29 of The Most Incredible Food in Cyprus to Try!

Last Updated on April 18, 2022

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Guest Post by Tia Does Travel

Have you ever wondered what is the food like in Cyprus? Well, as a Cypriot I can say that the food in Cyprus is, to say the least, spectacular!

You could literally spend weeks on the island and you will not run out of delicious Cypriot dishes to try, desserts to taste, and local Cyprus delicacies to indulge in.

A fusion of Greek, Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine, food in Cyprus is colourful, plentiful, and totally indulgent.

the best food in Cyprus to try, bowl of salad with slices of tomato and cheese on the side
Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Meat, Fish and fresh vegetables and salads play a primary role in Cyprus cuisine which relies on its simple recipes to really make the fresh ingredients shine.

A visit to the Republic of Cyprus is a must; not only for its paradisiacal beaches, water parks, vibrant nightlife, and luxury hotels but also for its unforgettable food!

So what do they eat in Cyprus? Without further ado, here is a list of the best food in Cyprus that you simply must eat whilst on the island!

29 of The Most Incredible Food in Cyprus to Try!

The most Incredible Food in Cyprus, bowl of boiled vine leaves, onions and tomatoes


This traditional Cypriot food is made of delicious fresh green vine leaves stuffed with pork mincemeat, rice, tomatoes, and herbs.

Vine leaves re-cooked in a rich tomato sauce in the oven or a crockpot.

Also, the same recipe is followed to make Gemista; beef tomatoes, baby onions, green peppers and zucchini all stuffed with the same stuffing and cooked in a rich tomato sauce.

Served in traditional taverns and houses all over Cyprus they are a fantastic and healthy main dish.

You can find gemista and koupepia in Greece too, with the difference being that the ones in Greece are only stuffed with rice and herbs and forego the mincemeat.

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The most Incredible Food in Cyprus, bowl of meat on sticks


If you want food in Cyprus that is steeped in history, this is a delicious classic that will blow your mind.

Kleftiko is lamb, marinated in olive garlic and lemon then wrapped in foil with potatoes and bay leaves and very slowly cooked in a traditional clay oven.

The result is a phenomenal dish – with meat that falls off the bone and potatoes that melt in your mouth.

The history behind this Cyrpus food is that in times of war, soldiers from the mountains would be forced to steal lambs, bury the meat underground and cook it in makeshift fires to get rid of the smoke and smell and avoid detection.

Served with bulgar wheat and traditional Cyprus salad – kleftiko is a favorite Cyprus local food and there are taverns dedicated to solely cooking that.

This is one of the best, most unique traditional dishes in Cyprus, so if you get the chance to try it, definitely do so.

what to eat in cyprus, three sticks of meat spinning over a mini charcoal fire


One of the most famous foods in Cyprus, ever, this is yet another absolute must to enjoy on the island.

Souvla is large pieces of meat – traditionally pork or lamb – passed through large metal skewers and cooked on a traditional foukou (a charcoal grill).

Meat is prepared for hours ahead of the cooking time – usually marinated in olive oil, lemon, oregano, salt, and pepper.

The cooking time is a process of 2 hours  – approximately 30mins for the coal to heat and another hour and a half for the meat to cook which results in perfectly seasoned and cooked meat- crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Souvla is cooked on every occasion possible – Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Weddings, and even just on Sundays

Cooked outdoors, this is an event that men typically take charge of while the women are busy creating delicious side dishes in the kitchens.

While there isn’t an official Cyprus national dish, many Cypriots would consider this to be it.

traditional dishes in cyprus, full grill skillet of meat kebabs being grilled

4. Souvlaki

Possibly the most popular ‘’fast food’’ in the country – souvlaki originated from Greece and in Cyprus, we adore it too.

It is basically a mini version of souvla, with little square cubes of high-quality pork or chicken cooked in skewers, and served in a warm delicious Cyprus pitta bread stuffed with cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon, and pickled vegetables.

You have a choice of chicken or pork souvlaki or a mixed pitta of souvlaki and sheftalies (see below).

We tend to eat this meal about once a week as it is a healthy and delicious solution to days when we don’t feel like cooking.

As it’s one of the most popular foods in Cyprus, it is available in dozens of restaurants – as a sit-in option, take away, or delivery.

We like to accompany our souvlaki with Greek yoghurt, tzatziki, or tahini dip.

delicious popular food in cyprus, plate of small pieces of meat, chopped onions and garnish

5. Sheltalies

Sheftalia is a peculiar Cypriot traditional food that visitors fall in love with!

An elongated ball of spiced minced pork that is tightly shaped and wrapped in caul fat – the transparent membrane that surrounds a pigs stomach, then grilled to perfection.

Sounds gross I know, but one bite of those bad boys and you will be hooked for life! Often served with souvlaki, or alone in pitta and salad, they are a true culinary gem you simply must try.

If you are interested in trying traditional food of Cyprus, start with sheftalies!

what food do they eat in cyprus, plat of mousakka (layered pasta dish with cheese, meat and eggplant)

6. Mousakka

A Cyprus traditional food similar to lasagna – but 10 times better.

An oven dish of layers of Grilled slices of zucchini, eggplant and potato with a layer of mincemeat (pork, beef or lamb depending on the household) cooked in a tomato sauce like a bolognese sauce would.

The process of layering vegetables and mince Is continued until the oven dish is ¾ full, then the top is topped with Bechamel sauce and finishes off in the oven.

A lengthy process, moussaka is not a dish that can be quickly prepared, but the result is absolutely worth it. This is one of the typical Cypriot foods you will fall in love with!

traditional food of cyprus, blue plate with pastitsio (layered dish with tube pasta, mincemeat and cheese)

7. Makaronia tou fournou – (pastitsio)

Similar to moussaka, pastitsio is a baked pasta dish that is also layered – with large tubular pasta (like bucatini) pork mincemeat, tomato sauce, and halloumi cheese with béchamel sauce at the top.

This is a delicious traditional food in Cyprus that every Cypriot household enjoys.

tasty typical cypriot food, container with grilled halloimi on bed of shredded red pepper

8. Halloumi

If you’re ever asked what food is Cyprus known for: it’s halloumi. The epitome of Cyprus food, I haven’t once met a person not crazy about halloumi.

Halloumi is a Cypriot firm, brined, slightly springy white cheese, traditionally made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk, although these days cow’s milk is also used.

Its texture is similar to that of mozzarella or thick feta, except that it has a strong, salty flavour imbibed from the brine preserve.

Cooking the halloumi removes all its saltiness and empowers it with a creamy texture. Since the cheese has a high melting point, it can be easily fried or grilled.

Its unusualness lies in the preparation of the cheese where no acid or acid-producing bacterium is required.

Halloumi is generally served during the warmer months with watermelon, due to its refreshing qualities.

It is an essential part of a Cyprus Meze and many times it is offered as an accompaniment with a cold beer. The cheese also tastes lovely when grilled, pan-fried, or thinly sliced on a salad.

If you only try one food from Cyprus while you’re there, make sure it’s halloumi!

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9. Keftedes

Cypriot keftedes, or as my Italian friends like to call them, the little balls of heaven, are juicy pork meatballs with egg, parsley, onion, spices, and bread or tomato as a binding agent.

They are then fried to perfection until golden and crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside.

A truly homey food in Cyprus – and my Cypriot grandma’s most successful dish ever – keftedes can also be enjoyed cold with plenty of lemons!

10. Rabbit Stew

Stifado. This delicious traditional Cyprus food is a stew of rabbit, pearl onions, and tomatoes spiced with rosemary, pepper, red wine vinegar, red wine, cinnamon, allspice, and other spices.

Stifado is then very slowly cooked to a glazed perfection and typically enjoyed with a Cyprus salad and fresh Cyprus village bread.

Although many countries only keep rabbits are pets, this protein-rich dish is delicious food in Cyprus.

best cypriot food, plate with bowl of tzatziki dip, pita breads and cucumber chunks

11. Tzatziki

A tasty dip found in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries- tzatziki is used as an accompanying dip in most of the traditional Cypriot dishes mentioned above.

Fresh Cyprus yoghurt, grated cucumber, minced garlic, dry mint, salt, and olive oil are the ingredients of this irresistible dip that is now sold and consumed worldwide.

best popular foods in cyprus, bowl of tahini dip with garnish and bread

12. Tahini

Tahini is another yummy dip that is made out of sesame paste, olive oil, garlic cilantro, and parsley.

It has a rich and slightly bitter taste that works beautifully with homemade bread and many of the grilled meats that Cypriot cuisine has to offer.

This is one of the most popular Cyprus foods around the world!

what do they eat in cyprus, plate of taramasalata dip with garnish

13. Taramasalata

A traditional Greek and Cypriot dip that is fantastic paired with fish meze or other fish dishes and pairs well with all types of bread and pitas.

It is particularly popular in fish meze taverns and also during the lent period where we forego meat (50 days before Xmas and 40 days before Easter).

Taramasalata is a beige-pink paste of tarama – the salted, cured rue of the cod, carp or grey mullet – mixed into a paste with olive oil, lemon, onion, and bread.

14. Courgette with eggs

A simple but delicious side dish of Cyprus courgettes with scrambled eggs fried in extra virgin olive oil. Gorgeous!

This traditional Cypriot food might not seem like much, but it’s a great way to start your day. Be prepared to make this your new permanent breakfast!

15. Pastourma

Spicy, cured beef village sausages, with red wine, salt peppercorn, garlic, and a variety of other spices.

Locals love to eat them as part of a meze, as an accompaniment to a barbecue, or fried with Halloumi and eggs for a very Cypriot twist on the fried breakfast!

Some of the mountain villages produce these sausages and other cured meats as specialty products.

You can find this typical Cyprus food in the chiller section of most supermarkets, vacuum packed to withstand the flight home!

unique foods in cyprus, cooked lambs head on a plate

16. Kefalaki

If you are a squeamish person wondering what food do they eat in Cyprus – kefalaki is not the Cyrpus food for you.

However, if you are a seasoned traveller with an adventurous palette, dive right in!

Kefalaki is a lambs head – cooked whole – either boiled with salt and lemon or cooked in the oven.

A true Cyprus delicacy, kefalaki is full of sweet and tasty meat and the brains and eyes of the lamb are particularly delicious topped with plenty of fresh lemon, salt and pepper!

It’s definitely one of the more unusual foods of Cyprus you’ll eat!

17. Giros

Giros, which is basically the same as kebab, is one of the most famous foods from Cyprus and Greece, and you’ll find it around the world (often still called giros).

Although kebab nowadays can be enjoyed all over the world – don’t be fooled into not eating it when considering what to eat in Cyprus.

So much better, tastier and authentic when served in Cyprus, it will make your future kebabs at home slightly disappointing!

Kebab in Cyprus can be typically found in chicken or pork and is served in a Cyprus pitta bread with the fillings of your choice (dips, salads, vegetables, etc).

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18. Avgolemono soup (Egg lemon rice soup)

A very popular soup made with rice, cooked in a rich broth of egg and lemon.

Avgolemono is a very popular winter food in Cyprus and typically accompanies Cyprus dishes like kefalaki or a boiled whole chicken.

19. Bulgar wheat (Pourgouri)

Bulgur (also Burghul) is a cereal food made from the groats of several different wheat species, most often from durum wheat.

Burghul is a kind of dried cracked wheat. It is most common in European, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisine.

In Cyprus, pourgouri is a traditional starch side dish and it is cooked in a delicious fresh onion and tomato sauce.

Pourgouri pairs beautifully with village Cyprus yoghurt.

best foods from cyprus, rows of snail shells

20. Karaoli

This dish is made from snails cooked in a rich onion and tomato sauce.

It is a dish served in traditional taverns as part of a meze or in households all over Cyprus. A delicacy of freshly caught snails.

This traditional Cypriot food definitely isn’t for everyone, but try it out and see for yourself!

The most Incredible Food in Cyprus, plate of cypriot salad

21. Cypriot Salad

This is probably the most famous food in Cyrpus, but you might not realise it!

Although it might seem exactly like the almighty Greek Salad, there are actually a few additional ingredients.

Cypriot salad consists of lettuce, cabbage, caper leaves, onions, black olives, tomatoes, and cucumber.

The heat makes this fresh and refreshing salad an absolute must with most Cyprus meals in any meze tavern, restaurant, and Cypriot household.

best cyprus local food, two people potato picking with one putting potatoes in large bin

22. Potatoes

Yes, you heard it, potatoes – of any kind possible. Cyprus is home to some of the most delicious potatoes in the world and exports them all around the world.

The flavour is unlike any potato you have tried at home!

We love potatoes and we eat them in all their forms and use in many Cypriot recipes. It should come as no surprise that many of the best Cypriot foods are made with potatoes.

best food of cyprus, large watermelon on the ground

23. Watermelon

Delicious sweet and fragrant local watermelon specifically paired with halloumi cheese. The combination of sweet and savoury is a local favourite!

what is the most popular food in cyprus, table full of different dishes from cyprus

24. Meat Meze and Fish Meze

I saved the best for last with the classic Cypriot meze! The granddaddy of food in Cyprus- this is an experience you are unlikely to forget.

The Cypriot version of the Spanish Tapas, this large feast, which has been a popular part of the Cypriot culture for many centuries, is as much a social event as it is a meal.

Dishes are shared amongst friends and family and the whole experience lasts over 2 hours!

This is a set order – no need for menus. You just take a seat and order meze for all. All of the best places to eat in Cyprus will have at least one meze on their menu.

If you are by the sea, opt for a fish meze which will be fresh, and if you are in the city opt for a meat meze.

Tip: taverns that give you the option of a mixed fish and meat meze are touristic attractions and will not offer an authentic experience.

Mezedes (meze) consist of 15-30 traditional Cypriot dishes – many of them mentioned above.

Generally, the meal begins with olives and various dips, such as tzatziki, Tahini, Taramosalata, and plain yoghurt all served with a basket of fresh bread and a bowl of crisp village salad.

Thereafter, popular Cyprus dishes such as grilled Halloumi cheese and Lountza (cured pork loin are served often in pitta bread.

tasty cyprus meals, metal plate with fish and shrimp

A meat meze tavern will continue with grilled meats such as pork chops and barbequed chicken and pork, spicy Loukanika sausages, kleftiko and delicious stewed dishes such as Stifado and Tavas.

In a fish meze tavern, a variety of locally caught fish is served grilled and fried, including small-fry of various fishes, seafood like mussels, oysters and prawns, sea bream with olive oil and lemon dressing, cuttlefish as well as delicious calamari and octopus.

In the more traditional establishments, you may be offered watermelon, sweet pastries like pourekia and fresh fruits to finish off the meal.

Prepare yourselves for the culinary experience of your lives because this is all the best food in Cyprus all in one.

And remember… arrive very very hungry!

Cypriot desserts to make you forget all about your healthy eating plan!

When you’re done eating the savoury food in Cyprus – don’t forget about dessert! Cypriot desserts are some of the tastiest you’ll ever eat.

cypriot traditional food, two dishes with pastry dishes

25. Galaktompoureko

Creamy custard pie with a crispy filo pastry shell that’s finished off in the oven. Galaktompoureko screams of Greek and Cypriot Cuisine!

26. Daktila (Ladies Fingers)

A traditional Cypriot Dessert of crispy phyllo pastry that is scented with orange blossom water, then filled with almonds, cinnamon and sugar before being drenched in syrup.

Sounds like heaven right? That’s because it is.

The most Incredible Food in Cyprus, several pans with halva before it is baked

27. Halva

A delicious dessert suitable for the fasting periods of the year, halva’s main ingredient is almonds – alongside honey, blossom water, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, and mastic ground.

In many Cyprus recipes halva also often contains raisins.

The result is a grainy paste that is left to cool and served cold. Delicious!

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28. Loukoumades

Reminding you of mini fried doughnuts, Loukoumades are small balls of fried dough, dipped in a hot orange blossom syrup and served hot! 

Often served up in roadside caravans and stalls, these days there are also plenty of little shops and eateries where you can enjoy them.

Crispy on the outside, syrupy and gooey on the inside, loukoumades are nothing short of divine.

dessert foods of cyprus, many small round dusted pastries

29. Pourekia

Divine little pastries with a sweet filling of Anari Cheese (a soft cheese) and cinnamon.

After being stuffed they get fried and then traditionally dusted with icing sugar. Other variations include the addition of rosewater to the filling and syrup to replace the icing sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is the most popular food in Cyprus?

Souvlaki is the most popular food in Cyprus amongst locals, but foreigners also love it. Other popular dishes include: halloumi, giros, tahini, avgolemono, mezze and Cypriot salad.

✅ Is Greek and Cypriot food the same?

While there are MANY similar foods in both cuisines (and across the Mediterranean in general), there are differences between Cypriot and Greek food. Often the difference is in the way the dish is made as opposed to an entirely different dish.

✅ What is Cyprus’ most famous food?

Definitely halloumi! Halloumi has become a popular cheese around the world, but many don’t realise that it originally comes from Cyprus. Cypriot salad, souvla, and giros are also very famous.

✅ What’s the national dish of Cyprus?

There isn’t an official Cypriot national dish. However, many Cypriots would agree that souvla is basically the national dish of Cyprus as it’s so popular, and – unlike, the even more popular souvlaki – it originated in Cyprus.

Now you know what to eat in Cyprus, tell me below which food in Cyprus you would try first! Have you had the food in Cyprus? What food from Cyprus is your favourite?

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The most Incredible Food in Cyprus

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