7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

Written by Roxana Oliver 

What do Penelope Cruz, Enrique Iglesias and bullfights have in common? There are just a couple of places in the world that indeed have everything.  Rich culture, amazing nightlife, breathtaking landscapes, even more breathtaking beaches and extremely beautiful people. One such country is Spain, so if you ever thought about visiting this amazing country for the first time, this should be the year to do so. There are also so many facts about Spain that you don’t know and that can easily make you want to see this country.  It is indeed a country that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Not convinced yet?

Take a look at these less known facts about Spain that will definitely inspire you to visit this paraíso:


7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

1. It’s a place of incredible beauty

When you think of Spain for the first time, you either think of its amazing beaches or perhaps the Spanish corrida and bullfights. However, Spain has so many other things to offer and it’s one of the best things about Spain. Its mountains are incredibly beautiful, and each city or town is unique in its own way. This means that you can hit Madrid, then go to Barcelona and finish in Sevilla – you won’t be seeing the same things all over again. Moreover, Spain has several very popular and beautiful islands; so if you’re up for a challenge, you can also check them out and discover the pearls they hide.


2. The food is magnificent

You definitely heard of paella, the authentic Spanish dish made out of rice and seafood. However, this is not the only dish that tourists should try out. First of all, make sure to try jamón (cured ham) as this really is something totally out of this world. Also, you need to experience tapas at least once in your lifetime and see how different they are from the tapas they serve back home. Also, if you happen to be there and have some free time to kill, make sure to check any farmer’s market and see the abundance of fruit and vegetables that are on display.  This is the most important one in the list of Spain food facts!


7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

3. It’s great if you love history

Spain is not only known for its beauty and Javier Bardem, as it’s also an extremely important historical country. Spain had a great position throughout the centuries which definitely resulted in this country having some of the most beautiful buildings and architecture. Most of the museums and historical places are well-preserved, and you can visit them anytime. You should definitely remember the name Córdoba’s mosque and check it out once there – it’s one of the best examples of the Moorish architecture in the world. Apart from that, you can always go to Seville, Grenada or Valladolid and try to discover the amazing history behind the popular bullfights.


7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

4. It’s safe if you have a health condition

If you’re suffering from a health condition, don’t let that be an obstacle between you and this glorious country. Spain is a place that really pays a lot of attention to its citizens, meaning that getting a treatment here if needed is definitely not difficult. This means that treatments like holiday dialysis in Spain, for example, are relatively easy to arrange if necessary. Spain offers a wide range of both quality public and private hospitals, but if you are in need of one, make sure to pronounce it in the right way – el hospital with a silent h.


7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit


5. It has the most bars in the world

One of the less known but amazing facts about Spain is that it’s the country with the most bars in the world.  A study showed that the number exceeds 260,000 establishments, which means that it has one bar for every 132 residents! Of course, in this huge sea of bars.  It’s impossible not to find at least 20 that you will fall in love with, as there are bars of myriad styles – from classic to the avant-garde ones. Make sure to bring your camera with you as each and every one of these bars is equally Instagramable.  You definitely want to keep these memories with you forever. Choose one, order a cerveza and simply enjoy.


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7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

6. You can visit the 47 UNESCO World Heritage sites

The top three countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites are China, Italy and Spain, so if you love seeing these spectacular sites, make sure to allocate more than a couple of days because if you want to see them all, you will have to make no less than 47 stops along your way! Of course, if you lack time, you can check the official UNESCO World Heritage website and see which ones will be in the closest vicinity and check them out – you definitely won’t regret it!


7 Facts about Spain That Will Inspire You to Visit

7. It’s great for wine tasting

Apart from indulging in the amazing taste of the Spanish food and chilling while drinking a glass of beer in one of the thousands of bars, Spain is a great country if you’re an avid wine drinker.  It’s home to some of the best wineries of the world. Even though it’s the red Spanish wine that’s the most popular, you can also try some of the best white wines.  Even the Cava, which is the Spanish equivalent to Champagne.


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Are you convinced now? If the answer is , then make sure to book your plane ticket and the accommodation this very instant. Do not dwell on one place for too long as you need to check more than one corner of this spectacular country. Buen viaje, amigos!


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