How to Enjoy a Good White Wine Abroad

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

How to Enjoy a Good White Wine Abroad

We all know that drinking white wine is an enriching and gourmet experience, especially whilst travelling. White wines come in diverse flavours, and we can pair them with different foods and relish the drink even further. Before learning about the different ways to enjoy white wine, let us gauge some of the basic facts of white wine itself.




  • The best way to preserve white wine is to chill it to 50 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit before serving it.
  • The trick to figuring out the variety of white wines you like will depend on several rounds of sampling. Thereafter, you can make an informed decision.
  • Taking time out to appreciate the appearance and scent of white wine is ideal to begin enjoying the wine. Before drinking, you should lift the glass to your nose and breathe in the aroma of the wine.
  • Drinking wine with a white wine glass with a small bowl is the optimal way to preserve the aroma of the wine, maintain its temperature, and express its acidity.
  • Gulping white wine is not how you acquire its superior taste. It is imperative to let the wine cover your tongue to get a holistic experience inside the mouth. Thereafter, you should focus on the taste of the wine and how it feels on the sides of your mouth.


How to Enjoy a Good White Wine Abroad


Now that we know the fundamentals of white wine let us pave through the varieties of white wine available, and see how to enjoy them.


  • Chardonnay is a classic, velvety white wine and is considered the ‘standard’ variety wine among wine enthusiasts. The flavor of Chardonnay is fruity, and you can taste regional varieties depending upon the type. Chardonnays are light and perfect for wine novices. The best way to enjoy Chardonnay is by pairing it with seafood and a rich sauce. Fatty fishes like salmon served with lush sauces and pairing them with an exquisite bottle of Chardonnay is a heavenly combination, in all honesty.


  • Sauvignon blancs – Similar to chardonnay, sauvignon blancs have a fruity taste. But, they are more acidic and not too sweet. The ideal way to enjoy sauvignon blanc is to combine it with tangy seafood and cheeses. As per wine big-wigs, sauvignon blanc is best served with dishes like scallops, grapefruit and onion salad, and various cheeses.


  • Moscato – It is a softer and more versatile white wine that is light and refreshing. It has a sweet taste that feels soft and cozy when you taste it. The versatility of Moscato comes from the fact that you can pair it with a diverse range of foods. It is a sweet enough white wine so that you can relish it with desserts. Furthermore, the litheness associated with Moscato makes it an excellent pairing for spicy foods like Thai.


  • Pinot grigio – It is a very citrusy white wine that tastes somewhat like green apples and less like grapefruits. The consistency of pinot grigio is relatively stable, and you can expect all regional varieties of the wine to taste the same. The top-notch way to enjoy pinot grigio is to pair it with seafood-based finger bites.


  • Gewurztraminer – It is a comparatively sweet wine but not as sweet as Moscato that can be paired with desserts. It is the perfect white wine for everyone who enjoys sweet alcoholic beverages but does not want them to be as extravagant as dessert. Drier versions of gewürztraminer work well with spicy foods.


  • Riesling Dry – They are considered to be very sweet. But, it is noteworthy to highlight that the top Riesling wines of the world from Germany and Alsace are bone dry. The flavors of dry Riesling range from lemony to pineapple and apricot-related. A sweet dessert can be a viable way to enjoy Riesling.


  • Torrontes – It is Argentina’s white wine and is an offspring of three varieties of Muscat of Alexandria. Despite their sweet smell, torrents are pretty dry and pair the best with savory dishes full of exotic herbs and spices.


  • Riesling Sweet – It is made in Germany and in parts of the USA. The unique aspect of sweet Riesling similar to its name is its sweet taste.


Now that we have laid out how to enjoy the diverse varieties of white wine, let us analyze the importance of a wine club in helping you want the best white wine.


How to Enjoy a Good White Wine Abroad



Wine clubs are an excellent choice for both veteran lovers of wine and novices who have just begun their journey. There are multiple advantages of joining a wine club, and one of them is that you can indulge in a wide variety of wines at discounted rates. If you want to join the best white wine club, then Firs Leaf should be your priority.


First Leaf is the one-stop destination if you are considering joining a wine club. They have amazing offers and will also keep surprising you with fun bonus wine bottles and gift cards time and again.


The club has 50000 members from all over the globe and 500000 reviews. They have their in-house winery in Napa Valley and Healdsburg, where they produce lush wines to cater to distinct tastes. They remove the middlemen in the chain of production and distribution of wine, and hence the wines they deliver in their subscription packages are affordable and premium.


In conclusion, white wines are one of the finest creations of humankind, and there is no doubt about it. The diverse range of white wines available makes it an outstanding choice for everyone interested in wines. Although red wines have a cult-like following, white wines are not too far behind in the race.

Wine enthusiasts vouch for the lightness and smooth taste of white wines and recommend them to others. Furthermore, if you want to explore white wines, joining a credible and trustworthy wine club like First Leaf is the best option.


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