How To Get From Corfu to Albania (Corfu to Saranda)

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

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Saranda, Albania is a popular destination for holidaymakers, especially in July and August.

If you are relaxing on the Greek island of Corfu or maybe you’re looking to reach the Albanian Riviera the easiest way, then you should catch the ferry that goes direct from Corfu to Saranda.

Thanks to the Corfu to Saranda ferry, a Corfu to Albania day trip is not only possible, it’s convenient and easy to do.

Learn how to take the ferry from Corfu to Saranda, aerial view of long modern ferry moored next to a wide dock with lanes and parking spaces in front of a heavily built up area full of apartment buildings

If you would like to explore the Albanian Riveria this is the best way because once you’ve taken the ferry to Albania, from Saranda you can make your way up the coast.

The south holds many treats for visitors, including historic towns, delicious seafood and the most beautiful beaches in Albania (here’s a list of the best ones!).

So what are you waiting for? Let me show you how to take the ferry from Corfu to Saranda so that you can enjoy all that the southern Albanian coast has to offer!

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How to Get from Corfu to Saranda by Ferry

1. Where to Get the Ferry Ticket?

Here is a map of Corfu and Albania to help visualise exactly where to go to purchase and pick up your ferry tickets.

Enjoy the corfu to albania ferry, Google Maps screenshot of the location of the ferry ticket office in Corfu

Corfu: If you’re in Corfu you can easily book online or go to the office that sells the tickets on the map above.

Take the corfu to saranda ferry this year, Google Maps screenshot of the location of the ferry ticket office in Saranda

Saranda: In Saranda, getting to Corfu is just as simple. There are two offices near the port where you can buy tickets.

Just have a look at the map above where I recommend getting your tickets for the trip from Albania to Corfu.

*During the summer months you should book the day before at least as the ferries can fill up fast.

2. Where do I Catch the Ferry?

It's time to take the ferry from corfu to albania, Google Maps screenshot of the location of the ferry departure point in Corfu

In Corfu you can catch the ferry from the port past the big cruise docks.

You can either catch a bus, taxi or walk from Corfu town, however during the heat of the summer I would recommend not walking as the heat and having to lug your luggage is not a nice experience.

If you do want to walk its only about 15 – 20-minute walk.

Learn the best way for how to get from corfu to saranda, Google Maps screenshot of the location of the ferry departure point in Saranda

In Saranda you catch the ferry at the port which is in the centre. It’s easy to find as Saranda is quite a small city.

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3. The Price

Depending on when you catch the Corfu to Albania ferry will depend on the price. Tickets can be booked on Finikas and start at 20€ (one-way) for adults.

Prices are cheaper for children and infants. There are also additional costs if you are bringing a vehicle (prices vary depending on the vehicle).

You can find up to date info for prices and the Corfu Saranda ferry timetable here.

Check the corfu saranda ferry timetable for up to date information, view of the Finikas Lines ferry travelling over smooth waters towards land populated with rolling hills and mountains covered in green trees and fields

4. How Long does the Ferry Take?

During the high season, Finikas puts on 2 types of ferries, a slow and a fast. Naturally, your Corfu to Albania ferry time will vary depending on which option you take.

The fast one is named the Dolphin and takes only 20 minutes. The slow ferry takes 1.30 hours.

When you purchase your ticket make sure to ask which ferry is slow and which one is fast.

On the fast ferry from Corfu to Albania, there’s nowhere to stand outside but on the slow ferry, there’s 2 levels, an inside and outside.

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5. Your Luggage

Technically you can take 1 suitcase with you however they are usually quite lenient on that. Sometimes a Corfu to Albania Riviera vacation means travelling with a little more luggage!

Always check with the office when you book your ticket.

6. The Time Difference

Please be aware, a Corfu day trip to Albania will involve a little bit of time travel.

Between Albania and Greece there is a one-hour time difference. Always be aware of that when booking your ticket!

This is especially important if you are going from Saranda to Corfu to catch a flight!

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How long is the ferry from Corfu to Saranda?

Depending on whether you take the fast or the slow ferry from Corfu to Saranda, it will take 20 minutes or around 1.3 hours.

✅ How far to swim from Corfu to Albania?

If you’re feeling in excellent physical condition, the swim is around 3km. There’s an annual charity event for anyone feeling adventurous!

✅ Is Saranda worth a visit?

Yes it is! Not only is the Corfu to Saranda ferry extremely popular, Saranda is a favoured holiday destination for Albanians as well.

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How To Get From Corfu to Albania (Corfu to Saranda)

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