Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty


If there was any credible way to find out the very best places to visit, on earth; it would be through the telling choices of the super-wealthy, right?  After all, they’d only visit the most pristine locations, which either offer extraordinary beauty, ultimate luxury, life-changing experiences, or all three. They seem to gravitate towards destinations that are off the beaten track and often leave us thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.

With all the best travel agents at their fingertips and travel recommendations from their affluent social scene, it’s almost impossible for them to make the wrong choice.  We could learn a thing or two, from the Royals’ travel choices, especially when they start frequenting a particular place. This is usually a dead giveaway, of a hidden gem!

So, we’ve made a list of the Royals’ favourite spots on the globe, to save you the torture of wondering why you hadn’t thought of that destination, before!  Next time you see their fabulous holiday pics plastered all over the papers, you can shout; ‘been there, done that!’


Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, one of the most glamorous cities on earth, is often the chosen destination for the royals and other high society, A-listers. Not only does the Grand Prix attract the likes of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, but the city also offers exquisite sights and charming architecture. Monte Carlo is adorned with luxury yachts, sports cars, fine dining restaurants and beautiful people, and is perched upon a lush mountain range, overlooking the royal blue Mediterranean sea.


Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Botswana, Africa

Prince Harry loves Botswana, and has said in countless interviews, that it holds a ‘special place in his heart,’ and often refers to it as his ‘second home.’ Prince Harry has been visiting Botswana for the last 20 years, and we can’t blame him! Botswana is pure perfection and offers complete tranquillity in the lap of luxury. Botswana is one of the only places on earth, where visitors can spot some of the rarest wildlife in the world. And don’t be fooled, Botswana isn’t all grasslands and open plains; you’ll find a healthy waterway called the Okavango Delta, salt pans, called the Makgadikgadi pans, and desert-like terrain. From canoeing trips to luxury stays in five-star lodges, Botswana is every person’s dream location.


 Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Source: Pozadine.Info

 Kenya, Africa

The Royals really love Africa. If Prince Harry’s visits, over the last 20 years, weren’t enough, Prince William thought Kenya would be the perfect place to get down on one knee and ask Duchess of Cambridge; Kate Middleton, for her hand in marriage. There are hundreds of majestic places to go to in Africa, all offering the same peace and tranquillity you’d find in Kenya. Prince William spoke about Africa in an interview just after their engagement and said ‘Africa is definitely one of the places I go to. It completely settles me, and Kate understands what it means to me, being in Africa”. Not only does Kenya allow visitors to experience natural spectacles, such as the great mammal migration, but it also appeals to anyone interested in unusual landscapes. The Great Rift Valley, the Savannah grasslands, mountain ranges, Lakelands, and even beautiful beaches, can be found in this diverse country.


  Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Verbier, Switzerland

For those who thrive on an adventure (and cold), Switzerland is the ideal location! The lavish, but quaint village of Verbier is the go-to getaway destination for the elite; boasting visits from Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Prince Harry, Prince William and the King and Queen of Belgium. The royals flock to this secluded location, to ski and snowboard away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, and of course, because it’s breathtakingly beautiful!


 Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is an island off the coast of Spain and is surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a little piece of paradise, with clear blue waters, enchanting water coves, limestone mountains and citrus plantations. The island may be small, but the grand music scene, bustling nightlife and innovative art festivals, make it feel much larger than it is. The Spanish royal family own a home on the island of Mallorca and visit numerous times throughout the year and some of the English royals, such as Prince Harry, have been spotted soaking up the Spanish sun.


Destinations Around the World Fit For Royalty

Rome, Italy

Rome is a tourist hot-spot, but that didn’t keep Queen Elizabeth ll, Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker and Prince Harry, away! The city is just too charismatic, to pass up, for your next trip. Rome is riddled in historical landmarks, such as the Colosseum, Vatican City and the Trevi Fountain, each one more beautiful than the next. Not only is the architecture a surprise for the eyes, but the exquisite flavours of Italy’s gastronomy will thrill your taste buds!



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