Deadly Mistakes that Could Mess Up Your Trips

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Deadly Mistakes that Could Mess Up Your Trips

Stop Making These Mistakes or Else You Will Mess Your Trips

Have you ever made a mistake in any of the local and foreign trips you made? If you have, then don’t condemn yourself because we all make mistakes. However, some blunders can be costly, and hence, the need to avoid them. Even though the aim of this post is not to make you immaculate when planning your trip, traveling, or enjoying your tours, we aim to help you avoid some unnecessary blunders. Before you even say,” I want to order my perfect paper today,” we would like you to follow our travel consultants on a brief journey. By the time you arrive at the end of this exciting journey of discovery, you will be better placed to avoid these mistakes and enjoy your future trips better. Remain on board.


Failing to Plan for Your Phone Use

One of the mistakes some travelers make during their foreign trips is travelling without arranging for their phone use. They turn on their smartphones abroad and even forget to switch it on airplane mode before boarding the plane. Before using your mobile phone for data and voice communication, is it needful to contact your service provider to negotiate a plan that will take care of that. Otherwise, you could end up with some few thousands of dollars in bills when you return home.

Booking Accommodation in the Wrong Place

When traveling as a tourist, you need to be wary of this blunder many people make. Some of them like living in the CBDs of big cities. The problem here is that all the hotels and restaurants within this range are usually more expensive than those on the outskirts of such cities. Moreover, you will pay more, and yet, enjoy lesser serenity due to the busy life of these city centers.

Spending Excess Time Traveling

Just because you are going for a tour doesn’t mean you spend most of your time traveling. If you must travel, then it is wise to book early morning or late night trips. This way, you will avoid spending whole days at airports or train terminals. Things get complicated when you end up spending the rest of your day traveling.


Deadly Mistakes that Could Mess Up Your Trips

Too Little Time Between Flights

If you will take several flights along the way, it is necessary to avoid squeezing your flights. Don’t make the mistake of over trusting your flight schedules and booking your connecting flights too closely. Instead, allow at least one to two hours between flights to give room for delays, security checks, and traffic. Otherwise, you could miss your next flight.

Changing Money at the Airport

Carrying the local currency of the country you plan to tour is necessary. But some travelers mess by exchanging their money at the airport.  What you will find at these locations can be compared to kiosks that take advantage of travelers’ desperation to exploit them. They simply offer the worst exchange rates. If you don’t want to waste your money, then withdraw money from ATMs or go to the city center where you will find better rates from banks and other money changers.

Leaving Home Without Local Currency

Still on money issues, you can avoid the hassle by exchanging your money before leaving for a foreign trip. Don’t mess yourself by leaving home without enough cash that will get you from the airport until you arrive at the city center where you will get better rates.

Failing to Double-check Your Plans

No matter how much you trust your planning instinct, don’t make the mistake of failing to double-check your travel plans before leaving. If you assume, don’t be shocked to find out that you mistook your travel times and risk missing a flight. Do you have enough money to waste on last-minute flight tickets? If you don’t, then check again.

Failing to Close Leaky Toiletries

If you will carry your leaky toiletries, then this mistake is worth avoiding. Never carry these items without sealing them. Also, you need to squeeze out some air from them before packing them. Otherwise, you will end up with a packing bag that is baptized in a soapy mess.


Deadly Mistakes that Could Mess Up Your Trips

Excessive Packing

No packing extreme is safe, and hence, you don’t need to mess on either side. You should be careful to avoid over packing the same way you do under packing. If you fail here, you will end up killing yourself with excess baggage that will weary you unnecessarily. Besides, you will incur unnecessary baggage fees. So, pack only the items you will need for your trip.

Failing to Negotiate Taxi Prices Beforehand

If you are travelling in the developing world, for instance Africa, Asia, or South America, then you should pay attention to this point. The taxi transport in these regions is still undeveloped, and hence, watch out for exploiters. If you are new in a place, don’t board taxis or other forms of personal transportation before asking the real fare.

If you are from the West, be sure these guys will tell a price triple the usual amount. To be safe, look for the nearest old woman and ask her what it costs. Armed with such information, ask the taxi or tuk tuk/rickshaw motorcycle rider how much they will charge you. If they give you a different rate, stand your ground until you agree with them the usual fair price. After that, you can board and travel. Otherwise, you could end up losing your money.

Failing to Read Reviews

Lastly, you need to avoid the blunder of booking hotels without reading their reviews. It is necessary to read their reviews to ascertain the quality of service they offer their customers. This way, you will be better placed to set your expectations right or look for alternatives.

With these insights, you shouldn’t make these blunders again. We hope you are now enlightened to make the most out of your next trip.

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