How To Get Free Accommodation

Last Updated on November 9, 2019

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Want to know how to travel the world and get somewhere to stay for nothing?  It’s not that hard. Here are four ways you can get accommodation for FREE.

GuestToGuest (formally Trampolinn) is an amazing and genius website.  It is all based on a point system where you can earn points by simply making a profile, recommending to friends, verifying yourself and hosting other travellers in your home.  You can use these points for free accommodation in other people’s homes all around the world!  You can find homes that are shared or you can get a whole house to yourself!  If you’re interested in GuestToGuest check out their website and sign up! And did I mention it’s totally free as well?!

Couchsurfing is an obvious choice for free accommodation.  It is a site where you can meet people from around the world and just like the name – stay on their couches.  Couch surfing is completely free.  It is a good idea to pick verified members only and make sure you make yourself verified so people can trust you as well!

Volunteer at your hostel for free accommodation.  I have seen and heard of this being done at nearly all the hostels I have stayed at.  If you are wanting to really discover a city or if you would like to stay somewhere for a month or more and don’t have enough money to pay for accommodation, most hostels will let you stay for free in return for a certain amount of hours worked.  This is a great idea because you will save so much money by not paying for accommodation and on the plus side hostels are a great way to meet people and to make contacts, so consider this when you go backpacking!

Trusted house-sitters is another great website where you can stay for free in people’s homes and in return baby-sit their pets, or just baby-sit their house!  If you are wanting to stay somewhere for a few weeks and to really explore a city, I would recommend getting a house that you can look after or just looking after something like cats or a bird, they are low-maintenance and don’t require a load of attention so you can still go out and explore!  Don’t get tempted into babysitting a cute little puppy otherwise the only view you will be seeing is the puppy’s rear end…

So there are a few ways you can stay for free around the world and meet loads of new people. Remember to always be safe with websites and to verify yourself and make sure the people you are about to stay with are legit and verified.  You could do this by meeting them on Skype, Facebook stalking or meeting them in a public place before hand.  Hope you guys have found this little article useful and let me know your experiences with free accommodation!  Check out lonely planet for your travel guides for around the world and make sure you look at Hostelworld to get some ideas for hostels!


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How To Get Free Accommodation


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    Great tips, Anita! This is a truly exceptional post, especially for a budget travel!