The Best Summer and Music Festivals in Albania 2024

Last Updated on May 19, 2024

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Albania is fast becoming a festival haven, even for big music festivals.

There is a wide range of events and festivals in Albania every year from jazz to some of the biggest EDM festivals in Eastern Europe.

With the combination of beautiful scenery, hospitable locals, and affordable prices suddenly festival organisers are jumping on the train of hosting big music festivals in Albania.

Here are the top ones that are coming to Albania this year as well as more traditional festivals celebrating Albanian culture.

Top festivals in Albania. people cheering and raising their arms at a music festival
Photo by Tijs van Leur on Unsplash

South Outdoor Festival

Location: Borsh

The South Outdoor festival is located along the Albanian Riviera in the village of Borsh.

This unique Albania festival combines tradition and food and celebrates Albanian culture in a totally one-of-a-kind setting.

Borsh is a beautiful spot in the south of Albania – and one of my favourite places in Albania! It is famous for the longest stretch of beach in Albania.

So it’s no surprise it’s also one of the best Albania beaches.

It’s also home to an impressive amount of olive groves and a castle which often gets missed by the average tourist.

The event is held in the olive groves and is one not to be missed to learn more about Albanian culture and relax in a beautiful spot.

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Best events in Albania, people partying with coloured dust everywhere and all over them
Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash

Colour Day Festival

Location: Sheshi Nënë Tereza (Mother Teresa Square) in Tirana

The colour festival is located on mother Teresa Square in Tirana and seems to be a popular festival popping up all over the world.

Although it has become a worldwide celebration, it is based on the famous Holi festival which is a day in India celebrated by Hindus.

In India, this festival signifies victory over the immoral and is celebrated by people throwing an array of different coloured powders in the air.

This festival in Tirana doesn’t quite have the same meaning, nor do a lot of other colour festivals around the world.

Instead, it’s just a fun day to throw some colour around, enjoy some music and get together!

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Unum Festival

Location: Rana e Hedhun Beach in Shëngjin

This 3-day Albania music festival is celebrated in beautiful Shëngjin, in the Lezhe district (North Albania).

UNUM Festival Albania strives to unite the four elements of nature (sand, pines, the sea, and the mountains) with music.

The UNUM elements music festival is held on Rana e Hedhun, an area famous for its beautiful sand dunes! Each year there are over 50 international and local acts.

If you are looking for an Albania techno festival, UNUM is one of the best EDM and techno festival concerts in Albania.

You’ll get to experience some of the best techno Albania has to offer from local and regional artists, as well as many international names.

Are you ready for an UNUMaginable experience?

Best beach festivals in Albania, person in sunglasses and hair down from shoulders up looking away from camera at body of water
Ready to attend a festival in Albania

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Location: Dhërmi

This one-week Dhermi festival had their first appearance in 2018 and made big waves in the music festival world!

The Kala music festival was on the world stage and was quickly named one of the biggest festivals of the summer. 

Located on the Albanian Riviera, which is full of incredibly beautiful, secluded beaches, this festival is a great excuse to explore more of Europe’s hidden gems.

Thanks to its stunning location in Dhërmi, the Kala music festival has become one of the best beach festivals in Europe.

With the continued success, I have a feeling this is going to be one of the biggest and most important Albania music festivals.

Don’t forget to check out this festival packing list so you don’t forget anything!

Outside of the festival, make sure to spend time travelling through the beautiful Albanian Riviera.

I have a 10-day itinerary of South Albania to help you make the most of your time.

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Albania festivals in the Albanian Riviera, beach home on rocky and sandly coast with coastline and mountains in distance
Dhermi is a favourite for many along the Albanian Riviera

Anjunadeep Explorations

Location: Dhërmi

This festival not only focuses on music but also has a wellness centre where you can practice some yoga, get a beach massage and focus on your well-being.

Anjunadeep Explorations is another Albania festival that takes place in Dhermi, one of the hotspots along the Albanian Riviera.

Dhermi is fast becoming a tourist mecca due to its beautiful beaches and nearby attractions. It also hosts multiple music events in Albania each year.

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There are some truly exciting acts that are coming to this festival (many returning) including:

  • Ben Böhmer
  • CRi
  • Daniel Curpen
  • Dom Donnelly
  • Dosem
  • Eli & Fur
  • James Grant
  • Penelope
  • Qrion
  • Simon Doty
  • Yotto
  • and many more!

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Turtle Fest

Location: Dhërmi

This Albania summer festival comes every year to Drymades beach in Dhermi during the months of July/August.

Turtle Fest Albania is a music festival and annual event in Albania that is particularly popular with backpackers.

The festival has been coming to Albania for the last 9 years which makes it the longest-running music festival in Albania.

As one of the most established music festivals Albania hosts, there have been some amazing acts attending Turtle Festival. So we’re always excited to hear their lineup.

You must be 18+ to attend Turtle Fest.

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The Best Summer and Music Festivals in Albania, three pint glasses of different beers

Korca Beer Festival

Location: Korca

Beer beer beer!! Located in Korca, the famous home to Korca beer, it’s all happening at one of the best Albanian festivals.

This four-day festival celebrates, well you may have guessed it already: Beer. You’ll find unique beers from all over the country here.

The Korca Beer Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Albania with over 100,000 people in attendance every year.

This is a free festival with music as well as international and national beer options.

Fun jazz music celebrations in Albania, man playing trumpet

Jazz in Albania

Location: Tirana; Fier/Apolloni; Pogradec

Since I started getting interested in what Albania festivals there are, I am continually impressed by the range available.

For example, I had no idea there was a festival in Albania for jazz until I was researching for festivals in Albania to attend.

Albania is always full of surprises!

This festival celebrates European jazz with a focus on Balkan jazz, and features musicians from all over Europe.

So for anyone in Albania who is interested in jazz music then this is definitely the Albania festival for you.

The festival happens in three different cities across Albania (Tirana, Fier, and Pogradec) during the same weekend. The event in Tirana typically runs longer than the other two.

ION Festival

Location: Dhërmi

The ION Festival is one of the most unique music celebrations in Albania as it places heavy emphasis on exploring the country.

As one of the top tech and electronic festivals in Albania, you’ll get to listen to amazing artists and meet like-minded people.

Around 3,000 people attend the festival, most of whom are foreign as the festival aims to introduce people to Albanian music and culture.

All tickets are automatically booked with accommodation. This keeps numbers under control and ensures all attendees will have accommodation for the duration of the festival.

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Peza N*Fest

Location: Peza

This festival is a celebration of the end of summer and is located in the small town of Peza, which is only a quick hour away from the capital of Tirana.

Although Peza N*Fest is more of a local festival, there is also a range of international and national music acts.

Unlike many of the Albania events on this list, this is a family-friendly festival so it’s one that can be enjoyed by all!

Must Visit Albania Music Festivals, attendees at a music festival cheering and taking photos with bright lights on stage
Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash
✅ What are the best festivals in Dhermi, Albania?

There are multiple Dhermi festivals each year. The most popular ones are Turtle Fest, ION Festival, and the Kala musical festival.

✅ Are there any techno festivals in Albania

Yes, UNUM is a predominantly house and techno music festival. ION also has techno and electronic music and is a growing Albania festival.

There’s your big list of the best festivals in Albania that you can check out during your travels there. If you know of any other festivals then make sure you let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to join my Facebook group ‘Travelling Albania’ to meet other like-minded travellers coming to Albania!

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The Best Summer and Music Festivals in Albania

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