The Food Scene is Changing in Melbourne – Check out the Exciting New Concepts Gracing Tables There

Last Updated on November 13, 2018

The Food Scene is Changing in Melbourne - Check out the Exciting New Concepts Gracing Tables There

Melbourne is popularly known as Australia’s gourmet food capital and you simply should not miss the many revered food establishments there. They’re bound to leave you craving more. But what really sets Melbourne apart from other places when it comes to food? Well, this year there have been a few developments in the food scene in this part of the world. Let’s take a look at each one.

Better Food Delivery

Thanks to the birth of revolutionary food delivery services, you can now enjoy fine cuisine in the comfort of your hotel room. With this service, your choices are no longer confined to burgers and pizza. Instead, you can now choose from a plethora of different menus from restaurants near you. Whether you’re craving Japanese, American or Italian, you’re bound to find your cuisine of choice on Deliveroo. Who knew the day would come when you could easily order risotto and lasagne from your fave restaurant without having to leave the house? Yet the sight of vibrantly coloured, coolbox-backed cyclists is an altogether familiar one in the city of Melbourne. Now, good food, delivered to your doorstep, is just a few clicks away.

Healthy, Clean, Ethically Sourced Food

Food buyers have become more educated and health conscious with their choices and Melbourne’s food suppliers are adapting better practices to accommodate the more refined preferences of their customers. For instance, Jonai Farms ethically farms rare Large Black rare breed pigs and Speckleline cattle on the paddocks near Daylesford and sells them through their own farm gate and community supported agriculture (CSA) memberships. They’re not alone in this. The spread of knowledge, largely fuelled by the internet, has led to higher demand for delicious food with a traceable and ethical background – to our benefit.


Simple, Non-Exclusive Diets

Aside from growing awareness on how food is sourced, more and more people are leaning towards less restrictive diets consisting of wholesome, quality food that is prepared and cooked simply. They have come to realise that following strict diets, such as veganism and vegetarianism is difficult to sustain in this world we live in. So instead, most consumers opt for more realistic healthier options. It is akin to the Mediterranean diet: people now prefer dishes with a few simple ingredients, prepared without so many complex processes.


Minimal Food Waste

There’s a collective decision and commitment among food businesses to ensure that they reduce their food wastage and that excesses are eaten and not just thrown away. Chefs and food establishment owners are now looking at how excess food from their businesses can be sold to other markets or given to communities and charities. This practice extends to households and small-scale farms as well.

Enjoying Melbourne’s various cuisines does not just mean more variety and something that suits everyone’s palate but also becoming more ethical and sustainable. The topic of food is no longer just about satisfying one’s cravings but about raising awareness and responsibility. A positive trend, for sure!

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