Dallas Tourist Attractions: 6 Alternative Sights to Visit in Dallas, Texas

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 Dallas Tourist Attractions: 6 Alternative Sights to Visit in Dallas, Texas

6 alternative sights to visit in Dallas, Texas

Many travel to Texas to soak up that all-American experience that we so often see in films. Rodeos and real-life cowboys can all be found in this part of the world, happily blended with a cosmopolitan way of life. But if the rodeo isn’t your thing, this is also a great place to visit if you’re up for a bit of culinary indulgence. Tex-Mex and traditional American comfort food can be found on every corner, as can menus from all across the globe.

If you’ve already had your fill of the stars and stripes, what can be found for those who want to see something a little different?


1.    Reunion Tower

While this might not be the all-American experience you might think of when travelling to Texas, this is certainly a quirky way of seeing the city. The observation deck allows you to see 360-degree views of this city of Dallas from jaw-dropping heights. If you’re there with your partner or loved one, you can even enjoy a dining experience from this 470-foot-up platform. Clinking champagne glasses overviews of the city is certainly an alternative but equally special way to enjoy this slice of America.

Dallas Tourist Attractions: 6 Alternative Sights to Visit in Dallas, Texas

2.    Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures

These heroic-looking sculptures can be found at the Pioneer Plaza. They were created to show the longhorn cattle drives that occurred on the Shawnee Trail back in the 1800s. Cast out of bronze, there are 49 of them in total, and they stand at human height – around the six-foot mark, making them somewhat imposing but also human-like. There are just three riders, which take the form of the iconic cowboys on horseback, guiding them towards the waterfall. The artist who created these was Robert Summers – a local Texan himself.

Dallas Tourist Attractions: 6 Alternative Sights to Visit in Dallas, Texas

3.    Williams Park

Williams Park is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quiet corner of Dallas with little interruption. Not only does this government-funded park come with plenty of recreational facilities, but it also has little fishing bays and its very own waterfall. You’ll spot a ‘LOVE’ statue along the course of this tranquil park and even a floating fountain.


4.    Katy Trail

Although many visitors may not consider the Katy Trail as an iconic part of Dallas to visit, the locals would beg to differ. This beautiful stretch of countryside used to be an abandoned railways line, and in fact, it brings over a million visitors every year to take in the breathtaking views. You can see the city from the trail, and it is hugely popular with joggers, cyclists and walkers alike. This trail is over 100 years old, back when it used to cater to the likes of trains rather than pedestrians and joggers. It was renovated during the 1990s to make it the attraction it is today.


5.    The Travelling Man

If you’re after scriptures that are truly mind-bogglingly unique, then The Travelling Man could be your exhibit of dreams. These three statues are the creations of Brad Oldham, who wanted to ensure that a pre-existing set of murals were replaced with something valuable. These ‘men’ or robots of sorts are composed from metal sheets that are meant to reference the city’s railroad history. The statues aim to tell the story of growth and life, using the allegory of these curious and quirky figures.

Dallas Tourist Attractions: 6 Alternative Sights to Visit in Dallas, Texas

6.    Fort Worth Water Garden

When you think of an oasis, it’s usually palm trees and sand that come to mind. However, these water gardens conjure the idea of an oasis but in a much more modern form. Cyan water cascades down these modern sculptures to create a very futuristic and extremely peaceful environment. Phillip Johnson designed a number of contemporary water features to create a type of urban park, that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


Beginning and ending your trip on a high

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Make this trip one to remember.

Dallas has so much to offer, for whatever mood you happen to be in. Thrill-seekers can see the city from knee-quaking heights and those looking for a bit of relaxation can pass through the countryside and water features of Fort Worth Water Garden. Whatever is on your mind, Dallas will have an answer to it – no matter how specific.

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