12 Hotels in Berat You Have to Check Out

Last Updated on December 6, 2023

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After considering what to do in Berat during your visit, likely the first thing on your mind is where to stay in Berat.

Fortunately, there are many amazing hotels in Berat to choose from.

Although Berat is a smaller city than the main urban centres of Albania, Tirana and Gjirokaster, it has quite a lot of hotels and guesthouses.

Hotels in Berat You Have to Check Out, aerial view of hillside village with white buildings and brown roofs

Albania is one of the most visited countries in the Balkans Region, with the Castle of Berat and other historical sites being the most sought after by tourists.

Many hotels and guesthouses have opened up in Berat in the past decade.

Since I visit Berat frequently and have experienced many Berat hotels, I have created a guide for when you begin planning your trip to Berat.

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Why stop in Berat, Albania?

You might wonder what’s so special about Berat that it deserves a trip of a day or two. Berat is one of the oldest towns in Albania, and for some reason very underrated as a tourist spot.

Though it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site, thanks to Albania’s vast culture and history, tourists are mostly unaware of the architectural beauty of this 2400-year-old town.

Often travellers and tourists to Albania stop at Tirana and Gjirokaster, thinking that’s all of Albania that they need to see.

The smaller towns like Berat have the intimate charm and rich cultural history but are less visited than the big cities.

Berat, as I said before, is a crucial part of Albania’s history, and even if history is not something that may drive your travelling pursuits, there’s still a lot to do in Berat.

I’ve talked enough about Berat being an emblem of culture and history for Albania, but why is that so?

From the 4th to the 13th century, Berat held immense importance for Albania’s imperial tenures.

It withstood the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, the remnants of which can be witnessed through the cultural and historical artefacts at the Castle of Berat.

The Berat Castle sits atop the hill, and city residents used to live and still do within its boundaries.

The Castle is more than just a brick fortress, it’s a monumental aspect of Albanian history, and one of the most important castles in Albania.

Some of the churches, mosques and houses from the previous times still exist and tourists like you can visit them.

In fact, the most famous of the ten churches at the Berat Castle, the Holy Trinity Church, stands still. It is also one of the most-visited tourist attraction sites in Berat.

Discover what to do in Berat, Berat Castle with terracotta domed rooftops and white stone walls looking out across valley towards mountains in the distance
Berat Castle

The Church dates back to the 13th century, and its intricately designed frescoes and stunning views from the hill – better than from any Berat rooftop – aren’t to be missed on your trip to Berat.

Besides the historical sites, Berat’s old city charm can be witnessed through its cobbled streets and old cafes where you can sit and sip Albanian coffee and watch the locals pass by.

There are plenty of amazing spots near and inside the city of Berat.

History isn’t all that Berat is known for. For those of you who have a thing for nature hotspots, you have to visit the Bogova Waterfall.

A 50-minute drive from the city centre of Berat, Bogova Waterfall is a majestic spot in the village of Bogova.

You can either hike and visit the Osumi Canyons and the Kasabashi Bridge or relax by the Waterfall and soak in nature’s beauty and tranquillity.

Berat is a must-visit for those who want a mix of nature, culture and history to mesmerise you. There are so many places to visit and many reasons why you should plan your next trip to Berat.

You can read my in-depth Berat travel guide to see even more amazing things to do in Berat on your next visit!

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12 Best hotels in Berat to Stay In

So, where to stay in Berat Albania?

There are many hotels in Berat to choose from, offering a range of amenities and catering to different budgets.

Below are what I consider to be the best Berat hotels that you can stay in when visiting this wonderful city.

Where to stay in Berat, Aerial view of Albanian architecture with rooftops, trees and skyline

1. ANSEL Museum House SINCE 1720

It isn’t possible to create a guide for hotels in Berat without mentioning ANSEL Museum Hotel.

This accommodation is one of the most booked and appreciated hotels in Berat by tourists and even locals.

Built as a guesthouse, this cobblestone structure is 117.5 km away from the Tirana International Airport and is owned by a lovely aged Albanian couple.

It was built in the 1700s, therefore, has a historical and cultural element to its structure.

Since it’s a guesthouse, not a hotel, currently, it has only three rooms, all of which are family rooms and come with a shared bathroom and shared kitchen.

The accommodation does have free Wi-Fi and a free-of-cost breakfast. The breakfast at ANSEL Museum Hotel is a traditional Albanian meal made by the couple.

Since it’s just the two of them and their son, staying at this accommodation would give you all the cosy vibes you need when staying in Berat.

The guesthouse also has a patio and a majestic view of the river. The property also has a terrace as well as a garden.

The best part about this Berat accommodation is that it’s near two airports, and close to the Osumi River, and the Partizan Mountain.

It is also in the vicinity of attraction sites like Tomorri Mountain National Park and Osumit Park.

If you’re looking for more food options, you can check out the cafes, bars and restaurants near the guesthouse.

Overall, this accommodation is safe, well-maintained and pet-friendly if you’re thinking of bringing along your furry friends.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at ANSEL Museum Hotel now

2. Hotel Mangalemi

This grey cobblestone structure with traditional wooden windows and a sheltered roof, is one of the first hotels in Berat that became operational in the 1990s.

Hotel Mangalemi is situated in the Mangalem Quarter in Berat, which holds historical importance for Albania, and is at the beginning of the route that leads to the Berat Castle.

This is also one of the few hotels in Berat that are built on ruins of a property that once belonged to the renowned Pasha of Berat, Ahmet Kurt Pasha.

In terms of its closeness to the main city centre of Berat, it’s at a distance of 300 meters and close to a few historical sites as well.

Owing to its historical significance, this accommodation site has the perfect blend of modern meets contemporary.

Remnants of traditional Berati architecture can be witnessed at this property. The blend of stone and wood in architectural designs is a hallmark of Albanian architecture.

Mangalemi is a well-renowned accommodation site among foreign travellers especially. It’s top-notch service and hospitable staff have earned the hotel a few accolades as well.

If we talk about why I think it is one of the best hotels in Berat, it’s because the hotel offers everything that you need in an accommodation.

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Not a lot of hotels in Berat offer a range of rooms for you to choose from. However, Hotel Managemi has a room for every type of tourist.

There’s a variety of double rooms, triple rooms and budget twin rooms as well. So, there’s something for every price and budget at Hotel Managalemi.

Every room has proper air conditioning and comes with amenities like a cable television, a mini-bar and an attached bathroom with a shower and tools like a hairdryer.

So, there’s quite literally everything you might need on a your trip to Berat.

If you’re traveling to Berat on your own transport, know that Mangalemi is one of the few hotels in Berat that offers free public parking on the property.

If you’re traveling without private transport, know that the main bus station is at a mere distance of 1.9 miles from the hotel, so even public transport is within your reach.

Hotel Mangalemi is quite known for its food, especially breakfast and dinner options. There’s also a coffee house on property, along with a bar.

Did I mention how close the hotel is to the main city center and to many of Berat’s local cafes and restaurants? Yes!

Some popular ones like Baco, Zgara Jaon and Heaven’s Kitchen are located within a mile’s radius from Hotel Mangalemi.

You can make a quick stop at one of these places for a lunch break before you head on to a Berati expedition!

There’s also a grocery store next to the property, and surprisingly you can get services like fax/photocopying, ironing and laundry at the Hotel too – again, not a lot of hotels in Berat offer these.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Mangalemi now

Places to visit in Berat, moss-covered cobbled alleyway with stone walls running alongside white painted buildings

3. Guesthouse Arben Elezi

Guesthouse Arben Elezi is a beautiful white stone structure, just a 13-minute walk away from the city centre of Berat.

Like some other hotels in Berat, this property also offers a subtle blend of modern meets traditional Albanian architecture.

The Guesthouse does have a free private parking area, like a few other hotels in Berat, and a bar, terrace and a garden.

The guesthouse is situated 2.4 km away from Velabisht and less than 3 km away from Partizani, both of which are well-renowned villages near Berat and tourists are quite fond of visiting these two.

The guesthouse is one of the few hotels in Berat less than 200 km away from the Tirana International Airport, and the accommodation also offers a shuttle service from the airport at an additional charge of course.

Guesthouse Arben Elezi is a delight for solo travellers, and surprisingly it is highly rated for its super comfy beds!

So, if you’re tired from all that hiking and sightseeing, Guesthouse Arben Elezi may be the perfect stop for a night’s stay.

Like some other hotels in Berat, this guesthouse offers a range of rooms – suited for solo travellers, couples and groups.

Some of the rooms also have attached bathrooms and a balcony that offers a stunning view of the cobblestone Berati houses lined along the hills.

The Guesthouse also has an inner courtyard, a sun deck, patio, and terrace where you can also book BBQ facilities. Cleaning services like laundry, suit press and ironing are also offered on site.

Unlike other hotels in Berat, you can also do activities like hiking at Guesthouse Arben Elezi and there’s also a playground – ideal for families with children.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Guesthouse Arben Elezi now

4. Hani i Xheblatit

Located on the hills surrounding the city is Hani i Xheblatit, which some consider to be the best hotel Berat has to offer.

The property is built with grey cobblestone and the interiors are intricately designed to reminisce Albania’s culture and history.

The Hotel has a bar, restaurant and a shared lounge. One of the best parts about most hotels in Berat is that they offer currency exchange on-site, just like in Hani i Xheblatit.

You can book one of their three room types – the double or twin room comes with a balcony that’s perfect for soaking up the Albanian sun with your breakfast or morning coffee.

The triple room with view is ideal for those traveling in small groups and has an amazing view of the city of Berat.

Lastly, the standard quadruple room is ideal for bigger groups, usually families or friends traveling together.

Hani i Xheblatit is one of those hotels in Berat that are perfect for groups of travelers.

In terms of amenities, like other hotels in Berat, this guesthouse has air-conditioned rooms.

You also get a satellite television, an attached bathroom and a safety locker for every room along with free Wi-Fi. Some rooms also have a private balcony.

If you’re thinking about car rental in Berat, the hotel does offer a car rental unit, and since the area is known for cycling, you can also rent a bicycle and tour the streets of Berat.

Like oher hotels in Berat, this one is close to the Tirana International Airport and the popular villages of Partizani and Velabisht are close to the property, so you can easily plan a day trip to one of these.

The hotel is known for its standard of cleaning, facilities and comfort, thus a tourist favourite!

It overlooks the Osumi River and is connected to Gorica by the Gorica bridge, so there’s a lot you can experience during your stay at this hotel.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hani i Xheblatit now

Things to do in Berat, white buildings with tiled rooftops in the sunshine on a hillside next to a river

5. Hotel Klea

Like a few other hotels in Berat, Hotel Klea is in the vicinity of the Berat Castle. It’s a traditional cobblestone house that has been upscaled into a hotel.

The accommodation is known for its food and amenities like comfortable rooms. You can also access private parking at the hotel.

The Hotel does have properly furnished rooms that come with an air conditioner, a desk, and television.

All rooms have an attached bathroom along with a shower and a bathtub. There are four types of rooms offered, perfect for solo travellers as well as groups.

The hotel has its own restaurant, renowned for traditional Albnanian meals. You can also get groceries delivered to the accommodation, and access the shared lounge.

The Hotel Klea also has on-site activities like hiking, bar and you can get currency exchanged on site.

The property also has an outdoor dining area, a garden and a terrace. Like most hotels in Berat, the staff at Hotel Klea is trained to cater to tourists from a wide range of geographical regions.

The staff is fluent in English, Italian, Greek and Bulgarian languages.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Klea now

6. Rezidenca Aurel

Rezidenca Aurel is quite different from other hotels in Berat. Its red rooftops make it stand out from the traditionally designed cobblestone guesthouses and hotels.

The property is located in Berat, almost a 13-minute walk from the city center and roughly two km from Partizani.

The accommodation is also close to Velabisht and Uznove, and roughly 114 km from the Tirana International Airport.

If you’re visiting Berat by air, you can also book a paid airport shuttle service from Rezidenca Aurel.

In terms of amenities, the hotel has double, twin and triple rooms, most of which come with a private balcony or a city view.

There are some budget rooms as well, along with larger family rooms and a private balcony for groups of travellers or families. The hotel is known for its amenities and ideal location.

Other features like free Wi-Fi, free parking, a shared terrace, and a rental service are some of the features that make this accommodation one of the best hotels in Berat Albania.

Families staying at the hotel can also enjoy a continental breakfast, though there are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants near the property.

The Osumit Park and Parku Celepias are within a kilometer’s radius of this hotel and the River Osumi is less than a kilometer away.

Overall, it’s a good accommodation for solo travelers, as well as families. You can also book BBQ facilities, or dine in their outdoor area.

The hotel also offers bike tours and canoeing off-site, but at an additional cost.

This may surprise you but Rezidenca Aurel is one of the few hotels in Berat with a spa on-site with all that you would need to relax and calm down on a trip.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Rezidenca Aurel now

Enjoy some of the best Berat Hotels, several colourful carpets hanging on a brick wall in Berat Albania

7. Berati Castle Hotel

I have talked a lot about Berat Castle so far, but did you know there’s a hotel right next to it?

The Berati Castle Hotel is roughly two kilometers away from the Castle walls and is a 4-star accommodation that has all you might need during your stay in Berat.

This Berat Castle hotel has five types of twin, triple and family rooms. The classic double or twin and the classic triple rooms are situated in the attic and perfect for a cozy night’s stay in Berat.

Like other hotels in Berat, it’s close to the Tirana International Airport and Ohrid Airport.

There a few cafes and restaurants near the accommodation like Klea Hotel Restaurant and Onufri Restaurant.

Although the hotel has its own restaurant as well that offers Mediterranean and local Albanian cuisines for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

The Osumi River and Osumit Park are also close to the property.

The rooms at the Berati Castle Hotel have proper air-conditioning and there’s also separate luggage storage space.

Overall, it’s a good accommodation, located at a very prime spot in Berat and also offers paid airport shuttle service.

Like some of the other hotels in Berat, this one is also pet-friendly, has free Wi-Fi, a bar and free parking.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Berati Castle Hotel now

8. Hotel Rezidenca Desaret

A rather modern-looking hotel in the historical city of Berat, Hotel Rezidenca Desaret is known for its good food and good ambiance.

Like other hotels in Berat, this one also has an on-site bar, stunning views of the city from its terrace, free Wi-Fi and an on-site restaurant.

Every room at the accommodation is furnished to meet the Berat booking requirements of modern tourists.

There’s a flat-screen television, a sitting area in some rooms, and some have views of the city or the hotel’s garden.

Every unit has a bathroom attached, along with free toiletries and there’s also a 24-hour helpdesk and currency exchange on site.

The best part is that the property is only 300-meter away from the Ethnographic Museum located inside the Berat Castle.

Located at an ideal location, Hotel Rezidenca Desaret is one of the best hotels in Berat for family stays and solo travelers.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Rezidenca Desaret now

Stay at the top hotels in Berat Albania, aerial view of Berat bridge from over a rooftop

9. Hotel Colombo

Hotel Colombo is unlike any other accommodation in Berat. It is perhaps the only hotel in Berat where you can get a luxury treatment while being on vacation.

From the exterior to its interior and service standard, Hotel Colombo is the best you can get in Berat.

Since it is designed to attract the modern tourist, if you’re looking for a more cosy and traditional accommodation, this might not be your best match.

However, Hotel Colombo does have features that make it stand out. The property is fairly grand and is located near Uznove.

It has a 24-hour helpdesk, airport shuttle service, room service and free internet connection all over the accommodation.

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A variety of food options are offered at the hotel, including continental, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals.

The hotel also has a terrace and a play pool – perfect for families and groups of travelers.

The Hotel also has an on-site spa with a hot tub, jacuzzi, fitness center and a sauna – all services can be availed at an additional cost.

You can also book tours or classes about Albanian and local Berati culture, walking tours or a play pool.

Out of all hotels in Berat, Hotel Colombo is one of the few where you can also book a banquet hall or a meeting room for larger gatherings and events.

Overall, it is a good accommodation, though it may be pricier than others, but worth it!

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Colombo now

10. Master Hotel

Located at an 11-minute walk from Berat and 2.3 km from Partizani is the Master Hotel.

From amazing city views to amenities like free Wi-Fi and a prime location near the Onufri Museum, King Mosque and Gorica Bridge, there’s nothing that wouldn’t make Master Hotel one of the best hotels in Berat.

All units in the accommodation have an attached bathroom, an air conditioner, a fridge and a television.

Some rooms also have a private balcony and a seating area where you can enjoy your breakfast while gazing at the cityscape of Berat.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Master Hotel now

11. Tradita e Beratit

Another one of the traditionally styled hotels in Berat is the welcoming Tradita e Beratit.

Only a 17-minute way walk away from Partizani, Tradita e Beratit has everything that a tourist in Berat would want.

There’s an on-site restaurant, a 24-hour helpdesk, free Wi-Fi and room service.

Tradita e Beratit has free parking unlike many hotels in Berat and is near the Tirana International Airport as well, though it doesn’t offer a shuttle service to and from the airport.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Tradita e Beratit now

Check out my berat hotel travel guide, hillside homes in Berat looking from below

12. Hotel Orestiada

Lastly, Hotel Orestiada is only a 3-minute walk away from Berat and offers everything and a lot more than most hotels in Berat offer.

The accommodation has a bar, garden, terrace and free parking space. You also get free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour helpdesk.

The accommodation also has a shared kitchen and on-site currency exchange.

What makes Hotel Orestiada stand out from other hotels in Berat is that has a buffet menu with English and Irish breakfast options.

You can also book activities like a tour class about Albanian culture, hiking and fishing at the Osumi River.

Truly, there’s everything that you need at Hotel Orestiada to make your trip at Berat memorable.

🛌🏼 Book a stay at Hotel Orestiada now

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What are the best hotels near Berat Castle?

If you want to stay near Berat Castle, by far the best hotel is Berati Castle Hotel. However, the Hotel Rezidenca Desaret and Hotel Klea are also great options in the area.

✅ Which hotels in Berat are good for families?

Many of the Berat hotels are family-friendly. However, the top options for families are Hotel Colombo, Guesthouse Arben Elezi, Hotel Rezidenca Desaret and Hotel Klea are also great options in the area. and Rezidenca Aurel.

✅ Which hotels in Berat have nice views?

Because Berat is on a hillside, the good news is pretty much any hotel in Berat that you choose will have an exceptional view!

I hope this handy guide of the twelve best Beat hotels helps you decide where to stay in Berat.

If you have any more questions about the best Berat hotels or what to do in Berat, please let me know in the comments below!

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