How to Get to Gjipe Beach, Albania + Essential Tips

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How to Get to Gjipe Beach + Essential Tips

Gjipe beach is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Southern Albania.  It’s famous for its beautiful beach which can be accessed by a 40-minute walk, boat or a 4×4. Let’s get into how you can get to this beautiful paradise within the Albanian riviera!


How to get to Gjipe beach

Depending on how you will reach Gjipe beach will depend if you will do it as a day trip or not.  If you are doing the car/hike option, this can easily be a great stopover for the morning, afternoon or all day.  Just make sure you leave before sunset as the road can get very dark!



By Bus

You can easily reach the beach by car, bus, walking, boat and 4×4.  If you want to reach Gjipe via bus you will have to ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance for Gjipe Beach.  From there you will have to walk 2km to get to the carpark and from there you can descend to the beach (45min).


By car

If you are travelling to Gjipe beach by car you can drive to the furthest point in the road to Gjipe where there is a small car park.  From there you walk the trail which leads down to the canyon and eventually to Gjipe beach.

The walk takes approximately 45 minutes and goes past several bunkers and gives you plenty of beautiful views. The hike is relatively easy, but it is recommended that you do wear sneakers to be safe as there can be some loose rocks as well as being a little slippery.


How to Get to Gjipe Beach + Essential Tips


If you are looking for a more active route to take then you can reach Gjipe beach by walking from Jale, Himara and Dhermi. Here’s how:

Dhermi:  The route is around 4km.  There’s a small trail that starts a little way out of the town from the main road.

Vuno: It is possible to walk to Gjipe beach from the small village of Vuno. The walk is 5km and you will have to do some wild hiking as the trail is not an obvious one and you may find yourself sort of winging it.

Jale: another way is to hike from Jal.  Just ask one of the locals where the trail begins!

Use Maps.me for the best navigation via your phone.


By boat/kayaking

Gjipe beach is a popular spot that is often reached by hiring a boat or kayak from a nearby location.  You can easily kayak from Himara, Dhermi or Jale and spend a few hours soaking up the sun on Gjipe beach as well as exploring the canyon.



Another way you can reach the beach is by a 4×4.  The road is very narrow in some parts and if there is another vehicle coming you are screwed.


Top tips for visiting Gjipe Beach

Bring sunscreen:  Although these days Gjipe beach is visited by many, you won’t find mass sunbeds taking up the entirety of the beach. Make sure you’re always sun protected.  If you do want a sunbed there is usually a few people renting them for around 500lek.

Bring lots of water: Make sure you bring your own water to stay hydrated, particularly if you have hiked all the way there in summer!

Check out the canyon:  Gjipe is famous because it’s so unique and unlike any other beach in Albania.  There is a Gjipe canyon walk which you can do but I do warn that you should have the ideal equipment for rock climbing and be confident with that sort of terrain.

Swim to the caves:  Along the coast from Gjipe is numerous caves that you can swim to.  Make sure you visit them in low tide and always keep an eye on when the tides come in otherwise you can get trapped.

Bring cash:  In the summer there is usually one or two people setting up mini restaurants and selling drinks etc.  So always bring some cash with you just in case you get peckish.  If you’re visiting out of season take some snacks with you!

Visit a monastery/ former communist prison ward: From the beach, you can walk along the coast on a road which was an ex-military road to the monastery of Saint Theodore.  The hike takes approximately 45 minutes. This monastery was used as a prison ward during communism but nowadays has been reconstructed.



How to Get to Gjipe Beach + Essential Tips

Gjipe beach Camping

In the summer you can opt to camp at Gjipe beach if you’re not planning on doing the hike back up to the carpark.  There is one place called Gjipe Eco Camping They provide you with the tent etc so you can stay down at Gjipe beach for the night and enjoy some star gazing!

You are also welcome to freedom camp there if you have all the gear yourself.  There’s plenty of room.  Just make sure you have all the essential equipment to set yourself up.

If you’re staying in Himara I recommend you check out Himara downtown hostel or Himara Hostel.

If you’re staying in Jale then check out these hotels.

You can also book an Airbnb nearby and use my code here to get $35 off your first booking!


How to Get to Gjipe Beach + Essential Tips

When to visit Gjipe beach

The most popular time to visit is summer as this is when most people visit the country but don’t be afraid to visit out of season.  I would advise not to visit in winter because there may be flash flooding.  If you visit in May/June or Sept/Oct, you should be fine.  Just keep an eye out on the weather.

Also, take note that the businesses who normally operate down there (restaurant/camping) probably won’t be there out of season so be prepared to take everything yourself.

Another quick note is to always take care when exploring thick forest like in the canyon.  Albania does have snakes so always be aware of where you are going and what your environment is like.  This also goes with visiting the caves and even hiking down to the beach.  Always take care.


I hope this mini-guide helped you visit one of Albania’s (not) so hidden gems.


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How to Get to Gjipe Beach + Essential Tips

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