How YOU Can Find The Best Cruise Deals And Why Timing Is Key

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If you feel like having an all inclusive holiday where you can truly relax and have everything taken care of, then cruising around the world might be for you.  I’m going to tell you how to get the best cruise deals so you can sit back and soak up those sun rays you have been longing for.


Why should I pick a cruise?

A cruise is the perfect holiday for those who want to stop over in multiple locations without the fuss of organising a detailed itinerary.  All you have to worry about on a cruise is yourself and which cocktail you are going to have with dinner.  It is convenient, easy and not to mention cheap for what you pay for!  Gone are the days where cruises were just for older folks and only available to go to a limited amount of destinations.  Beautiful places such as the Canary Islands, Caribbean, Eastern Mediterranean and Central America are easily affordable with great cruise deals always appearing from companies such as Thomson Cruises.


www.anitahendrieka.com cruise-deals


How can I find the best cruise deal?

It’s actually really easy and not as complicated as looking for cheap flights, hotels and taxis, the list goes on when you are creating a multi-stop itinerary.  With booking a cruise you don’t have to worry about the hassle of looking for accommodation and everything else, so you can focus on getting a great price.  If you want to find great cruise deals then head to Thomson.  They always have reasonably priced cruises which are inclusive of all tips and service charges, food, entertainment and obviously accommodation!  Cruises are quite often cheaper than if you were to book everything yourself, there are some fantastic deals out there these days.


anitahendrieka.com crusie-deals


What is actually available on a cruise? Will I get bored?

NO NO NO.  There’s so much available for you to do onboard a cruise ship.  Although you may be sailing for hours to your next stop, you will never be bored.  Unlike plane journeys, you are free to roam around in a city-sized ship, take a swim in the pool, relax in the spa, go see a movie, pig-out at the buffet, watch a comedy show, the options are endless.  You can read more about some other advantages of travelling on a cruise ship by reading this!

Pin it for later!

Pin it for later!

Are you convinced yet?  You should be!  Cruise ships are the future of travelling and such a unique and easy way to see some of the most beautiful locations in the world!  Keep updated on cruise deals by signing up to companies’ news and promotion emails so you can grab a cheap and effortless holiday with a click of a button.


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  • Reply
    NYC JetSetter
    December 11, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    I love cruises, always something to do!!! My parents only vacation on a cruise haha

  • Reply
    December 12, 2015 at 8:26 am

    This is something I will eventually try too. I think the ones in the Baltic states are the most interesting to me 🙂

  • Reply
    Marta - Learningescapes
    December 12, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    Cruises never really appealed to me, but now that I have kids I can see many many reasons why I should give them a try. I think it’s a great way to cover a lot of grounds without stressing around transport, which is the biggest headache with little ones

  • Reply
    Ynah CA
    December 12, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    Great tips here… Will never get bored with cruises…i personally love it!.

  • Reply
    January 4, 2016 at 9:19 am

    I love cruises and sometimes the process to embark takes so long as everyone knows to get out of the ship is another issues. Cruises have tons of entertainments for anyone and what is really missing sometimes a cheap alternative to the cost of Internet access on board.

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