year. In the beginning we wanted to have an agency plan everything for us (we’ve never done that before), but ended up choosing our own hotels. is our BEST friend for choosing hotels, since we often get 50% off, so we browse through its app everyday! haha… Also, it’s one of the few booking sites which add all special charges or taxes in the total price! But just like you suggest here, we always check out the hotel’s reviews before booking. And when reading reviews, I would like to add that it’s important to read the reviews in different languages (not only those in English). 🙂

  • Jennifer Melroy
    December 22, 2017

    I am usually picking by location. I would rather be close to public transport. It makes life so much easier if I can use public transport rather than have to deal with a rental car or taxis.

    When I travel for work, it’s easy since work is paying for it.

  • Deb Pearl
    January 19, 2018

    My husband and I are trying to plan a trip for next year, but we are having a hard time finding a hotel to stay at. There are just so many options it is hard to choose. I liked your tip about asking what facilities are important to us. It would be much easier to find a hotel if we knew exactly what we wanted. Thank you for the tips!

  • Braden Bills
    March 13, 2018

    I want to make sure that I find the right hotel. It makes sense that I would want to look for them based on price! That seems like a fun way to ensure that I find a place that I can stay that’s within my budget.

  • Monica Sharma
    March 18, 2018

    Great work, with some important information.Planning a stay plays an important for your travel.Will consider your points while choosing a stay when I plan a next trip.Thank you for sharing such a great article.

  • Tiffany Locke
    March 29, 2018

    I’m glad that you mention the importance to do a little research into the location of the lodging you choose in order to make sure it’s in a safe area and near where you want to go. Looking online would be a great way to research the different options and the area so that you can figure out where you want to stay. Once you’ve done this, it would probably be a good idea to book your trip as soon as possible so that you can ensure they are available for you to stay during your vacation.

  • Monica Chavez
    May 23, 2018

    You make a great point that you need to figure out what facilities are important to you and make sure to check that your hotel has all of those features. I’m planning a big month long trip this summer for my husband and I to stay in Texas, and we want to make sure that we have a gym in all of our hotels so that we can work out every morning. I wonder what other kinds of facilities are available in different kinds of lodging.

  • Olive Johns
    May 29, 2019

    Yes, proper planning can save your money and for more saving of money, it is important to book a budget-friendly hotel in London. I visited London last month and stayed in the Best Western Palm Hotel which was quite nice and affordable. The hotel has many nearby attractions which you can visit and enjoy.

  • Stephen Wrightly
    June 28, 2019

    Hi Anita,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post. Last year on the month of December I visited London with my family and I can definitely say London is one of the best places I would love to visit again and again. Thanks a lot again.