30+ Best Eco Friendly Travel Products You Need

Last Updated on February 18, 2024

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Many travellers love to see the world and it is natural for them to treasure the planet they enjoy so much.

Eco-friendly travel products are always a fantastic way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Environmentally sensitive products are exploding in popularity, especially with the younger generations.

With the increasing risk of climate change, many people are making changes to their consumption habits and choosing eco friendly products, not only for their travels but also for their daily life.

30+ Eco friendly Products for Travellers, close up shot of two bamboo toothbrushes sitting in a glass jar

Studies have shown that around half of digital consumers take the environment into consideration when choosing products to purchase.

This is a huge shift from the 20th century when these kinds of concerns were almost unheard of but it does give us a glimpse into our greener, more environmentally friendly future.

People are becoming more ethical in their shopping and gifting habits and this is a trend we should embrace with open arms.

The environment is our shared heritage and the more we can do to help it the better off we, and our children, will be!

Eco-friendly products are usually better quality than their counterparts and made with more thought and care.

The best eco friendly travel accessories are reusable, durable and lightweight. And luckily there is a wide range of sustainable travel essentials available.

We have chosen a fantastic selection of eco friendly travel products for you to peruse.

So even if you’re not sure what to get the traveller you know you’ll be able to find something, or several things, that will help them enjoy their journeys all the more!

Eco Friendly travel gifts are always a good choice for your adventures and where possible it’s great to do something to help the environment.

Below are the best eco travel products to buy as gifts or add to your own eco-friendly packing list for your next trip!

Here are the best eco-friendly travel products

1. Filtered Alkaline Water Bottle

Try out these travel friendly products, stainless steel water bottle with alkaline filter and plastic screw lid

Nowadays, a water bottle is considered one of the sustainable travel essentials. But which one to choose?

This elegant stainless steel double-walled water bottle comes with a gym lid and is the perfect all-round eco gift for a traveller.

The bottle includes a pH alkaline filter that increases the pH of the water making it healthier and better tasting.

The bottle’s alkaline filter also adds beneficial minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium while removing heavy metals and other contaminants from the water.

The bottle is durable but lightweight and fits easily into a rucksack or daypack.

2. Reusable Soft Cotton Swab

Find your new favourite eco friendly travel gifts, LostSwab reusable silicone cotton swab with cardboard packaging

These super-soft silicone cotton swabs are designed to be reused again and again. The can be used for cleaning your ears or removing makeup.

They make a great eco-friendly travel gift for male and female travellers. The swabs come in several colours and a handy travel case so you won’t lose them.

They are light and easily portable and can easily be washed for reuse. A fantastic environmentally friendly solution.

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3. Ethique Products

Use these eco travel products on your next trip, box and block of "ethique" Pinkalicious shampoo bar on white background
Ethique is one of my all-time favourite eco friendly travel products on the market!

These ethically made plastic-free solid bar cosmetics are a wonderful gift for eco-friendly travellers.

These solid bar soaps and shampoos are vegan-friendly, versatile cosmetics and considered sustainable travel essentials.

They have excellent shampoos, hair defrizzes and various skin products all packaged in a 100% compostable box.

All their products are made without animal testing or cruelty with plant-based ingredients. Ethique is my favourite brand at the moment.

I love the pink shampoo bars as well as their body washes. They are constantly bringing out new innovative products and are definitely a brand to watch!

🎁 Check prices here

4. Coffee and tea tumbler

Use the best eco friendly luggage for a lower impact, two large cylinders for carrying coffee and tea with metal lids and wooden bodies

This stylish vacuum insulated flask with a built in tea infuser is made out of stainless steel, is rugged, tough and chic in design with a lovely ethically sourced bamboo casing.

The double walled tea flask has a well designed infuser so you can make the perfect cup of tea wherever you are on your travels.

The high quality vacuum insulation will keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

This is definitely one of the best eco friendly travel products for any traveller who loves to have a cup of tea.

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5. Pack bamboo set

Try these top eco friendly products, promotional shot of Bewbow pack bamboo set with cutlery, toothbrush, straw and chopsticks wrapped in a canvas packet

These antibacterial bamboo fibre dish sponges make great eco friendly travel gifts for anyone who loves to camp and needs to do dishes on the road!

These long-lasting, plastic-free washable dish sponges will last a lifetime if you take care of them and really help to support the environment, unlike their plastic-based counterparts.

These versatile multipurpose sponges can be used for household cleaning, cleaning mirrors, windows and much more.

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6. 100% cotton thin travel towel

Give these unique eco friendly products a go, travel towel with dark and light stripes and white tassles

These 100% Turkish cotton towels are lightweight, pack easily into a suitcase or day pack and are ideal for camping, the beach or the sauna.

The towel can also be worn as a sarong, scarf or pareo and is a wonderful item to have in your day pack for activity-packed adventures.

This unisex towel is fast drying and makes a fantastic eco friendly travel gift.

Additionally, these unique eco friendly products come in a variety of colours, so you can gift a different one to the whole family!

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7. Travel bamboo toothbrush set

These eco friendly travel products are excellent gifts, set of Greenzla bamboo bathroom products with four toothbrushes and floss

This 4 pack of ingenious bamboo toothbrushes have powerful antibacterial properties and are a great eco friendly option for oral care.

The natural bamboo handle is antibacterial and 100% biodegradable meaning that it will compost back into the earth once you’re done with it.

Containing no plastics this is a thoughtful eco gift for the environmentally sensitive traveller.

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8. Reusable travel produce bags

Don't forget your eco friendly travel containers, Naturally Sensible brand eco friendly produce bags with mesh and colourful handles
I use these eco friendly travel products in my everyday life too for my grocery shopping!

These naturally sensitive product bags are the ideal solution to those environmentally toxic plastic bags that we have all become used to.

These washable, reusable produce bags are hyper lightweight and can fit in your pocket.

Take these to the store and use them time and time again, reducing your plastic use and while helping the environment.

The idea gift for someone who is moving on a more long term basis to a new country!

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9. Solar charger

Find the best eco friendly travel products here, close up shot of solar powered charger with black and orange design
This is one of the most important eco friendly products to have in your travel bag.

This incredible folding solar power charger is an amazing option for the traveller who wants to charge their phone, laptop or other electronics while on the move.

This light, waterproof and easy to pack solar power charger is perfect for camping as well as journeys to countries where electronics are not as universal as in the West

For some many reasons, this a great eco-friendly travel gift for the more intrepid traveller!

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10. Foldable straw

Enjoy these sustainable travel essentials, Anpro branded stainless steel reusable straws with coloured containers

These stainless steel reusable straws are a great eco friendly travel accessory for anyone travelling to countries or places where you can’t be sure drinking out of the bottle is safe!

Avoid catching nasty diseases and do it in style with this foldable, portable and easy to transport straw set that comes in multiple colours.

The straws are extra long and extra-durable so you’ll be sipping drinks in the shade by the beach without worrying about infections from the bottle!

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11. Aluminium and fragrance-free deodorant

Build your own sustainable travel kit, Kopari branded natural deodorant container

This environmentally friendly, natural deodorant is unscented but highly effective. The deodorant is made ethically and not tested on any animals.

It doesn’t leave potentially embarrassing white marks like its regular counterparts and is vegan-friendly!

Described by some as a miracle this deodorant is a diamond in the rough and one of the best sustainable travel toiletries.

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12. Eco Air Dryer Hair Detangler Brush

Try these sustainable travel toiletries on your next vacation, Ecotools branded hair detangler brush

The soft, hand-cut bristles are perfect for any type of hair but are especially good for long and potentially tangly hair!

The brush is easy to pack, has a comfortable handle and is perfect for detangling knotty hair in any condition!

This is a great eco-friendly travel gift that will be treasured for a lifetime on the road that will serve the user wherever they go.

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13. Reusable shopping bag

Add these to your eco-friendly packing list, selection of colourful reusable shopping bags sitting on patterned wooden table with potted plants

These charming reusable handbags are a great eco-friendly travel accessory for the serious, long term traveller

But reusable handbags are also for anybody who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and give up those nasty plastic bags!

These completely washable and totally waterproof bags come in a variety of chic designs and can be used for shopping as well as helping to organise your things in a suitcase or rucksack!

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14. Lifestraw water filter

Build the perfect eco friendly travel kit, person in sunglasses using thick water filter straw in pool of green murky water in a forest on a bright sunny day
A water filter straw is one of the best eco friendly products for travellers

Absolutely no eco friendly travel kit is complete without some kind of travel-friendly water filter or purifier.

The amazing lifestraw water filtering water bottle removes dangerous bacteria and protozoa from drinking water while improving the taste and maximising your safety!

The bottle is tough, comes in a number of colours and is the ideal companion on a day trip or a long journey to places where the water is not 100% safe to drink while you’re on the go.

This long-lasting device is a great eco-friendly travel gift.

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15. Zero waste starter kit

Open yourself up to plastic free travel, Eco Box branded "zero waste starter kit" neatly arranged on white background

This plastic-free, zero-waste, cotton mesh storage and shopping bags set is perfect for grabbing your groceries, packing things in a neat way or taking in your pocket for carrying home purchases. 

These ecological, sustainable and washable bags are the perfect way to eliminate plastic bags from life.

And with their handy drawstrings, they are the eco friendly trav1el accessory that everyone needs!

If you are starting out on your sustainability journey, or know a traveller who is, this is the perfect sustainable travel kit to get your started!

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16. Reusable silicone travel bottles

Pick up some eco-friendly travel products this summer, clear plastic bag with colourful reusable plastic bottles

This set of handy and lightweight TSA approved silicone travel bottles are the ideal way to take your shampoo, cosmetics and other toiletries on holidays with you.

With these eco-friendly travel containers, you can bring them in carry-on without worrying about airport security removing them from you!

They come in different colours so you can easily organise your things and with easy to squeeze bottle tops that are completely leak-proof which you can use them over and over again!

A unique and practical travel accessory that any eco-friendly traveller will want in their luggage.

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17. Eco-friendly razor

Use these products when eco traveling, eco friendly razor set neatly into small box

This elegant 3 angled reusable butterfly razor is the ideal travel accessory for any world traveller!

It has a long handle for easy use and is lightweight with an open double edge that comes in a smart box and can be packed away into your luggage with no problems!

This safety razor requires very little pressure and cuts smoothly along the grain of your beard.

So wherever you are you can be sure to look your best with this eco friendly product in your hand luggage.

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18. Lurrose Reusable makeup remover pads

Gift these travel friendly products this year, Lurrose branded reusable makeup removal pads in various colours

These amazing reusable make-up removers are a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint while removing the makeup from yesterday.

Makeup removal pads may seem like a small thing but over the years they add up and put pressure on the environment. Using reusable pads cuts the waste and gives you great results every time.

These microfibre face cleaning pads are ideal for any skin type and they come with a washable spa facial headband so you can treat yourself to a sauna or spa wherever you are!

A wonderful eco-friendly travel gift for any female traveller.

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19. Divacup

Try these eco friendly travel gifts on your next trip, Divacup branded eco friendly menstrual cup in pink and purple box
A menstrual cup is one of my personal favourite eco friendly products

The diva cup is a unique solution to menstruation, and one of the best eco travel products.

This allows the female traveller to hygienically deal with her menstruation without having to resort to other more environmentally unfriendly methods.

The cup comes in a neat drawstring bag and can be packed, washed and reused giving you total period comfort.

It’s made with medical-grade silicone with no added chemicals or dyes so it’s reliable and long-lasting. I really love my cup and would never go back to pads or tampons!

🎁 Check prices here

20. Travel clothesline

Create the best eco friendly luggage combination, three picture montage of a demonstration of a travel clothesline and how to use it including hanging up a blue and white striped shirt

This super convenient tri-corded travel clothesline is the ideal solution for drying clothes in a hotel room or while you are camping.

Due to the unique knotted design, the clothesline does not require pegs to hold up your clothes. The line can be attached to trees, posts or in a hotel bathroom with ease.

The line can be easily shortened or stretched and is the ideal eco travel gift for the long term traveller! It’s a must in any sustainable travel kit!

It packs away easily and its strong and durable design means it will last you a lifetime of travelling!

🎁 Check prices here

21. Eco kabuki brush

Use these top eco friendly products, Ecotools branded Kabuki brush with bamboo handle

This cruelty-free, eco-friendly travel accessory is the perfect face brush that can fit the contours and shape of your face and neck with soft, but strong bristles designed for long life.

It produces a lovely streak-free photo-ready face every time and will leave you feeling like a star! It’s perfect for blending colours and creating unforgettable looks.

With its natural bamboo handle and well-designed brush head, it’s one of the best eco friendly travel products that make an ideal travel companion for the female traveller.

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22. Dry shampoo bar

Check out these unique eco friendly products, woman with long wavy brown hair staring alluringly next to wooden tray laden with lush colourful dry shampoo bars and lavender sprigs being splashed with water

This solid shampoo bar has amazing properties that can rejuvenate dry and broken hair.

It is an environmentally friendly and plastic free travel item that can be easily packed without the risk of spillage in your luggage.

This long-lasting shampoo bar comes in multiple scents including lavender, jasmine, honey and more.

With strong antimicrobial and moisturizing properties it is long-lasting and great eco friendly travel gifts for anyone going abroad.

A great travel accessory for camping, as well as hostel living, it’s a versatile item to have in your luggage.

🎁 Check prices here

23. Travel yoga map

Pick up some eco friendly travel products this fall, Toplus branded yoga mat in purple colour with accompanying bag

If you enjoy yoga and like to keep yourself healthy and centred wherever you are this travel yoga mat is exactly what you need.

This stylishly designed travel yoga mat folds up into a convenient travel case so you can slip it into your bag without taking up much space.

It is durable, rugged and lightweight that is machine washable made of suede rubber.

You can also hand wash it wherever you are so this makes a really thoughtful and unique eco-friendly travel gift.

🎁 Check prices here

24. Leonisa swimsuit

Use eco friendly travel containers for a greener vacation, woman wearing light blue Romi branded swimwear one piece bathing suit

This beautiful one-piece swimsuit is made with love by an eco-friendly brand, so you can swim in the knowledge that you are on mother nature’s side.

With a lovely plunging neckline and slimming compression technology, you’re bound to look and feel your best in this swimsuit that is made with skin-friendly materials.

This high cut style naturally accentuates your natural curves so you’ll look stunning wherever you are swimming! This earth-friendly product makes a fantastic travel gift for the female traveller.

🎁 Check prices here

25. Reusable silicon bags

Try out the best eco friendly travel products, Pine Beach branded reusable silicon bags with cardboard packaging and each containing foodstuffs including vegetables and pasta

These reusable silicone bags are perfect eco friendly travel containers for packing sandwiches or other food for your day trip while on holiday.

Great for packaging different foods for a picnic or while you’re camping these bags are durable and completely washable with a convenient zip-lock design to avoid leakages.

Pluse, these travel friendly products are heat and cold-proof and come in a variety of colours to help with your organisation!

These eco-friendly travel accessories are a great way to store food to save on waste and to help you travel with fresh food wherever you go.

🎁 Check prices here

26. Cork wallet

Find your new favourite sustainable travel essentials, colourful cork wallet interior with $100 bill poking out

Cork is a fast-growing trend in eco circles, and these awesome cork wallets are some of the top eco-friendly products!

This folding cork wallet with safe zippable money holding pockets is a perfect eco-friendly travel gift for males and females.

The wallet has a classically stylish look while the earth-friendly product itself is durable, soft and flexible. Slip it into your pocket or your day pack to keep all your local coins and notes safe.

These eco travelling wallets includes spaces for credit and debit cards as well as ID cards and documents.

This eye-catching wallet will always get you great comments and you’ll feel your best with this eco-friendly travel companion by your side!

🎁 Check prices here

27. Ecogear backpack

Pack a sustainable travel kit for your next journey, Ecogear branded grey backpack

This one size fits all rucksack is designed to be theft-proof, water proof, tough and durable while still maintaining a great chic modern European fashion look.

The ruck sack comes in a variety of striking colours and has a tough handle on its top for carrying like a briefcase.

The bag comfortably and safely fits a laptop computer as well as books, documents and clothes.

The bag has sturdy straps that naturally adjust to the shape of your shoulders making this the ideal eco-friendly travel gift for travelling men or women.

If all you need is a carry-on, these bags are some of the best eco friendly luggage available.

🎁 Check prices here

28. Eco-friendly dental floss

Pack some sustainable travel toiletries for your next adventure, Bambo Earth branded eco-friendly dental floss in green and brown cardboard packaging

These incredible dental floss picks made from charcoal and bamboo are the ideal eco-friendly travel gift for someone who may be away from home for some time!

This great design offers fantastic tooth protection as well as helping to repair the tooth’s natural enamel.

Using a unique formula they can help to dissolve plaque, gingival recession and more. Convenient and handy they come with a great travel case.

🎁 Check prices here

29. Bambda Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Add these to your eco-friendly packing list, Bamda branded eco friendly makeup remover pads with cardboard packaging and bamboo leaves

These environmentally friendly and completely washable makeup remover pads come in a great bag so you won’t lose them on your travels!

The set contains two types of remover pads, one for normal use and one type for more difficult tasks.

These plastic-free options come in nice mesh bags and when you buy this eco friendly gift you’ll also receive a free ebook.

The ebook will detail many environmentally sound ways to improve the health of your skin!

🎁 Check prices here

30. Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties

Build your own eco friendly travel kit, "terra ties" branded biodegradable hair ties

These biodegradable hair ties are perfect for anyone with an active travelling life!

They come in a nice range of colours and because they are biodegradable it means even if you lose one on an adventure you don’t need to feel guilty!

With guaranteed quality, you can machine wash these high-quality material velvet crunchy hair ties. Ideal for men or women with longer hair, it’s a fantastic eco friendly travel gift.

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31. Hair oil with 5 essential oils

Help work towards plastic free travel, African Pride branded golden bottle of Moisture Miracle hair oil with essential oils

This top-quality leave-in hair oil gives amazing manageability even to the most difficult hair!

Great for frizzy or dry hair, this hair oil will give you the results you were seeking while giving you better bounce, shape and contours!

This moisturiser will give your hair great shine while allowing you not to worry about your hair so you can focus on enjoying your holiday or trip abroad!

This is a great gift for any environmentally conscious traveller with a great hairstyle.

🎁 Check prices here

32. Travel solar lamps

Enjoy these eco-friendly travel products this year, green and white LED solar lamps with black detailing

This truly remarkable LED camping lantern is rechargeable and waterproof making it a superb eco friendly gift for the world explorer.

With several modes this can be used as a camping/tent lantern, used to light your way in the night or simply to illuminate your cooking process over the fire!

Once charged it lasts up to 10 hours and is perfect for fishing trips, camping, forest exploration and travelling and because it’s waterproof you can take it anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do you travel in an eco-friendly way?

Some simple ways to be more eco-friendly are to try to off-set your carbon footprint whenever you can, and to use eco friendly travel products wherever you can.

✅ What is the most eco-friendly travel?

Walking and hiking is some of the most eco-friendly travel you can do. When you travel distances that can’t be done on foot, trains and buses are more eco-friendly than flying.

✅ How can I make my travel more green?

All of the items on this list of eco-friendly travel products will help to decrease your impact on the environment. Buying local produce where you can is another way to be more green!

These fantastic eco-friendly travel gifts should give you a great idea as to where to start when shopping for every environmentally friendly traveller. Are there any eco-friendly packing list items I forget? Let me know in the comments!

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