Clickfunnels vs Kajabi: Which Should You Pick?

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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Clickfunnels vs Kajabi: Who will win the battle of the best platform?

The growth of e-commerce over the last decade has experienced a surge!

Many people who were previously 9-to-5 workers are releasing their true potential and using their business acumen to galvanize and create successful online businesses.

In fact, Nasdaq estimated that by 2040, more than 90 of the sales will be on e-commerce sites and online businesses.

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So, what’s stopping you from entering this wide array of opportunities and creating a stream of income that will not only qualify your financial worries but put you in alignment with your life’s purpose?

Whether it’s a digital product or a service, you can materialise your dreams into a six-figure income source.

Two of the best platforms to help you build a business are Clickfunnels and Kajabi. But which one is right for you?

Let’s dive into the specifics of Clickfunnels vs Kajabi to figure out just that!

Starting an online business

To get started, first of all, you must find the niche you want to go into and that is best suited to your skills.

This can be digital marketing, health and lifestyle, or whatever intrigues your mind and gives you an opportunity to create value for others through the digital services and products that you design.

Once you have figured that out, let’s move on to the crucial part of starting an online business – the tools you need.

The tools you need – Clickfunnels vs Kajabi

Now this is a difference between starting an online business that allows you to barely break even, and creating a business that generates income and only improves with time.

To create a successful business you want it to add value to the lives of those using your services and products, to the point that they cannot help but recommend your business to others.

The difference lies in the tools and strategies the business owner uses. But where are you going to find that specific information?

Well, this is why I am here. To make you realize your true potential and create the business of your dreams with less burnout and frustration.

Specifically, when it comes to online businesses, you really want to ensure that your marketing strategy is top-notch, and you are using updated marketing tools and state-of-the-art platforms to run your business.

How is your business going to excel if the storefront where your products are lacks that extra oomph you need to change a visitor into a potential buyer?

For this, you need to make sure you choose the best online-selling platform out there.

This will not just give you a space to create a storefront for your business, but provide you with extra features like marketing automation tools, additional services and a lot more to promote your business.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the salient features of two notable platforms – Clickfunnels and Kajabi.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Why do I need Clickfunnels or Kajabi?” This article is for you to help you decide where to invest in your business.

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Kajabi email marketing could be for you, screenshot of Kajabi demo page

What is Kajabi?

If you are remotely familiar with the world of online business and marketing, you have probably heard of Kajabi more frequently than anything else.


Because it’s one of the best platforms for creating digital products like online courses and webinars for content creators like you who want to add value through their expertise and knowledge.

Kajabi is a standalone platform for creating digital products like online courses and marketing them.

In addition to that, Kajabi offers features like web hosting, email marketing, marketing funnels and a lot more that we will discuss later.

Kajabi is more prominent among content creators who want to create online courses to share their industry-specific knowledge with the world.

You can also read my full, honest review of Kajabi. If it sounds right for you, get your free 30-day trial here.

Try out Clickfunnels for service business, screenshot of Clickfunnels advertising page

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels, on the contrary, is a popular Kajabi alternative but was created solely for marketing online businesses.

When it was first introduced, the Clickfunnels name was confusing to many. “Are clickfunnels a new marketing method?” “Are Clickfunnels safe?”

Well, it turned out that Clickfunnels is a marketing tool and only is Clickfunnels safe, it’s a completely reputable site that can help you elevate your business to the next level!

It provides a marketing and sales funnel builder for scaling your business and bringing in more revenue.

Clickfunnels has managed to generate popularity among almost every business owner with an online presence because the tools for marketing that it provides are exemplary.

For those who do not want their own website, Clickfunnels is the perfect solution. Can Clickfunnels replace your website? Yes, you can do everything via email marketing and leads!

Clickfunnels vs Kajabi – which is better?

It may seem apparent that though both platforms were designed for different types of business owners, they can be used together or, even better, on their own.

This article will enlist the features and tools that both platforms offer and why you should choose Kajabi as the perfect Clickfunnels alternative and a better option than other online course platforms.

But there’s a lot to consider when comparing Clickfunnels vs Kajabi, and what they provide compared to what your business needs.

Comparing the features of Clickfunnels vs Kajabi

1. Kajabi

Creating an online business is not just about making digital products or services and selling them on an online storefront.

You need a place in the market for your products or services to be even recognized by potential customers. For this, creating an online presence through a website is the ideal way.

Creating a Kajabi website

Kajabi allows its users to host a website for their business on their platform.

You won’t just host an official website for your business but integrate it with your online storefront to sell your online courses and other digital products.

Kajabi knows the time, money and effort that goes into learning web development and coding, and that’s not even everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore, you don’t need to know any advanced computing knowledge or skillset to run a website on Kajabi.

All you need to do is buy a domain and host it on Kajabi’s platform – all of this is included in one package.

You will not be paying extra for anything, and that money is saved and invested elsewhere for the growth of your business.

All websites built within Kajabi are safe and secure, with added protection for sensitive information like credit card information and passwords.

Test out some Kajabi paid themes, screenshot of Kajabi theme store page

Kajabi Website Builder

Kajabi’s website-builder is fairly easy to use service. With its drop-down menu, you can create stellar websites that will be aligned with your marketing strategies.

Kajabi makes sure the sites you create on its platform are user-friendly and employ best SEO practices to generate organic traffic and help Google index it better.

Website themes in Kajabi

The website builder also offers a ton of beautiful themes for every type of webpage – home, about us, work with me, anything you name it, Kajabi has a pre-designed, web-developer-approved theme for it.

Using Kajabi paid themes, invest some time into creating an aesthetic site and storefront that visually appeals to your customers and will generate more revenue for your business.

2. Clickfunnels

Creating a website on Clickfunnels is easier than you might have thought. Clickfunnels aims to replace the traditional websites that are used for businesses, the way Kajabi provides.

Since the prime focus of Clickfunnels is on sales funnels and marketing strategies, the type of website that it allows its users to create are predominantly funnels.

You can include pages like blogs and a checkout page, but it is different from a traditional website.

The interface itself is relatively easier to use because there are fewer features that you can add to a website with Clickfunnels and therefore the process is efficient and smooth.

You can select various themes and funnel strategies through a Clickfunnels drop down menu, and your site is done within minutes.

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The winner?

While both platforms do facilitate business owners to create websites, they both have different ways to do that.

Kajabi provides a more traditional website, whereas Clickfunnels is focused on a series of web pages that are solely focused on marketing and not creating an online presence.

Additionally, the cost to host a website on Clickfunnels is more than what Kajabi demands offering better features and tools.

If you want to create an online presence for your business and build meaningful relationships through your business, a traditional website is the way to go and that is possible through Kajabi only.

Creating a blog – Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Established businesses understand the significance of offering value to their customers through paid as well as free channels. One such way is to create a blog, within your main site.

A blog can give your customers a deeper insight into who you are, what your business is about, what values and ethics your business is aligned with and how can they benefit from it.

A blog can be used for generating organic traffic to your site and your storefront, leading to more chances for your goods and services to be purchased.

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This blog can serve as an account of your business journey and growth or include testimonials and reviews from your clients and customers.

You can even collaborate with other creators like you to generate extra traffic and build meaningful professional relationships.

Building a blog with Kajabi

With Kajabi, creating a blog is very easy. You already get the choice of hosting a website, why not include a section for blog in it?

There are tons of tutorials and templates available on Kajabi’s website builder which allow you to create an engaging and SEO-friendly blog.

Building a blog with Clickfunnels

With Clickfunnels blogs, you don’t get this kind of liberty. Clickfunnels only allows users to use a subdomain like

You can also use Clickfunnels for your blog to generate extra traffic and even monetize this site.

A Click funnels blog is not the best option for a blog-based business but might be suitable for something like a startup.

The winner?

Both platforms offer considerable features for creating decent blogs.

However, when comparing all the blogging features of Clickfunnels vs Kajabi, we believe Kajabi has more to offer in terms of creating an engaging blog.

Try out Kajabi vs Clickfunnels for bloggers, screenshot of

Creating digital products – online courses

If you want to share your knowledge and expertise on a niche that you are familiar with, the best way to do that is through online courses.

People are more likely to sign up for something that guides them on how to do something.

This means they want a guide on how to go from A to B, or to create a certain product, rather than just going over a blog post that gives them a 3000-word article on how they should do it.

With a course, you can easily give them the knowledge they need, and build a community for those learners

A community allows the transformation of information takes place, networking, and an opportunity for you to further market your products and services.

Creating an online course with Kajabi

Kajabi’s sole purpose is to allow course creators to create intuitive online courses.

From short mini-courses offering concise information on a skill or concept, to extensive online courses providing an in-depth learning experience.

Course creators can also assess their students through the creation of quizzes and assignments within Kajabi’s platform and track student progress from there.

The course itself can be structured into modules that can be further divided to provide an organized and counterintuitive learning approach.

Kajabi also allows course creators to create subscription-based content for those users that have opted for subscription-based content.

You can also set a timeframe to when certain course materials are available for access through Kajabi’s drip content feature.

To prevent burnout and feeling of overwhelm for the students, this is an outstanding feature, remarkable of an exquisite online business.

Unlike other course creation platforms, Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare, Kajabi does not charge an exorbitantly high amount of fee, in fact, there is no additional fee for creating courses.

Every pricing plan offers a certain amount of products that you can offer and that’s the only price you pay, nothing more.

Creating a course with Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, is solely focused on creating sales funnels for pre-designed courses.

Unlike Kajabi, Clickfunnels does not provide a plethora of tools to create courses. But what is Clickfunnels used for?

The Clickfunnels online course funnel will provide a ton of marketing tools to effectively promote your online courses and other digital products.

Even if you do want to create a course with Clickfunnels and a membership site, there are some drawbacks to that.

Firstly, Clickfunnels course hosting does not allow creators to track the progress of their students, which can be a downside.

How will you ever know the effectiveness of your designed Clickfunnels online course if you cannot even assess how well students are doing, whether they are facing in passing a certain module?

The payment and registration process within Clickfunnels are not fully integrated either.

Once a user registers, they have to purchase the course separately and this can be chaotic as they might use different emails for both tasks and face issues in accessing the course later on.

But if you’re determined to learn how to create a course in Clickfunnels, it’s possible and there are tutorials on the site to show you just how to do it.

So who needs Clickfunnels if they’re creating the course on another platform?

Most people use Clickfunnels for service business as they already have a product or service they want to sell or promote.

This makes Clickfunnels for bloggers very popular as they can easily and effectively market their pre-existing products and services.

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The winner?

Kajabi definitely offers more value in terms of course creation than Clickfunnels.

Therefore, if you want to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience for your students while building long-term relationships with your clients, Kajabi is the best choice.

Hosting a webinar – Clickfunnels vs Kajabi

In the world of Zoom meetings and events, the online marketing community relies heavily on hosting webinars that offer insight into the business, its product offerings, and even the business owner.

People get intrigued and inspired by established business owners and webinars provide a great opportunity for their well-wishers to connect with them and learn more.

This also provides an opportunity for businesses to market their products.

Clickfunnels offers webinars where you can interact and have discussions with viewers and answer their queries and concerns right away.

There are also specific funnels provided by Clickfunnels to market your business through a successful webinar.

Kajabi recently started offering the option of hosting a webinar. Creators like you can host virtual events on Kajabi’s platform, like a video training or a live discussion. It can be live and pre-recorded.

The winner?

When comparing the webinar features of Clickfunnels vs Kajabi, both platforms provide considerable features for hosting webinars exceptionally well and can be used for creating and hosting webinars.

Video Hosting - Kajabi vs Clickfunnels, person with clapper board and marker in desert
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Video Hosting – Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Video hosting is an essential component for offering online courses. Providing an audio and visual experience will enhance customer integration and promote your business better.

With Kajabi, you can offer online courses in audio, as well as in video format. Wistia, a video hosting platform, is integrated within Kajabi to allow seamless and high-quality streaming for your students.

Clickfunnels has a limit on the storage size of the files that you wish to upload. There is also no provision of hosting videos or audio on Clickfunnels.

Due to the restriction, Clickfunnels for photographers is popular as photos take up less space than videos.

Photographers can still offer videos but are more likely to make ones comprised of still images, cutting down on file size.

You might have to use an external platform that, which brings its own set of problems.

You can buy paid subscription from an external video hosting platform like Wistia, to host videos on Clickfunnels, but that is extra work and money.

The winner?

For an emerging business like yours, or even an established one, it is better that you stick with Kajabi.

Marketing Tools – Clickfunnels vs Kajabi

Perhaps the most awaited part of this article is the difference in marketing tools and features offered by both platforms.

Since Clickfunnels was designed essentially to effectively market businesses and create funnels, some of its features might seem better than what Kajabi has to offer.

Marketing with Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels offers a wide range of sales funnels, premade for your business type.

There are a ton Clickfunnels business tools to choose from, depending on what you need a funnel for.

The various options with Clickfunnels includde emails, hosting webinars, selling digital products and services, hosting membership sites and a lot more.

There are also templates for landing pages and other kinds of web pages like a thank you page, checkout page etc.

Every funnel and webpage template can be customized as per your liking and business requirement.

Clickfunnels offers four types of conversion funnels, grouped according to their purpose – for generating leads, selling products, organizing and hosting webinars and sending out emails.

The lead generation funnel allows business owners to enlist all contacts that might be interested in a product or service that the business offers.

From there, you can reach out to these potential customers through various channels like GetResponse and Aweber.

Though you have to integrate these with Clickfunnels as they are not pre-integrated, and that can be time-consuming and costly.

The sales funnel allows pushing visitors to become buyers by offering add-ons and upsells like an additional PDF file or a short video course.

The webinar funnel is helpful in creating webinars to further promote your business and the services or products it offers.

Lastly, email funnels are helpful in promoting your brand and products through newsletters and an email list.

Kajabi also has an email marketing tool, called Actionetics, that allows business owners to store important information about their possible leads.

This helps in creating strategies and funnels to promote their services or products to them.

Can Kajabi or can Clickfunnels replace your website, screenshot of

Kajabi marketing tools

When it comes to marketing automation, Kajabi is no less than Clickfunnels. The platform offers Kajabi sales funnels, various email marketing, and pipelines to strategically promote your business.

Kajabi email marketing is essential for drawing attention to your business and your products. And the Kajabi funnel builder is the perfect tool to do just that.

It is like a vote of confidence for your business that a customer entrusted you with something as personal as a space in their inbox so that they can get alerts and highlights from you. So, use it wisely.

With Kajabi, email marketing is fairly easy. It allows you to create email broadcasts for your subscribers to alert them whenever you upload some new content or have an offer to make.

This will prompt them to check out your storefront and possibly make a purchase.

Make sure to include calls to action and create an engaging and precise newsletter for your potential customers.

What’s even better is that with Kajabi you don’t have to pay for an external email service provider, everything comes with Kajabi’s subscription plan.

In addition to Kajabi funnels, the platform also offers pipelines for its users. And unlike Clickfunnels Kajabi integration is a bit more intuitive.

To make sure your email lists and landing pages are integrated, Kajabi provides sales funnels and marketing automation that can help promote your courses and other products to a wider audience.

The winner?

Kajabi and Clickfunnels both undeniably have interesting and useful features to offer in terms of marketing.

However, the final decision depends on how much you are willing to spend on the marketing and promotion of your business.

Bear in mind that with Clickfunnels you have to pay extra for most features to be integrated, but with Kajabi, no extra cost other than the monthly charges for using the platform.

Find out which Kajabi paid themes are for you, screenshot of Kajabi pricing structure with several tiers available
Kajabi pricing structure

Pricing – Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Kajabi Pricing

Pricing for Kajabi starts at $149 per month and this is a beginner plan for budding entrepreneurs.

You can sell up to three digital products, this can include paid content, online courses, podcasts, anything.

This plan also allows course creators to create landing pages, strategize marketing through sales funnels and pipelines and hosting of one website.

The second plan starts at $199 per month is for relatively established businesses.

You can sell up to 15 digital products per month, and you get all the features of the first plan, along with additional landing pages and Kajabi email marketing features.

However, keep in mind that only one website’s hosting is allowed with this plan.

The third plan starts at $399 per month and is the best for advanced businesses that are already established and have a substantial clientele.

You can sell up to a hundred digital products within this plan, and create hundreds of sales funnels, landing pages and email lists. You also get up to three websites with this plan.

However, you can start with a 30-day trial absolutely free if you sign up here. That way you get to test it out and see how you like it before you buy it.

Try out Clickfunnels for photographers, screenshot of pricing page for Clickfunnels with several tiers available

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels’ pricing plans are a relatively cheaper alternative to Kajabi, but that comes with limitations on what they are offering.

Keep in mind, you do have to pay extra for a ton of features if you want to use Clickfunnels because a lot of services are not integrated within this platform.

Pricing for Clickfunnels starts at $97 per month and it offers only 20 funnels, the creation of 100 web pages and up to 20,000 visitors per month only.

There are no email marketing or funnel generation services within the basic plan.

Alternatively, the advanced plan costs around $297 per month and offers some interesting features.

Users can access unlimited funnels and webpages, administrative support for up to three team members, nine payment gateways and nine domains for hosting.

There is also chat support within this plan that is not available in the basic plan.

The winner?

It is apparent from the above comparison that when it comes to Clickfunnel vs Kajabi for pricing, Kajabi is more expensive, but provides more value for money.

Though the marketing features of both platforms are better in their own regard, it depends on the requirements of your business which one will be better, and therefore, which plan you choose.

I use the second Kajabi plan ($199 per month), and I get so many features for my money so in my opinion, Kajabi is much better value.

Explore the Kajabi online course options, picture collage of different social media app logos and testimonials

Clickfunnels vs Kajabi – who won overall?

So who wins out in the debate of Clickfunnels vs Kajabi?

If you want to sell online courses that not only generate revenue but allow you to create an online community that is beneficial for the future growth of your business, then Kajabi is the ultimate choice.

With tons of features under its bag that are neither too expensive nor too limiting, unlike that of Clickfunnels’, Kajabi is the best tool you can use for your business.

Whether you are just starting out your own business or an established entrepreneur, Kajabi will help elevate your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is the difference between Kajabi and ClickFunnels?

While both are tools to help you grow and market your business, essentially Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, while Clickfunnels focuses on the marketing aspect.

✅ Do I need a website for Clickfunnels?

No, you do not. Although having your own website can be a helpful and powerful tool for your business, it is not essential and Clickfunnels can help you with that!

✅ How much is Kajabi per month?

Kajabi offers three pricing plans which start at $149 per month – or $119 if billed annually.

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